road trip tech.jpgRoad trips are a ton of fun, and they can even be a peaceful if you bring along the right devices. Here's my top picks for road trip tech.



Here's the thing about 2016: everyone has either broken their smartphone screen at some point, or they know someone who has. Luckily, if you break your phone screen nowadays, it's not too big of a deal! Just make sure you backup all of your files, and then read this article to figure out what your next steps are.


Review: Sphero SPRK+

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Sphero SPRK+.jpg

Today I review the new Sphero SPRK+ (which is coming soon to Best Buy). This new robotic ball builds on the technology of last year's Sphero SPRK Edition. If you liked the Edition, or have been meaning to try one of Sphero's fun and educational robotic toys, click on through to take a look at this latest generation leap in Sphero robotic fun!


Top 5 tablets that do everything a laptop can do

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Tablets are computers, but they aren’t necessarily the same as full-fledged laptops or desktops that offer the full breadth in hardware and software. That paradigm is slowly shifting, now that some tablets are being designed as full-on laptop replacements capable of creating content in much the same way. There are five tablets that do stand out in that regard, with promising abilities to help boost productivity, while shedding weight.  



Being away at school means leaving some of the comforts of home behind.  But not all of them! A great and versatile option for back to school that will check all your home entertainment boxes, is a 4K or Ultra HD (UHD) Smart TV.
Yes, you could get a regular 1080p HDTV, but allow me to make the case for a 4K Ultra HD smart version instead.



As much as we think that we must be in a fully digital age, you can't help but realize that there are still some fairly "old school" things you need to get you through school. It's nice that we can attend classes and look at itineraries on phones, laptops and tablets these days but you have to remember that the amount of help they can give you is limited to battery life and storage space. Check out this list of 10 traditional school supplies you'll still need to carry with you in 2016.


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A lot of people require coffee to wake up in the morning and stay alert during the day. For students it's even more important to be able to start the day with a decent cup of coffee, but with so many different types of coffee maker, how do you know which to bring with you back to school? To help, I've dug into four coffee makers and listed the advantages and disadvantages for all of them.


2 in 1 laptops are the hottest tech for back to school

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Is it a laptop? Is it a tablet? Hold on to your hats: it's both!  Here's a quick overview of what a 2 in 1 laptop is, and how it might be the right fit for your digital life. 


Upcoming video game events every gamer should keep on their radar

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Take one look at an upcoming video game events calendar and you can’t help but recognize that gaming’s popularity is off the charts these days. Gamescom, PAX West, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week, Fan Expo, X16, Nintendo Tour—and many more—all in the next three months alone. To get you primed on the hottest video game events of the summer (and beyond), here’s a list of gaming events happening soon to keep on your radar.



Going away to university and living in a dorm room or in an apartment off-campus is a right of passage for many. It’s a way of gaining independence while meeting new people, learning new things, and embracing everything a post-secondary experience has to offer. It’s also likely the first time most new students have ever lived on their own. So if you are heading off to university this fall, here are six appliances you should bring with you to make your time away from home as comfortable as possible.


back to school schedule.jpg

Can't bear to think about back to school yet? I'm here to share why it's actually a great time to start transitioning into a back to school schedule, and I have 10 tips for doing just that.


Review: Overwatch – Blizzard’s FPS entry

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With Overwatch—available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows—Blizzard Entertainment has cast aside the sword and sorcery shtick from which it spawned the uber-successful Warcraft and Diablo series of games. Instead, Overwatch is an accessible and character-based, multiplayer, first-person shooter set in a future where global chaos and tyranny is battled by adventurers, sentient robot ninjas, cyber cowboys, and other assorted misfits of science. But, where once Blizzard ruled the world of competitive e-sports gaming with its StarCraft titles (until games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and others stole the crown), can Overwatch’s gameplay return Blizzard to the top? Read my review of Overwatch to find out.


Review: Rocket League Collector's Edition is packed full of content and fun

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Rocket League Collector's Edition combines all the fast paced, high-octane next-generation action into one content filled disc. Available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, this retail release of the popular game comes packed with four new cars, and all the content and vehicles found in the Chaos Run, Supersonic Furry, and Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC packs. Come inside and see why Rocket League Collector’s Edition will keep you coming back time and time again.


What to Bring Camping with Friends

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Summertime always reminds me of all the amazing camping trips I’ve had in the past. Few experiences can compare with chilling out by a campfire under a blanket of stars with some of your best buddies. I’m fortunate in that I’ve had lots of opportunities to go camping over the years, and have amassed quite a bit of gear to help make any camping experience awesome. So, what do you need for a successful camping excursion? Read on for some of my recommendations for what to bring camping with friends.


kid friendly summer recipes.jpgJust because you're a grown up doesn't mean you can't enjoy summer like kids do. Here are a few kid-friendly recipes you can make as a meal for the entire family.


