Review: Samsung Gear VR

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Gear-VR-main.jpgVirtual reality is a real thing now. Yes, it has existed for some time, but the concept of immersing yourself in it in a portable way at home and on the go is one major difference. As is the quality of content. Samsung’s Gear VR is a headset with the imprint of Oculus, arguably the most popular company in the VR space today. It’s not the Oculus Rift, of course, but the Gear VR can open up some new worlds with the right smartphone inside.


How to use your new tech: connect a tablet or smartphone to your home network

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phone.jpgIf you were fortunate enough to receive a new tablet or smartphone over the holidays then this handy guide will walk you though the process to get you online quickly and easily. 


Buying the right smartphone for your loved one

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Smartphone-use.jpgBuying a smartphone for someone is a very generous gift, in and of itself, though being such a personal device, you naturally want it to be the right fit. With so many handsets to choose from, breaking down the bevy of options to go with something that suits a particular loved one requires some patience, and maybe even some stealthy investigating. The good news is that it’s easy to get the goods and make a more informed buying decision.


Star-Wars-Lightsaber.jpgStar Wars: The Force Awakens is one of the most anticipated films in years, and Disney has spared no expense in promoting it with a number of marketing partnerships that tie-in to mobile devices. If you’re a big fan, you may already know about some of them, and if you don’t, there may be some that are of interest as the next episode in the Star Wars mythos hits theatres.


Review: Nexus 5X punches above its weight

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Nexus-5X-main.jpgThis year’s duo of Nexus smartphones has been the best Google has come to market with thus far, offering the best marriage of hardware and software to date. The Nexus 5X is the more affordable option between the two, though it benefits from having some of the same internal components. It also sports the same untouched version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, making it far more open to customization.


Marshmallow-main.jpgNow that Google has released its latest version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow, the rollout will come in stages as each smartphone and tablet manufacturer optimizes its respective software overlays to work with it. For the moment, only the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and HTC One A9 run Marshmallow, but in time, a much wider range of devices will, and there are a number of new features that go with it.


Review: Nexus 6P is a serious contender

by Blogger on ‎11-11-2015 12:20 PM

Nexus-6-teaser.jpgNexus smartphones have usually required accepting a compromise or two. A clean, untouched version of Android, and among the first to get the latest updates. Good design with solid all-around performance, at the expense of great battery life and an impressive camera. The Nexus 6P represents an end to the enduring concessions that characterized these phones in the past, and stakes a claim to being one of the best Android phones of 2015.


What you can do to make use of an older smartphone

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Holding-phone.jpgSmartphones can have a fairly short shelf life, given how quickly new models come out to replace them. Even after moving on to a new handset, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of the old one if it’s still functional. Outside of selling or pawning it off on someone else, there are some great ways to give an older phone a second life.


Get sports info anywhere and everywhere

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BBY_09022015_CELL.jpgThe Toronto Blue Jays may be winning and poised to make things interesting this fall, but sports always kick into high gear with the other major pro leagues getting underway while the leaves fall. Watching the big games or catching up on highlights has never been easier with the unfettered access currently made possible by streaming services and apps delivering the content to mobile devices and streaming TV boxes.


Preview: Google unveils Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X smartphones

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Nexus-5X-preview.jpgGoogle unveiled its latest smartphones—the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X—and while they don’t deviate too much from their predecessors on the outside, they are considerably different on the inside. With new cameras, faster processors and bigger batteries, plus the latest version of Android, both phones look to be interesting options for anyone shopping for a new smartphone this fall.


Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

by Blogger on ‎09-28-2015 02:22 PM

Galaxy-S6-Edge+-main.jpgSamsung likes curves enough to put them on almost any screen they can find. Curved TVs are one thing, but this year, the company has really pushed the idea of curved displays on smartphones. The Galaxy S6 Edge, when it launched in the spring, was the first smartphone to have a dual-curved edge display. Now, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ offers a bigger screen with a lot of the same functionality.


