How to avoid getting a virus or malware on your computer

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computer-virus.jpgIn an age when the vast majority of our lives revolve around our computers, when one gets a virus or is infected with malware, it can be devastating. So to mitigate such a disaster, here are some tips for keeping your computer alive, healthy, and virus free.


Review: Can FixMeStick revolutionize the idea of a virus scanner?

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FixMeStickProductShot.jpgI've rarely had a virus scanner come to me on a USB stick before and certainly not one that functioned on its own through it anyway. The FixMeStick looks to break the software wall by taking its virus scanning to hardware form. With a system that work independently from your operating system, you're promised a unique and cleaner scanning experience. You should be able to catch things your OS-based scanner couldn't and help flag down the problems plaguing your user experience. But does it work like it should? Read on to find out more about FixMeStick and some of the benefits (and problems) I experienced.


All about your laptop’s CPU

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All about your laptop's CPU.jpgLooking for a new laptop? One of the most important components you should be considering when searching for a portable PC is also one of the most confusing: the CPU. What’s the difference between a Celeron, a Core i7 or an AMD A-Series processor? For that matter, what’s the difference between a 5th generation Intel Core CPU and 6th generation version? In this post, I’ll explain the importance of a laptop’s CPU, the key differences between CPU options and how much CPU horsepower you’re likely to need for common tasks.


HP Spectre x360 review: premium convertible laptop combines versatility and stunning looks

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HP Spectre 360 review.jpgI’ve spent the past few days making the most of my time with one of the most sought-after, high-profile convertible laptops released in the past year. Sadly, it’s time to ship it back—this thing is in high demand—but not after gaining a new respect for what the combination of premium design and Windows 10 can offer to new laptop buyers. Here’s my review of Hewlett-Packard’s impressive Spectre x360.


Review: Philips 27 inch LED Backlit LCD monitor

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two.jpgThis beautiful monitor from Philips is stunning and goes the extra mile with full adjustability to become the monitor you need when you need it.


What will you do with your first 3D printer?

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10397177.jpg3D Printing technology has been revolutionized in a few short years. Cost of 3D printers has gone down substantially and they are now quite affordable for consumers to use in their homes or offices. The range of filaments and materials has also expanded so that there are now a variety of colours, textures and shapes. Here are some ideas to get you started on your 3D printing adventures.


Review: Philips 288P6 4K Monitor

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Philips 288P6.jpg

Ultra HD (also known as 4K or UHD for some brands) monitor prices have been dropping like a stone lately—although I still can’t get my wife to buy me one—and that’s thanks to massive demand, plus 28-inch TN panels that are getting less expensive to produce. Philips’s foray into that budget-conscious market is the 288P6 Brilliance 28-inch 4K Monitor, and I got to put one through its paces to see if it makes me want that upgrade.


CES 2016: new computers coming this year

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CES 206 PCs.jpgOne of the highlights of the annual Consumer Electronics Show is the PC manufacturers. Every January we get a glimpse of some of the coolest computers, accessories and peripherals on the planet and the best part is, we can expect many of these to be available for purchase in the coming months. Here’s a roundup of some of the more outstanding new computers (and related products) displayed at CES 2016, many of which will be available soon at Best Buy.



CES 2016: D-Link Launches high performance EXO routers, expands smart home offerings

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D-Link CES 2016.jpgCES 2016 is less than half over, and D-Link is already basking in the glow of multiple Design and Engineering awards. Here’s a look at what the networking and Smart Home company has in store for this year and what those CES awards are all about.



CES 2016: Lenovo introduces the world’s thinnest convertible laptop

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CES 2016 Lenovo.jpgPCs still have a prominent place at the Consumer Electronics Show and Lenovo pulled out all the stops at CES 2016 with a collection of new desktop and portable models. Included in Lenovo’s CES presentation were the world’s thinnest convertible laptop, gaming gear (including a curved gaming monitor) developed in partnership with Razer, and a compact desktop PC with a built-in projector. Here are all the details on Lenovo’s CES showcase.


CES revisited.jpgIt’s nearly that time of year once again. Christmas tree decorations are coming down, New Year’s resolutions are being made and tech journalists are focused on Las Vegas. It’s time for CES 2016 and that means a parade of cool new gear to look forward to. CES isn’t all prototypes or stupidly expensive luxury items, although those do photograph well. Want proof? Here’s a selection of laptops and computer gear that made their debut at last year’s CES and then arrived at Best Buy in 2015.


How to use your new tech: configure your home for wireless printing

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Set up Wireless printing.jpgBeing able to print on demand is a great option. Every home should have a printer, especially when there are students living there (the printing of assignments just never seems to stop). Wireless printing? Even better! Without having to worry about a wired connection, you can put the printer wherever you want and print to it from virtually any device. Here’s how to configure your home for wireless printing.


How to use your new tech: connect a computer to your home network

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connect a computer to your home network.jpgWith so many of us getting new gadgets at this time of year, lets take a look at what is involved in setting them up with your home network and optimizing performance.


Microsoft's Surface lineup.jpgMicrosoft makes three of the hottest convertible laptop/tablet hybrids in the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. In fact, with these devices Microsoft transformed from a software and services company to a full-fledged PC manufacturer. They all share the “Surface” designation, but each of these three hybrids is a very different device with a different target user. Here’s what you need to know about the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.


