Fridge 101: how to choose the perfect fridge

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samsung fridge 3.jpgHere are some tips to finding the perfect fridge for you and your kitchen!


Save energy with new appliances

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EnerGuide-Refrigerators.jpgWhen it comes to saving electricity, a good place to start is looking at your old appliances. If your home is filled with older models they are not going to be ENERGY STAR rated and may cost you more money in the long run.


You have to try these fun ways to use appliances

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warming-plates.jpgSurfing online one day, I stumbled across a site that suggested a ton of different ways to use appliances. I thought I had a trick or two up my sleeve until I read through, and I was blown away by the different, fun ways to use both the big and small appliances in my house. Try a few of these just for fun – some of them are so amazing you’ll probably make them part of your weekly routine.


Ovens 101 - Oven shopping made easy

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ovens101.jpgWhen it comes to buying a new appliance like a range, most people fall into one of two camps – you either love weighing the pros and cons of the latest and greatest makes and models and enjoy imagining how they'd fit in your kitchen, or you’re reluctant to even begin shopping because you’re overwhelmed by the choices. But if you take all of the range options and break down the choices into simple sections, shopping becomes fun and easy.


Assign floor cleaning duties to the iRobot Roomba and iRobot Scooba

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irobot-scooba.jpgWhat’s round, black, and the star of Youtube videos involving cats? If you guess the iRobot Roomba, you are absolutely right and have probably watched your fair share of cute kitties strapped down and spinning around on the floor. But just using the iRobot to entertain your friends would really be missing the point of what this vacuum can accomplish.



Back to school – Here’s the top 5 small kitchen appliances to take to your dorm

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dorm-room.jpgWhen I first went off to University, I was pretty surprised at what I didn’t know about living away from home. You know all of those ‘little things’ you get used to having in your kitchen? You have to, for the most part, live without them or stock them yourself. And because dorm rooms are shared and you don’t generally have a kitchen right in your suite of rooms, you have to really pick and choose from all of the kitchen essentials you’re used to having.


If you’re squeezed on space and aren’t quite sure what you’ll really miss from your kitchen at home, here are my top 5 picks for kitchen appliances you need to take to your dorm.



Get squeaky clean dishes every time with Bosch dishwashers!

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Bosch-dishwasher.jpgAs a part of their appliance expansion, Best Buy is now offering a selection of Bosch dishwashers! 


Bring out your inner chef with a stove from Bosch!

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Bosch wall ovens.jpgBest Buy will soon be offering a wide range of Bosch stoves!


Get cooking with a GE Range

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ge-range.jpgFind the right stove for your kitchen (and budget) with GE. Whether it’s the classic electric coil or the new glass top electric range, today’s GE Electric Ranges are easy to install and keep clean.


With freestanding designs, classic lines and smart technology, these ranges add to your kitchen décor as well as making cooking fun.


mazin.jpgPeanut butter and jelly. Ken and Barbie. Yin and yang. Bugs and Daffy. Pork and beans. Best Buy and furniture? Perhaps not the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Best Buy, but it’s true! With a new assortment of living and dining room furniture to add to its existing range of bedroom sets, Best Buy is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all things related to comfortable living. So, what kind of furniture can you expect to find on Contemporary, comfortable, and affordable sets that are suited to a wide variety of tastes. 


GE Dishwashers Make Easy Work of Dirty Dishes

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ge-dishwasher.jpgThere are a number of ads on TV right now that tout the mighty cleaning power of various dishwasher detergents, and show how by using them you can avoid the crippling embarrassment that comes with serving your dinner guests wine in spotted glasses. Sarcasm aside, these ads do beg the question – why isn’t your dishwasher doing its job as it should? Perhaps the pipes just need to be cleaned, but if not, and your dishwasher is looking a little worse for wear and you’re in the market for a replacement, look no further than GE.


Cool appliances for hot summer days

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Ice_Cream.jpgIf you’re wondering how you can beat the heat this summer, just take a look around your kitchen. Popsicles, ice cream, or a crushed ice drink - if you’ve got the right small kitchen appliances, you’ll be able to whip up an icy drink or a sweet, cold treat to cool you off in no time.


Say cheers to these drink recipes – Shelly’s Friday Favourites

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summer-drink-recipes.jpgSummer time is a great time to sit out on the deck or in the backyard and watch the sun go down. When you have a nice, ice-cold drink in hand, it’s that much better isn’t it? Check out a few of the drink recipes I’ve conjured up in my kitchen over the past few weeks. I guarantee there will be one or two that makes your BBQ or summer party menu this year.


Make Laundry Less of a Chore with a Washer and Dryer from GE

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GE-washer-dryer.jpgI have a confession to make – laundry is the bane of my existence. And while I’d like to think that my distaste is deep seeded in some traumatic childhood experience like my older brother locking me in a dryer, or that I’d loathe the chore in the very best of conditions, I’m pretty sure my disdain stems from 20 years of doing laundry in communal facilities in the dank basements of the various apartment buildings I’ve called home. Let’s just say that quality machines are not exactly a landlord’s priority. So that’s why, while some covet a white picket fence and a lush yard, for me, a quality washer and dryer, like those from appliance giant GE, are the epitome of happily ever after.


Ok, perhaps that’s a stretch, but to have in-suite laundry facilities that do not make your towels smell like your neighbours’ dirty hockey gear … well, that’s the dream! So, from a “have not,” here are some GE models that are more than worthy of consideration.


