Review: Samsung Galaxy Note7 does it big

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When it comes to big phones, or “phablets” as some still term them, Samsung’s Note line was the catalyst four years ago. The Galaxy Note7 is a culmination in two strides that borrows from other Samsung devices, yet manages to look different enough to stand out. The result is one of the best all-around handsets to come to market this year. 



For some, it’s an easy choice between an iPhone or Android phone. They’ve drawn their lines, chosen their camps and stuck with them for years. Others are less loyal, seeking what they feel is the best user experience for them, either out of frustration or curiosity. Students are no different in their needs, especially when the smartphone is both a consumption device and productivity support tool. Let’s look at the choices.


Cases that will protect your smartphone

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Smartphones are invaluable objects, not only do they keep us connected to family and friends, they are work tools that hold our most valued information such as personal data, photos and now even payments and account information. Today's smartphones are also some of the most fragile items and can easily be destroyed by drops, bumps or water damage. Here are cases that are designed to protect your smartphone.



Children and students are the biggest consumers of mobile apps on tablets, smartphones and connected devices like the iPod Touch. A lot of these apps are both alien and mystifying to adults who may not have the time to check or vet the apps their kids use. Here's a bit of a crash course.


9 Tips and Tricks for Using your iPhone

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Our mobile phones are our most prized possessions. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But let’s be honest: we feel really weird when we accidentally leave our phones at home. I admit that I’m dependent on my phone in both my personal and professional life, which is why I love to learn clever hacks to get the most out of it. I’ve listed nine basic tips below.


google drive app.pngI've talked at length about how useful having a smartphone or tablet can be for students, but without the right apps, smartphones are basically just little brick-shaped flashlights. (Yes, even smartphones as shiny and advanced as the new iPhone 6s.) They have the potential to be useful, but that potential needs to be unlocked. Luckily, that's what loading all the right apps onto your phone is about!




How often do you leave your mobile phone at home when you go out? My guess is never. Though you might become preoccupied with all the things you need to do and accidentally forget it, chances are you’d return to pick it up. Since your cell phone is such an extension of yourself, why not give it an outfit? Let’s look at some fashionable cases for the iPhone and Android.


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.17.43 AM copy.jpg

What are the top five ways a smartphone can make student life better, you ask? Well, I cannot wait to tell you. In fact, I could easily give you ten ways that a smartphone could make student life better, but in the interest of not making this article so long that you need to take snack breaks, I'll cap it at five. 



LG Power tank (250x250).jpg

Our phones are absolutely incredible gadgets, when you come right down and think about it. In addition to, y’know, making phone calls, they’re little handheld computers that are connected to the World Wide Web. They can control things around our homes, play games, movies, and perform a plethora of other technological feats. And they totally use up a ton of battery power in a day! In fact, many people complain they can’t even make it through 24 hours without having to recharge their smartphones. Thankfully, there are a range of portable chargers on the market that are quickly becoming must-have tech for those who always have to stay connected. So, read on for a list of benefits of portable chargers and power packs for smartphones.


Back to School: Budget Smartphones for the new year

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Moto G4 Plus.jpg



This is one of the best times of the year to upgrade your smartphone or finally give into your pre-teen’s begging for their first smartphone experience. Here we look at five budget smartphones to add to your to-buy list.


Back to School: Premium Smartphones for the new year

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7.png

This is one of the best times of the year to upgrade your smartphone or finally give into your pre-teen’s begging for their first smartphone experience. Here we look at five premium smartphones to add to your to-buy list.


vscocam-before-after-copy.jpgToday's smartphones come with some pretty amazing cameras on them (both the newest iPhone and Samsung phones take 12MP images with their rear-facing cameras, and grab screenshots of at least 2560 x 1440 pixel density), but sometimes, it's helpful to be able to give your images an extra bit of help before sharing them.




Shooting photos or video in 360-degrees is a unique proposition that has only become readily available to consumers in the last few years. Prior to that, it was either expensive or out of reach, and few options to display the content anyway. The LG 360 Cam is a pocket-sized camera that can shoot in 180- or 360-degrees, and works with any Android phone, not just LG’s models.


What you should do if your iPhone's home button no longer works

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Screen shot 2016-06-08 at 11.13.15 PM.jpgAs any longtime iPhone owner knows, these slick Apple products are not without their faults. Much like an adorable purebred puppy, Apple iPhones have problems that their phones are prone to developing. The most common of the bunch is a broken home button, but luckily enough, this isn't an insurmountable problem!


What kind of microSD card should you choose for your phone?

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Not all smartphones have slots for microSD cards, but for those that do, they can be a real storage lifeline when space on the handset itself is full. A microSD card can sometimes double, triple or even quadruple the storage already available, relieving the strain on the phone and opening up the opportunity to do more with the device. For phones that can support 200GB cards, the storage options are almost limitless.


