Samsung Bluetooth Speakers – Aesthetically Pleasing and Easy on the Ears

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About two years ago I discovered the magic of Bluetooth. After an hour long drive to my parent’s house for a visit, I pulled my car into the driveway, disconnected the AUX cable I had attached to my iPhone, and miraculously, iTunes continued to play through my car speakers. I was in awe. It was pretty epic. I immediately looked to social media to share my miraculous discovery with others, only to very quickly be told, “um, Stace? That’s called Bluetooth. You know, that thing you paid extra for to have installed in your car?” Riiiight. But still, the whole Bluetooth thing is pretty cool. As is Wi-Fi. Especially when it comes to listening to music. 


Bottom line? The days of ghetto blasters are long gone. These days, purchasing a complete sound system is no longer a requirement for enjoying music. If you want to, all the power to you, but with tablets and smartphones housing so much of our music, all you really need is a great set of Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth enabled speakers. Enter Samsung. With three great options to choose from, Samsung speakers are just what you need to enjoy your tunes wherever they may take you.


Samsung Wireless Speaker Dock (DA-E570)
With this wireless speaker dock, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy or Apple device while streaming your favourite tunes. And because it is Bluetooth 3.0 and apt-X codec enabled, you can stream those tunes from anywhere in your house without losing the sound quality that can happen from file compression. Plus, it’s a sleek looking device, which means it will look good no matter where you end up displaying it.


Samsung Wireless Speaker Dock (DA-E670)
One step above the DA-E570 is the DA-E670. A little higher in price, the DA-E670 wireless speaker dock offers the same functionality as the E570 but with a crystal amp and premium glass fiber speakers that offer superb sound with deeper bass. It also comes equipped with a USB port allowing you to access music directly from a USB stick.


Samsung Wireless Speaker Dock (DA-E750)
With its furniture-grade cherry finish, the E750 is by far one of the best-looking AirPlay speakers on the market. Like the E570 and E670, it too supports AirPlay and Bluetooth, and also features a retractable dock for Apple devices – including iPads – Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII phones, and the Samsung Galaxy Note. But what sets it apart is its amazing sound quality. To be completely honest, you really don’t think you are listening to streaming music. Its vacuum tube amp and digital amp combine to treat the listener to rich, warm tones that are close to natural analog sounds.


No matter what your price point, Samsung offers a wireless speaker dock to suit your needs. Each offer great sound and a sleek look that will suit any décor! 

by Samsung-Rep
on ‎12-06-2012 09:25 AM

Thanks for the great review of our Audio Docks, Stacey! We like to think they're pretty nice to look at too. The DA-E570 is definitely on our wish list this year!