Easily move your work between your iPad and a Mac

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In the old days (2010), sharing work between an iPad and a Mac required a bit of ingenuity. Today, Apple and software developers like Microsoft have embraced the concept of sharing files between multiple devices. Here are some of the easiest ways to move your work between your iPad and a Mac so you can pick up where you left off, no matter which device you’re using at the moment.


Review: LG G Pad III sticks to the basics

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Finding a tablet that doesn’t do it all is easier than one that does, and it’s clear early on that the LG G Pad III falls under the former camp because it isn’t designed to perform like a premium device would. With that in mind, and the interesting inclusion of a blue light screen filter to go easier on the eyes, this is a tablet worth considering if you want to keep usage light.


Review: Logitech CREATE for iPad Pro 9.7

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The 9.7-inch iPad Pro elevates the tablet game with desktop-class specs. With Logitech's Create keyboard case, the iPad Pro transforms into a handy 2-in-1 device for content creation, school, work and travel. Here's a deeper look at the Logitech CREATE.


Best thing to read at the beach: your e-book!

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Who doesn’t love lounging on the beach, reclining by the pool or sitting on the deck reading a book in the summer sun? E-books make the experience even better, but only if you do it the right way. Don’t risk expensive damage or torture your eyes with a smartphone or tablet, use a dedicated e-reader instead and make the most of the reading opportunity.


Top 5 tablets that do everything a laptop can do

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Tablets are computers, but they aren’t necessarily the same as full-fledged laptops or desktops that offer the full breadth in hardware and software. That paradigm is slowly shifting, now that some tablets are being designed as full-on laptop replacements capable of creating content in much the same way. There are five tablets that do stand out in that regard, with promising abilities to help boost productivity, while shedding weight.  


What is a campus ready tablet?

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How useful is a tablet when it comes to getting things done on campus? That may depend on what your needs are, but as tablet utility and functionality continues to grow and improve, a case can be made that having the right one can be vital to your overall productivity at school. The question is: are you in need of a laptop replacement or a situational substitute?  


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The minivan was a big win for families undertaking the annual summer vacation road trip. A close second place is a heck of a lot cheaper: the tablet. Here are five ways a tablet can save your sanity on a summer vacation road trip.


Multiple monitors on the cheap: how to use your tablet for a second screen

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Looking for a way to add a second display to your PC without blowing your budget? If you have a tablet you can use it to get the second screen advantage while saving space and money.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review: Still the Best Professional Tablet

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It’s hard to believe, but Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is in its fourth generation. I spent a week test driving the Surface Pro 4 and despite being an iPad guy, this is the tablet I’d buy if I wanted a 2-in-1 device to replace my laptop.


5 Gifts so good Dad will wish every day was Father’s Day!

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We're in the final stretch run to Father's Day and it's time to think about what you're getting your dad or grandfather! What does dad need? Here are a few suggestions that'll get dad so excited that he'll wish every day was Father's Day! From sports tracking to fitness tracking and even virtual reality, here are a few things to get dad excited and set for the year ahead.


Now is the Perfect Time to Gift a Grad a Tablet

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MSCA-Sale-Mod-F-Surface-Grad2016-desktop.jpgThey did the work, got the grades, and walked down the aisle to receive their diplomas: Your grad has earned an upgrade to their digital life, and a tablet is the perfect gift. But which one is the right one? And what accessories are essential to get the most out of the experience?





Hacking into mobile accounts is all over the news these days, with either cyber criminals compromising consumer data, or the FBI wanting to break into criminals’ phones for evidence. Security is on everyone’s minds and you should be thinking about it, too. Your first line of defence for any mobile account, of course, is a solid and strong password. So, stop using “password” or your cat’s name, and read on for a few tips for creating the best password for your mobile accounts.


A Tablet Buyer’s Guide Using Four Essential Questions

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header.jpgThinking about buying a tablet and wondering where to start? Before you start researching specs and prices, answer these four simple questions to get a better idea of what tablet might be best for you.



10 unique accessories for your Apple devices

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If you have an Apple device, then you likely already know that the bevy of accessories available to you can truly enhance the user experience. Whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, choices are abundant, and those with real functional value are probably the ones that will have the most lasting impact. Each product in this list falls well into that category.


Keep your New Years Resolution to Embrace Technology

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Every year the tech market continues to bring out new products aimed to improve and streamline our lives…but are you taking advantage of it? Make 2016 the year that you use what’s available to you and bring technology into every aspect of your life.


Microsoft makes three of the hottest convertible laptop/tablet hybrids in the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. In fact, with these devices Microsoft transformed from a software and services company to a full-fledged PC manufacturer. They all share the “Surface” designation, but each of these three hybrids is a very different device with a different target user. Here’s what you need to know about the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.