The gift of better Wi-Fi

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The gift of better Wi-Fi.jpgWant a gift that can noticeably improve everything from online gaming to browsing the web or even watching streaming video? A single device makes the experience of using virtually any gadget in today’s connected homes faster and more reliable. Choose a new 802.11ac Wi-Fi router and you can give the gift that everyone wants: the gift of better Wi-Fi.


The gift of storage.jpgWhat do you get the PC or Mac user who has everything? Storage! Even in the days of cheap cloud storage, nothing beats having all your data—pictures, videos, files and music—available quickly and on demand. And no-one ever has too much storage. I’ve put together a list of great, storage-themed gift options.


The Gift of Productivity (for work and for play)

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corsair keyboard.jpgFaster. Better. Fancier. Take a look at these 5 suggestions for upgrading your favourite PC user's mice and keyboard gear.


Review: Tap into your creative genius with the HP Sprout

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HP-Sprout-Main.jpgWhen I was asked to head down to Best Buy HQ to take the HP Sprout for a test drive, I grabbed my Star Wars action figures and got ready for some serious 3D scanning. If this computer has been on your radar over the past few months, check out my review of the amazing HP Sprout.


WIN a Samsung 34" Widescreen WQHD Curved LED Monitor

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Samsung_TwitterContest_400x400.jpgGet ready for a computer experience like you’ve never experienced before. Samsung’s new 34 inch widescreen curved monitors provide an immersive and comfortable viewing experience.  Best Buy is going to give you a chance to win one so you can see and feel the how good a computer monitor can be in this contest.  Read on for all the details:






Enter to win the best Star Wars contest in the galaxy

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BestStarWarsContest_690x388_2.jpgEveryone knows what the biggest movie of 2015 is! To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Best Buy is offering an amazing Star Wars prize package. Believe me, this IS the contest you are looking for!  Read on for more details.


All day laptop battery life.jpgOne of the key advantages of a laptop over a desktop PC is the laptop’s battery. Portability is nice, but it’s the freedom from electrical outlets that really makes a laptop shine. You can use it in your favourite chair, in a cafe or on a bus—until that battery dies. Then you’re carrying a lump of metal, glass and plastic that’s useless until you find a power outlet. Here’s how to extend your laptop’s battery life in the quest for going all day without the tyranny of the power cord.


How to give a PC for Christmas

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Shop for a PC as a gift.jpgWhen it comes to big ticket Christmas gifts, a PC is one of the biggest. So you don’t want to mess it up by choosing the wrong one. My suggestion is steal a tip from Santa: make a list and check it twice. It’s not going to tell you who’s naughty or nice, but by making a list of key requirements and priorities, you’ll be sure to make the right choice when it comes to picking a PC to give a special someone.


gifts for Mac users.jpgGot someone on your Christmas shopping list who’s all about the Mac? Don’t worry, we all have a few of those (in fact, some of us might just be one of those). Apple’s iMacs and MacBooks come pretty well equipped, but there is always room for improvement and that means plenty of gift opportunities. As one of those Mac people, I have a few suggestions for you.


Gifts that will make anyone's PC better

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rsz_2015-10-26-image-10.jpgThe holidays are a a good time as any to improve or upgrade one's PC experience with accessories, peripherals, and various gifts that can update an older PC or add functionality and fun. Here are some gifts that will make anyone's PC better.


Intel RealSense: technology's next direction

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Intel RealSense technology.jpgIntel describes its RealSense technology as enabling your PC to see more like you do. That sounds interesting, but once you realize what this actually means, it becomes clear that RealSense isn’t just another incremental upgrade. It’s a new direction for computers that has the potential to dramatically change the way we interact with PCs and what we do with them.


Cortana Arrives in Canada for Windows 10

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Cortana comes to Canada.jpgThe wait is over (sorry about that) and as of November 12, Microsoft began rolling out a “Canadianized” version of its digital assistant to the Windows 10 PCs of Hosers across much of Canada. Here’s what a Cortana that’s tweaked for Canada sounds like and how to get it.


5 Stocking Stuffers under $100 for PC Users

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kraken.jpgAre you shopping for your favourite PC user, but stuck on ideas for their stocking stuffer gifts? Here are 5 suggestions to help you out!


Review: Star Wars ™ Special Edition Laptop by HP

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Star Wars laptop.jpgToday we'll take a look at HP's new Star Wars ™ Special Edition Laptop and what this package has to offer for the growing number of Star Wars fans out there.


Lenovo Edge review: big, beautiful, budget-friendly laptop

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Lenovo Flex 2 Pro-15 review.jpgThe Lenovo Edge laptop is a big, thin and attractive package. It’s also affordably priced and while that budget-friendly price tag is a win, it does come with compromises. Read my review for the good and the not so good about Lenovo’s dual-mode notebook.


PC upgrade gifts for the PC gamers on your list

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PC Gamer gifts.jpgShopping for PC gamers can be intimidating if you don't know anything about PC gaming. But, with such a wide variety of different gadgets and upgrades you can get for them to upgrade their PC gaming experience, it can also be surprisingly easy.


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