Take a walk through the history of Kenwood Appliances

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kenw0od.jpgDid you know there are two Kenwood companies? The Kenwood Corporation that sells audio products, and Kenwood Limited, a company that’s been modernizing the kitchen since 1947. Kenneth Maynard Wood of Britain founded Kenwood Limited, and working from his garage, he set out to revolutionize how people perform tasks in their kitchens.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A tablets are family focused

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taba.jpgSamsung’s built a tablet business with models that cater to specific users and their needs. Their Tab Pro line was designed around corporate users as well as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. Samsung has now created the Galaxy Tab A line of 8” and 9.7” tablets designed specifically for families and home users.


Energy Star compliant appliances save energy all year long

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A kitchen renovation may boost your mood, but there’s another area that a renovated kitchen with new appliances can give you a boost, and that’s in your wallet. How exactly? Energy Star compliant appliances use less electricity than your older appliances, and even if your fridge, stove, or washer and dryer are only 10 years old, you’d be amazed at how efficient new appliances are in comparison.


Upgrade your fridge: From Mad Men-era features to today's high tech options

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A refrigerator is one of the biggest big ticket items you'll buy, and for many of us we may only buy a new one once or twice in our lifetimes.  So what features are worth looking at in today's modern fridges?  There's no better way to highlight what's new, than looking at what's now old news when it comes to fridge technology.


Moving Tips: What To Do When Packing Up Your Kitchen!

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Having moved a fair bit in recent years, I have discovered that moving is a lot like Spring cleaning. In each case, some things simply must go, and other things are definitely worth keeping. In the case of moving, some of the things getting weeded out should be replaced, and in today's blog I examine the packing ordeal! Read on for a brief S & A: Suggestions & Answers!  


BBQ 101: Should You Choose a Propane, Electric, or Portable Unit?

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When it comes to choosing a brand new BBQ, there's certainly a lot of choice available these days! And I'm not merely referring to the significant quantity of individual BBQ models that are out there, but also to the 3 main types of BBQs that are available to select among: Propane, Electric, & Portable. For this reason, today I explore some of the good, the bad, and the yummy considerations for each of the major BBQ types! So if you're thinking of getting a new BBQ in the not too distant future, read on for a few tidbits of advice that will help you to select the ideal BBQ unit! 


Spring cleaning survival guide

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BBY_Spring_Clean.jpgWhere do you get started when you want to kick your spring season off with a bang? I think everyone should begin by saying goodbye to the winter dust bunnies in your house and greet spring with a good round of spring-cleaning, and this spring cleaning survival guide will get you from floors to windows in a flash. 


Discover the Philips Airfryer Viva Deep Fryer: A Different Kind of Cooking Experience!

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Today I examine the Philips Airfryer Viva Deep Fryer, which is a very unique appliance that I was particularly interested in testing when recently given the opportunity. If you'd like to achieve the same delicious effect of deep frying your food, but without all the oil (and generally producing an overall healthier meal), then this counter top cooker may well be for you! Simply click on through for the full results of the extensive tests that my wife and I put this machine through, along with my ultimate recommendation of whether or not this particular appliance is worthy of a purchase!


Shelly's Friday Favourites Whips Up WeMo Slow Cooker Lasagna

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wemo-crockpot.JPGWhen I first heard about the Belkin WeMo Smart Wifi Slow Cooker, I knew this Smart Home appliance would be something I’d like. With built-in Wifi, I could turn the slow cooker on and off remotely, and I can’t begin to describe how excited I was about that. No more overcooking! Read on for the recipe I tried out in the Belkin WeMo Slow Cooker.


