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Rip off!!!!

How is it that the Samsung TV model UN65KU6290 sells for $899.99 in the USA today and in Canada we have to pay $1899.99............even with the exchange rate set...we are still being ripped off!

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Re: Rip off!!!!

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There is more than just exchange rate to take in to count. Also currently the manufacture shows a price of $1000+ USD


There is also some other USA stores that have it listed at $1000+ USD I found one that even shows the original price of $1800 USD


You are more than welcome to buy it from the US from $899USD but I guarantee once you pay shipping and duties and taxes you will be over $1800 CDN


Custom fees are sometimes around 40% so you are looking at about $1300USD already just for Custom fees then you would also need to pay Federal and provincial taxes on top of that

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Re: Rip off!!!!

Welcome to the Best Buy Community Plug-in Forum @JohnGoncalves Smiley Happy

As @Drax86 mentioned, there are a few variables to consider when it comes to pricing differences between USA and Canada.

The main thing to consider, is that the prices that you see, have been approved by the manufacturer and the distributor, of the product in question. As each country has a different distributor and each distributor will have different buying requirements of models and quantities, which affects overall pricing .

It's also entirely possible that, this model is being phased out to make room for newer models, which were introduced at the CES at the begining of this month,  so the pricing for this model might also change in Canada soon.Smiley Wink

As mentioned, you are welcome to purchase the TV in the USA ( I'd wait ), however any future warranty claim will have to be fulfilled in the USA.

There are many cases where Canadian prices are lower than those in the USA.