Kobo Glo lights up the e-reader market

by ShelaghM on ‎11-21-2012 12:00 PM - last edited on ‎12-11-2012 02:53 PM by Blogger

As a passionate reader I’ve been a bit reluctant to turn to e-readers. Could they duplicate the book experience? Turns out the Kobo Glo can, if you can let go of the page.


I was pleasantly surprised reading an e-book on the Kobo Glo. This e-reader is super compact and super light – something you want when you’re reading for several hours.


It's shorter and skinnier than its predecessors at 16 x 11 cm (6.4 x 4.5 inches) and weights only 190g. The soft-touch material feels good in the hand and the turn page options are responsive and quick.


The cover has the usual diamond logo of Kobo devices. The case is offered in classic black and grey, as well as bright pink and blue.






Getting set-up is easy and user-friendly. Plug into your computer to recharge and you have the option of setting up via Wi-Fi or over the Net. Create your account, find your book and download it onto the Kobo Glo and start reading. You’ll see the indicator flash green when it’s booting up or connecting to the computer.


It does simulate the book experience really well with the non-glass Clarity Screen using E Ink to create the look of printed text on paper. Kobo Glo displays in crisp, high resolution and you can choose the font style and size. Format also include margins, line spacing and justification to replicate the book page experience.


The non-glare screen means you can read this outside as well. So feel free to take it to the beach or to some sunny location. Kobo has also bucked e-reader trends by outfitting this e-reader with an integrated ComfortLight night-light that you can turn on or off located in the top upper right hand corner of the device.  Nice to have that option instead of having to wait for it to turn on automatically.


You won’t need a bookmark with this reader since the Kobo Glo remembers your page when it goes to sleep. To wake it up, touch the right hand power/wake up button alongside the ComfortLight. You can highlight text; take notes and bookmark favourite pages. You’ll get a full refresh every six pages.


On the left side is a microSD slot so you expand the 2GB of storage to a maximum of 32GB. On storage holds up to 1,000 books and with the new 32GB microSD card inserted that goes up to 30,000 books. You may never end up needing to use more memory since Kobo is everywhere and offers great cloud storage.


The Kobo store has a diverse selection of books. Start off with some of their free e-books to test the waters. When you start downloading, your selection will be kept in your library. Clicking Library lets you organize your reading material into Books, Newspaper or Magazines. Your selections are organized with a small cover image, name, author and how far you are into reading the material. To delete a book, click on the title and click on the drop down menu on the top upper right hand corner. Along the bottom of the screen you’ll see a link to your Wish List where you can add future titles you would like to check out.


The battery charge lasts up to one month and you can share your eBooks across your other devices so you can finish reading on the computer or tablet.


It’s reasonably priced so the Kobo Glo is the perfect alternative for those bookophiles out of space in their place. Put it on your gift list.