Rock Out the Dorm with 3 of the Best Wireless Speakers

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Dorm Room.jpg



Having the very best sound in your dorm room is going to make the school year a whole lot more enjoyable. Rock out with your friends, stream music from your favourite station, or just mellow out with your best tunes. Wireless is the best way to go for many reasons and here are the top 3 wireless speakers to rock out the dorm.


Light It Up: Photography And Lighting

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2014-06-21_1403321934.jpgThere are a number of key skills that every photographer needs to master. One piece of the photography puzzle is reading and understanding light, not in the scientific sense, but in the way we use it to enhance our photography. Today we’re going to give you a brief introduction to some of the concepts and scenarios that will help you make beautifully lit photographs.


No kitchen, no problem: Microwave Meals for the dorm - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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dorm-room-microwave.jpgThere’s a little known fact about living in the dorm room that no one will tell you before you go for the first time – you will be hungry. Without access to mom’s kitchen, there is a lot you’ll have to do without. But armed with a microwave? You’d be surprised at what you can whip up to satisfy those dinnertime or midnight cravings.


Sacred 3 spins itself into a completely different style of game

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Sacred3SplashArt.jpgAfter a long wait, Sacred series fans can rejoice: Sacred 3 is here, and it's the same Action RPG you enjoyed previously! No wait, it's anything but!  Sacred 3 is now a hack and slash game drawing inspiration to the Gauntlets and Golden Axes of the world!  It's now become a multiplayer teamwork-heavy dungeon crawl free-for-all and is nothing like you got used to in years previous.  Sometimes change is good though right?  Check it out.


3 Great Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Students

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Headphones aren’t just for music. With technologies like noise cancellation, they can also come in handy for ensuring a quiet environment in which to work, which is something any student can appreciate.



Surface 3: a new alternative for students

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Surface Preview.jpgTechnology is a big part of student life and a computer has become integral to the educational experience. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a powerful device that can physically transform into a laptop form factor, becoming a true ultra-mobile alternative to a laptop or desktop PC —while offering all the advantages of a tablet.


Review: Is the Force with SMS Street by 50's new Star Wars Headphones?

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bobafett_HeadphonesSplash.jpgA welcome addition to the "Street by 50" line of SMS' High Quality headphones, Star Wars makes its debut, and now, you can bring the entire first series home via  Come take a closer look at look and feel of a couple of the styles and get yourself accustomed to the features of these lightweight, collapsible headphones!


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

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DiabloIIIUltimateEdCover.jpgDo you like running through dungeons, slaying any manner of undead monster, slavering beast, or horrible fiend? Employing magic and weaponry in the dispatching of said foul creatures?  Collecting hordes of loot for your trouble?  If you answered 'yes' to any or all of these questions, you might just need Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. 


Find The Ideal Canon Lens To Travel

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800px-Lano_Beach_-_Savai'i,_2007.jpgTravelling to new places gives you a chance to practice your photography skills, but if you don't have the right equipment you might find yourself at a disadvantage. Today we're looking at three very different lenses from Canon that you might want to consider for your next big trip.


Gamescom 2014: "The Rest" - Some of Matt's favourites

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gamescom.jpgEarlier in the week, we took a look at Sony and Microsoft's press conferences at Gamescom.  It's time to do a quick sweep up of the rest of Gamescom. I'll speak about 5 of my favourite and most anticipated titles, from the very close (NHL 15) to the very distant (Mortal Kombat X.)  Tell me your favourites too, and why!  Check it out.


The best accessories for your new projector

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Home Theater Projector.jpg



A home theatre projector is the best way to super-size your home entertainment experience. It will provide the biggest bang for your buck as it is the most economic way to get over a 100” jaw-dropping picture at home. The projector isn’t the only thing you will need to make your home entertainment system hum – here’s what else you need.


Pre-Order Hyrule Warriors to send Link and Zelda Skyward!

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hyrule-warriors-e3Screenshot.jpgIt's only about 5 weeks before Hyrule Warriors makes its long awaited release in North America, and what a better day than Japanese launch day to discuss what you'll get when the game releases here with your Pre-Order.  Read on to find out about the Pre-Order bonus you get if you act now while supplies last.


Review: Wilson home cell phone booster

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Wilson DT Desktop Signal Booster.jpgThere’s a dead zone in my home. If you’re not outside on the back deck or by the front door you won’t get a cell phone signal – doesn’t matter the phone or the service. With the prospect of another winter shivering outside to talk on the cell, I was anxious to check out the Wilson DT Desktop Signal Booster.




Snag a new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone from Best Buy Mobile

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s5contest.pngAre you heading back to school with an old flip phone handed-down from a parent or sibling? Perhaps your phone isn’t that old, but you would still prefer an upgrade? Best Buy Mobile and Samsung are going to give you an opportunity to snag a brand new, unlocked, Samsung Galaxy S5 just in time for fall classes to begin.  You’ve seen it on the commercials: beautifully slim, great camera, fingerprint scanner – that’s the one. And if you enter this contest, it can be yours. Read on for more details …


Asus routers for faster connections & smoother streaming

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RT-N66 ASUS Dual Band Wireless N Router.jpgLife is too short to spend it staring at a frozen screen. Stop waiting for your download, get rid of all those pesky cables and boost your current WiFi system with the Asus WiFi line of fast routers and USB Wi-Fi adapters that can handle 3D video streaming and gaming.


Back To School LunchBox ideas - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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back-to-school-lunch-ideas.jpgFor me, one of the most stressful parts of back to school is figuring out what to pack in their lunch kits. This year I'm getting a jump on things by creating a list of lunches that are cute, creative, and will be something they enjoy eating.


