Keep your better half close using smartphone and tablet video apps

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bbmvideo.jpegMobile devices have always been focused on personal communication.  First, it was voice calling, then text messaging and then services like BBM (blackBerry Messenger) and chat using various apps. Now we're keeping in touch with video apps on tablets and smartphones.


A family that loves to play together, stays together

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rsz_pinterest_camp_fire.jpgYou’ve heard a family that plays together, stays together? Summer is the perfect time to grab hold of that old adage and bring it to life. Everyone wants to be outdoors and families are always looking for fun things to do. As far as I’m concerned, all you need are a few great games, and a few well-chosen accessories to keep you warm, comfy and bug-free, and you’re off to the races!


Create an amazing cocktail party for two for your next date night

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Couple ToastingsIt’s date night, and I want to stay in for a romantic evening. There are many things I can do to prepare and create an elegant nightlife vibe such as serving great tasting cocktails presented in stylish glassware. I’m a firm believer that drinks should be served in elegant glassware just to help set the mood right. With the right recipe and perfect presentation, I’ll be able to show off my ever-improving bartending skills, plus we will both have fun tasking some new delicious creations.


Four Office Desks That Are Fit For A President!

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office-desks.jpgIf you're in need of—or maybe just want—a great office desk for your home office, then you've certainly come to the right place! In today's blog I consider 4 excellent office desks that are fit for a President! So if this sounds like you or another member of your immediate family, then click on through and see if there's something inside that will suit your purpose. I'm betting that there will be!


BioLite ultra-portable camping gear with USB charging may blow your mind

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Camping is one of summer's best outdoor activities. The sunshine, the warmth, cooking over an open fire and sipping a glass of wine under the stars. With the right gear, like the new line of BioLite stoves and lighting, camping doesn't have to be “roughing it,” it can be a relaxing way to get outdoors, while still having some of the comforts of home: like fully charged phones, lights and cameras!


bedroom.jpgI recently put my house up for sale, and before I did, I took a good look at every single room in my house and added some spring-time touches to every corner. From fresh new paint to simple touches like a brand new duvet cover, I had a blast bringing life and colour into every room after a long winter inside. Here are just a few great ways to refresh your house for spring, from simple fixes to big changes. 




Explore ways to build a better home office

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BBY_05222015_CS.jpgTelecommuting, remote working or just plain working from home: it doesn’t matter what you call it, the trend is on the rise. To get the most out of the experience, sitting at the dining room table with a laptop won’t cut it. A properly equipped home office will maximize productivity and make for a better experience. This doesn’t just mean moving the laptop from one room to another: you need to consider everything from computer equipment and peripherals to ergonomics and networking. Read on for tips on how to build a better home office.


Shelly's Friday Favourites creates ice cold coffee drinks

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iced-coffee-recipes.jpgNo matter where you live, when warm weather comes we all start craving ice-cold beverages. For most of us, that means switching up our hot coffee for an icy cold coffee of some kind. I’m a huge fan of Starbucks Frappuccinos and I always head for those when it gets hot, but I know a lot of Tim Horton’s fans, and I was completely shocked the other day by the long line up for Tim Horton’s Iced Caps. It was 25 degrees in Vancouver and they were actually turning people away from the counter because they ran out of the popular drink.


My picks to help you get in shape for summer

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rsz_blog_fitnesssummerworkout_1.jpgWith summer almost here, there is no better time than now to shed those lingering holiday pounds. If you're lacking the motivation to whip your behind into shape, read on and discover my picks to help you get in shape for summer.


Review: Healthy Cooking with the Breville Health Smart Steamer

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Breville.jpgIf you’re at all into healthy eating, or even if you just happen to have flipped through the pages of a healthy eating magazine at some point in the past few years, you’ve likely heard all about food steamers. Because they eliminate the need to cook with oils or unnecessary additives, they’re said to be the bee’s knees when it comes to healthy cooking. So, given the fact that bathing suit season is right around the corner and I’ve recently launched myself into an epic mission to get in shape and slim down in record time, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to review the Breville Health Smart Steamer.


