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camnex marketing Phot display

I purchased a unit EFW209A 12.1Inch WI-FI Picture frame at Best Buy in Surrey, BC.

I originally set the unit up and it worked for about a month.  We subsequently had to move to Sutton Quebec and have not been able to get the unit up and running.   It turns on, then freezes. I have tried battery replacement, still nothing. 

Tried to look up the company listed as Camnex Marketing in Burnaby BC.  It is apparently closed with no information website etc to contact. 


The companies information, email for Customer Service or tech service not responsive.


Can anyone at Best Buy Canada or anyone out there in tech land, with any information on the unit or on how to locate the company and or Best Buy Canada to receive assistance. 


Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: camnex marketing Phot display

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Have you gone into your local best buy, or contacted Best Buy customer service yet?


That's also one of the down sides of buying the cheap "knock off" Brand products they tend to have very little support

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Re: camnex marketing Phot display

Welcome to the Best Buy Community Plug-in forum @johnK Smiley Happy

Bummer to hear about your Photo display not working Smiley Frustrated

From what I can see, Camnex is out of business , so support will not be available from them.

I did locate an owner manual on-line for your Photo Display, and I hope it provides you with some insight, as to how to remedy the problem you're having.


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Re: camnex marketing Phot display

I have contacted Best Buy Head office for assistance. 


I agree and do not usually purchase no named brands, it seems that I was impressed with the features of the unit by the sales associate and went ahead and purchased it. 


I will await further contact from Best Buy and continue my search.  My only other option is to throw the unit out and start rebuilding a new family photo Display unit.

Thank you for your assistance.