garmin-connect-mobile-app-iphone.jpgApps are amazing on so many different levels. They keep you organized when you’re frantically sprinting through your day, they entertain you when you need some downtime, and they will even be your personal trainer when you want to get healthy or lose weight.


Personal fitness apps are where Garmin comes in, and although you may have only heard of Garmin for their GPS products, they’ve recently hit the sports market with a variety of fitness bands that track your exercise data via the Garmin Connect Mobile app.


The dymanic duo of energy savings: ENERGY STAR and EnerGuide

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ENERGY_STAR_LOGO.jpgSometimes the small things do make a big difference.


The ENERGY STAR program is a perfect example. Combined with the EnerGuide label, you have an easy way to find most energy efficient appliance for your home.


Learn what the labels mean and how to read them.


Google Glass preview: a look at one of the hottest trends in wearables

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Glass preview.jpgDo you know anyone who’s a Google Glass Explorer? If you haven’t actually met someone wearing Google’s high tech, augmented reality glasses, chances are you’ve heard or read about the experience from one of the thousands of Google Explorers currently beta testing the cutting edge of wearable technology. With its latest expansion of that Explorer program —offering Google Glass in a one-day sale— and the partnership of eyeglass frame maker Luxottica, Google’s cutting edge AR glasses continue to move closer to an inevitable retail launch. Until that time arrives, here’s what you need to know about Google Glass.


How to get movie effects on video shot from a phone

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iSuper8.jpgWe’re in a golden age of home movies thanks to the built-in video shooting capability of most mobile phones and there are people making big bucks posting professional looking videos on sites like YouTube —that are shot on their smartphone. How do you go from shaky, raw smartphone footage to polished looking results with subtitles, special effects and animated overlays? It’s actually pretty easy and the best part is, you can pump up your phone footage with movie effects for next to nothing and sometimes even for free.


The NEW Lego Legends of Chima: Foes unite for a greater good

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Legends_Of_Chima_Boxsets.jpgWith the newest season of Lego: Legends of Chima underway, Best Buy has brought in the new line of building sets to match. This season, previous foes have now united as friends to save Mount Cavora and its Chi from the Scorpion Tribe. New sets reflect the challenges ahead, as well as bring unique builds to the Lego Universe and add-ons previously unseen.  Come check out some of these new sets.


Fender Stratocaster HSS Plus with iOS Connectivity

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Fender Strat Headstock

It was really only a matter of time before Fender would introduce USB connectivity to their Stratocaster line. 

Why would you want to have a USB port on your guitar?  


It really comes down to convenience. By putting a small USB port (and an A/D converter) in your guitar, the guitar signal is digitized locally and then transmitted to your computer (or other device) over a USB cable.


The guitar retains all its standard analog capabilities BUT outputs to USB as well.


Review: Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket can record your gameplay anywhere!

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HDPVRRocket.jpgHauppauge has time and again created some of the most versatile personal recording devices, and the HD PVR Rocket aims to do that yet again.  This lightweight yet powerful device allows you to do things some of its competition can't, such as record with push buttons off the device, record to devices without the use of a PC and even plug in a microphone for realtime commentary recording!  Come check out a review of this helpful device after the jump.


Wireless 802.11ac versus 802.11n: what gives with these Wi-Fi standards?

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802.11ac preview.jpgWireless networking can be confusing. There are many numbers and letters being thrown around and with Gigabit Wi-Fi just starting to appear in mainstream devices, there’s more arcane info than ever to keep track of. Dual-band, 802.11, a,b,g,n,ac, 1300/1900, 600/900, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, beamforming... What does it all mean? In particular, what is the difference between the previous top performing Wi-Fi standard (802.11n wireless) and the new champ (802.11ac)? In this post, I’ll break it down to the basics.



Shelly’s Friday Favourites - Easy Dinner Recipes

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Spinach_Lasagna.jpgIt’s Easter weekend, and although it might not really feel like spring in Canada the spring activities are kicking into high gear all over the country. Softball, soccer, and other sports are all starting up again after a long winter, and between work, commuting, and all of the household fun that goes into weeknight life you’ll have less time than ever to put together dinner.


That’s why you need easy dinner recipes, and it makes it even easier if those dinner recipes come packaged with an appetizer, main course, and desert. After all, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat like you have all the time in the world.


Review of the Philips Blu-Ray Disc Player and Media Streamer (BDP2105/F7)

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Philips Blu-Ray Player.pngIf you want to convert your TV into a Smart TV, then getting a Blu-Ray player is a good option because most of them include media streaming as well. So if you don’t have a Blu-Ray player, seriously consider getting a combo media streamer/blu-ray player. The great thing is the price is about the same as what you would pay for a media streamer. I had the chance to test out Philips Blu-Ray Disc Player, which can also stream content, and can tell you how it compares to popular media streamers made by Roku or Apple.


Discover the sleep you've been missing with Sealy Brand mattresses!

