Introducing the Bose Solo TV Sound System

by Blogger on ‎12-19-2012 03:34 PM - last edited on ‎11-05-2013 03:10 PM by Editor in Chief

Even though I love watching TV on my flat panel, I’ve always felt that the experience can be improved upon. Take shows like Glee, The Voice, and Walking Dead for example. Part of the fun is the video, but when you want to crank up the music (or the Zombies), the audio streaming from the internal speakers of my flat panel just doesn’t cut it.


That’s why I was so excited to hear about the upcoming launch of The Bose Solo TV Sound System. This sleek, compact single speaker fits neatly under your HDTV and projects big, bold, detailed sound throughout your room. It’s also a no-brainer to set up. All you have to do is put it under your TV or on a flat surface above your TV, plug it into your TV and the wall, and you’re ready to listen to the sweet sounds of your favourite TV shows. No extra receiver required.


The Bose Solo TV Sound System gives you the power to project amazing audio across any space. Designed with advanced Bose speaker array technology, it can produce a wide range of sound that will surround every corner of the room. Plus, with proprietary digital signal processing to optimize volume level, you’ll never receive a big blast of sound when you change the channel or a commercial comes on.


With the Bose Solo TV Sound System, you might just hear things you’ve never heard before. TV dialogue you’ve strained to listen to will come through crisp and clear. Sound effects from action shows or reality programs will be so rich and crisp, you'll feel as though you’re sharing the experience.


The Bose Solo TV Sound System works with most TVs up to 37” and a few up to 42”. You can set it up on your main TV or use it to bring great sound to your kitchen, bedroom, or office TVs.


Although the Bose Solo system comes with an easy to use four-button remote, you can purchase a universal remote and control all of your home theatre or TV components.


Get your TVs (and your ears) ready for an all new TV watching experience, because the Bose Solo TV Sound System is coming soon to Best Buy.

by DanielStephen
on ‎12-30-2015 02:18 PM

Ok, I'd love to buy this Bose Sound System.  I've measured and it will fit perfectly under my RCA 42" TV. 

I'd also like to be able to use a wireless headset to listen on occasion when I need be quiet but the movie/concert requires higher volume to be fully enjoyed.


I'm not very fond of the over the wireless ear headphones and would prefer the wireless earbud style.


Would the Philips Bluetooth headphones in the link below work with this system?  Does Bose have a similar earbud?

Please let me know soon...I have Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket ;-)


Thanks for any assistance.