Frigidaire Laundry – We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

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first-washer.jpgLet’s face it, laundry isn’t a whole lot of fun. It’s certainly not how I like to spend my evenings, I can tell you that much. I mean, there are just so many steps! You’ve got to sort your clothes, lug them to the machine, put them in, press a button, wait … take them out, put them in another machine, press another button, and then wait some more before you take them out and fold them. It’s excruciating. It’s also pretty sad that I’m not alone in my disdain for laundry, especially when you consider the fact that electric washers and dryers as we know them today, like those from consumer appliance giant Frigidaire, have only been around for about 100 years.


Review: PlayStation TV - Great out of the box with room to grow

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PlayStation TV logo.pngThe PlayStation TV has finally arrived in North America, and brings with a solid lineup of features, including video streaming, an extender option from the PlayStation 4, and the arrival of the new PlayStation Now service, offering full versions of games via digital stream rental. It's small, lightweight and packs a lot of power, and it's just getting started.


Shelly's Friday Favourites brings you Halloween grossness—party treats kids can prepare

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JackolanternsHubpages.jpgWhen it comes to Halloween, the only thing I struggle with each year is making enough candy apples, cupcakes, and treats for everyone. But every year I get a little wiser, and this year I’m going to put the kids to work making kid-friendly goodies. Creating these treats can be part of the Halloween fun, and you’d be amazed at how many hours kids will work on them with you supervising and helping them along.


Gear up and hit the hill with the Sony ActionCam

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sony-action-cam1.jpgI was pretty excited to test out the Sony ActionCam With LiveView Remote, and if you watch point of view action sports videos on Youtube the way most of my family does, you’ll instantly know exactly what this camera is for. Designed specifically to capture live action video in all the crazy places you’d go to for action sports and recreation, the Sony ActionCam has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a camera of this type. It was created for the ski hill, it shines on the side of a mountain, and you can take it with you while you hang ten on a wave near a tropic beach.


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - A Critically Acclaimed Open-Word Hong Kong

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Sleeping-Dogs-Definitive-EditionFrontjpg.jpgLoved by critics, Sleeping Dogs was very much Grand Theft Auto, but in the streets of Hong Kong. An Open-world action title, it pits the player against some pretty mean streets, putting them in the shoes of an undercover cop who has got to go deep into the belly of the beast.  Now with a visual upres and all previous DLC packs, this modern Hong Kong detective story makes the jump to the big boy hardware with Sleep Dogs: Definitive Edition.


Hunger Games Mockingjay


The worldwide phenomenon of The Hunger Games continues to set the world on fire with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, which finds Katniss Everdeen in District 13 after she literally shatters the games forever. Mockingjay - Part 1 will be in theatres on November 21st and you have a chance to win 2 tickets to the Hollywood premiere and 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets, courtesy of Samsung and Best Buy. Read on for more details.


Movie Review: Fury brings more than firearm

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FURY-PK-03_(DF-01597).jpgSet in World War II, as the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines.  Outnumbered and outgunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.


Movie Review: The Equalizer is another Denzel great

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DF-09385.jpgRobert McCall (Denzel Washington) believes he has put his mysterious past behind him. But when McCall meets Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz), a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters, he can’t stand idly by – he has to help her.


Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - First Person Shooting, Now on the Moon

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borderlands-the-pre-sequel.jpgYou know what Borderlands is all about, if you haven't played it... well, I'm not sure what's wrong with you. But you've at least  seen it, or heard about just how awesome it is (because it is) and why. Now picture that, but in low gravity on the surface of the moon, and Bob's your Uncle. Sound Fun? Of course it does. It's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Drive the lanes in a big way in NBA 2K15!

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NBA2K15.jpegI'm not going to lie - I have a love/hate relationship with the NBA, and have for the last 15 years. However, if there's one thing consistently that falls into the "love" category, it's the NBA 2K series. With the exception of a glitch that made me rage quit NBA 2K13, I've been a loyal series fan for years now, moreso since NBA 2K11 rocked our worlds and turned the series into the juggernaut it is now.  This year's edition promises to be no different. Come take a look.


