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Opened Box A6000

Hi I ordered the Sony A6000 opened box during Black Friday. I received an email a few days later saying BestBuy will contact me by Friday January 6th (today) if they can ship it to me. When I ordered at that time the status was Available for Backorder. After I refreshed the product page, it had 24 units available and then 23 units. I called the customer service today and he has no idea what is happening with the order. He just told me that Bestbuy will contact me. I login the status online still is In Progress and have not receive any new emails form Bestbuy. The customer service rep mentioned he sees something happen on January 5th (yesterday) but does not know what changes was made.


I would be great if have some insight about my order.

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Re: Opened Box A6000

It seems odd that an open box item would be on backorder...


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Re: Opened Box A6000

You were able to buy an open box item online?
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Re: Opened Box A6000

There are select Geek Squad certified Open Box items that are available for on-line sales on the Best web site. Smiley Wink

This is a relatively new feature @Computers_Mike and seems to be very popular.