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Sealy mattress.jpgThe average human spends 1/3 of their lives sleeping so it’s important to find the perfect, individualized mattress for you. Here is an overview of the Sealy brand and some of the great features these mattresses have to ensure that you consistently have a comfortable and restful sleep!


The Ultimate Guide To Lens Terminology

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Nikon-D3200.jpgToday we’re going to take a look at some of the features commonly found on lenses, and also the numbers, letters and acronyms attached to those lenses that can be kind of intimidating, but are important to understand so that you can assess the capabilities and limitations of various lenses.



Reach your fitness goals with the Garmin vivofit

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Garmin-fitness-band.jpgIn the past year the wearable tech market has really exploded. From Bluetooth rings to Smart Eyelashes we’ve seen them all, but there’s nowhere it’s been more dominant than in the fitness category. To improve your heath and keep yourself accountable, you just can’t go wrong with a fitness band, and the latest band out of Garmin will track to improve your sleep and monitor your heart during fitness activities too.


Garmin has entered the fitness ring with the Garmin vivofit, hitting shelves soon at Best Buy.


Review: Trials Fusion - Broken Bones have never been more fun

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Trials_Fusion.jpg"Welcome to the Future" is how Trials Fusion greets you as you begin another chapter of the world's most beloved trial bike game.  Featuring over 50 levels of hops, jumps and (for the first time) stunts, Trials Fusion attempts to jumpstart the franchise in an all new way for the future.  But how does this stack up with the last couple games?  I turn to a longtime series fan and prominent member of the Trials community for his input as we review Trials Fusion, now available at your local Best Buy and


What to Look for When Buying a Sound Bar!

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Sound bars have become the most popular way to improve your entertainment sound experience because they are reasonably inexpensive, simple to setup, and don’t take up much room. TV speakers are small and flat so they just can’t cut it, so a sound bar is a great way to get better sound. The good news is that there are a lot of bars to choose from, but how do you choose? Here are the factors that I think you should be considering in your purchase.


XBox One vs. Playstation 4 - 5 months later

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PS4_XBoxOneComparison.jpgWe're now a few months past the original release of the XBox One and the Playstation 4. Both are great systems in their own right, but the discussion continues to rage on as to which is the better system.  Rather than focus on things from a technological standpoint, I think it's just as important to look at some of the places where the systems hit us harder - Our wallets and our personal needs.  Which system do I think gives the best bang for your buck inside and outside the box?  Which is the better bargain?  Where did I actually think neither were doing a great service to gamers?  Read on to find out.


Review: D-Link Wireless AC Dual Band Range Extender (DAP-1520)

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Dlink preview.jpgWi-Fi is the greatest thing since sliced bread —so long as everything is working the way it should. No ethernet cables strung all around the house (I remember those days) and the ability to use a Wi-Fi enabled device anywhere. At least that’s the promise. The reality is many homes have zones where Wi-Fi is dead or very slow. Building materials like concrete, ceramic and metal can block Wi-Fi signals and decorative items like glass mirrors can deflect them. While one approach to improving Wi-Fi coverage for your home or small business is to install a newer, more powerful router, you can often get just as much of an improvement for a lot less money and fuss by installing a range extender. In this review, I look at the latest such device from D-Link, the DAP-1520 Wireless AC Dual Band Range Extender.


Your Best Sound: Learn about Audio Interfaces

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Interface CoverIf, like most home or project studio owners, you’ve opted to use a computer as the center of your studio, then you’ll most likely be hearing a lot about audio interfaces. 


For the typical home user, the sound card on your computer is just fine. Unfortunately, for a studio owner, you’ll very quickly find that the onboard sound system is inadequate for your needs. They’re typically noisy, they lack inputs and outputs you’ll most likely need and they can be inefficient in the way they translate analog and digital audio.


That’s where audio interfaces come into the picture. An audio interface is a piece of dedicated hardware that you connect to your computer. In the most basic sense, the interface is the audio middleman between you (the real world) and the computer. 


Razer Blade laptop preview: the world’s thinnest gaming laptop

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Preview.jpgRazer Blade. Two words guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone who takes PC gaming seriously. The gaming laptop series made waves in 2013, landing on a slew of “best of” lists. The 2014 edition manages to be even more over the top, earning titles like “world’s thinnest gaming laptop” while offering performance that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll soon find the all-new Razer Blade gaming laptops at Best Buy (you’ll be able to pre-order them this week), including the impossibly thin and light 14-inch model with its 5.76 million pixels —the world’s highest resolution 14-inch notebook display.


How to use the Misfit Shine App

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Misfit Shine.jpg

I have been using a Misfit Shine for the past three months. It uses a three-axis accelerometer to measure motion, and keep track of your daily physical activity. But key to the Shine is its mobile app. Shine only works with its own app for now, though the company is looking to open up its API. But that’s OK, because there’s a ton of coolness packed into the Shine app.