Make your room new again

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Monarch Rectangular Cheval Mirror.jpgRevitalizing a tired room can be as simple as adding some colour, creating an accent area or simply re-arranging your furniture. By following some suggestions from the pros, I recently did a mini makeover of tired rooms that didn't blow the budget or stress me out.


Introducing the Nexus 9 Tablet

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nexus-9.jpgGoogle and HTC just took the wraps off what is likely to be one of the hottest tablets of 2014: the Nexus 9. Described as “powered by Android, for work and play” the new tablet features a powerful 64-bit CPU, the new Android Lollipop operating system, an 8.9-inch HD display and HTC BoomSound.


Arts, Crafts, Fun & Games With Melissa & Doug

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Arts & crafts are fun for kids of all ages. I tried out this super-creative art easel and companion accessory kit from popular brand Melissa & Doug, along with a cute basic skills puzzle board, and the challenging Suspend family game. Check out my take on these fun toys and crafts for kids aged 3 and up.


Use enemy superpowers against themselves in Skylanders: Trap Team!

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TrapTeamBanner.jpgThe Skylanders return for a huge adventure this year in Skylanders: Trap Team now available for all major consoles. This year's game sees a new portal, new variations of old Skylanders, and a new dynamic to the battlefield featuring Crystal technology. This one promises to be the most unique Skylanders game for you and your family yet! Come check it all out.


Alien: Isolation - Survival Horror in the Blackness of Space

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alien_isolation_cover.jpgIf you ask most sci-fi buffs, or movie lovers 'what's the most horrifying creature / threat found in the vastness of space' most people would say 'Xenomorph'.  With that eyeless face, and prehensile tongue/mouth thing... not to mention the whole, 'creepy hand spider putting a chest burster in your tummy' thing. Feel like running scared, hiding from place to place relentlessly pursued by a horrifying monster from outer space? Survival horror meets the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation.


Tablets: what display size should I choose?

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tablet sizes preview.jpgIt was only a few years ago —2010 to be exact— when choosing which size of tablet display was an exercise in simplicity. You really only had one choice. Apple’s original iPad was released that year, it immediately dominated the category and its display was 9.7-inches. Today, the tablet landscape is much more diverse and display sizes are all over the map. Which size best suits your needs? In this post, I’ll break down five of the most popular display sizes and what they’re best suited for.


Best Value 4K and OLED Ultra TVs

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Ultra HD 4K and OLED TVs sure are nice. In fact, eye-popping nice, the picture is so much better! If you haven’t seen them, then you should check it out. But they are also a bit higher cost, so how do you make sure you find the best value 4K or OLED set? After all, we all want the best value – especially for electronics that we will keep for a while.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Pre-order and get early access to Final Fantasy XV

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Final-Fantasy-Type-0-1.jpgOne Final Fantasy game that North American fans have wanted for awhile giving access to another that they're anxiously awaiting, that's twice the FF folks!  A Japan exclusive release, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a more action oriented installment of the long standing JRPG, released in 2011 for the PlayStation Portable. Beefed up and repackaged for the new hardware, pre-orders gain players access to a playable demo of the next big Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy XV.


Don't like to do laundry? A Bosch washer and dryer combo will make you love washing clothes

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bosch-laundry-room.jpgPut up your hand if you like to do laundry. No, I can’t really see any hands waving, but I’ll assume there are very few people who actually enjoy the process of washing and folding laundry. It’s definitely one of those chores that take up a lot of time every week, and as soon as everything is folded and put away, you have to start all over again.



Best Value HDTVs in Each Size Category

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60.jpgRemember the days when a 32” TV weighed about the same as a small car, cost you one month’s salary, and required an industrial strength TV stand that took up the majority of your living space? Thankfully that’s all ancient history. These days, there is a TV to fit every lifestyle, every space, and perhaps most importantly, every budget. But with so many options, how do you choose? It can be difficult, and that’s why I’ve done the legwork for you and have selected five HDTVs that I think are the best value for what they bring to the table.


