CES 2013 Camcorders capture video on any occasion or location

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Video cameras have come a long way. I remember back when they were so massive you had to carry them on your shoulder, and you didn’t have to worry about video conversion because you literally just popped a VHS tape inside of it and hit record.


Unfortunately for those of us whose childhood was captured by these video dinosaurs, the footage was grainy, the sound sketchy, and VHS tapes aren’t the safest place to store our memories for the long term.


Thankfully, times have changed. The latest camcorders out of CES 2013 this year are sleek, compact, full-featured and Wi-Fi enabled so your memories can be stored digitally from the time you hit record. Here are a few camcorders that were the cream of the crop at CES 2013:


Samsung QF30


Wi-Fi capable and able to stream live over UStream, Samsung’s QF30 is the kind of full-featured camcorder most parents and amateur videographers will love to get their hands on. It records 1080p video, captures 5MP still images, and has a LCD touch screen. Plus, the QF30 uses Samsung’s Switch Grip II technology to let you switch up your hands for easy use, no matter if you’re a righty or a lefty.


Sony PJ790V


The Sony Projector Series (PJ for short) is promising to help you step up your video recording game. The Sony PJ790V has a 5.1 channel microphone, big, bright 301m projector, 24.1M/6.1M Exmor R Sensor, 26.0mm Wide CZ Lens, 17/10x zoom, LCD display, and 96GB of storage.


If the PJ790V isn’t enough for you, you can upgrade to Sony’s TD30V, a 3D camcorder that’s an upgrade on last year’s TD20V. This year’s model does not included internal memory or manual control dial, but the price has dropped into a range where most people can now afford to buy a 3D camcorder.


Panasonic HX-A100


Panasonic released quite a few different camcorders at CES 2013, but one of the more interesting is the HX-A100. A wearable HD camcorder, it sits on an included ear hook so you can shoot hands free while flying down a mountain on your bike or racing down a ski hill. There’s also a multi-mount option to attach to a helmet or backpack, image stabilization to reduce camera shake, and because it’s waterproof and dust proof, you won’t have to worry about protecting the HX-A100 while on your daily extreme adventures.


With built in Wi-Fi and the ability to broadcast live on UStream, you’ll be on the air with your own extreme sports show in no time.


Go Pro HERO3


Those of you who already own the Go Pro know that these are cameras that can stand up to anything, and the recently launched Go Pro HERO3 is no exception.


This time around, the Go Pro HERO is smaller, lighter, and more powerful than previous versions. It’s mountable in a variety of ways, and can capture vivid, wide 1440p at 48 frames per second, 1080p at 60 frames per second, and 720p at 120 frames per second. It also takes amazing 12MP photos.


Go ahead, take it for a swim – The Go Pro HERO3 is waterproof up to 180 feet. And while you’re swimming, you can try to get a Wi-fi signal to share your video or pics with the GoPro App.


Even the audio has been overhauled, with the GoPro wind-noise reduction system being improved upon this time around.


Although CES 2013 is winding down, keep your eyes peeled to see when some of these gadgets arrive on the shelves of Best Buy and on Bestbuy.ca .


by Legendary Oracle
on ‎01-10-2013 07:09 PM

One of the most important features I look for in a camcorder is "forward facing" microphones.  Top mounted microphones are useless outdoors without a ceiling to reflect sound and record too much of the operator's breathing.