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Re: From A Galaxy Far Far Away...New Release Steelbook

SonicBoom wrote:

Obviously I disagree with @pikachuforever because I do think the 3D enhances the film both in the theatre and at home.  Scenes in space in films like SW:TFA or STAR TREK BEYOND especially pop out when there are lots of objects at varying depths.  MAD MAX was also another great movie in 3D.

Debateable on all 3 of those movies. Can't comment on Star Trek since I saw it in 2D Barco Escape (which was cool, but not used all that great). I saw Force Awakens in IMAX 3D and DBOX 3D, and didn't feel like the 3D was all that useful in either case. Some random depth changes and odd pop outs is not nearly enough to make me actively encourage 3D. Outside of the little seen Drive Angry which uses depth of field quite great, I think the only truly immersive 3D experience I have ever had in a theatre was for Avatar, which started this whole craze off in the first place.


I don't remember the 3D in Mad Max being all that great either. And the director himself said he preferred it in 2D, which should speak volumes.