Spinach_Lasagna.jpgIt’s Easter weekend, and although it might not really feel like spring in Canada the spring activities are kicking into high gear all over the country. Softball, soccer, and other sports are all starting up again after a long winter, and between work, commuting, and all of the household fun that goes into weeknight life you’ll have less time than ever to put together dinner.


That’s why you need easy dinner recipes, and it makes it even easier if those dinner recipes come packaged with an appetizer, main course, and desert. After all, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat like you have all the time in the world.


Discover the sleep you've been missing with Sealy Brand mattresses!

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Sealy mattress.jpgThe average human spends 1/3 of their lives sleeping so it’s important to find the perfect, individualized mattress for you. Here is an overview of the Sealy brand and some of the great features these mattresses have to ensure that you consistently have a comfortable and restful sleep!


Reach your fitness goals with the Garmin vivofit

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Garmin-fitness-band.jpgIn the past year the wearable tech market has really exploded. From Bluetooth rings to Smart Eyelashes we’ve seen them all, but there’s nowhere it’s been more dominant than in the fitness category. To improve your heath and keep yourself accountable, you just can’t go wrong with a fitness band, and the latest band out of Garmin will track to improve your sleep and monitor your heart during fitness activities too.


Garmin has entered the fitness ring with the Garmin vivofit, hitting shelves soon at Best Buy.


Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Week Night Pasta Recipes

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pasta_recipes.jpgBusy weeknights and casual weekends – these are the times when pasta recipes really come in handy. Even if you’re watching what you eat, pasta is a great go-to dish for anyone because it’s versatile, easy to prepare, and almost everyone loves it.


Update your kitchen colors this spring

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aqua-kitchen-with-red.jpgAfter a long, grey winter, I’d say it’s high time we started seeing some color again. You can liven up your house by adding a bunch of tulips or daffodils, change up your throw pillows, or swap out your duvet for something more ‘spring-ish,’ but the single best way to breath life back into a house that’s been asleep for the winter is to update your kitchen colors.


Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Pasta Salad Recipes

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pasta-salad-recipes.JPGPasta salad – it’s just one of those things that fits in with everything. Summer BBQ in the backyard? Pasta salad goes great with steak, chicken, or veggie burgers. Having a formal dinner for friends? Pasta salad can fit right in with some of the main courses you toil for hours over.  At my house it’s practically expected that I make a side pasta salad for a roast chicken, and I always whip it out for the official Canadian kick off for summer on July 1st.


NEW Nardi Outdoor Furniture – Durability with Style!

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nardi lounger.PNG



It‘s that time of year again when your thoughts turn to your outdoor space, thinking about entertaining in the back yard, only to realize that your outdoor furniture did not respond well to old man winter.  Rust and mildew have taken their toll.  The cure for this ongoing replacement of seasonal outdoor furnishings is to invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time and weather. In comes Nardi (coming soon to Best Buy).


Review: Fat tire fun with the Surface 604 Element All Terrain Electric Bike

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surface604_05_1200.jpgThere are two things you need to know about Fat Tire Electric Bikes – one, they’re unlike any bike you’ve ever ridden before and two, they’re so fun they’ll make you forget about every other bike you’ve got in your garage. I’d go as far as saying you’ll be hooked on Fat Bikes with just one ride – at least that’s what I discovered when I toured the Surface 604 factory and rolled away on a Surface 604 Element Electric Bike myself.


Kitchen assistants for a great Easter dinner

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Easter_Dinner.jpgEaster dinner celebrates an important religious holiday but also the end of winter.


Whatever your family traditions, Easter dinner is a time to spend with family and friends.


Here are some great kitchen assistants to help you prepare your dinner. (Drop some hints with the Easter Bunny for these)


Happy Easter!


Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Potato Salad, macaroni salad and more

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potato_salad.jpgFor many of us, salad is what’s for dinner. It’s not a side dish that goes with something heavier, it’s the actual meal itself. Just start with your basic green leaf, add some protein, toss with dressing and you have an instant, filling dinner.


Thankfully having a salad for dinner is not something you can easily get bored of, and that’s because there are so many different types of salads, salad recipes, and salad dressing recipes to try.




Create the perfect home office space for her

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female home office.jpgEarlier this week I provided ideas for creating a man-friendly home office, but now it's your turn ladies!  Below are some great ideas to create a delicate, feminine home office.


