Best Buy Kiosks - Electronic Vending Machines Surprisingly Effective!

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I’ve done a fair bit of traveling already this year, and couldn’t help but notice Best Buy Kiosks in quite a few airports that I ended up in. I never imagined buying electronics out of a vending machine, but actually it is a brilliant idea. Having done hundreds of business trips over the years, I inevitably had occasions where I forgot my headphones or an important cable. I hate arriving at the airport too early so I usually don’t have much time to spare. A kiosk is a perfect solution because it is a quick and secure way to quickly pick up important necessities.


Wearables to boost your golf game

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ZeppGolf.jpgOne of my favourite summer activities is grabbing my clubs and heading to the driving range (and then complaining about how sore I am the next day.) I don't golf on a full course much. I wasn't blessed with the greatest short game, and to call my putting atrocious would be an understatement. However, I'm keen to get back out on a course just to try some of the new golf wearables out there.


From swing coaching to a GPS watch that tells you how far you are from the green, there's a helpful wearable waiting for you to take for a spin this golf season.


Moving tips: Major appliances

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So, you’ve made the big decision—you’re moving! As anyone who has moved before can attest to, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to physically transporting your belongings, such as how to best pack up your kitchen, or move your TV and home theatre. Perhaps the most significant consideration when moving however, is what do with your large, very expensive major appliances. If you’re moving and have been thinking about this, read on as I have some helpful tips!




Lego and Lego Duplo Sets at Best Buy

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Lego DUPLO.jpgWe wanted to get our little builder some LEGO to play with. Thank goodness we found DUPLO at Best Buy! It’s age appropriate and my daughter loves it!


Action Games of 2015.jpgAs technology races forward so does the way we play games. The best way to experience these increasingly breathtaking sights and sounds is to jump right in with some fast paced, pedal to the metal, action video games! This year has already brought us some games that certainly made a bang,looking at you Battlefield Hardline, but what’s coming up promises to be just as fast and fun!


Cyber safety tips for you and your smartphone

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bby_cybersafety.jpgWhen you think of cybersecurity or cyber safety, are you more likely to think of hackers targeting big corporations or governments rather than your own personal vulnerability. The wide open world of cyberspace is something you regularly interact with every time you browse a website, click a link, post on social media and chat online. But your online risk extends beyond those things because you can leave behind a digital footprint without realizing it, or expose your data in ways you didn’t intend to. This article is part of a series of articles that my Plug-in Blog colleagues and I are publishing over the next few weeks offering helpful tips and information about many topics related to cybersecurity. Today I will explore personal smartphone security.


Insta-wow! How To Get More Likes On Instagram

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bike-photo.jpgThere’s nothing a photographer enjoys more than a compliment on their work. It’s no wonder photographers spend so much time on Instagram—they just love those likes! So how does one rack up the most possible likes? Today I’m going to give you some tips to help you maximise yours.


Lego: a toy that grows with your children

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play lego-Optimized.jpg

Lego has to be one of the best toys available for kids, and it's a toy that grows with your child and lasts a lifetime. Both my sons have always played with some form of Lego, and now at 9 and 14 they enjoy a lot of the older Lego themed sets like Technic and Mindstorms. I had a chance to try the new LEGO Pirates so I thought it would be great to look at some of our favourite sets, old and new.



Spring into the action with Sony's new Action Cam lineup

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action-cam.jpgAt Sony Canada’s recent VIP product preview event, which included showcasing the new stunning Sony BRAVIA 4K TV lineup displayed, the Japanese electronics manufacturer also showed the a popular selling category this time of year: cameras. One model I took great interest in is Sony’s super portable, mountable and wearable Action Cam.



Smartphone, tablet or laptop? The case for choosing a smartphone as your sole device

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smartphone.jpgIf you had to choose only one device to take with you, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, which would you go with? There is perhaps no more personal—or versatile—a device as a smartphone. I would argue that the increasing power, screen size and app selection make it hard not to consider it as the go-to choice above all others.


digital-storage.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox.jpgIt is not at all uncommon to be reluctant to replace your gadgets. Reasons can range from budgetary concerns, comfort and familiarity with what you already know, or even sentimental value. We have a tendency to want to hold on to what we have for as long as we can. With gadgets this can most often extend to our peripherals. While people often understand the virtue or replacing a computer, for example, they will often do so while holding on to the same printer, scanner, monitor, keyboard and mouse for many years, through the lifecycle of several computers. Of course this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and there can be some challenges in store for those wanting to continue using certain peripherals as they change to newer computers over the years. It can become difficult to see the advantages to upgrading to something new rather than holding on to what you already have as long as it’s working too. Let’s take a look at some common peripherals and some of the challenges involved with keeping the old, as well as some of the benefits of upgrading to something newer.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III features 4-player co-op, return of Zombie Mode

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Today's the day Call of Duty fans have been waiting for: the world reveal of the next big entry in the series, Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Check out all the first details here!


HP Envy x2 13.3 review: a BIG Windows 2-in-1 Laptop

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HP envyx2 review preview.jpgMost consumer tablets have displays in the 8-inch to 10-inch size range. Microsoft tapped the prosumer and professional market when it released the big-screen Surface Pro line of tablets that convert to a PC laptop form factor. HP—one of the world's largest PC manufacturers—offers its own take on that the 2-in-1 convertible laptop form factor. The Envy x2 13.3, a very big Windows tablet with features Surface fans will find familiar, namely a kickstand, digital pen support and a magnetically attached keyboard cover. The approach is familiar, but the Envy x2 is a different beast from the Surface Pro (and new Surface), as I found out during my review period.