Buying the right tablet for your loved one

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Buying a tablet for someone is one of those functional gifts that should get great mileage and plenty of use. There are more than a few to choose from, so weaving through the 150 models and options available at Best Buy requires thought and research to get the right fit. This isn’t as hard as it sounds, and you can look like a genius once the gift-giving starts.


5 options for the e-book lover

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Got a book lover on your shopping list? If they haven’t yet made the leap to digital (or if they own an early generation device), now is the perfect time to get them a gift they’ll love. An e-reader or tablet lets them carry their entire library around with them, buy e-books on demand and free up those bookshelves for storage space. Here’s what you need to know about e-reader, tablets and five choices that would be perfect for the e-book lover.


Fashionable tablet cases by Kate and Jack Spade

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DSC00671 sq.jpgLast month on the Plug-In Blog, I had the chance to chat about my 10 top fashionable smartphone cases for him & her. (If you're looking for last-minute gift ideas or stocking stuffers, definitely check out that article!) Smartphones, however, aren't the only thing that do well when covered in a dashing new case!


iPad Pro Accessories Roundup

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iPad Pro is the latest evolution of the iOS tablet,and really comes into its own as a supersized content consumption and productivity tool when working with some of these cool accessories.


Review: Adonit makes styli cool and precise on tablets

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Now that Apple is putting out its own Pencil stylus for the iPad, it lends further credence to the idea of using a stylus to write or jot something down. Adonit has built its reputation over the last few years on crafting styli that look good, feel comfortable and perform with aplomb. There are now four different versions available, and they are universal, meaning you can use them on any iOS, Android or Windows tablet.


What you can do to make use of an older tablet

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Tablets can be very fun devices to have for everything they do. They don’t necessarily have the same short shelf life smartphones do, but after moving on to a new tablet, there are a number of ways to get more life out of an older one. You could certainly look to sell it, trade it in or hand it down to someone else. Or you could put it to work in some other useful ways.


Options for low cost portable gaming

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One of our readers posted a question in the Plug-in forum, looking for advice on an affordable laptop or tablet for playing Minecraft. Beside showcasing what a great resource the forums are, that question reflects a buying decision that many parents are facing as we head into the holiday season. What options are there for low cost gaming?


What is the best tablet to give to the women in your life?

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Without the complication of having to choose data and voice-plans, today's tablets still offer many of the features and benefits of popular smartphones, while having the advantage of larger displays, connected keyboard accessories, and a range of functionality. This makes tablets some of the best gifts for the women in your life.


Get sports info anywhere and everywhere

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The Toronto Blue Jays may be winning and poised to make things interesting this fall, but sports always kick into high gear with the other major pro leagues getting underway while the leaves fall. Watching the big games or catching up on highlights has never been easier with the unfettered access currently made possible by streaming services and apps delivering the content to mobile devices and streaming TV boxes.


Why would anyone want a super-sized tablet?

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After a few years where tablet makers raced to get smaller products such as the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini out the door, these days the industry seems focused on getting bigger. Microsoft has been making waves with the Surface Pro and one of the big announcements Apple made in September was the arrival of a long-rumoured—and very large—iPad Pro. But if the appeal of tablets is their portability, why would anyone want a super-sized version of the device? I’ve had the opportunity use many of these big tablets over the past year or so and I can see why they’re growing in popularity.


BLOK by Logi iPad Case review

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Logitech has designed the ultimate protection-first series of iPad cases and shells. Here’s what you need to know about the Shell, Case and Keyboard cases.


Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

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Android tablets come in varying sizes from various manufacturers, though not all stand out in the crowd. Samsung has tried to push the notion that an Android tablet can be as refined and powerful as anything the competition has to offer. The Galaxy Tab S2 is the company’s elite tablet, designed to do everything you would expect of such a device. So, how well does it deliver?


Surface 3 review: Microsoft’s affordable 2-in1 gets even better with Windows 10

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I had the chance to use a Surface Pro 3 at a launch event, but I haven’t spent any extended time with any of Microsoft’s tablets since a Surface 2 back in 2013. Microsoft recently sent me a new Surface 3 to try out for a long term review and I came away impressed with how these devices are evolving. And the experience got even better once I’d updated the loaner to Windows 10.


Using a tablet to get things done doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as the right tools are available to make the job or task easier. Those who have to write a lot, be it for school, work or hobby, likely appreciate the versatility and power of a tablet. With the ideal accessories in place, there are some quality apps to make the writing process more seamless.


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