Get Multi-Cooking with the Philips Multicooker

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philips-multicooker.jpgThere are a lot of different ways you can cook in your kitchen, and I mean a lot: from stoves and convection ovens to microwaves and crockpots, the choices are limitless. Because there are so many different appliances designed for so many different purposes, you have to be choosy about what takes up your kitchen real estate. But as I found out while testing the Philips Avance Multicooker, some small appliances may only take up a tiny spot on your counter, but they make a huge impact on how easy it is to go about day-to-day tasks.


mature-couple.jpgWhat’s your favourite gift to give at a wedding? Most people have a standard gift, something like gift cards or a small appliance, that they like to give the happy couple just starting out. But what if the happy couple is a little older, a little wiser, and is getting married for the second time around? If you’re not sure what to get the happy couple who has been together for a long time but is only now tying the knot, here are a few great wedding gifts for the mature couple getting married.



Get cooking with the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender

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Kenwood-Immersion-Blender.jpgAfter I tested the Kenwood Blend X-Pro last week, I realized the latest blenders have more functions than almost any other appliance in my kitchen. Now that I’ve tried out the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender, I’m really in awe of how far blenders have come in the past five years. 


You'll have blending power to spare with the Kenwood Blend X-Pro

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blender.jpgLately I’ve been noticing how my trusty old blender wouldn’t grind up almonds, and it struggled with anything other than the most basic of smoothies. As for frozen fruit, forget it, and it has never been the greatest when it comes to crushing ice either.  That’s why when I was asked to review the Kenwood Blend X-Pro blender, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to see what the difference was between a basic blender and one that’s designed to do a little bit of everything and do it well.


Pre-Wedding Juicing

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Green-Smoothie.jpgWeddings are stressful. The litany of decisions that have to be made leading up to the big day is seemingly endless. What font to use on the invites? What colour dress is the bride going to wear: white, almost white, somewhat white, kinda white, not super white but can pass as white, red? What about catering and decorations? Chocolate cake or vanilla cupcakes? What about flowers? The list goes on. And to add even more stress, whether you’re the bride, the groom, or in the bridal party, you’re going to be photographed more in the span of a few hours than ever before, so you know you’re going to want to look your best. That’s where juicing comes in.


Wedding gift checklist for the couple moving out of their parent’s house

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WR5.jpgHere’s what you’re going to need to ask for if you’re moving out on your own with your spouse for the first time!


Top 5 Blenders, as rated by Best Buy Customers

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blendtek.jpgWhen it comes to blenders, one size does not fit all, and there are a lot of different makes and models to choose from. Hand or immersion blenders, countertop blenders, or even juicer/blender combinations – no matter what you want to use your blender for, there’s a blender to suit you.  Here’s a look at the top blenders carried on Bestbuy.ca as rated by you, the customers.


BBY_02132015_APP.jpgToday, not only does technology make household appliances a whole heck of a lot quieter than they used to be, but it makes life a whole heck of a lot easier as well. All you need to do is look at Samsung’s range of appliances to see how.


Top 5 juicers as rated by Best Buy customers

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Juicing 3.jpgHere are our top 5 juicers rated by customers like you!


It's Pizza Night on Shelly's Friday Favourites

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pizza-recipes.jpgA lot of people do a pizza night at least once a week, and for many of us that night is usually Friday. Having pizza for dinner is a nice, casual start to the weekend and there are so many different varieties you just can’t get bored of eating it. If it's pizza night at your house and you're staring at the same old ham and pineapple, here are a few of my favourite pizza recipes to add some inspiration to your pizza night.



How to have perfectly clean and pressed clothing like a pro

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Once you’ve assembled the perfect wardrobe, the next step is keeping your clothes in tip-top shape to cut the perfect silhouette today and every day that’s yet to come. Getting just the right combination of washing, drying, and “de-wrinkling” can make the difference between having a closetful of clothes that’ll last you through the season and a closetful of clothes that will last you ten years, so make sure you’re getting it right!