Review: Canary all-in-one home security system

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canary.jpgThere has always been an interesting conversation surrounding the use of in-home security cameras. The main reason people buy-in to the idea is to keep an eye on things while they’re out living their lives. However, the “big brother” feel of having a set of eyes on you when you’re at home isn’t for everyone, even if the lens itself is set to privacy mode and not actually recording. Every product has its pros and cons, so let’s take a look at the Canary all-in-one home security system and find out if it deserves that spot on your mantle.


nutella-recipes.jpgOdds are, you’ve heard of Nutella. It’s been part of some breakfast tables for years, and when I was as young as 8, I remember watching in awe as friends ate it on their toast. My mom would never let me eat Nutella for breakfast. She thought chocolate on toast was a bit much. But Nutella isn’t a ‘chocolate’ spread at all, although it really does taste like it. If you want to start experimenting with Nutella, here are a few recipes for you to try.


Hot travel items for 2015

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BBY_05082015_Travel.jpgSummer is the season of travel, and right now summer is right around the corner! Come with me on a short trip through the land of the hottest travel items for 2015. Inside you'll find laptop bags, travel accessories, and full on luggage sets for any and all manner of travel. With brands like Samsonite, Go Travel, and Swiss Gear featured, there's bound to be something for everyone! So click on through and let's get started.


A Touch of Colour

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tracy-mother-bose.jpgOn Cityline, our experts often talk about how our viewers need to take more chances with their décor, fashion and hair and beauty regimes. You will never find me purchasing a blue sofa, but I sure will cuddle up with a brightly patterned throw cushion or listen to my music blasting from a bright blue Bose. And I’m not alone.


Why upgrading your air conditioner will make you a happier person

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carrier.JPGI’m one of those people that tend to run hot. Yup, it’s true. I’m that person wearing a tank top in May when the rest of the city is clad in spring jackets. I’m that person who is lobster-red at and dripping in sweat five minutes into a cardio class at the gym while everyone else remains cool and dry. And now that spring has arrived and the sun has decided to pay us a visit once again, I am that person sweltering in an apartment that features fantastic windows; all of which face west. Needless to say, air conditioning and I are friends.


Living Lux: comfort is a worthwhile pursuit

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tracy-mother-kobo.jpgYou know how they say opposites attract? I’d say that’s definitely the case with me and my husband. He grew up Roman Catholic and has a real chip on his shoulder when it comes to doing things the easy way. He believes a dollar saved is a dollar earned (read: he’s frugal), it’s better to skimp on heat and air conditioning when possible and discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing. I disagree wholeheartedly! I like comfort. Is it so wrong to crave a good Downton Abbey binge-watching session on the lap top in 300 thread count sheets?  I think not. In fact, I think as busy moms, surrounding ourselves in comfort is a worthwhile pursuit.


Shelly's Friday Favourites goes through Disneyland withdrawal

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dolewhip.jpgIt’s been just over a month since we wound up our latest trip down the West coast to California, and since that time I’ve been pondering the very harsh reality of food cravings. It’s one thing to crave a type of food you have access to, but to crave something you can only eat at a very specific place you only visit occasionally? That’s a tough one. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you probably understand exactly what I mean, and there’s even a name for it—Disneyland withdrawal.


Camping goes low tech

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Many of us work 24/7, thanks to the endless connectivity of our smartphones. Do you want to truly relax one weekend this spring or summer? Try leaving your tech at home! Yes, some research suggests you can maximize your relaxing by unplugging from those endless little tasks like responding to texts and emails as they come in. Wondering how you'll find your campsite, and what you'll do when you get there? I have a whole gadget-free list of ways to spend your unplugged weekend! 


Why upgrading your stove will make you a happier person

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It’s pretty unbelievable how much our favourite appliances have changed over the years … Let’s take a look at the heart of the modern kitchen—the stove, and see how it’s progressed in being the powerhouse appliance that we’ve all come to love!