Review: WeBoost Eqo Boost should amp up your cell reception

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If you find that cellular reception is a problem in your home or office, then the Eqo Boost from WeBoost may be the solution you’re looking for. Dropped calls, or parking yourself in one spot near a window to get a reliable connection for phone calls can be a frustrating experience, especially when you feel powerless to do anything about it.


Review: Leef iAccess boosts your iPhone's memory [VIDEO]

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Leef iAccess.jpg

The dreaded "Can't take photo. There is not enough storage space" message is history on my iPhone thanks to Leef iAccess. It's a small, easy to use microSD reader that you can attach and leave on your phone to expand your memory up to 128 GB, and it's the perfect summer accessory for anyone who wants the freedom to use their phone without storage issues. 


USB-C: everything you need to know about the one port to rule them all

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Like most people, I was initially confounded by the switch to USB Type-C. The new charging and connectivity platform is appearing in newer smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs as a way to make devices sleeker, more versatile and help them to charge a lot faster. Is this really the one port to rule them all?


Review: Asus ZenWatch 2 best suited for smartwatch newbies

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Choosing to get a smartwatch is one thing, but choosing amongst the growing list of devices available is another. It’s in this uncertain market that the Asus ZenWatch 2 sits, trying to stand out in a crowd that looks and feels similar in a number of respects. Watches have always had a certain familiarity to them, be they analog or digital, but when a smartwatch demands the wearer’s attention far more often, it has to deliver something entirely different. The ZenWatch 2 is a polarizing model in that regard.





Hacking into mobile accounts is all over the news these days, with either cyber criminals compromising consumer data, or the FBI wanting to break into criminals’ phones for evidence. Security is on everyone’s minds and you should be thinking about it, too. Your first line of defence for any mobile account, of course, is a solid and strong password. So, stop using “password” or your cat’s name, and read on for a few tips for creating the best password for your mobile accounts.


What you should do if you lose your phone

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Smartphones are more than cool tech toys and tools. For many of us, they are a lifeline to our personal and work lives, an extension of our brains which have our schedules, contacts, photos, videos and music that’s close to our hearts. Here are the steps to take if you lose your phone.


Review: LG G5 looks to change how smartphones work

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LG-G5-main.jpgIn some respects, LG has nothing to lose. Quietly building momentum with the previous two flagship smartphone iterations, the G3 and G4, the G5 has turned the company’s previous efforts on their heads. Having embraced an all-metal body for the phone, the design philosophy swerves dramatically to make it modular, too. Not only is the battery removable, but the idea is to enhance the phone’s features with hardware add-ons.


Roku is releasing a new Streaming Stick device in Canada this month, and aside from its diminutive size and powerful performance, a neat added feature is the ability to use the free Roku app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) to listen to the audio of whatever you’re watching using.


Review: Protect your phone and enhance your iPhoneography with Hitcase

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hitcase.jpgI've cracked, smashed, and did a little water damage to a few smartphones in my time, so when I was asked to try Hitcase iPhone cases, I was happy to do it. But Hitcase goes beyond a standard iPhone case; they have TrueLUX lenses to give you a new perspective on every iPhone photo you take.


How to create a regular backup for all the photos you take on your smartphone

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People are continously taking vast amounts of photos on their smartphones and for the most part, these photos remain on their device's storage. Here are some strategies to create a regular and safe backup for your valued photos.


Android Marshmallow expanding to more devices, updates features

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Android 6.0 Marshmallow has now been out for almost six months, and while it hasn’t come close to growing to represent the majority of smartphones and tablets running Android, it is set to roll out in greater numbers with impending updates and new devices. Google hasn’t changed too much since it first unveiled Marshmallow, but there are improvements, nonetheless.


As we load up more applications and content on our smartphones, there's always the danger of slowdowns and freezing. Here are some tips to consider to get your smartphone back up to speed.


10 unique accessories for your Apple devices

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If you have an Apple device, then you likely already know that the bevy of accessories available to you can truly enhance the user experience. Whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, choices are abundant, and those with real functional value are probably the ones that will have the most lasting impact. Each product in this list falls well into that category.


Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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The Edge is back, this time with a ‘Galaxy S7’ coming before it, showing that Samsung is serious about pushing the notion that an edged display carries advantages. While aesthetically pleasing, the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ were limited in what the edge displays could do. Too limiting, in fact, taking away any real practicality to them. The feature set has been given a boost with the Galaxy S7 Edge, along with a few other returning additions.


Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

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Samsung may give a little more precedence to its edged displays, like that on the Galaxy S7 Edge, but the more traditional “flat” Galaxy S7 is another option. Simplifying things to two devices, Samsung has essentially boiled it down to a choice between going with the edge or not. The Galaxy S7 hasn’t been deprived of anything, sporting the same internal specs and overall performance as its edged counterpart, including the incremental additions and improvements.


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