Portable Speakers: Take Your Sound with You this Summer

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Now that summer is officially here, there are lots of great opportunities to take your music with you. Whether it is hanging out at the beach, going on a picnic, taking a camping trip, or simply hanging out on your backyard deck it is nice to have some portable speakers to enjoy your tunes while relaxing outdoors.  There are a lot of great portable speakers to choose from – here is a quick overview of some of the main ones that you should be considering.


Bluetooth Portable Speakers - hear your music while traveling for work

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If you are a road warrior that travels a lot for work, it is nice to have your music to keep you company, especially when on your own. Everyone usually has their music on their phone, tablet, or MP3 player and a set of headphones, which is great for on the plane or going for a walk. But I find if I am working in my hotel room, catching up on emails or preparing the final touches on a presentation, music through my headphones makes it hard to concentrate. A great solution is bringing a Bluetooth enabled portable speaker. It will make music in your travels a much more enjoyable experience and it will also serve as a more professional speakerphone than simply using your cell phone.


Monster Mobility for Monster Summer Road Trips

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Last week I blogged about a few key technological devices that can help take a rustic camping trip from good to great. This week, since the sun is still shining on the west coast (shocking, I know), I thought it was fitting to highlight a few additional devices for those of us who are planning a summertime road trip sometime in the near future.


Ok first, let’s be honest with each other. Road trips almost always start out as fabulous ideas where everything goes off without a hitch – everyone gets along, and there are no breakdowns (car, emotional, or otherwise). Whether the plan is to head out with a handful of your closest friends or to pack the kidlets up in the family van, the promise of extraordinary memories is always a motivating road trip factor. You know, the kind of memories you want to capture via scrapbook if you ever have time; the kind that will make for magical storytelling in years to come; the kind that spark jealousy in all those who were unfortunate not to have been able to accompany you. 


Review: Monster Inspiration Headphones

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Use these upcoming Monster headphone reviews to find the perfect headphones for you!


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