Raise your home IQ with a free in-home consultation from Geek Squad

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smart-home-consult.jpgAs summer ends and fall begins, it's a great time to begin making over your home to a smart one. With the help of Geek Squad, you can learn more about great products to support your home, how well your internet connection can support it and even find out how to connect different products in order to make them all work together. 


Why does my TV keep losing its connection to Wi-Fi and Netflix?

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Few things are more frustrating than settling down for a relaxing night of streaming your favourite movies or TV and experiencing a spotty internet connection. Every few minutes, your connection cuts in and out, causing things to skip more than a champion jump roper. You may be tempted to assume it is your internet provider's fault. However, often the solution is something you can control. In this blog, we'll take a look at some of those things that may be causing your TV and streaming to lose their Wi-fi connections and how you can fix them.


Why doesn’t my Wi-Fi reach all around my house?

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Suffering from disappointing Wi-Fi performance in parts of your home? You’re not alone. Spotty Wi-Fi is a common problem. Here’s how to diagnose what’s going on, along with suggestions on how to fix the issues.


Why does my computer take so long to boot-up?

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Is your computer crawling along at a snail's pace when you boot it up? Avoid the aggravation, save yourself some time, and try these tips to bring your machine back up to speed.


Ooma conveniently delivers business phone services to your home office

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You’ve no doubt seen the pithy television commercials featuring the nerdy dad-type talking to a piece of technology called Ooma. I love the banter between nerd dad and the female actress who voices Ooma, however I must admit those ads never really made me retain whatever it is the product is supposed to do. It’s, like, phones or something? Does it talk? Well, if you’ve also been wondering just what the heck an Ooma actually is, read on and I’ll fill you in on the benefits of Ooma for offices.


Relief Efforts for the Alberta wildfires

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Relief efforts to help those affected by the Alberta wildfires are ongoing by Canadians from coast to coast. Like many Canadians, over the last number of days our thoughts and support have gone out to everyone impacted by the devastating impact of the forest fires in Fort McMurray.



GeekSquadVan.gifWelcome to the first of seven blog summaries that share my trials and success of creating a smart home inside my home. With a little elbow grease and help from Geek Squad, the project is already turning into a fun journey!



TV Mounting Guide Part 4: The Conclusion

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This guide will provide answers and give you an in-depth look at how Geek Squad can help you mount a TV in your own space. And, it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new Smart TV or an older model (like I do!), this guide works for everyone’s situation. In part 4, we take final look at the entire process and if it’s a worthwhile option for your TV.  


TV Mounting Guide Part 3: The Installation

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This guide will provide answers and give you an in-depth look at how Geek Squad can help you mount a TV in your own space. And, it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new Smart TV or an older model (like I do!), this guide works for everyone’s situation. In part 3, the Geek Squad arrives for the install! Read the article to find out how it went.


TV Mounting Guide Part 2: getting a professional estimate

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This guide will provide answers and give you an in-depth look at how Geek Squad can help you mount a TV in your own space. And, it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new Smart TV or an older model (like I do!), this guide works for everyone’s situation. In part 2, I requested a free in home estimate from geek squad. Read the article to find out what I learned.


TV Mounting Guide Part 1: Assessing your Needs

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Mounting your TV can help you save space and create that certain je ne sais quoi vibe in your family room, den, bedroom or anywhere else in your home, condo or apartment. But, if you’re like me, you have a lot of questions and not a lot of experience. This guide will provide answers and give you an in-depth look at how the Geek Squad can help you do this in your own space. And, it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new Smart TV or an older model (like I do!), this guide works for everyone’s situation.


Geek Squad can help you set up your Smart Home

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Geek Squad has recently increased the number of services they offer to help you get your Smart Home up and running. Not only can you still bring them by for a free in-home consultation, but they can do all of the installation work for you and even guarantee it to your satisfaction both on the spot and for 90 days afterward! Read on to find out more about what Geek Squad can do for you and about their five point pledge to ensure that you're left satisfied with what they can do for your home.


Geek Squad appliance repair launches in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver

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Geek Squad is now able to do in-home repairs for major appliance and televisions. This program is being introduced in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. If you live in these areas of Canada, and have a major appliance that requires servicing, then contact Geek Squad.  Read on for more details:


Awesome security tips from Geek Squad for cybersecurity month

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Are you cyber safe? How do you know? Technology changes quickly and sometimes it can be hard to know what pitfalls to avoid and best practices to follow to remain current. The last thing you would want is to lose precious information, or worse, have personal credentials stolen from your laptop. October is cybersecurity month: a great time to refresh your memory. And Geek Squad has some great tips to help.


We spend so much time in front of our TVs and with our home entertainment systems that it is an absolute shame if it isn’t set up perfectly. Or worse yet, we don’t quite have the right system for the size and shape of our favorite room. Sure, today’s technology is great but also fairly complicated and fine-tuning every element of your home entertainment system will make it look and sound fantastic. Geek Squad is your insurance policy to ensure your system does what it is designed to do, and to maximize your entertainment value.


Geek Squad can help you set up your smart home

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Geek Squad now offers free in-home consultation to help with your Smart Home Automation needs. Are you interested in smart lighting? Keyless entry? Smart Thermostats? Maybe all of the above? No problem. Read on to find out more about what this free in-home consultation is all about and how you can get your Smart Home up and running faster.


