Spring eats and garden-ready treats: Shelly's Friday Favourites

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spring_vegetable_garden_guide_when_to_plant copy.jpg

It's spring time and it's time to shake off the winter blahs and bring some garden-fresh fruit and vegetables into your kitchen again. Here are a few of my favourite spring recipes.


Review: which Vitamix blender should you choose?

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Ivitamix-models copy.jpgf you only use your blender to make smoothies, you're missing out on so many cool recipes you can try. That's what I found out this week when I compared the Vitamix 300 to the Vitamix 500, and I made butternut squash soup and hazelnut spread in no time at all.



Best tech Mother’s Day Gifts in 2016

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MOthers Day tech gifts.jpg

The countdown is on to Mother’s Day and for the procrastinators in the crowd, panic may be starting to set in. If you haven’t picked out a gift for mom yet, no need to worry—I’ve got you covered with a collection of some of the top tech gifts of 2016 including portable music, wearables and even a new computer.


Review: Dyson V6 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

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Today I present the findings of my rescent round of experimentation with the new Dyson V6 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. Ok, it's really not as formal as all that, but I did test the dickens out of this thing, so click on through to see how it went!




Best beach BBQ's

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portable main-Optimized-1.jpg

We are well on our way to beach weather and it's time to start thinking about if you're BBQ ready for days at the beach or lake. Read on to see how you can make great meals with a portable BBQ during your summer outings this season.


10 seriously uncool Mother's Day gifts this year

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mother uncool.jpg

A few days ago, we delved into some great mother's day gift giving ideas. On the flip side, there are some terrible and very impersonal gifts you could get mom this year. With many years of previous bad gift giving, I have some advice to pass along. Please read about 10 seriously uncool Mother's Day gifts this year.


The hottest 8 deals for Mom

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The warmth of spring is coming, but don’t let the excitement of picnics and weekend vacations make you forget the most important day this season—Mother’s Day! It’s just around the corner on May 8 and Best Buy has everything you need to celebrate mom with incredible one-day deals.


Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to warm up your patio

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There is nothing better than sitting next to a fireplace on a chilly summer night. (Except maybe sitting next to a fireplace on a chilly summer night with a slice of cake, but po-tay-toh, po-tah-to.) Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to add atmosphere and warmth to any outdoor gathering, and they couldn't be easier to install than they are today. 



10 Best Mother’s Day gifts under $50

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With Mother's Day coming soon, it's a great time to start thinking about a gift she'll really enjoy.  We scoured the Best Buy website for the best gifts under $50 for mom; everything from active gear, to handbags, movies, and even home accessories, there's something in our top 10 list for every mom.


10 cool gifts for Mother's Day this year

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fitbit for mom.jpg

Did you know that Mother's Day is on May 8th this year? Check your watch or phone for the date. That's how many shopping days you still have left. Stuck on gift giving ideas? Check inside for some cool gifts to get mom this year, with some input from my wife (a techie,) my coworker (a non-techie) and a few other moms with different interests.


Best gifts for active moms

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GIfts for Active MomsMother’s Day is just around the corner. Even though we should celebrate our mom’s all the time, May 8 marks the day when they deserve a special gift. Whether you are honouring your mom, grandma, auntie, wife or someone else, here are seven great gift ideas for the active woman in your life.



Review: clean floors without lifting a finger thanks to the iRobot Braava Jet

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iRobot Bravva Jet 240 Review.jpg

After I moved to an acreage, I thought I’d have to learn to embrace the mop. Little did I know that iRobot could do all that for me, and it does it so simple and easily, you’ll never worry about cleaning your floor again.


Review: The Dyson DC66 finds dirt in even the cleanest places

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Having owned a Dyson canister vacuum for many years, I didn't think it was possible for something to perform better than the one I have. However, the DC66 outperforms it and is about half the size of DC28. Finding more dust and dirt in places after I've previously vacuumed is just the start. Read on to find more about this compact, yet powerful release from the Dyson family


Make Your Outdoor Space More Functional

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In many parts of Canada, patio season is coming fairly soon. In others (namely BC), it's already a! If you enjoy sitting out on your deck relaxing, barbecuing, shooting the breeze with friends, listening to music, or whatever, click on through for a few ideas on how to make your outdoor space more functional. With some of the ideas you'll find here drawing you outside, you may never want to enter your home again!


Best BBQs for Apartment Living

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Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to forego the pleasures of outdoor grilling. That said, when you’re working with limited space, have neighbours living in close proximity, and have a list of rental or strata rules to adhere to, your options are somewhat limited. But never fear, because that is exactly why I’ve but together this list of barbeque options for my fellow apartment dwellers.