Which GE Refrigerator is right for your kitchen?

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ge-refrigerator.jpgThe refrigerator is the largest and most used appliance in your kitchen. Fortunately, they’ve come a long way since the day of the boxy design with one butter bin inside.  GE offers energy smart refrigerators combining form and function that add style and storage to your kitchen.


Summer desserts you can make with your kids - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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ice-cold-summer-desserts.jpgI love heat and sunshine, but I still think summer desserts are one of the best parts of summer. Because we’re celebrating my daughter’s elementary school graduation this weekend, I’ve been in the kitchen with kids and up to my elbows in summer desserts. Here's what’s been chilling out in my kitchen this week. 


Chill out this summer with a portable air conditioner

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how-to-use-portable-airconditioner.jpgPortable air conditioners are an amazing home appliance for a number of reasons. They can be moved from one room to the other, so you don’t have to hover in one cool room and ignore the rest of your house when it gets hot outside. Portable air conditioners are also self-contained, so you won’t have to permanently install them in your house.


Get Those Dishes Sparking Clean with a Dishwasher from Frigidaire

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stainless.jpgAccording to the history books – or what are now more commonly referred to as Wikipedia pages – the first mechanical dishwashing device was patented in 1850. It wasn’t until one hundred years later that they started appearing in the homes of the wealthy. Since then, the dishwasher has evolved from a luxury and a status symbol to an absolute necessity in any modern kitchen. And as a brand that has been in the household appliance business since the early 1900’s, it makes sense that Frigidaire has a strong foothold in the consumer dishwasher market. 


Before you hit the road, check out this road trip food planner - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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roadtrip.jpgI’ve learnt a lot about how to travel with kids over the years, but the number one thing on my road trip checklist is always road trip snacks. Packing your own snacks saves you time and money while you drive, and because you aren’t always stopping for fast food, you can eat healthier too.


Keep your food fresher longer with Frigidaire fridges!

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Frigidaire fridge 3.jpgBest Buy is continuing to expand their appliances! Take a look at the some of the great Frigidaire fridges that will soon be available at Best Buy!


Preparing for a major appliance delivery

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major-appliances.jpgShopping for appliances is one of my favourite things, and there’s always so much to consider when you’re first taking a peek at what’s out there.


So if you're wondering how to go from from admiring a new fridge online to having it appear in your kitchen, read on, because this quick guide to preparing for a major appliance delivery is for you.


Bring out your inner chef with Frigidaire Stoves!

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Frigidaire 3.jpgBest Buy is expanding their kitchen appliances! Here is a selection of some of the high-quality, reliable stoves from Frigidaire coming to Best Buy!


Portable vs. Window Based AC Unit: Which One Should You Choose?

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haier ac lead image.jpg


It's time to turn off the heat, pour the ice cold beer (lemonade for the kids, of course), and get that AC running on full blast.  But when it comes to purchasing an AC unit, there's a dilemma: should you go window or portable?


Grill up some BBQ Chicken - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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BBQ-Chicken copy.jpgBBQ chicken is one of those dishes that’s perfect for every occasion. From backyard BBQs to company picnics, served hot or cold, BBQ chicken makes a great addition to any menu. It’s also the best main course you can make ahead, because it stores for an entire week of sandwiches, wraps, and salads too.



What type of Stove will work best for you?

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When buying a range you need to pay as much attention to what’s on top as this may sway your decision.  Are you looking for easy installation, quick clean-ups, more counter space and safety features? Are you interested in reducing the heat in your kitchen while maintaining ultimate control over your flame? Find out which stovetop suits you.


Why we need Air Conditioning – not just for Comfort!

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roman aqueducts ac.jpg


As far back as the Ancient Romans there is evidence of air-conditioned homes. Water from the aqueducts were circulated through their walls of to cool them. However, the first electrical air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. He invented it not for comfort, but for a publishing company to keep down the temperature and humidity so the paper did not expand or contract. Since then air conditioning has become one of the most significant engineering achievements of the last century and has impacted the economy and the world in many ways. If you think comfort is the only reason you need air conditioning in your home, think again as there are many other benefits.


How to map airflow and make the most of your portable air conditioner this summer

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air flow.gifPortable air conditioners are an economical, easy way to keep your house cool during the blistering days of a Canadian summer, but instead of huddling inside one room during the hottest days and nights, I’ll show you how you can use your portable air conditioner to maximize the cooling effect in certain areas of your house.


World's best lasagna recipes - Shelly's Friday Favourites

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lasagna.jpgFrom summer potlucks to a cozy winter dinner, lasagna is just one of those pasta recipes that taste great no matter what time of the year it is. Get ready to shake your pasta maker, because we're going to make the world's best lasagna.


Step into my dream kitchen

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dream kitchen.jpgYou know those home shows that take one room in your house and turn it into your absolute dream room? Maybe for some people it would be hard to choose just one room out of all the rooms in your house, but I’d offer up my kitchen in a heartbeat if someone offered to give me a dream kitchen.


Living Room Layouts Made Easy

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room1.jpgFor some, decorating is a pleasure. For others, it’s a chore. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, determining exactly how to lay furniture out is akin to an intense game of Tetris, and sometimes the pieces just don’t fit. Thankfully there are a handful of tried and true tips and tricks you can use to help make decorating your living room as painless as possible. And with the launch of Best Buy’s new assortment of living room furniture on June 20, 2014, these tips might come in handy a whole lot sooner than you expected! 


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