Facial scanning comes alive in Kinect Sports Rivals for XBox One

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kinectsportsrivals.jpgAre you ready for another reason to wiggle, kick, swing, and otherwise use your body in amusing fashion to control a video game?  Rare and Microsoft sure hope so!  With the new generation of hardware now in play, and the ole Motion Control Kinect technology used for little more than (albiet the always fun and amusing) dance games, we're all waiting for something to live up to the promise of motion gamings first explosion onto the scene. With its six varied 'sporting' activities  Kinect Sports Rivals aiming to do that very thing.


How to Connect Stereo Speakers to Your TV

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HiFi Speakers to TV.jpg 

Flat screen TV’s keep getting thinner, which makes for fantastic aesthetics, but makes it difficult to provide great sound. Tiny skinny speakers just can’t cut it! Although I am impressed that the sound is as good as it is, TV sound doesn’t create a very good entertainment experience. The best way to enhance that experience is with a surround sound system that will immerse you in the scene. The next best option is a sound bar – the sound won’t be quite as immersive as a surround system but it might fit your space better, is much simpler to set up, and can provide excellent sound. But if you can’t get it together for either of those options, another way to improve your sound experience is connect some stereo speakers to your TV. You won’t get the surround effects or possibly other great features like Bluetooth or WiFi streaming that you can get with those other systems, but you can still make the TV sound better.


Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Week Night Pasta Recipes

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pasta_recipes.jpgBusy weeknights and casual weekends – these are the times when pasta recipes really come in handy. Even if you’re watching what you eat, pasta is a great go-to dish for anyone because it’s versatile, easy to prepare, and almost everyone loves it.


Pre-Order EA Sports UFC online and get Bruce Lee!

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UFC_bruce_lee.jpgEA recently announced Bruce Lee would be an unlockable character in their upcoming UFC game this June. However, in order to get him, you'll have to take the road less traveled and beat career mode on Pro.


There's a much easier way if you'd like to spare the time and get him right away.  Pre-Order EA Sports UFC online at and you'll get Day One access to one of the 20th century's greatest Martial Artists!


Review of Logitech's NEW Harmony Ultimate One remote and Harmony Smart Keyboard

by Blogger on ‎04-11-2014 09:40 AM - last edited on ‎04-15-2014 12:02 PM by Editor in Chief

Harmony Smart Keyboard.jpeg

Logitech has been a long time leader in providing excellent universal remote controls. They provide such a wide range of universal remotes that you are sure to find the ideal remote for your entertainment system and budget. At the top end of their line is the Harmony Ultimate, which has amazing capabilities – in fact more than the average person will likely need. Logitech just introduced welcome additions to their lineup with the Harmony Ultimate One and the Harmony Smart Keyboard. They are both priced much more favourably than the Harmony Ultimate but have everything you will likely need. I got a chance to test them both so here is my full report.


Android Wear: Information that moves with you

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Android Wear preview.jpgSmartwatches, augmented reality glasses, fitness trackers --any compact extension to your smartphone or tablet-- is firmly in Google’s sights with the announcement of Android Wear. What is Android Wear? It’s a push to extend Android to those smartwatches and wearable devices, using a standard API and developer tools so Android apps for smartphones and tablets can be ported to, or seamlessly integrated with those wearables. Google is working with developers and hardware partners like Samsung, Fossil and LG on the Android Wear Initiative. And you’ll see two Android Wear-powered smartwatches at Best Buy Later this year: the Moto 360 and LG’s G Watch.



Pre-Order The Crew LE and get some Big Game bonuses

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Crew_Boxart.jpgThis fall, you can join "The Crew," Ubisoft's touted genre-defining title.  Part racing, part adventure and part role-playing, The Crew will be an always online jaunt through a recreated United States. Featuring around 5000 Square Miles of terrain, the Crew will have you racing from Los Angeles to New York and back again in some pretty tight and tense situations.  Featuring tons of licensed vehicles, this is a game so big that only the next gen consoles could fit them.  Now, with the game coming this fall, Ubisoft offers a pre-order bonus with the Limited Edition that will give you a head start on the rest of the world. Click below to check it out.


Samsung NX-30 Review: A Mirrorless In A DSLR Disguise

by Blogger on ‎04-09-2014 01:29 PM - last edited on ‎04-11-2014 05:14 PM by Editor in Chief

nx-30-Front_black.jpgThe NX30 represents Samsung's big play to convince DSLR users to take mirroless cameras seriously. And with a long and impressive list of features, on the inside and out, this camera looks like anopther nail in the coffin of the DSLR category.


Today, photographer Justin Morrison gives us his thoughts on the NX30.


Update your kitchen colors this spring

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aqua-kitchen-with-red.jpgAfter a long, grey winter, I’d say it’s high time we started seeing some color again. You can liven up your house by adding a bunch of tulips or daffodils, change up your throw pillows, or swap out your duvet for something more ‘spring-ish,’ but the single best way to breath life back into a house that’s been asleep for the winter is to update your kitchen colors.


Your Best Sound: Pick Your DAW

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DAW TornadoFor the vast majority of home studio owners, the DAW software is the control center of their studio. The DAW is the program that allows you to create, record, edit and arrange audio.


Picking one that fits your needs can be a confusing tornado of options, features and opinion. Which one do you chose? 


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