Review: Insignia 11.6-inch Flex Windows Tablet

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The very form factor of a 2-in-1 convertible tablet lends the impression that it can do everything a laptop can do. It looks like one, after all, so it’s an easy correlation to make, but not all convertibles are made equal. The Insignia 11.6-inch Flex Windows Tablet is less of an outright replacement, and more a device that can step in for certain tasks. Keeping things in perspective is probably the best way to look at a unit like this.


Insignia pocket projector review

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DSC02930 copy.jpgProjectors have been around for decades, but as technology progresses, they just keep getting cooler and cooler. Gone are the days of the old classroom slide projectors (remember those things?) and stop-motion reels, and here to stay are digital projectors... Which just keep getting smaller and smaller!



Learn about the new 4K Insignia Roku TVs available at Best Buy

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While Roku and Insignia have been collaborating on TVs for some time, the addition of a 4K TV to their shared stable is huge, and the sets will only be available at Best Buy.


Quite simply put: Watching BluRays and DVDs on your PlayStation 4 can be frustrating at best. You have to memorize a weird button structure, and then it's tough to scan or find menus. You almost feel like you need a remote control, right?  Thankfully, Insignia is here to the rescue with their PS4 remote, a simple (and inexpensive) way to watch movies and more.  Come take a look.


Highest Rated TVs for 2014 (so far!)

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As a person who regularly reviews products, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am a big fan of reviews. And I don’t mean my reviews, but from consumers that have bought the product, used it for a while and discovered the nuances about it, both good and bad. I would never buy a product unless I read quite a number of reviews about it as nothing can replace that user experience and associated perspective. So what I thought I would do is provide you a summary of what I found to the be top 5 best rated TVs, purely based on customer ratings and share some of their reviews.


How to set up your dorm room - what electronics you need to consider!

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Dorm rooms are very tight spaces so it is important to not only figure out the essentials of what to bring, but also find space-saving versions of those essentials. I am not qualified to talk about linens, clothes, furniture and the like, but I can give you some ideas on what electronics to be considering, and some pretty good choices.



I chose to review this Insignia 40” HDTV because it is one of the first DLED (Direct Lit LED) TV’s I have seen. So before I talk about the Insignia 40” DLED HDTV, I will explain what direct-lit compared to the other types of LED so you know what you are buying. This is a good TV for the price as it is one of the least expensive 40” 1080p HDTV’s you can buy, and a part of the reason is because of DLED.


How do Best Buy Brand TV’s Compare to the Big Brands?

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When it comes to the world of TVs there are a handful of brands that lead the pack; namely Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp. However, there are a couple of less known brands that are worth consideration if you are in the market for a new, fancy, schmancy piece of technology. Exclusive to Best Buy, Insignia and DynexTVs offer a great value for those that are open to breaking away from the pack. 


Review: Insignia Boombox and Rocketfish SPANS Wireless Speakers

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I was given the opportunity to test out two speakers, the Insignia Boombox and the Rocketfish SPANS Wireless Speaker - Best Buy’s own brand of audio products!


A TV for any room

by TechLinz The Captain on ‎09-08-2012 07:35 PM - last edited on ‎04-03-2013 11:49 AM by Epic Genius

When it comes to watching television, a TV in the living room is just the beginning. Having a big 50 inch screen is great for watching your favourite shows and movies while gathered in the living room with family or friends. But why not enjoy your favorite content in a different area of the house as well? 


Review: Insignia Speaker Bar (NS-SB212) – Enhance your TV

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Most TVs have decent speakers in them these days, but they are relatively uni-dimensional.  What I mean by that is they sound the same for every program you watch. Well if you want to find a simple way to enhance the sound for your TV viewing experience, adding Insignia's Speaker Bar could well be the answer.


Portable DVD Players: Backseat Road Trip Essentials

by TechLinz The Captain on ‎05-21-2011 10:40 AM - last edited on ‎12-10-2012 12:59 PM by Blogger

The daffodils are gone, and the last of the tulips are fading away. Summer is almost upon us. Like most Canadians, I take part in a traditional road trip getaway every summer. There’s nothing like seeing our beautiful country from the roadside.


Your ideal road trip might be as simple as an afternoon drive up to the family cottage, or an all out two-week adventure across Canada. Whatever your plans, be sure to make the most of your vacation time while on the road with a few must-have road trip tech accessories. I’m dedicating this week's blog posts to "must have techy toys for the road"!


Make your DVDs look better – who knew?!

by The Bestower MelGrant The Bestower on ‎10-01-2010 04:16 PM - last edited on ‎12-10-2012 12:59 PM by Blogger

I think I already mentioned my family and I are spending more time buying and watching DVDs these days and let's just say our current player is far from spesh. In fact it also doubles as our CD player. At the time of purchase however, we felt our cash was better spent on a kick ass audio and speaker system therefore, it hasn't really been an issue until now. So with our new habits in mind, I felt it time to investigate an upgrade and was quite surprised at what I found...


The Perfect Summer Playlist

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Now, my favourite places to listen to my summer playlists are at the beach or at a park, but because of this, choosing the songs can be tricky.  I love rap as much as the next person to get me in the summer party mood, but over the years I’ve realized it’s not the best for the public, family beach setting.  So here are a few suggestions of some more crowd friendly songs to blare as loud as you want when the sun finally decides to come out and play!


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