Review: Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earbuds

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Jaybird’s X2 Bluetooth Wireless earbuds have been a top choice for fitness enthusiasts, and for good reason. No wires connecting to your mobile device, excellent fit, sweat-proof design, decent battery life and high quality sound. The new Jaybird Freedom earbuds take the X2’s best features to the next level, with a new micro size metal design for improved fit and sound, and a clip-on external battery for 8-hours of use between charges.


Hit the Ground Running

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Everyone can use a helping hand when trying to stick to health goals. It might be easy for the first week, but we all know it quickly becomes a daily uphill battle to stay motivated and on track. So make completing your daily fitness and dietary goals as easy as possible with some of these products.


Celebrate Bob Marley's birthday with House of Marley audio gear

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February 6 is the birthday of one of the musical greats, Bob Marley. In celebration of the reggae star's birthday, here’s a sneak peek at new House of Marley speakers and audio gear on display at CES 2016, courtesy of Best Buy’s Elliot Chun.


There are a lot of over-ear and in-ear musical listening options out there. What separates them all are the features they provide and the overall musical and construction quality. Sennheiser is pretty reliable when it comes to quality audio products and they've specialized their Momentum line toward the type of device you have (Android or iOS.) Let's take a look at how these stack up against the competition!


Review: Bose® SoundTrue® around-ear headphones II

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Bose® is well known for its industry innovations and reputation for delivering high quality products with superior sound quality, so needless to say, I was pretty excited when I was asked to review the Bose® SoundTrue® around-ear headphones II. So, how'd they do? Pretty great! 


Review: Sennheiser Urbanite XL easily blends comfort and quality

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Sennheiser is typically a name you associate with high quality audio. The original Urbanite headphones measured up very well and its expected that its XL counterpart will do just as well, if not better. With a comfortable feel and dynamic audio output, the Urbanite XL might just be what you're looking for.


If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones on a budget, wired or wireless you owe it to yourself to take a look at the Jabra Move wireless headphones. They’ve got tremendous build quality, they sound fantastic, and they’re wallet friendly. Whether you’re tired of wires getting in the way while working out or anything else, these headphones ought to be a great option.


Review: Marley Get Together Speaker

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Are you a music lover looking for a new summer speaker? The House of Marley Get Together Speaker might be what you’re wanting!


The Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman is an audio player for the true music lover

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Retro name. New and improved technology. Introducing the Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman.       


Top 5 sport headphones, as rated by Best Buy customers

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Here are the top 5 sport headphones currently on the market based on customer reviews from consumers like you!


Great sound at a great price point: The Logiix Blue Piston Wireless Speaker

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The Logiix Blue Piston is a small, compact wireless speaker with a great sound quality at an even better price point!


Review: Is the Force with SMS Street by 50's new Star Wars Headphones?

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A welcome addition to the "Street by 50" line of SMS' High Quality headphones, Star Wars makes its debut, and now, you can bring the entire first series home via  Come take a closer look at look and feel of a couple of the styles and get yourself accustomed to the features of these lightweight, collapsible headphones!


Improve your Gaming with Skullcandy Headphones - Review

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I've said it before, I'll say it again, I am a headphone convert.  Gone are the days when I slap any old thing over my ears and call that a listening experience. For the person who games or consumes other media on their consoles or PC's, features like surround sound and wireless, quick access to a mic, or simply, a next level sound quality for whatever you're watching or listening to, can make a big difference.I took a look at three of Skullcandy's offerings in the Gaming Headphone market and the results were positive indeed.


Sweat it out with Monster ADIDAS Sound Isolating Headphones!

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Monster and Adidas have paired up to bring you a pair of in-ear and over-ear sport headphones that are guaranteed to be the perfect summer workout buddy! 


Review: Altec Lansing Bluetooth Portable Speakers

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Never be without your music with Altec Lansing Bluetooth Portable Speakers!


Review: Parrot Zik Over-Ear Headphones

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Parrot Zik Headphones have been deemed some of the most advanced, most functional headphones on the planet.  Featuring full touch functionality, easy setup, built in microphones to answer phone calls and a simple yet sleek look, the Parrot Zik is attempting to enter a class of its own in everyday headphone use, albeit at a higher price point for headphones.  Is it worth the price though?  Click below to read a review of this unique pair of headphones.


Sennheisser HD 280 PRO - Headphones for Critical Listening

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There is very little to find wrong with this pair of headphones. Released over 10 years ago, they continue to be touted as the “best bang for the buck” in their price-range. The HD 280 PRO’s are very comfortable to wear – even for long periods – and did not disappoint when put through casual and critical listening tests.


Review: Sony 4GB 3-in-1 Wireless Walkman

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When I hear “Sony Walkman” I immediately travel back in time to the late 1980’s when I, like any other self-respecting pre-teen, would listen to the hits of the day on my yellow, plastic, waterproof Sony Walkman. It was portable, super cool, fit perfectly in my pink nylon fanny pack, and allowed me to listen to the Dirty Dancing cassette tape over and over and over again without getting any derisive looks from my parents or older brother.


Well, the Walkman has come a long way. Twenty-five years later, Sony has launched a next generation Walkman – the Sony 4GB 3-in-1 Wireless Music Player (NWZ-WH303), and I recently had the chance to take it for a spin. 


