The Best TV available - Samsung's ES8000

by Blogger on ‎07-12-2012 06:00 AM - last edited on ‎07-18-2012 11:27 AM by Blogger

I think the newly launched Samsung ES8000 Plasma TV is the best TV on the market. This TV truly is different, in a fantastic way! It is a Smart TV that is now smarter than most, if not all phones, and it is loaded with more features and than you can imagine or ever need. Technology seems to be morphing across many boundaries, and this TV is much more than just a TV. It is a multi-media device that can do so many things. It is fully Olympic ready, as I think it will beat any other TV on the market.


To start with, the Samsung ES8000 looks fantastic! It has a unique and elegant U-shaped stand that is complimented by a minimalistic design. The frame around the picture is so small that it virtually disappears when it is on, and when it is off the thin bezel edge gives it a very dazzling look. Even though it comes with an elegant stand that you will be hard pressed not to use, it will look equally elegant mounted on the wall. The connections, and there are many, are all mounted for side access making wall mounting convenient. There are four HDMI, three USB, and both LAN and Wi-Fi network options.


The picture quality on the 55” screen is excellent. It is full 1080P with a resolution of 1,920 X 1,080. This TV has a new feature called Micro Dimming Ultimate, which essentially analyzes each frame of video and optimizes the LED backlight and brightness in the video signal making the colors richer and more vibrant and providing an extremely clear picture.  Your HD channels will really pop, and you will also notice improvements with the standard definition channels. You will not help but be impressed by the sharpness of the picture.

This TV also plays 3D content and comes with two pairs of 3D glasses. Because the Samsung ES8000 has the latest dual core processor that is always analyzing and adjusting the picture quality, in 3D mode there is considerably less brightness reduction than you get with most 3D TV systems. This enables colours to retain their vibrancy and dark scenes to contain more detail making the 3D experience that much fuller.


Another innovation on this TV are the multiple controls that can be used to manage the content and function. It comes with remote control with a touch pad, but it also has a motion and voice control capability. It even has a face recognition capability which automatically will log you into the TV’s hub when you point your face at the TV. The touch pad has a simple navigation for every feature on the system, and the voice and motion control is very clever. With voice commands you can control all sorts of things with your TV. Although you can speak loudly at the TV to make it work, the touchpad remote has a microphone so you can softly speak commands into it. The voice capability is also extremely useful when inputting data into search fields as it will recognize almost any words or phrases that you can think of. The way the motion system works is you need to train the TV on different movements. Combined with the voice controls you can fully use this TV without needing to use a physical remote at all, which is pretty amazing and can be extremely convenient.


One of the greatest features of the ES8000 is the availability of content and capabilities beyond being a TV. It has a Smart Hub platform that provides access to a huge amount of content; including Internet content, broadcast programming, personal content (like photos, home movies, and music), and unlimited applications that are all viewable on the big screen. You can wirelessly connect to endless offerings of movies, shows, music, sports, etc. You can also simply surf the Internet using the system's Web Browser using a wireless keyboard and mouse, just like you would on a PC. You can use the split screen capability to watch TV while sharing some commentary on whatever social media you want to use (Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, etc.). You can even place Skype video calls on your big screen TV if you add on the Samsung Skype camera. The Smart Hub provides access to all the big name video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, as well as some interesting 3D providers. It also has a store that contains an extremely broad range of TV apps that will give you a great viewing experience.


The Samsung ES8000 has so much functionality that you probably don’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete for quite some time. But Samsung has a feature that will extend its life even further. The Innovation Kit, which is sold separately, is a tool that allows you to upgrade the ES8000 with the latest Samsung Smart TV features and processing capabilities that gets introduced in the future. You can now keep up with technology without having to buy a new TV each time!


Now you know why I think this is the best TV on the market today. Not only is it beautiful to look at and has a fantastic picture which also plays 3D, I almost hesitate to call it a TV because it does so much more – make video calls, surf the web, display your pictures, play music, use a myriad number of useful apps, and the list goes on. The controls are truly innovative and you really don’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete with its Innovation Kit. It also stands out through its host of cutting-edge TV apps, interaction support, and integration with Samsung’s Android App – the future is here now! You should seriously consider purchasing this unit because it literally does it all and it will truly change your entertainment experience. 

by Kevindunbar
on ‎06-02-2013 06:45 PM

I agree beautiful tv with lots of nice features and a great Picture. The voice and hand control options are clunky. A joke really. I'm surprised that a company like samsung would release something so clunky. Also my TV stopped working after just one week... Returning it tomorrow.