Choose the right Canon lens to take great sports and fast action pictures

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Today we're going to offer a little bit of advice on some techniques and settings you can use to get great action shots, and also recommend some Canon lenses to help you on your way.


Shelly’s Friday Favourites kicks off Cocktail Week with Cocktails Recipes

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Toronto just hosted it’s own Cocktail Week and London kicked its 5th Annual Cocktail Week yesterday. If you live somewhere there isn’t a cocktail week, you can still feel like you’re participating in this trendy event. All you have to do is host your own cocktail evening and create a few batches of your DIY cocktails. But remember, if you stick to your usual Bloody Mary or Mojito recipe, you’re definitely missing out on the spirit of the event. Cocktail Week is a time to branch out and try something new.


Smart Home 101 - Why a Smarter Home is within everybody's reach

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SmartHome101Leadin.jpgEnjoying the benefits (and luxuries) of Smart Home is easier, and more affordable than ever. In this Best Buy 101 Guide to Smart Homes, we'll talk about some of the products out there, and why turning your home into a smart one isn't as difficult as you think.  Come take a look.


Your music. Bose® quality. Introducing the Bose® Sounddock® XT Speaker.

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Sounddock 1.jpgListen to your music the way it should be heard with the powerful yet compact Bose® Sounddock® XT Speaker.


Grand Theft Auto V - Pre-order Xbox One, PS4, and PC to get $1,000,000

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gta5.jpgIn game... that's in game currency.  Only so many words in the title I'm afraid, but it got your attention didn't it? Blockbuster, award winning, record breaking smash hit, GTA V, the latest in the famous (infamous?) sandbox criminal simulation / crime drama, is coming to the new generation of gaming hardware.  Beefed up with the extra power offered by PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the GTA V 'Next Gen' re-release comes with a lot of incentive to buy, including a million bucks.


Bosch-Side-By-Side-Fridge.jpgThe latest models of Bosch refrigerators have ultra-efficient cooling systems, full-extension drawers for extra space, and humidity-controlled crispers to keep your lettuce and apples fresh until you’re ready to eat them. Upgrading from an older refrigerator to a Bosch refrigerator is more than just an upgrade – it’s a revelation. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that they look great while they’re keeping everything cool in your kitchen.


My day with NBA 2K15 and the Toronto Raptors

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2K15Banner.jpgThe Toronto Raptors brought their preseason to Vancouver, BC recently, and I had the chance to attend a day of fun featuring NBA 2K15, the Raptors vs. Kings and even attend NBA Fantasy Camp. The only schooling I'll ever have the chance to do is on the virtual basketball court, or so say my sore quads and lack of vert. Still, it was a great time. Click below to check out the festivities and catch my thoughts on NBA 2K15!


Project Spark puts your imagination and creativity to the test!

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Project_Spark_promo_art.jpgWhen I was in grade school, I remember thinking I would grow up to be a video game designer. I never went through with that thought, but I did stick around to try out a lot of different "Create your own game" software programs, none of which appealed to me. Project Spark is the first one to make me sit back and go "Wow," featuring not just the ability to build some of your own amazing looking levels, but allowing you to do things like utilize the Kinect to design character animations! Come check out more of Project Spark.


Movie Review: 'Gone Girl' stirs Oscar buzz

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gonegirl.jpgOn their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike) has gone missing. As days go by in the search for Amy, the media start to believe that Nick had something to do with it and Nick has to fight for his safety.


Review: Super Smash Bros 3DS brings a big fight to the small screen

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N3DS_SuperSmashBrosIntroPic.jpgHere we go Smash fans! The first handheld version in the Smash Bros series is here, and it's huge!  Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS features a huge roster, a lot of stages, and a lot of game play modes. It might just be one of, if not the biggest Nintendo 3DS games yet, and sets the stage for the Nintendo WiiU version coming later this year. If you're only going to be picking up this one, however, it's still a good one.  Come take a look at the newly released Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS


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