Nexus gets all the Jelly Bean goodies

by ShelaghM on ‎11-28-2012 02:11 AM - last edited on ‎02-19-2013 03:51 PM by Epic Genius


Hurricane Sandy may have postponed the big event but Google did release the latest Nexus devices -- small, medium and large -- equipped with the new Android system.


The long awaited Nexus 4 smartphone, the recently released 7-inch Nexus tablet and the new Nexus 10 Tablet will all be running Jelly Bean, the new Android 4.2 operating system.


The system keeps all of the old features while adding some terrific new ones.


One sign-on for all

Jelly Bean gets rid of the hassle of signing in to every device. It now supports multiple user logins. Sign in with your Google Account and you’re signed into all your Nexus devices with access to all your widgets, wallpapers, photos, contacts, emails and bookmarks.



Sharp graphics and smart keyboard

Improvements in hardware make for faster and smoother scrolling and swiping.  Webview rendering feature makes scrolling free from jitters and lags. Drawing is also optimized where circles, ovals and rounded rectangles are smoother.


There’s also support for lock screen widgets so you can glimpse important notifications without having to first unlock your device. It also brings new gesture typing – trace the words on the keyboard or glide your finger over the letters you want to type.


360 Photos

Photo Sphere lets you snap shots in 360 degrees: up, down and in every other direction. Create multi-shot scrollable images to share with family and friends. You can even add your Photo Sphere to Google Maps for the whole world to experience. 


Creative idling in HDTV

Let your device daydream by setting it up with photos, news and videos while it’s idle or docked for powering up. The wireless HDMI adaptor turns your screen into an HDTV for watching anything from movies to You Tube videos.


Your info, your way

The newest and most interesting feature is Google Now. Billed as “just the right information at just the right time,” this service observes what you search for on a regular basis and anticipates your information needs. If you’re at a subway it can tell you when the next train is coming. If you’re driving, it can give the traffic report or weather updates.


Looks like Jelly Bean and Nexus is a winning combo.