Day 3 at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego

by Blogger on ‎07-14-2012 03:06 PM - last edited on ‎02-20-2013 03:32 PM by Epic Genius

Well, last day at the world-famous Comic-Con convention...what a great three days of heroes, villians, zombies and fun! It's Saturday and the place is packed! We are checking out the trade show floor today and fighting massive crowds of fans!


Day 2 at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego

by Blogger on ‎07-14-2012 01:34 AM - last edited on ‎02-20-2013 03:33 PM by Epic Genius

Well, another day is "in the can" (as they say in the film industry) on Comic-Con 2012 here in sunny San Diego California. The line-ups were long with eager fans hoping they got in the two mile long line early enough to get in the room they wanted for the panels of their favorite shows or topics. The world's biggest, wildest entertainment geek party is rocking on day two!



Day One at Comic-Con 2012

by Blogger on ‎07-13-2012 12:29 AM - last edited on ‎02-20-2013 03:33 PM by Epic Genius

Do you love movies, TV shows, toys and anything entertainment? Take all those things and add a hundred thousand die-hard fans dressed as their favorite characters and heroes and you have the world-famous phenomenon called Comic-Con 2012. We are in sunny San Diego for this year's big event - taking it all in and feeding it back to you!


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