Review: Sleep Machines

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It’s no secret that sleep plays a vital role in our overall health and well-being. In fact, studies show that ongoing sleep deficiency can raise our risk for some chronic health problems, and affect how well we react, work, learn, and get along with others. Needless to say, a good night’s sleep isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity. So if you are like me and 75% of other Canadians who struggle to get some ZZZ’s, one of these three products might be just what you need.


Dishwashers explained: how to load your dishwasher

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loading a dishwasher.jpgEveryone loads their dishwasher differently, but there's a set way you can load your dishwasher to get the cleanest dishes. Here's how to load your dishwasher for sparkling dishes every time.


Easy and delicious summer salads: This week on Shelly's Friday Favourites

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With warmer spring and summer days, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking big meals? One way to make quick, light and delicious meals is to make salads into a meal. Here are some great recipes to please even the picky eaters in your home.


Patio heaters designed for every style of patio

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patio-heaters.jpgThe thing about Canadian summers is that, for most us, the heat doesn’t really hold. Our summers last from June through August, and at the end of each day, Canada takes a minute to remind us that we’re really just a chilly iceberg pretending to be cozy and warm for the day! That's why patio heaters are so important, and here are a few different kinds you can use to cozy up this spring and summer.




New Baby Gear in April

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Baby gear is always evolving, getting trendier, safer, and much more sophisticated to match the needs of today's parents. Check out some new baby gear that's coming this month.


3 Easy-as BBQ Recipes to kick off Spring

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bbq1-Optimized.jpgSummer is just around the corner, and with this amazing weather it feels like it's already here. I know that I've already started BBQ'ing, mainly because it makes meal times so easy and there's little clean up involved after. Read on for some great BBQ recipes that you should try out this summer.



Warm weather means patio season, and patio season means you need to mix up a batch of ice cold summer beverages for friends. Here are 6 recipes you can make to kick off patio season 2016.


Getting ready for your new appliances

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Picking out new appliances for your home is alot of fun, and it's incredibly exciting when delivery day finally comes. Here's everything you need to know to get ready for your new appliances.


How to create an Instagram-worthy patio

by Blogger on ‎04-06-2016 12:19 AM

If a patio is created and no one posts about it on Instagram, does it even exist at all? That’s one question that I’d love to be able to answer for you, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to test any theories. If I’m on a patio, my compulsive need to Instagram it is going to win over every single time.




After another seemingly endless Canadian winter, spring has finally sprung! That means that now is the perfect time to get ready for BBQ season by honing your grilling skills. If you’re new to barbequing, you’ll want the right tools and accessories, and if you’re a little more seasoned, you’ll want to try a few no-fail recipes. Regardless of your skill level, I’ve got you covered with some tips that will have you grilling up a storm in no time.



Bet you didn't know Best Buy sells Telescopes

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Did you know that Best Buy carries Telescopes? If not, you might want to read today's blog. It's not just about the fact that Best Buy sells these amazing devices, but it also provides some important background info for anyone thinking of getting one.


iFit - The new Running Technology

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Never before has fitness been so influenced by and connected to technology. From fitness trackers to heart rate monitors to apps galore, there’s no shortage of tools available to help you sweat your way to your best self. But what if I told you there was a new virtual simulator service you can use with certain brands of cardio equipment that will take your workout to the next level? Well there is. It’s called iFit and it is all sorts of awesome.


QardioArm blood pressure monitor and QardioBase smart scale review

by Blogger on ‎03-31-2016 11:07 PM - last edited on ‎04-01-2016 10:05 AM by Editor in Chief

Know thyself. That’s what the Oracle said to Neo in The Matrix; it’s a ancient Greek saying that was originally written on the temple of Apollo at Delphi. The spirit of those words has given way to a more literal reality: we can know ourselves inside and out better than we ever have before. I’ve spent the last four years using data gathering devices like my FitBit and Apple Watch wearables, and my FitBit Aria scale, to know the inner me–literally. Today we’re looking at two products from Cardio that are a step up from anything I’ve used before. I like them a lot. Read on to find out why.


What's new at Best Buy for April?

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April is finally, finally here. Although it felt like March would never end, we've made it to the end of it and it's time to open the door to the sunshine and all of the great new tech and home products available on Best Buy right now.


Review: T-Fal 25-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

by Blogger ‎03-30-2016 02:20 PM - edited ‎03-30-2016 06:00 PM

Pressure cookers used to do one thing and one thing only–cook food under pressure. These days, however, most pressure cookers are multi-function kitchen appliances that allow you to do everything from sauté to stew to steam and, of course, pressure cook. I had never used a pressure cooker before so was excited to exercise my culinary chops by testing the T-Fal 25-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker. Here’s how it fared in my book.



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