Persona 4 Golden

by kdiston on ‎11-21-2012 06:57 PM - last edited on ‎05-17-2013 09:27 AM by Epic Genius

There's two kinds of gamers in this world (totally untrue, there's tons, I'm just using the phrase for effect) JRPG'rs and non JRPG'rs.  For those of you confused by the acronym, that would be Japanese RPG, a brand of role playing game with its own unique traits and idiosyncrasies, quite a bit different from the western variety.  Why the disclaimer?  Well, if you aren't as familiar with the JRPG, let's just say as I describe the game there'll be game elements on which I'd ask you reserve your opinion.


Persona 4 Golden is the HD Vita upgrade of the acclaimed ps2 game, Persona 4.  You play as a city kid, new in a small town, and enrolled in high school.  If at this point, you're shuddering or making a bad smell face, this is one of those things I mentioned up top.  Just as you begin to get comfortable, there's a murder in town, the beginning of a strange conspiracy, and yes, you guessed it, only you and your pals have the means to stop it.


You split your time between the real world, as a high schooler, and the 'TV World', the place from which all the trouble stems, and the dungeons  reside.  As you progress, you unlock your 'Persona' abilities, basically a variety of avatars with powers you can upgrade or combine to make further, more powerful Persona's.  In the TV World, you'll encounter 'Shadows' (the bad guys), and a fight will ensue.  The combat is turn based, and utilizes a menu to select combat options, standard fare for this sort of game.  In the real world, you're a high school kid, and I don't mean that as a classifier, you  actually spend time as a teenager, developing relationships, joining clubs, sports teams, doing extracurricular reading, and hanging out with your friends.  Now, for those of us who did that once already, in life, relax, there's a purpose to all this.  Creating friends, and spending time forms 'social links' basically helping to power up your party for when the fun starts.  Same goes for the seemingly mundane school time and after school activities.  Call it grinding if it makes you feel more comfortable, only instead of gathering X number of this or that herb, your working in a corner store, or practicing with the basketball team, or hanging out with your friends. The presentation and HD upgrade are bright, colorful, and, considering this is a buffed up version of a 4 year old last generation game, it's fairly impressive.  The voice acting is quite good, and, to my surprise, the pop music soundtrack not only fits, but frankly, is quite catchy.


At about  sixty hours in length, Persona 4 Golden is a big game, filled with activities, side quests, dungeon crawling etc etc.  A well made upgrade of a fan favorite, if you own a Vita, or are thinking of picking one up, even if the JRPG isn't typically your style, Persona 4 Golden should probably be in your library.  Don't get caught up on the high school drama bit either, the story is deep, and much like blacksmithing in other games (though, admittedly, that sounds better) you'd be surprised how addictive certain aspects of the game (and the game in general) can be. 


Persona 4 Golden is available now for the PS Vita