Smart TVs: What are they and how do they work?

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A smart TV is a modern TV integrated with internet access enabling online interactive media access as well as on demand streaming media and access to content stored on USB drives or external storage devices. 


Smart TVs work by accessing the internet either wirelessly or hard wired, utilizing an embedded operating system/software and processor much like a computer, mobile phone or similar devices.


The focus of this new breed of television sets is the delivery of online content and less focus on traditional broadcast, as was the case with previous generations of televisions.


Some of the advantages of a smart TV are noted below:


  1. Ability to search online and personal content as well as broadcast programming all from the same TV interface.
  2. Access to downloadable applications (apps) very much like the apps available for mobile phones.
  3. Connection to social networking sites while watching your favourite programs or movies on the same TV interface.
  4. Smart TV’s are generally able to access an infinite amount of entertainment possibilities.

The biggest advantage of smart TV over standard connected TV’s are the smart TV’s abilities to enhance viewing with real time data-related content and the interactivity of the web all without the need of a computer.


The aforementioned “apps” are available for download on smart TV’s enabling most of the popular genre of sports, weather, games, movies, business, and the popular social networking sites and applications.


There are more than 10 smart TV platforms available to consumers with most of the features noted above from most of the major manufactures, available at Best Buy stores.


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