Introducing Eckō Unltd Audio Gear

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What’s the deal with Eckō Unltd? Isn’t it a designer clothing brand, an urban lifestyle fashion label associated with hip-hop, skateboards and extreme sports? Yes it is. But it’s also a lot more. Founded by Marc Eckō in 1993, the company was launched with “a dream, a few blank T-shirts and a couple cans of spray paint.” Since those humble beginnings, Eckō Unltd has branched out to become involved in the music industry (designer of the logo for Sony’s Epic Street label), movies (clothing designer for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World), video games, magazine publishing, TV and even mixed martial arts. Given Eckō Unltd’s association with just about every part of youth culture, it’s probably not a shock to learn the same company behind rapper 50-Cent’s G-Unit clothing also has its own line of consumer electronics. You can find a wide range of Eckō Unltd audio products at Best Buy, including the headphones and portable wireless speaker (shaped like spray paint can, naturally) I just wrapped up testing. If you haven't heard of Eckō Unltd, here's what you can expect.


Review: Monster iSport Headphones for Athletes

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Anyone who makes sports and athletics a part of their life understands that not all headphones are created equal. When you’re running, jumping, hiking, racketing, rowing, or engaging in any other physical activity, your requirements are simple – you want sweat-proof headphones that deliver quality sound and in-ear staying power, which are the same criteria on which Monster’s line of iSport® headphones are based.


Last week, I tested three different models from the iSport line – Strive™, Intensity™, and Victory™. 


How do you get the most out of your entertainment system using a wireless technology?


Having wireless connectivity in your home entertainment system has some excellent benefits, but should you use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless connectivity? Why would you use one over the other in your system?  How do you get the most out of your entertainment system using wireless technologies? I will try to provide some perspective on these questions, and maybe a few more.


Comparison: 3 brilliant headphones from Audiofly

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Is your home littered with the bodies of flimsy earbuds?  


Then it is time to switch to Audiofly:  outstanding headphones that are durable and deliver top quality sound. 


How to set up your dorm room - what electronics you need to consider!

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Dorm rooms are very tight spaces so it is important to not only figure out the essentials of what to bring, but also find space-saving versions of those essentials. I am not qualified to talk about linens, clothes, furniture and the like, but I can give you some ideas on what electronics to be considering, and some pretty good choices.


Review: Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-ear Headphones Bring Style and Substance

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What happens when one of the world’s leading maker of audiophile grade —but perhaps a tad conservative– headphones works with a noted photographer, fashion bloggers and international design experts? If you want the answer to that question, check out the all new Sennheiser MOMENTUM on-ear headphones when they arrive at Best Buy. After spending some quality time with a pair of these headphones, I can report they live up to the Sennheiser tradition of incredible sound, with a bright, colourful look that shows you’re not adverse to looking stylish while you rock out.


iOS 7: Countdown to “The World’s Most Advanced Mobile OS”

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Fall is always a great time to be the owner of an Apple mobile device. Why? Because fall is when Apple traditionally launches the newest version of iOS, the operating system that powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This year, Apple fans are particularly eager because iOS 7 represents the biggest change to the system in years, what Apple is terming “the start of a new chapter for iOS.” When iOS 7 is installed, expect your Apple gear to look familiar, yet different —simpler to use, stripped of extraneous ornamentation, loaded with useful new features and dynamic interactions. Put simply, it’s not only the most advanced mobile operating system Apple has ever released, it’s also the simplest to use and most engaging.


Top 5 Workout-Friendly Headphones

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Working out and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Wine and cheese. So it goes without saying that a decent set of headphones is integral to a quality workout. But what makes headphones “decent” insofar as working out is concerned? As someone who literally will not workout unless I have music (I’ve been known to get to the gym, change, and then bail when I see I’ve left my headphones at home), I believe “decent” equals comfort, sound quality, and of course, staying power – there is nothing worse that sweating your headphones right out of your ears. With those three main criteria in mind, here are my top five picks:


Back to School: Audio Solutions for your Dorm Room

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Small dorm rooms need awesome sound!


Your friends will enjoy hanging out and you will find those cramped quarters a lot more livable. This is an easy problem to solve, as there are a lot of ways to get your space rocking out without breaking the bank.


I found lot's of great options.....


Back To School: The Best Free Apps For entertainment and more

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You’re heading back to school, clutching your favourite mobile device. Maybe it’s an iPad Mini, an iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, Lumia 900 or a Z10. Whatever the device, you can make the most of your high tech investment by downloading free apps for your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry. Productivity, gaming —even cheap food— we’ve got you covered with this list of the best free apps for students.


Noise Cancelling Headphones – A back to school necessity!

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Heading back to school next month?  If you don’t already have noise-cancelling headphones, then you should seriously consider getting a set.


Noise-cancelling headphones block out external noise without having to turn up the volume to a high, potentially ear-damaging, level. It means you can listen to your music, audiobooks, podcasts, or movies at much lower volumes than you would have to otherwise. You can even use them to create silence for studying by turning them on but not listening to anything through them. Whether living in a dorm, at home, or elsewhere there are a lot of distractions that can cause you to lose focus, and noise cancelling headphones are a convenient way to avoid that.


Sports Headphones Just for Women – Yurbuds Inspire Headphones

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All too often, when an existing product is “made for women” the thinking behind the redesign is “pink it and shrink it.”


So when I received a set of hot pink Yurbuds Inspire Women in-ear Headphones to test, I’m pretty sure I let out a derisive snort. Granted, they were pretty (I like pink) but I was seriously skeptical about whether or not these “women’s” headphones would be any different than any other in-ear set I’ve tried over the years.


I’m happy to say, my skepticism was unfounded – in a word, these headphones are great! Not only do they come in a plethora of colours for the girly-girls and tom-boys among us, but they are actually designed by women for women’s smaller ears. Instead of just shrinking the earbud, Yurbuds conducted research to understand what exactly made women’s ears different and what women actually need in an earbud.  


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