Spring Cleaning Made Easy

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spring.jpgIt’s officially spring, and that means it’s time to reorganize the closets, get rid of the dust bunnies from beneath the beds, and maybe even wash the windows. That’s right, I’m talking about spring-cleaning. If you’re anything like me, you’re excited about the prospect of spending a weekend cleaning nooks and crannies; if not, don't worry! Best Buy has all the cleaning tools and products you need to make your spring-cleaning as easy and painless as possible.


So let’s start with the walls and work our way down! 


Create the perfect for home office space for him

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office 2.jpgThough both men and women want the same things out a home office, the way they would design the office would most likely be entirely different. Here are some great man-friendly ideas for creating a stylish and professional home office!


5 reasons to pick up an electronic bicycle right now

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electronic-bicycle.jpgMaybe you’ve seen people commuting in the bike lane on them, or you’ve watched someone effortlessly cruise up a crazy hill and you wondered exactly what they were riding – for most people, one chance encounter of watching someone cruise on an e-bike is enough to get them to put it on their ‘to-do’ list, and one ride is all it takes to hook you forever.


Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Greek Salad Recipes

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spicy-greek-chicken-salad.jpgIf you’re thinking spring you’re probably also thinking about eating lighter. Maybe the weather hasn’t got the memo yet, but it’s high time to usher out the hot chocolate and warm cookies for light dishes like Greek salad.


Is the best juicer for you a slow, high speed or whole food juicer?

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best-juicer-for-you.jpgJuicing has been around for a long time, but people really only started to sit up and take notice of it in the past year or two. With the release of documentaries like “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead” and a recommendation by Dr.Oz, juicing is fast becoming a way of life for everyone from young parents trying to incorporate all food groups into the diets of fussy young eaters, athletes who want an all-natural energy boost, or people who just want to have a balanced diet.


Pick up some weekend fun with a Gio power toy

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gio scooter.jpgEvery once in awhile I see something that brings the kid out in me – poprocks and gold rush candy, plush stuffies, and Lego are just a few of my favourite things, but nothing makes me want to gear up and get outside to play more than a power toy.


The good news is that Gio has an amazing lineup of electric scooters and electric bikes that are fun, fun, fun, for both you and your kids, and they’re now available on Bestbuy.ca. Just in time too, because spring and summer are right around the corner.


Shelly's Friday Favourites - Quinoa Salad Recipes everyone will love

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Quinoa-salad.jpgWhere I grew up, we didn’t have ‘food trends.’ Everything we ate was simple, basic, and comfortable – from roast beef and mashed potatoes to chili and mashed potatoes. If we were going to spice things up, maybe we’d have spaghetti or pizza.


So imagine my surprise when the person who did all of the cooking during my formative years, the woman who actually served me lasagna and mashed potatoes (I’m not joking), called me up and started talking to me about quinoa. And she wasn’t just calling for a definition of what quinoa is either - she was talking about her long list of personal quinoa salad recipes. I almost dropped the phone in shock. After all, quinoa doesn’t include ground beef or mashed potatoes in the ingredient list, so this was quite a detour.


Space saving home offices

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homeoffice-2.jpgI’m one of those people that like to pack the most amount of living into the least amount of space. By that I mean that I like to have all of the areas I need - corner library, play area, and even my home office, all set up on my main floor so everything is accessible.


Not every home office has to be a full room full of furniture, shelves, and filing cabinets. Some of the best home offices are simple, stylish, and compact. Here are some solutions for creating a great home office without taking up a ton of space.



Top 5 Essentials for Creating a New Home Office

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homeoffice.jpgOver the past thirty years, the concept of “work” has changed dramatically. With the advent of email, the Internet, cell phones, texting, and teleconferencing, the need to get up at the crack of dawn, throw on a suit, and commute an hour to spend the day behind a desk in an office building is slowly giving way to flex time and telecommuting. In fact, the majority of those in the professional services spend at least some of their time working from home.


Throw in those among us who are self-employed, consult or freelance on the side, or who are writing the next best selling novel, and the need for a home office environment that is conducive to productivity is greater than ever.


But what makes a suitable and functional home office? Take away the bells and whistles like files, label makers, and fancy desktop accessories, and an efficient home office can be broken down into five key essentials. 


Jump into spring with a new clock for Daylight Savings

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Marathon-Jumbo-Digital-Clock.jpgDaylight savings starts this Sunday, March 9. It means jumping ahead one hour to enjoy longer days of summer and signals the end of rising to work in the dark.


