Top 5 Photography Equipment Upgrades For Spring 2014!

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Now that the daffodils are out, it’s time to dust off the photography equipment and get out there and start enjoying the outdoors again.


Speaking of camera equipment; maybe it’s time to consider some updates. If you feel like your camera’s a little out of date, or you think it’s time to get more serious about your photography, I’m going to give you my recommendations for some springtime upgrades.




The Ultimate Guide To Lens Terminology

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Nikon-D3200.jpgToday we’re going to take a look at some of the features commonly found on lenses, and also the numbers, letters and acronyms attached to those lenses that can be kind of intimidating, but are important to understand so that you can assess the capabilities and limitations of various lenses.



Samsung NX-30 Review: A Mirrorless In A DSLR Disguise

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nx-30-Front_black.jpgThe NX30 represents Samsung's big play to convince DSLR users to take mirroless cameras seriously. And with a long and impressive list of features, on the inside and out, this camera looks like anopther nail in the coffin of the DSLR category.


Today, photographer Justin Morrison gives us his thoughts on the NX30.


How To Get Your Exposure Right - Metering Modes Explained

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exposure-test.jpgMetering is one of the most important functions that a camera performs, and if you want to unleash the true power of your DSLR or mirrorless camera by shooting in manual mode, it's something you'll need to learn about, or you could end up shooting lots of silhouettes this summer!


Today photographer Justin Morrison gives us the low-down on metering modes; what they are and when to use them.


The Sony DSC-H300 - Big Zoom, Small Price

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Kid-running.jpgThe Sony DSC-H300 is a point-and-shoot camera with a DSLR-style body. It packs a very impressive 35x optical zoom and SteadyShot technology which gives you the ability to take photos over a quite incredible distance. But as photographer Justin Morrison discovered, it also has some features that let you get some really fun and stylish portraits



Master The Basic Camera Settings And Unleash Your Creativity!

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Juna-Photography-1-4.JPGAt last, spring is nearly upon us. Soon we’ll be able to go outside again without fear of losing toes to frostbite, or losing an umbrella to a sudden gale. On top of that, the clocks went forward (‘spring forward, fall back’) last weekend so now we have all these glorious long evenings ahead of us.


The spring is a great time to get outside and practice some photography, and today I'm going to walk you through some of the manual settings on your camera so that you can shoot with purpose, rather than just leaving it all to the camera and hoping for the best


Tips For Taking Better Night Photographs

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nightphoto.jpgOne of the things about living in a northerly country like Canada is that we spend stretches of the year with short days and long nights. Far from limiting our options as photographers, today I'll look at the limitless night photography opportunties that are open to us - including 'light painting'!


The Olympus OM-D EM-10 Is Perfect For Purists On A Budget

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OM-D_EM-10.jpgThe EM-10 from Olympus is the third release in the popular OM-D range if mirrorless cameras. 


With a bunch of great features, including a touchscreen, all presented in a really nicely designed body, the EM-10 is a great value entry-level mirrorless camera.


Today photographer Justin Morrison tells us about his hands-on experiences with the EM-10


Fujifilm X-T1 is A Weather-Proof Camera With Some Awesome New Features

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x-t1-back.jpgFujifilm has just released a water-resistant camera that can work in sub-zero temperatures. It also comes with a host of new features never before seen on any of the highly rated X-Series, including a monster of an electronic viewfinder! 


Today photographer Justin Morrison gives us his thoughts on Fujifilm's latest rugged release: the X-T1.


Awesome New Mirrorless Sony Camera - The A6000

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A6000.pngSony has just annopunced it's latest camer ain the Alpha series; the A6000. With super quick autofocus and the abilty to shoot 11 frames per second, Sony is continuing to push the mirrorless camera category forward.


Today photographer Justin Morrison gives us his initial thoughts on the A6000


5 Lenses To Make You A Better Photographer

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lens-collage.jpgWhen it comes to choosing a new lens for your camera, there's an almost dizzying array of options to choose from. Today photographer Justin Morrison looks at 5 lenses that can help you take your photography to the next level.


Take Better Photographs Using Lens Filters

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10149881.jpgLens filters serve a number of different functions. Most people use them to protect their lenses, but they can also be used to enhance your landscape photography, or even allow you to make very long exposures, which wouldn't otherwise be possible.


Today photographer Justin Morrison delves into the world of lens filters and brings us the 'need-to-know' info.




Nikon Announces New Entry-Level DSLR - The D3300

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nikon-D3300.pngNikon has just announced the release of the D3300, an upgrade to the popular D3200. With a smaller lens, better low-light capability, and more frames per second, this camera demonstrates Nikon's continued commitment to excellence in the DSLR category.


Today we take a closer look at the new features incorporated in the Nikon D3300.


Nikon Announces Coolpix L830 - With MEGAZOOM!

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l830_03_01.pngNikon have just announced the release of the L830, a handsome little camera with a pretty amazing 34x zoom capability.


Today photographer Justin Morrison looks at some of the key features of this megazoomer.


Get Inspired To Make Great Photography in 2014!