Hoverboards are back for summer

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Forget about walking anywhere this summer. Walking is for suckers anyway, right? And why should you have to go anywhere under your own lame bipedal power, when you could be travelling there in true sci-fi style with a new hoverboard? Yes, hoverboards are back for summer, and I’ve got the lowdown on these upgraded and safer new hoverboard models.


3 Reasons Why Cameras Still Matter In The Smart Phone Era

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Smartphones nowdays take some really impressive photos - so do we even need to invest in a standalone camera?


Today I'm going to look at three specific situations where the camera beats the smartphone hands down.



Computer monitors, like television sets, have undergone a huge revolution in design and technological innovation over the past 10 years. The ASUS ProArt series of monitors are great examples of how fantastic they have become. They have a stunning 4K resolution and ultra-fast refresh rates so photographs and video are brilliantly clear and realistic. Any photography or video professional would love to work on this monitor. Editing using one of these monitors is easier than ever; the results are more precise too. Enter this contest on Facebook and you can nominate a photographer or videographer you know to win one of these monitors.


Choose the right digital piano for the beginner, intermediate or advanced student in your family!

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Piano is one of the great instruments for your family. Anyone can play! First, you'll need to decide which piano is right for your home. You could choose something more expensive, but you may not need to. There are different models of instruments for different levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. I'll try to help you decide which type is right for you and your family.




Summer vacation is in full swing and quite possibly one of the most anticipated video game console launches in recent memory is just around the corner. The brand new Xbox One S 2TB console from Microsoft arrives August 2nd, which supports 4K Ultra HD video and HDR games and content. Find out why the Xbox One S is perfect for University and College students heading back to school this fall. 


Five laptop travel essentials

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For me, summer has always meant travel. Whether it’s on a much-needed vacation or an extended summer road trip to visit friends and family, I just tend to want to be on the move and explore a bit more when the weather is hotter. And as a rabid gamer and online addict, I always bring my laptop with me wherever I go, which means I usually also have a bag of accessories in tow. So, just what are my five laptop travel essentials? Read on and find out.


How-to get your computer ready for a summer full of kid fun!

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BM_SDP_Spotlight_YouthSpark.jpgOn your mark, get set, GO! Summer is here and the kids are ready to have fun. Time to prepare the applications, accessories and projects that will make your computer a key part of their holiday fun!



boon pulp silicone feeder.jpg

Now that your little one has reached the milestone age of one, the items you pack in the diaper bag will change. In the third part of this series, we discuss some of the items any parent should pack in the diaper bag for a toddler.


Pack a streaming TV device when heading back to college

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For first-year university and college students, packing up everything you’ll need to survive your first year solo can be intimidating. After all, you’ve likely got a pup-tent budget and MTV Cribs tastes. But fortunately when it comes to those after class activities, you’ve got options for maximizing your entertainment while keeping costs down, and it starts with a streaming device.


3 road trip appliances to take along on your road trip this year

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Road Trip appliances.jpg

It's officially road trip season, and I've got three must-take road trip appliances you're going to want to make room for on your next road trip.


Health(ier) Popsicle Recipes You Can Make A Home

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Feelin’ hot, hot, hot? It’s summer, so embrace the heat. If you live in the East, you know you have to because winter isn't fun. But you guys on the West Coast, with your scaled-down version of “winter,” should also appreciate the warmer weather.



Pokémon Go: tips & accessories to make your Poké hunting easier and more fun

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The Pokémon Go phenomenon that is sweeping the world officially rolled out to Canada this past Sunday, immediately becoming the #1 app download in both the Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store. If you’re among the tens of millions of players enjoying this craze, or are thinking about coming onboard, I’ve got some useful tips and recommended accessories to help make your Pokémon outdoor hunt a “wild” success.


How to use a Google Cast Television

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Google Cast is the brand name of Google’s TV software package. It can give you multi-screen experiences by connecting the devices like your smartphone, tablet or computer to your TV. Admittedly using Google’s Cast platform is a bit different, particularly for those who are familiar with Smart TVs, or folks who are used to surfing their cable company’s menu or guide for content on the screen. Because the content doesn’t reside inside the Cast TV, but it is accessed via your phone, it’s a different mindset to get used to. But once you try it, you’ll find it’s easy to operate and get accustomed to.


Why does my computer take so long to boot-up?

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Is your computer crawling along at a snail's pace when you boot it up? Avoid the aggravation, save yourself some time, and try these tips to bring your machine back up to speed.


Easy everyday cell phone tips: setting up a selfie stick with your phone

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Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.01.49 AM.png2016 is the year of the selfie. Or–no, that's not quite true. It's been the year of the selfie ever since smartphones with front-facing cameras became popular, because as soon as you start carrying around a tiny device that can document your every mood, location, and action, well... How do you resist?


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