The major camera announcements from Photokina 2014

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medium.jpgPhotokina is a bi-annual photography and imaging event where more than 1,000 manufacturers and innovators in the field of photography get together to show off their latest products. 


Today we take a look at the most significant camera announcements to come out of Photokina 2014.


Review: Sphero's Ollie spins circles around its Robot competitors

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ollie.JPGFor the most part, many of the iOS based toys nowadays have potential, but are very limited to what they can do. The Parrot Mini-Drones for example were fun, but not that expansive in ability. They both also cost more than the Sphero Ollie, a brand new challenger into the fold. Ollie comes from the same science and physics loving minds behind the Sphero and promises to continue branching fun and physics at an affordable price. You know what? It's great fun too.  Come check out the Sphero Ollie.


Is your business getting the full picture of its finances?

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reporting graphic.jpg 

Make better business decisions with more information. The new Sage 50 Accounting 2015 product line includes Intelligence Reporting.


Review: NHL 15 is an enigma in 2014 sports gaming

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NHL15Bergeron.jpgAsk gamers about NHL 15 and you'll get one of two answers: "It's great because it's the hockey game we've been waiting for" or "I can't believe it's missing so much." The camps will probably remain pretty divided, but the fact of the matter is, if you're in it for the traditional hockey gaming experience, NHL 15 provides it and more. It is, in fact, a good hockey gamer's game. Read on to find out more.


Philips HUE Lux and Iris smart lighting

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Philips Iris with Tablet App.png 

Soon you will no longer be able to buy regular incandescent light bulbs because they are too energy inefficient. The great thing about the "smart lighting" options from Philips is that they are extremely energy efficient. They can also be fully controlled using your wireless network. The control of the lights is so flexible it provides an amazing set of options for energy savings, for convenience and for enjoyment. So if you are upgrading your lighting, “Smart” lighting is a fantastic choice.


Love tiny houses? Here's how to stock your tiny kitchen

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tiny-house-appliances.jpgThe Tiny Home movement has been building up for a few years now. When I first heard of tiny homes I immediately downloaded the catalog and was in love with the simple, small designs. It might not be do-able if you have 4 kids (and all of their stuff) under your roof, but these cute, quirky homes are perfect for a single person, small family, or seniors who want to live independently.


Hands on With iOS 8

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iOS 8 preview.jpgEvery time Apple release a new version of iOS —the mobile operating system that powers the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (and behind the scenes the Apple TV)— it’s a big deal. On September 17, the company began rolling out iOS 8, what it’s calling “the biggest iOS release ever.” What can you expect from iOS 8? Should you upgrade immediately? Here are my thoughts after I installed iOS 8 on my iPad, as well as using it for a day on a newly arrived iPhone 6.


Pumpkin Spice up your fall - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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pumpkin-spice.jpgHow can you tell when fall is on its way? It used to be that we’d look for leaves turning yellow and that familiar chill in the air, but for the past few years there has been one true indicator that fall is here, and that’s when pumpkin spice mania hits again for another year. So if you’re in the mood to get your pumpkin spice fix, have I got some great recipes for you.



Thinkware Dashcam offers on the road peace of mind

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whyget_thinkwaredashcamis.pngPut technology to work while you’re driving and give yourself that extra bit of security. The Thinkware Dashcam sits in your dashboard acting as your silent witness on the road, recording events you can review later.



HUNKA JUNK: J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Clip Has the Web Buzzing

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Preview.jpgThere’s a huge mass of Star Wars geeks out there (myself included) watching every move Disney and J.J Abrams make as a new crop of Star Wars releases draws ever closer. If there’s one thing guaranteed to get the attention of these Star Wars fans, it's a peek at what Abrams is working on. And if there’s one thing guaranteed to get pop culture geeks in general in a froth, it’s a mash-up between franchises. J.J. Abrams just managed both in one shot with his HUNKA JUNK YouTube clip of the new Millennium Falcon from his forthcoming Star Wars film—with a very unexpected Easter egg.



IK Multimedia iLoud Review

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loud.JPGThe iLoud Studio Monitor Speaker is a small package that can pack a hefty little punch. It's meant for listening to music like other wireless speakers, but it also has special features. If you're a musician looking for a small keyboard amp or software-driven guitar amp, or if you need to check mixes on the go to make sure they'll translate well to other systems, the iLoud has you covered.


What you need to cook the perfect turkey

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Carving_a_Thanksgiving_Turkey.jpgCooking the perfect turkey isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Instead of cooking all day, the average turkey only needs 3 or 4 hours in a good oven. You don’t to be an expert chef to cook one either – I cook a medium sized turkey for my family of 6 every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, so it’s a meal that anyone can prepare. Just follow these step-by-step instructions on how to cook the perfect turkey


Vizio Sound Bar Setup.jpg



There is good reason that Vizio is the top seller of sound bars in the U.S. market. For the price, they provide some of the best award-winning sound bars you can buy. Vizio deliver innovative features and excellent sound at a very reasonable price, not a bad combination!


Fridge 101: how to choose the perfect fridge

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samsung fridge 3.jpgHere are some tips to finding the perfect fridge for you and your kitchen!


Introducing 'amiibo' - Nintendo's answer to Infinity and Skylanders

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amiibo.jpgI think I smell this holiday season's 'big deal'.  New in a market that hasn't even had a chance to grow old, Nintendo is stepping into the 'toys as video games' realm, alongside current residents Infinity and Skylanders. Did you're mind just ponder the possibilities?  Perhaps you've got the perfect place just asking to be filled with delightful Nintendo characters that will also enter video games and do your bidding? Me too. It's amiibo, it's Nintendo, it's figurines that play in the game, and it's probably going to have your children pestering you incessantly as we march steadily on toward December.


