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Return Policy

I purchased a drone bundle from you guys last week that included a separate battery that came in a separate box. This battery is DOA and will not hold a charge. I therefore tried to exchange it and was told that because I purchased it as part of a bundle that it is not elligible to be returned because once drone boxes are open they cannot be returned. This is insanity.


It clearly states on your website that drone accessories (ie. a battery, as listed under accessories in your website) are returnable open up to 30 days from purchase. It also states that "If you purchased an item as part of a bundle package, you may return that item separately." 


So a drone accessory, check. In a bundle so supposed to be able to return separetly, check. Horrible customer service as per usual, check. Why even have policies if you are never ready to honor them? 

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Re: Return Policy

Did you point the policy out to the employee? It is possible that they were unaware. I'd suggest trying again but bring a printout of the policy with you to show them if you are given a hard time about trying to return.

I know it's a bit of extra work on your part, and that you really shouldn't have to do it, but sometimes things like that are necessary to get the outcome you're looking for with the least amount of headache possible.


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Re: Return Policy

I agree with @Juice0904 you may have to show the employee the policy. It's possible they were just unaware, with the large amount of different policies Best Buy has they could have just forgot or missread their policy