Why not celebrate this new time frame with a new clock? Today's clocks have self adjusting features so you don't have to worry about setting the right time.They are also a great way to add a personal touch of style.


Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Survive Daylight Savings Time

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Daylight-Saving-Time.jpgThe switch to Daylight Savings time is upon us again, and as of 2 am Sunday, March 9th, we’ll be springing forward by 60 minutes. Not all of Canada participates in the Daylight Savings ritual, with Saskatchewan being the main exception as they observe Central Standard Time all year round.


Some people don't notice the switch all that much, others will flat out tell you 'It sucks.' It doesn't matter which camp you're in, because it's coming whether we like it or not. So how do you survive the transition to Daylight Saving time?


Shelly’s Friday Favourites – Oscar party treats

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Oscars-theme-party-treats.jpgI don’t know about you, but there is only one award show I look forward to every single year. The Academy Awards make me transition from someone who watches TV in snippets while picking up stuff or folding clothes to a person who is completely focused on what’s unfolding on the screen.


I love movies, and that includes everything from old movies based in the 1930’s to new movies tricked out with CGI. I love actors and actresses, from Carole Lombard to Robert Downey Jr., and if there is a movie on my TV at any point, I’ll watch it. I might not sit down while I watch it, but I’m still see it with at least half an eye.


That’s why the Academy Awards appeals so strongly  – where else can you get a taste of the glamour, mystery, and magic of the movies while still sitting on your comfortable couch?


How to Choose the Best TV Viewing Distance

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viewing distance.png


When it comes to getting a brand spanking new TV for the home, size is always one of top decision-making factors. Naturally, we all want the biggest, best TV money can buy. But you also need to be cognizant of what size will make the most sense for the room. And sometimes, that might mean scaling down your ambitions a bit; or conversely, looking at a TV bigger than what you intended.



Introducing the new Samsung Gear Fit

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gearfit1.jpgLive from Barcelona, the Samsung #UNPACKED5 press conference was expected to and did reveal the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Packed with features, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 also came with the reveal of a few new creative devices Samsung developed to pair with and expand on the capabilities of the newest smartphone, and all eyes were on the latest fitness tracker to hit the market – the Samsung Gear Fit.


make-cinnabon-at-home.jpgI love to eat in restaurants, and I seem to love to eat in them more in the winter months when the weather is gloomy. There is always tons of cozy, comfort food choices on the menu, and spending a few hours out of the house can really brighten up a chilly day.


But what do you do when you’ve got a craving for something you’ve only had off a menu but don’t have the option of going out?  That’s where copykat recipes come in.


February is Bedroom Month - Create a Great Kid's Bedroom

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Loft-Girls.jpgA child’s bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep after a long day of school and play. It’s a place where imaginations grow. It’s a place to do homework, slay dragons, and dress teddy bears. It’s where games are played, sleepovers are hosted, and books are read. It’s a child’s own little haven in a grown-up world. So it goes without saying that making this space as awesome as possible for the mini-me in your life is pretty important. But where to start? Here are some tips and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


February is Bedroom Month: Create the perfect master bedroom

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bedroom.jpgCreate a stylish and relaxing master bedroom with some of our high quality bedroom furniture!


Choosing an Espresso Machine – What You Need to Know

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cup.jpgLike millions of other Canadians, I’m a huge fan of coffee. During the week, I tend to stick to my medium roast blend, brewed at home and then toted to the office in one of my many coffee tumblers, but on the weekends I skip the home brew in favour of a fancier caffeinated beverage prepared by the talented baristas at my local coffee shop.


Recently, however, I sat down and added up how much I spend on these fancy caffeinated concoctions on a monthly basis and realized that it was time to invest in my very own espresso machine. The problem? I knew nothing about espresso machines, so I did some research. Here are some of my findings that may come in handy should you choose to become an at-home barista yourself! 


Shelly’s Friday Favourites - Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Night In

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strawberries.jpgDon’t get me wrong, I like going out for dinner just as much as the next girl. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, heading out to a busy restaurant isn’t my idea of a good time. Not only are they usually expensive, the atmosphere can be a little stressful with the crowds.


This Valentine’s Day why not do something a little different – stay in, prepare a good meal, and enjoy the peace and quiet. And guys, if you’re doing the cooking, you’ll score major points with your Valentine this year.


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