How to save money on your grocery bill like a pro

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grocery-bill-like-a-pro.jpgI’m one of the few people I know who enjoys grocery shopping. For me, it’s a challenge finding new and interesting products, getting the best price on those things I buy all the time, and saving money at the checkout. And because groceries make up a sizable chunk of my monthly spending budget, I like to save money on them as often as I can. Read on and I’ll share some tips that will have you saving on your grocery bill like a pro.


smoothies.jpgOne of the things that stops people from having a smoothie every day is they simply don’t understand the health benefits. Maybe, during the 3 pm slump, they’re craving something that will fill them up fast and give them a boost of sugar-fueled energy instead of thinking about how they’ll feel after an hour of treating their body to something healthy. These are the smoothies you’ll want to start your day with and drink more than once when you need an extra boost:


New Year, new appliances: see how much they have changed over the last 10 years

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There's one area in home tech that's really changed, and it’s the part most people overlook until they need replacements—appliances! Swapping out your old appliances for new appliances will save you on your energy bill, give you cleaner clothes, sparkling clean dishes, and even cut down on your grocery bills.


CES 2015: Don't miss these connected appliances

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lg-twin-wash.jpgCES 2015 is well underway, and as is the norm for the biggest gadget show of the year, there’s been more than a few surprises popping up on the floor. I’m on red alert for anything exciting as far as appliances go, and I’ve got a few amazing innovations to share. I’ll even go as far as saying that watching this stuff roll out has caused me to have more than a few Star Trek flashbacks, because some of these devices are pretty close to things I’ve only seen on futuristic TV shows.


CES 2015: Samsung creates a virtual kitchen with the Chef Collection app

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samsung smart appliances.JPGTeching out the kitchen has always been a dream of mine, and it’s all starting to happen now thanks to the latest appliances. Today at CES 2015, Samsung introduced a few new innovations in kitchen and home appliances, and did a teaser for the Chef Collection app that’s got a lot of foodies seriously excited. Here’s a quick run down of what Samsung has in store this year.


Classic cocktails to serve your dinner guests

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pear martini.jpgSpice up your next dinner party with a classic cocktail with a twist!


Best Hot Beverage appliances, as rated by Best Buy customers

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keurig.jpgI rely on reviews for all small kitchen appliances I buy, and that includes one of my most important small kitchen appliances - the coffee maker! I can’t imagine not having a decent coffee maker in the house, and I rely on mine to kick start my day, every day. I’m also a fan of a good, hot cup of tea and any other hot beverage you put in front of me. Judging from the feedback and ratings on these products from other Best Buy customers, I’m not the only one who loves hot beverages. Here are a few of the top hot beverage makers on Bestbuy.ca right now, as rated by Best Buy customers:


Win a Dyson Vacuum to easily Tidy up for the holidays

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dyson-dc78.jpgThe holidays are full of the fun, family and festivities.  They also require the inevitable cleaning before guests arrive and after the gifts are opened and appreciated.  Simplifying chores are what Dyson vacuums do best.  You can ask for a Dyson under the tree, of course. Before that, you can enter Best Buy’s “Tidy up for the holidays” contest and you may win the Dyson DC78 Animal Cinetic Vacuum. Read on for more details:


Frigidaire Laundry – We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

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first-washer.jpgLet’s face it, laundry isn’t a whole lot of fun. It’s certainly not how I like to spend my evenings, I can tell you that much. I mean, there are just so many steps! You’ve got to sort your clothes, lug them to the machine, put them in, press a button, wait … take them out, put them in another machine, press another button, and then wait some more before you take them out and fold them. It’s excruciating. It’s also pretty sad that I’m not alone in my disdain for laundry, especially when you consider the fact that electric washers and dryers as we know them today, like those from consumer appliance giant Frigidaire, have only been around for about 100 years.


Don't like to do laundry? A Bosch washer and dryer combo will make you love washing clothes

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bosch-laundry-room.jpgPut up your hand if you like to do laundry. No, I can’t really see any hands waving, but I’ll assume there are very few people who actually enjoy the process of washing and folding laundry. It’s definitely one of those chores that take up a lot of time every week, and as soon as everything is folded and put away, you have to start all over again.



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