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WD hard drives work with Vista?

Hello, I was wondering about the new versions of the Western Digital my book hard drives. I'm using Windows Vista OS and have several of the older version WD my book drives which work fine with Vista. So my question is are these new drives compatible with Vista? Thank you

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Re: WD hard drives work with Vista?

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When formatted to NTFS , the WD MyBook external hard drive, is compatible with; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 .


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Re: WD hard drives work with Vista?

To add to Elico's point, in addition to NTFS any WD drive will work with any version of windows, in any format including EXFAT and FAT32.

You only run into issues if the drive storage capacity is too large for some of the older operating systems, which I believe is 2TB for windows 7 and below.

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