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TV Calibration Service

Are people here happy with the calibration services of Best Buy?


I bought an LG55LW5700 a few months ago and had it calibrated recently and I don't really see much of a difference.  I was expecting to see a night and day difference from what I've heard.  Is there any way to check that the calibration was done properly?





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Re: TV Calibration Service

Yes it makes a difference, in games and movies. For example, in Batman movies, typically all you'd see is black screen in darker scenes, to the point of no detail, after ISF calibration, I could actually see the movie..,for a change.

Colours are more real, lifelike, not over coloured like in commercials. Print is more legible when I plug in my laptop and email is easier to read.

So yes I think I got my money's worth both in TV and having the service done..,it also uses less power.

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Re: TV Calibration Service

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Re: TV Calibration Service

Like everything else in life, sometimes people can make mistakes or have a bad day. Im not saying the tech had a bad day or make a mistake, but anything is possible.


Can you post the settings as left, along with the make and type of TV? Then I can tell you if its about right. I can usually tell a rookie calibration done a mile off as usually they miss out on disabling 1 or 2 fundamental things, or forgetting to get the native aspect ratio right.


A tech will also leave you or email you a chart showing a before and after. Detailing things like gamma, and RGB points plotted against a colour sharkfin shape chart.


Also, you could also hire an independent cali tech (either ISF or THX certified) to double check it.

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