Homemade Pizza - Ideal Comfort Food for Fall

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pizza.jpgI’ve got some news for you folks. You may not want to hear it, but it’s inevitable. Yes, it’s true; summer is coming to an end. Sigh. Fall is right around the corner, and with it will come even shorter days, cooler nights, and a whole lot of wet stuff falling from the sky. But it’s not all bad news, because fall is synonymous with many awesome things, including delicious comfort food. So rather than mourn the end of another summer season, let’s embrace the fact that the season of warm, gluttonous, nap-inducing food is upon us. Food like homemade, hot, cheesy, toasty, oven baked pizza.


Nest technology integration will make your home smarter than ever before

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WorksWithNest.jpg"Works with Nest" is a growing program of smart products that work with the growing line of Nest products and applications. Some of those products (including Nest's) are available now at Best Buy, and all bring you closer to having control of your home even when you're not around.  Increased safety, comfort and functionality are at your fingertips.  Read on to find out just what "Works with Nest" now.


Save energy with new appliances

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EnerGuide-Refrigerators.jpgWhen it comes to saving electricity, a good place to start is looking at your old appliances. If your home is filled with older models they are not going to be ENERGY STAR rated and may cost you more money in the long run.


Buying the Perfect Cookware Set

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stainless steel cookware 2.jpgBring out your inner chef by finding the perfect cookware set!


Nikon Announces The D750 - The First Full-Frame DSLR With Wi-Fi

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Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 8.28.39 PM.pngNikon has just announced it's latest full-frame offering - the D750, which sits between the D610 and the D810 in Nikon's FX range. According to Nikon this camera is aimed at the 'adept enthusiast', but judging by the specs, this is a camera that will easily satisfy most professional shooters too.


Vizio Officially comes to Best Buy Canada!

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M-Series Vizio TV.png




Vizio TV and sound systems are now officially available at Best Buy locations across Canada. Best Buy is one of the very few electronic retailers in Canada that are carrying their excellent Smart TVs and Audio products. If you are wondering who Vizio is and why this is important, read on….


Creating the perfect table setting

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Perfect_Dinner_Plate.jpgThe upcoming holiday season puts a focus on entertainment and creating a beautiful table setting. Learn what you need, how to set it up and the best etiquette at your newly decorated table.


Everything's coming up bacon - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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Bacon-Wrapped-Potato-Bites-with-Spicy-Sour-Cream-Dipping-Sauce-from-The-Kitchn.jpgIf you’re aching for bacon like the rest of the population, you have to see these creative (and crazy) ways to get your bacon fix:


Capture nature perfectly with Canon lenses

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Photographing nature offers some of the best and most varied opportunities to make beautiful images to hang on your walls, it’s hardly surprising that it’s one of the most popular pursuits in photography. Today I’m going to give you some ideas and inspiration to take your nature photography further, and also recommend some Canon lenses that can help you on your journey.



Goro you when you Pre-Order Mortal Kombat X!

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MK_WB_PS4_3D.jpgThe term "Goro you!" was originally coined back in 1993 when Mortal Kombat came out for the Game Boy and he was a hidden character. With a very limited moveset and possibly the pound for pound worst graphics, it was still the first taste you had of this legendary monster. Well, Goro's back, and he's your bonus if you pre-order Mortal Kombat X!  Find out all the details about obtaining him by clicking onward.


You have to try these fun ways to use appliances

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warming-plates.jpgSurfing online one day, I stumbled across a site that suggested a ton of different ways to use appliances. I thought I had a trick or two up my sleeve until I read through, and I was blown away by the different, fun ways to use both the big and small appliances in my house. Try a few of these just for fun – some of them are so amazing you’ll probably make them part of your weekly routine.


Destiny - The Next Generation Shooter

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DestinyCoverArt.jpgThey changed the gaming world and began a revolution that would see video game titles top the biggest box office showings that Hollywood could muster. Years and many Halo games later, Bungie announced something new. Though it's exact impact remains to be seen, Shooting things in the First Person hasn't been this compelling in a very long time. It's Destiny, and its the next big thing in gaming.


Back to school budget friendly smartphones

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Back_to_school_friendly_phones.jpgBooks, tuition fees and supplies can leave a dent in your wallet. With only a two-year contract, these budget friendly phones get an A+ for affordability. They take the sting out of not being able to afford iPhone 6.


Top 5 Receivers – as rated by customers

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Onkyo NR828 Reciever.jpeg



Figuring out what receiver to purchase can be a bit of a challenge. There are many “black boxes” to choose from, with lots of similar features, and that sound a lot alike. Customer reviews can be an excellent guide as they can tell the true story based on solid experience in the home. To make it simple, I have gathered the top 5 receivers as rated by customers.


Motorola Launches Moto 360, Moto X, Moto G and Moto Hint

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Preview.jpgMotorola kept everyone guessing about exactly when they were going to do their official product announcements at IFA 2014, but it finally happened on Friday. That’s okay, we pretty much knew what was coming. The Moto 360 —the round-faced Android Wear smartwatch that everyone’s been talking about for the past six months— is finally official and coming to Canadian launch partner Best Buy this fall. Also announced were the next generation Motorola smartphones, the Moto X and Moto G and the tiny Moto Hint earpiece.


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