Get Windows 10 set up quickly and learn how to use it with Geek Squad

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Windows 10 has just been released and many people are saying this is the most important offering from Microsoft in many years. It is packed with amazing new features. Geek Squad has a range of services related to helping you get started with Windows 10, quickly and hassle free.


Geek Squad Membership: Worry-free PC and device ownership

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When a PC is fresh out of the box, it’s a thing of beauty. But then you have to set it up, get online, back up your data, worry about someone else stealing your data, keep the software up to date … well let’s face it: ownership is a lot of work. That’s where a Geek Squad Membership comes in. A low monthly fee gets you exclusive access to first class technical support that takes the hard work off your shoulders so you can enjoy actually using your device, plus exclusive benefits.


Overview: Geek Squad computer upgrades and repairs

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Geek Squad's PC repairs program offers a range of services in-store for PC users. From basic setup and customization of new PC's and notebooks, to system tune-ups and repairs, you can turn to Best Buy’s Geek Squad department with confidence that your technology will be properly cared for.



Car tech for commuting fun, safety and productivity

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For some, the car is more than just a tool, it’s a way of life. There are commuters on the road, parents shuttling kids from long school days to endless activities, and road trippers for whom a traffic jam is an opportunity to slow down and take it all in. No matter which profile you fit, there are gadgets you can stash in your car to make life easier.


Raptors Amir Johnson pranks Toronto with help of Geek Squad, Thinkware dash cam

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Toronto Raptors star forward, Amir Johnson, teamed up with Best Buy, Geek Squad and Thinkware to prank unsuspecting Torontoronians. Watch the video to see the funnies unfold and how Amir cleverly used the Thinkware X500 dash cam to document the off-the-court fun.



Where should you start building your Smart Home

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Thanks to all of the different options out there, smarthome technology can be applied to every room of your home. Lights, thermostats, garage door openers and keyless entry are just a few of the things you can enable your home to do "smarter" than before. With so many options, where should you get started? I am going to help you think that through!


Best Buy Launches Geek Squad Academy in Canada

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What happens when you tap into the tech expertise of Geek Squad Agents, channel it into a fun and engaging platform for youth, and round up an assortment of enthusiastic kids to download these teachings in a hands-on environment? You’re left with the formula for Best Buy Canada’s newest community program, Geek Squad Academy.



Introducing ClearPlex: the ultimate display protection for virtually any device

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When it comes to our mobile devices —whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, iPod or even a camera— the component that causes the most worry is usually the display. Scratches and cracks make for a subpar experience and expensive repairs. That’s why screen protectors are so popular. But these products have their limitations too, primarily the fact that they’re only available for current and highly popular devices. There’s also the matter of installation, which can be sticky and nerve-wracking. ClearPlex is exciting because it brings tough, invisible film first developed for auto windshields to consumer electronics. The company’s agreement with Best Buy has high tech ClearPlex equipment onsite at GeekSquad facilities. GeekSquad handles the programming and installation, you get ClearPlex protection customized for your device. I visited a Best Buy location in London to see the system in action, and it’s pretty cool.



Stay cool with Geek Squad and you may win a gift card from Best Buy

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Each generation has its own definition of “cool” – the 70’s had Fonzie, the eighties had big hair, and we have … geeks. Geek Squad, the guys who can fix your computer, protect your smartphone and help turn your house into an amazing “smart home,” want to bring a little “cool” to your life and your car. While supplies last, Geek Squad will be giving away a limited number of car sun visors. Pick up one today at your local Best Buy and use it to keep your car cool this summer – it may also help you win a Best Buy gift card.  Read on for more details:


What to do with that old computer?

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Making the jump to a new computer over the holidays? Maybe a new Windows 8.1 powered Ultrabook, or perhaps going all in on the tablet experience with a Surface Pro 2? That leaves the question of what to do with your existing PC. No worries there, we’ve got plenty of ideas on how to recycle your old computer


Geek Squad Flat Fee Repairs for iPhones

by Blogger on ‎11-30-2012 05:00 PM

Are you like me and cannot be without your iPhone for any period of time? Call me nomophobic but ever since I started using smart phones I cannot imagine being disconnected for long periods of time. I’m constantly checking in, photographing, and catching up on the latest news everywhere I go. My iPhone 4 has been a faithful companion. It’s held up well over the years taking a fair amount of abuse, but I know sooner or later I’m going to drop it and with all that glass, it won’t take it well. I’m also not interested in upgrading quite yet either. In other words, my options are limited if I want to extend the life of my phone.


Upgrading your TV? Don't forget about the sound!

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If you're shopping for a big screen TV or looking to upgrade your existing set, but please don’t forget about the sound! Often one of the overlooked aspects of a home theatre is the sound. Everyone wants to have the biggest screen and all the features but sound is what envelopes you, it sets the mood, and it keeps the action going. Without considering how you will be getting your sound you may be missing out on more than you realize.


There's More Than One Way to Watch the Euro's!

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Remember when being away from home meant having to rely on friends or family members to tape the big game for you? And how they never seemed to record right to the end? These days there are so many ways to watch and record live sports that you’ll never have to rely on friends or family again (to tape sports, at least).



How can I view content in HD on my HDTV?

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HDTV’s are common place these days, in fact – that is all you can buy now.  But, just because you have purchased a HDTV doesn’t mean that you are watching HDTV, here are a few of the key points to keep in mind.


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