How to free up storage space on your smartphone

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Smartphone-storage-main.jpgThere’s a new update for your phone, or a new app or game you want to try, but you can’t download it because you’ve run out of storage space. Situations like this are becoming more routine, and in cases where internal storage isn’t expandable, some maintenance is necessary to make room. If storage, or lack thereof, has been an issue for you, there are options for creating some breathing space for your data.


How to deal with a lost or stolen smartphone

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Stolen-phone.jpgLosing a smartphone, or having it stolen is a terrible feeling. For such a personal device, a smartphone is highly susceptible to either scenario, and as such, some precautions should be taken to mitigate the fallout from it. Each mobile platform has some form of protection in place, but they usually aren’t on by default. Here’s what you need to know and what you can do to for preparation and response.


Review: Motorola Moto X Play offers superior battery life

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Moto-X-Play-main.jpgMotorola is back and so is the Moto X, this time with the ‘Play’ moniker as a play on the phone’s longevity. The mid-range smartphone is Motorola’s newest flagship in Canada, packing in a huge battery into a frame that sports a larger display than last year’s model. A new camera has also been added to address the limitations of the prior Moto X handsets, pitting this device in a unique place that aims to capture the attention of consumers looking for a dependable smartphone that does everything.


5 ways to take better photos using your smartphone

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LG-G4-camera.jpgChances are, your smartphone is your go-to point-and-shoot camera. Whether it’s a slice of life or a slice of food, the compunction to capture those moments means that more people are taking more photos than ever before. The level of sharing on social media only drives things further. Not all smartphone cameras are created equal, yet there are some basics to snapping better images that will not only improve image quality, but also make you a better mobile photographer.


How to pick the perfect back-to-school smartphone or tablet case

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The kids' backpacks are packed, their lunches are planned, and you've argued out who's going to be taking the kids to their first day back … but there's always something that gets forgotten.


I have a cousin who had a tendency to leave his toothbrushes and shoes (how???!) behind when he was a kid, like a travelling Hansel & Gretel, but in August, it's way more likely that you've forgotten something far less dire. Like, say, to update the kids' (and your own!) phone and tablet cases for back-to-school.


The best ways to back up your smartphone data

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Phones_Laptops.jpgIt is a gnawing feeling to not only lose a smartphone, but to also lose all the data contained within it. A key part of good smartphone maintenance includes protecting the data you have stored on it, especially the kind that is personal and priceless. The good news is that it’s not really difficult to do this on a regular basis, regardless of which phone you’re using.


Boost productivity with these organizing and to-do apps

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As student's lives get exponentially busier during back-to-school,good productivity apps for organizing and managing tasks and to-do's becomes a necessity.


Here are some apps that do the job well.


Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

by Blogger on ‎08-27-2015 01:20 PM - last edited on ‎08-27-2015 04:20 PM by Editor in Chief

note5.jpgSamsung helped start the current trend of bigger phones with bigger screens when it first unveiled the original Galaxy Note back in 2012. The screen has since grown, while the phone’s body has trimmed down, turning what was once one of the largest handsets into one that fits in with much of the pack. The Note 5 isn’t a big leap from its predecessor, but it does have some new features that make better use of its constituent parts.


Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

by Blogger on ‎08-14-2015 10:06 AM - last edited on ‎08-24-2015 11:20 AM by Editor in Chief

Galaxy-Note-5.jpgSamsung raised the curtain on its two newest smartphones, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, both of which sport large displays. Staying true to their predecessors, they are designed to be premium handsets that don’t diverge very much from each other. The specs are nearly identical between them, though one is flat while the other curves.


5 ways to keep your personal data safe on your smartphone

by Blogger on ‎07-29-2015 01:51 PM - last edited on ‎08-24-2015 11:24 AM by Editor in Chief

Smartphone-security.jpgKeeping your smartphone safe can mean more than just ensuring it doesn’t fall into a toilet or hard concrete and meet an untimely death. It also means taking proper steps to protect the data—your personal data—stored on that phone to keep the wrong people away from it. If smartphone security is a concern of yours, then you may want to consider these methods for ramping your privacy and protecting what’s yours.


