‘Gangster Squad’ Review – No Names. No Badges. No Mercy.

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Film Synopsis


The year is 1949 and Gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) has the city of Los Angeles in the palm of his hand, but Sgt. John O’Mara (Josh Brolin) won’t let it happen as he assembles a “gangster squad” to take down Mickey Cohen and his mob.


My thoughts on the film


I had high expectations going into ‘Gangster Squad’ mainly due to the slew of actors in it and by the time it ended, my expectations were met. I’m not big on 40’s and 50’s films, but by the time ‘Gangster Squad’ ended, it hit me on so many levels. The storyline was simple and easy to understand, the acting was good even though there were a few corny lines, the action scenes were great, and there was even some comedy. I mean, Michael Pena is part of the “squad” and he’s golden when it comes to ruining a serious moment. Some of the action scenes are a bit gruesome, with the beginning being the worst, but it’s nothing to make you shy away from this great film.  Let’s talk about the cast – Sean Penn played Mickey Cohen so well, at times, I was even scared of him. Josh Brolin was great, Nick Nolte was great, everyone was great, yes, even Ryan Gosling, but his voice bothers me. I guess that’s why he rarely talks in films. Emma Stone’s part is a big part, but you only see glimpses of her. So, if you are an Emma Stone fan (which I am not), then  you might be a little disappointed, but don’t worry, ‘Gangster Squad’ will keep you entertained.


Rating 4/5


‘Gangster Squad’ is a gem and it’s rare to see a gem so early in the year – Most films in January and February head to the dumpster, but let’s not forget, ‘Gangster Squad’ was slated for last September until the shooting at the Colorado theatre happened in July. On a side note, if you have been reading most of my reviews, you will know I really don’t like Rotten Tomatoes and currently, ‘Gangster Squad’ is at 44% which I truly believe is ridiculous. Do yourself a favour this weekend, go watch ‘Gangster Squad’ and you won’t regret your decision.

‘Gangster Squad’ comes out tomorrow, January 11th. Check your local theatres for showtimes.

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