Best projectors as chosen by Best Buy’s customers

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Setting up a home entertainment centre doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The first step is to find the perfect home theatre projector for your set-up. Best Buy has many projectors to choose from and you can find reviews on specific models in our Plug-in blog. This time around I've decided to let the ratings speak for themselves and have gathered a list of the five top projectors based on customer feedback and reviews.


Sony shouts out the Indie Studios and shares a new way to game at Gamescom!

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gamescom.jpgHow many new ways can you find to reinvent the wheel of video game gameplay?  We've got to be running out of ideas and ways at this point, but Sony came along at Gamescom with something in hand that's never been tried before. A little bit risky, a little bit uncertain, but a huge win for their customers, SharePlay is one of the many things Sony shared with us at Gamescom. Curious how many PS4 systems have sold to date? Read to find out.


Assign floor cleaning duties to the iRobot Roomba and iRobot Scooba

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irobot-scooba.jpgWhat’s round, black, and the star of Youtube videos involving cats? If you guess the iRobot Roomba, you are absolutely right and have probably watched your fair share of cute kitties strapped down and spinning around on the floor. But just using the iRobot to entertain your friends would really be missing the point of what this vacuum can accomplish.



Microsoft goes exclusive with Lara Croft and more at Gamescom 2014

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gamescom.jpgIt was a pretty big day for Microsoft at Gamescom this year. They showed some footage from some of their most anticipated launches, announced a couple new consoles and even announced an unexpected exclusive with a familiar face: Lara Croft. Read on to find out about the new Tomb Raider and more!


Stay in touch this school year with online services including VoIP

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Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.40.37 PM.pngHopefully you’re enjoying the summer of your life right now, taking every opportunity to get outside and soak up these long, sun-filled days. You’ve probably noticed though that the back-to-school ads have already started, which means it’ll pretty soon be time to start gearing up for the new school year.  Best Buy even carries a number of devices that can help you to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, and today we're going to take a look at some of those.


Office Desks to Increase Productivity

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Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.34.57 PM.pngLast week, I wrote about how ergonomically designed office chairs are essential to rear-end comfort and back health. However, even the most fabulous, most space-aged, most comfortable chair in the world means nothing if you’re sitting in front of a desk that is made from a sheet of plywood and two milk crates. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d write a follow up post that highlights some great desk options available at Best Buy.  But first, let’s quickly define what makes a “great desk” and why having one in your work or home office can actually increase productivity. 


Review: Lifeproof iPad Mini and iPad Air cases

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LifeProof nüüd Waterproof iPad Air Case.jpgWhether you have a iPad Air or iPad mini you’ll want to keep it safe. Lifeproof now offers two new covers to protect your Air device.


Both promise to make your iPad and mini iPad waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof.  That's a lot of protection. We tested both lines to see what were their differences and whether they delivered on their protection.


Best back to school picks for your kid's backpack

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back-to-school.jpgThe only thing you can guarantee about summer is that it will fly by and back to school will be upon us all before we know it. This is the year to get a jump on your shopping by scoring some of the best picks for your kid's backpack. 


The tales of Two Ripleys emerge when you Pre-Order Alien: Isolation

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alien isolation.JPGThe long awaited Alien: Isolation drops on October 7th, and with it, the envisioning of a story arc between the first two Alien movies. Alien: Isolation is one tabbed to be more like Ridley Scott's first Alien film than James Cameron's sequel. Not only can you live out this new storyline with a new Ripley, but a familiar face returns with your pre-order.  Read on to find out more.


Best Buy music student gets surprise visit from the band Theory of a Deadman

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musical surprise.jpg

Best Buy is making musical dreams come true in many ways.  First with their huge selection of instruments available anywhere in Canada online and in store.  Then there are the 6 Best Buy stores that offer guitar, piano and drum lessons. And finally they arranged a surprise for one of their drum students recently: the band "Theory of a Deadman" dropped in on his lesson at the Barrie Best Buy store. They offered a few tips and tricks and a whole lot of inspiration!


Meet Tyrion Lannister’s mistress Shae from Game of Thrones!

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Game of Thrones.jpgIf you love Game of Thrones and will be in Vancouver this weekend, then this is the event for you.  Head down to Best Buy on Cambie Street on Saturday, August 16th between 4-6pm for a meet & greet with Sibel Kekilli who plays Shae.  Read on for more details:


Ergonomic Office Chairs to Keep Your Back Healthy

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Office-Chair2.jpgDid you know that the average Canadian adult spends three-quarters of their waking hours sitting or reclining? While that stat includes time spent commuting and chilling on the couch, it’s no surprise that it also includes a whole lot of time sitting in front of a computer. With so much time spent sitting, it makes sense that a quality ergonomic chair is essential when it comes to keeping your rear end comfortable and spine in good health.


Let’s face is though; not all office chairs are created equal. So, what constitutes an “ergonomic” chair, you ask? Really, it comes down to five key factors: 


Review: Denon HEOS Wireless Speakers – Smooth and Powerful!

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Denon HEOS Family.jpgDenon makes some of the best mid-range electronics on the market. I particularly like their gear because it isn’t overly pricey but yet is extremely well engineered to sound great and is built to last. I have had Denon in my home for a long time and it has proven to be excellent value. Now I am thrilled to see that they have come out with a new wireless speaker system, Denon HEOS. I recently got my hands on all three Denon wireless speakers to test them out and I loved everything about them – the look, the features, the quality, and most importantly the sound.


Binoculars and telescopes that bring the heavens to your doorstep

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Get some celestial tech help to witness the show in the heavens. Find out what to look for in binoculars and telescopes that can bring the heavenly bodies to your doorstep.


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