Introducing Denon HEOS – Wireless multi-room speaker system that rocks!

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I have always been a big fan of Denon electronics, having several Denon components in my home today. I find Denon to be great value with high quality equipment that is at a reasonable price. They are now launching a new product line, HEOS, which is a wireless multi-room speaker system that is poised to compete with the likes of Sonos and Bose Soundtouch. It is great to see Denon enter this market as they are a formidable competitor that will force everyone to continue improving their products. Here is the lowdown on their new HEOS line.


Denon Home Theatre Receiver Comparisons - AVR 1513, 1613, and 1913

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Denon 1913 Front.jpgI have been a long-time fan of Denon audio equipment as I have had several pieces of their audio equipment for many years. The reason I have liked my Denon gear is that the quality of every unit has been excellent. It has proven to be very reliable and the sound quality is fantastic. 

I like the Denon AVR 1513, 1613, and 1913 home theatre receivers, but chosing which one is best depends on your particular needs.


Boston Acoustics and Denon

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438iE76BFBE308E74F8ANow before you question my credentials as a stereo and sound system expert – know this – I have always been very passionate about music and like it to sound good. Sure I haven't always known everything, (and I guess if I was completely honest, I still don't know everything), but after meeting my husband (a.k.a master hi-fi)...


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