Review: Carson lenses turn your smartphone into a scope or binoculars

by Blogger ‎07-28-2015 12:05 PM - edited ‎07-29-2015 02:07 PM

Carson-Monocular-Binocular-main.jpgIt might seem a little far-fetched when thinking of a smartphone attached to an object of considerable size, like a DSLR camera lens or even a pair of binoculars. Products like that are out there, amplifying the focal length of the phone’s camera, and thereby changing the very scope (pun intended) of images it can capture. Carson doesn’t have a DSLR lens, but it does make monoculars and binoculars with adapters for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.


weBoost cell phone signal boosters could help your reception

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we-boost.jpgMaybe it’s Murphy’s Law, but dropped calls usually happen at the most inopportune times. An important or engaging conversation cut short by a sudden drop in reception can be annoying—even more so if it happens with any sort of regularity. Cell phone signal boosters are designed to amplify sending and receiving those signals, and weBoost has products that cover both your car and home.


Review: Carson lenses magnify your smartphone’s camera

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micromax-plus.jpgA smartphone camera may be limited by its size, but it doesn’t have to be when accessories can enhance and take things further. Carson makes a number of different magnification products, including lenses for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices that turn them into true macro cameras and microscopes.


Why using a VPN on your smartphone is a good idea

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Smartphone-VPN.jpgWhether you realize it or not, your smartphone keeps tabs on your location almost all the time. That may not be an issue for you under most cases, but if you’re connected to an unfamiliar Wi-Fi network, or you just like flying under the radar, using a VPN (virtual private network) is one way to make that happen.


Why a smartphone is the most important tool for today’s travellers

by Blogger on ‎06-28-2015 06:38 PM - last edited on ‎07-09-2015 10:58 AM by Blogger

Travel-with-smartphone.jpgIf the term “never leave home without it” applied to any one material item or product, it would have to be the smartphone. Some estimates suggest the average user looks at their smartphone screen as many as 1,500 times per week. Travelling without a handset in tow seems to be getting increasingly difficult, simply because of everything it can do. From taking photos at some exotic locale, uploading them to Instagram and messaging friends and family back home, the smartphone is a versatile tool anywhere and everywhere.


Now is the best time to consider your smart phone options

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FS_smartapps.jpgThe code of conduct the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) set down for the wireless industry ensures that consumers can cancel their three-year contracts after 24 months without paying a fee, meaning that as of June 3, three-year cell phone contracts are effectively dead. If you signed a contract on June 2, 2013 or earlier, then you are free to renew or go without a contract. You have options to consider now that you’re on your own to decide, and here’s a look at some of them.


Five Apps for Couples

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Having trouble connecting with your honey? Is technology getting in the way of your relationship? Here are five cool smartphone apps speficially deisgned to help couples get to know each other better, improve their communication and get back to being all lovey-dovey.


LifeProof Fre Power aims to keep the lights on and water out

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fre.jpgBattery life is one of those bugaboos that’s always a concern with smartphones, and the iPhone 6 is no exception. Protecting a phone from a nasty fall is another thing altogether, so when a case comes along that can take care of both, it may be worth a look. LifeProof’s pedigree has usually been in making quality waterproof cases, and the Fre Power takes that and adds a large battery to keep the iPhone going double the time.


Review: LG G4

by Blogger on ‎05-28-2015 03:11 PM - last edited on ‎06-04-2015 02:32 PM by Editor in Chief

LG-G4-main.jpgLG has proven that it can manufacture a really good smartphone, much like it already did with devices like the Nexus 5 and G3. Last year’s G3 made considerable improvements on the software side of things, improving the user experience in tangible ways, yet it still didn’t go far enough in standing out from the crowded Android pack. The G4 deviates little from an overall design standpoint, but offers an excellent camera upgrade and simpler software for a compelling contender.


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