Review: State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition – the world overrun by zombies

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SOD.jpgThe fastest selling original game on Xbox Live Arcade comes to the Xbox One. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition features enhanced graphics, new achievements, community challenges, and includes two major add-ons: Break Down and Lifeline.


Do you have what it takes to face the zombie apocalypse, and make it out alive? 


TV Features Explained - Part 6: Upscaling and Upconverting

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toshiba_zv_upscaling_tvs.jpgUpscaling and upconverting features, which help make non-native video look presentable on larger resolution displays, have been with us for a while now but have become more important considerations for 4K and Ultra HD TV buyers. With various models are coming down in price, there’s a greater range of display sizes available, making 4K and Ultra HD TVs more viable for consumers


Take a walk through the history of Kenwood Appliances

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kenw0od.jpgDid you know there are two Kenwood companies? The Kenwood Corporation that sells audio products, and Kenwood Limited, a company that’s been modernizing the kitchen since 1947. Kenneth Maynard Wood of Britain founded Kenwood Limited, and working from his garage, he set out to revolutionize how people perform tasks in their kitchens.


Your Anti-Anxiety Travelling List

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tracy-mother-headphones.jpgI get nervous when we go away. It’s not the idea of having our house robbed or the thought of not having a good time … it’s the packing.


TV Features Explained - Part 5: Contrast Ratio and Black Levels

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In Part 5 of our TV Features Explained series, we look at the importance of contrast ratio and black level ... and whether you can trust the huge numbers manufacturers list for these specs.


3 Ways to Make Gluten Free Pizza

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Gluten Free Pizza.jpg


Pizza is one of my favourite foods. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as after a late night of drinking. I couldn’t imagine having to give it up because of celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten or wheat. But if this applies to you, have no fear: there are ways to make non-traditional pizza crust so you can continue eating the food you love. 


Shelly's Friday Favourites

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Brie & Caramelized Onion Stuffed Chicken


Our guest blogger this week on Shelly’s Friday Favourites is Leila Pejman. Leila comes to us from Future Shop’s Tech Blog where everyone enjoyed reading about (and cooking) her amazing recipes. From gluten free to special brunches, Leila’s covered them all. Enjoy these great chicken recipes!


Moving Tips for a Smart Home and a Smart Move

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moving-boxes.jpgMoving sucks. We can't say it more boldly than that.  But while you're packing up all of your worldly goods into tiny cardboard crates, it's a great time to think about jazzing up your new space and making it work harder for you with some new technology. You can also make the process of selling your existing home easier, by taking a look at what smart home gadgets can do to help you.


Mondo X SteelBooks Now Sold at Best Buy: Iconic Artwork Meets Classic Cult Cinema!

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If you're a fan of the Mondo X SteelBook series of "poster art" Blu-Ray cases, then you're probably already super excited about the fact that Best Buy is now carrying these awesome exclusive sets! If, however, you're not entirely familiar with these skillfully crafted works of art (featuring glossy, comic-like artwork and plenty of special features), simply click on through to learn all about them!


HPOmenBox.JPGThe first gaming laptop my wife ever brought home must have taken up half of our coffee table and weighed about as much. The second she owned was a little thinner but almost as heavy. The HP Omen's size pales in comparison to those two monstrous laptops and that's a good thing. As thin as many of today's laptops and weighing less than 5 pounds, the HP Omen defies our conventional belief of what a gaming laptop should look and feel like. That's just the beginning.  Come take a look.


Don’t put yourself last on your list

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tracy-mother-blog3.jpgIf you’re like 99.9% of mothers, when you are under the weather you suck it up buttercup and get stuff done! I’m working hard on joining the 0.01% of moms who actually stop and take a time out. I think it makes us better people to put our own names higher up on our list of things to do. In working towards that goal, I have some suggestions.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A tablets are family focused

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taba.jpgSamsung’s built a tablet business with models that cater to specific users and their needs. Their Tab Pro line was designed around corporate users as well as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. Samsung has now created the Galaxy Tab A line of 8” and 9.7” tablets designed specifically for families and home users.


Spring home remodel projects: the living room

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There is something almost magical about that first Saturday of the year when you wake up late, open your curtains and windows to let the glorious sunshine and fresh air in, and realize that spring has officially sprung. I immediately associated my acknowledgement of spring with the need to clean, re-organize, and refresh my home, beginning with the living room. So with my “spring refresh” hat on, here are my plans for the next month or so—plans that you can easily incorporate into your own spring living room refresh.


Using GPS technology to enhance your golf game

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garmin watch duo.jpg

In some parts of the country, it's almost golf season! (Sorry Eastern Canada!) If you can't get out on the links yet, you can at least start thinking about the season ahead. New shoes, maybe some new plaid pants, and a few fresh sleeves of balls are enough to get you in the golf mood, but maybe this season it's time to up your game with some new technology. Find out why GPS can improve your game, and even make it more enjoyable.


Tips to help you buy the perfect cell phone for your mom

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I knew it was time to buy my mom a cell phone when I couldn't get a hold of her when I had a question and needed advice. To buy the perfect phone for her, I had to figure out exactly what she would like and dislike in a phone, and as I discovered, it was completely different from what I liked.



With Samsung’s SUHD TV, get excited about your TV again

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Compressed SUHD Hero2.jpgMeet the all-new SUHD TV from Samsung

SEE MORE. FEEL MORE. More colours; Brighter blacks; Deeper blacks


Going green with your old phone

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phones-recycle1-lo-res.jpgWe know you’re recycling, composting, goin’ paperless and biking to work when you can (yay!), but we thought we’d share an awesome way you can get mobile with Mother Nature.


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