A brief history of mixers

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stand-mixer.jpgWe rely on, and come into contact with, so many modern conveniences on a daily basis that it is easy to lose sight of the fact that not all that long ago many of those conveniences had not yet been imagined, let alone invented. Take the electric mixer for example. Can you fathom making cookie dough or whipping cream entirely by hand? I certainly can’t. Electric mixers are a staple in almost every kitchen, but have only been around for about 100 years, and surprisingly, their history is much more interesting than you would have thought.


Get Your Sweat On

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tracy-mother-pic-fitness.jpgI love fitness. Please don’t stop reading! I’m not bragging. I’m just setting you up for the heartbreak and disappointment I felt when I had kids and realized there were zero minutes left in the day to work out. You may have come to the same conclusion. So what’s a mom to do? Get creative … fast.


Take a walk through the history of Kenwood Appliances

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kenw0od.jpgDid you know there are two Kenwood companies? The Kenwood Corporation that sells audio products, and Kenwood Limited, a company that’s been modernizing the kitchen since 1947. Kenneth Maynard Wood of Britain founded Kenwood Limited, and working from his garage, he set out to revolutionize how people perform tasks in their kitchens.


3 Ways to Make Gluten Free Pizza

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Gluten Free Pizza.jpg


Pizza is one of my favourite foods. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as after a late night of drinking. I couldn’t imagine having to give it up because of celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten or wheat. But if this applies to you, have no fear: there are ways to make non-traditional pizza crust so you can continue eating the food you love. 


Teach your kids about cyber-safety

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cyber-safety1.jpgWhen I first hopped online during University I was old enough to handle the Internet in all its glory, and I was mature enough to make decisions about where I would spend time and where I wouldn’t. Despite the fact that our kids have been online since before they can remember, they don’t have that same savvy required to always make the right decision and get themselves out of situations where they have the potential to be hurt.


Camping takes planning: how to prepare for your next family camping trip

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BBY_tent.jpgOver the past few years I’ve become a lot smarter about what to pack for a family camping weekend and what not to pack. It all comes down to planning. Take a look at some of the camping gear I bring along when I’m camping with the family.


CyberLink Unveils New Research on Radically Changing Media Consumption Habits

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As CyberLink prepared to launch the latest version of our best-selling PowerDVD software (PowerDVD 15) we noticed that the way people consume media was changing quite rapidly. Naturally we wanted to better understand the habits of our many tech savvy users so we can anticipate their needs and ensure we are always providing them with the very best software solutions. 


What is Cyber bullying and what can you do about it?

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cyber-bullying.jpgIf you’ve got kids in the school system, odds are you’re hearing a lot about bullying right now. The days when kids entering high school have to worry about getting their heads flushed or shoved into lockers has, for the most part, gone by the wayside because of teachers actively watching for physical bullying and anti-bullying campaigns. But like when you douse out a campfire and there’s a chance of a jumping embers, when you control one type of bullying a new one can crop up. I’m talking about cyber bullying or online harassment, and it’s becoming a serious problem in Canada.


Get around faster with a new ebike or scooter

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Getting around by car may be the easiest form of transportation, but it’s certainly not the most economical… especially when parking and gas is costing you an arm and a leg! Nowadays, there are plenty of options to choose from that will not only save you money and time, but also amp up the vitamin D in your daily commute. Here are a few of my favourite alternative personal transportation methods worth checking out: the electric bicycle, scooter, and unicycle.


Moving Day: tips for a smooth transition when you have small children

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Moving is always a drag. Add small kids and/or babies to the mix, and it can be even more challenging. I know, having moved twice in my son's first 3 years of liife. Here are some tips to help make the move run more smoothly with young kids in tow.


How to get out of the house (kind of) fast

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tracy-mother-pic1rev.jpgHow fast do you get out of the house when you have kids? We all know 45 minutes spent at the front door without ever crossing the threshold is not unheard of. I make a habit of getting everything ready hours before we actually have to be anywhere.  It is a feat of incredible magic and coordination to get out the door without screaming your head off, breaking a sweat or a nail or both. Here are a few suggestions that may help.


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