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rsz_pixma-pro-100_sample_photos.jpgIf you're thinking about taking up photography this year, or perhaps you're keen to push your skills forward, photographer Justin Morrison shares some ideas about getting yourself motivated to go out there and make some masterpieces to hang on your walls.


Have a Green Holiday

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Green_Recycling_Christmas.jpgPart of the excitement of the holidays is welcoming new electronics into our home. At the same time we want to avoid clutter from discarded electronics. 


Walking them to the curbside or throwing them in trash is NOT an option. Here's how to clear out the old for the new and help out some your community along the way.  Happy holidays!


Bang For Your Buck? Best compact camera? You Cannot Beat The Fujifilm X-A1

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x-a1.jpgThere's been a lot of hype surrounding the mirrorless camera category in 2013, and a plethora of new models have hit the market. But when it comes to combining looks, functionality, versatility, and great results, it's hard to compete with the Fujifilm X-A1. This camera really does have it all.


Today photographer Justin Morrison talks us through his experiences with this little gem of a camera.


Top 5 Cameras Of 2013

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Best-cameras-2013.jpg2013 has been quite a year in terms of new cameras and innovative camera technologies.


With the holiday season upon us what better time to take a look back and choose our top 5 cameras of the year.


Print Exhibition Quality Photos With The Canon Pixma Pro-100

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The Pixma Pro-100 is Canon's wireless professional inkjet printer, capable of producing the highest quality prints, at an affordable price.


Today photographer Justin Morrison shares with us his experiences with the Pro-100, from set-up to print.


Gifts your boyfriend secretly wants

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mindstorms.jpgAs one of the self-admitted hardest people on the planet to buy a gift for, it's sometimes helpful to have a list of some of the things we secretly want or think would be great to receive.  Some of us have simple tastes.  Some of us have expensive tastes.  Either way, this list might provide insight into some of those bits and pieces of technology we're secretly interested in, but might not let on as much as we should.


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8: Like Instagram In Your Hands

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The Instax Mini 8 from Fujifilm is bringing instant phoptography to a whole new generation. Producing gorgeous photographs in mere seconds, this unique camera is bound to be a popular stocking filler this Christmas.


Today photographer Justin Morrison tells us about his experiences testing the Instax Mini 8.


Sony Announces Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras: The A7 and A7R

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sony-a7.jpgSony is pushing the boundaries of photography ina few different directions this year. First came the innovative QX series of 'smart' lenses, and now they're announced two mirrorless, interchangeable-lens cameras with.......wait for it.........FULL_FRAME SENSORS!


This is a pretty big deal, so today photographer Justin Morrison is taking a closer look at what we know so far about these cameras and what this announcement means for the consumer camera market.


Nikon Releases The D610 Full-Frame Camera

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D610.jpgNikon has just announced the release of the D610 - an upgraded version of the D600. Although the new model isn't a massive overhaul of the existing one, it does sport some interesting new features, plus a fix for an issue that some D600 owners may not even be aware of.


GoPro Announces Hero 3+, Their Latest, Lightest Best Camera for the Outdoors

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GoPro-Hero3+.jpgToday we're looking at the latest offerings from GoPro, the leaders in action capture.


The Hero 3+ range of wearable cameras has some significant improvements over it's predecessors, enough to make it a sure-fire hit with the off-piste set this season.




Nikon-AW1.jpgNikon has just announced the world's first waterproof, shockproof mirrorless camera - just in time for ski season!


Not only is this camera compact and rugged enough to take anywhere, it also has an innovative solution for those outdoor situations where gloves are a must...


How To Use White Balance To Give Your Photographs More Impact

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Portrait-by-Juna-Photography-1.jpgAdjusting white balance is a trick that professional photographers regularly use to give their images a warm and nostalgic feeling.


Today photographer Justin Morrison gives us the low-down on white balance, color temperature, and how we can us these concepts to enhance the emotion in our photographs.


Nikon Announces Two New Digital Cameras: The S02 And The P7800

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Nikon announced two new cameras earlier this month. Both are upgrades to current models. The S02 (pictured) is about the most compact digital camera available, and looks like a great stocking-filler (too early?). The P7800 is Nikon's top-of-the-line compact camera, and has an awesome electronic viewfinder, which is sure to be a hit with the camera purists.


The Fujifilm M-X1, Another Beautiful Digital Camera From The X-Series

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Fujifilm has just added another beautiful camera to it's range of premium mirrorless cameras. But does the X-M1's performance live up to it's good looks?


Today photographer Justin Morrison shares his thoughts on this sleek and desirable camera.




5 Tips For Better Landscape Photographs

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Loher-Edit.jpgLandscape photography is one of the most accessible and popular pursuits in the entire field of photography (pun intended!). Making good landscape photographs is nevertheless something that requires patience and persistance.


Today photographer Justin Morrison gives us his top 5 tips to help us make better photographs of the natural wonders that us Canadians are lucky to be surrounded by.


Will New Sony Smart Lenses Revolutionise Smartphone Photography?

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Sony has just released one the most exciting and talk-about pair of cameras in many a year. They represent an entirely new category of camera that promises to bring smartphone photography to new and previously undreamt of heights!



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