Your Best Sound: Learn about Audio Interfaces

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Interface CoverIf, like most home or project studio owners, you’ve opted to use a computer as the center of your studio, then you’ll most likely be hearing a lot about audio interfaces. 


For the typical home user, the sound card on your computer is just fine. Unfortunately, for a studio owner, you’ll very quickly find that the onboard sound system is inadequate for your needs. They’re typically noisy, they lack inputs and outputs you’ll most likely need and they can be inefficient in the way they translate analog and digital audio.


That’s where audio interfaces come into the picture. An audio interface is a piece of dedicated hardware that you connect to your computer. In the most basic sense, the interface is the audio middleman between you (the real world) and the computer. 


Your Best Sound: Pick Your DAW

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DAW TornadoFor the vast majority of home studio owners, the DAW software is the control center of their studio. The DAW is the program that allows you to create, record, edit and arrange audio.


Picking one that fits your needs can be a confusing tornado of options, features and opinion. Which one do you chose? 


Your Best Sound: What Studio Am I?

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What StudioHow are you going to be using your studio?


The answers to this question will set you on a path to figuring out what you might need to start your journey in recording. There are many, many different configurations of gear that can be assembled into a studio. Which configuration fits your needs best?


Your Best Sound: Series Introduction

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Yamaha Mixer CloseupHome recording technology seems to get better and cheaper with every passing moment. What you can achieve in your spare room or home studio today was only in the realm of high-priced professional installations a dozen years ago. The problem you've probably already encountered is that there is a LOT of information out there. I'm going to try and break things down into manageable chunks. I'll walk you through some concepts you should be familiar with and touch on some gear that you may or may not want to consider.


Gibson Guitars - New Features for 2014

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If you name any prominent rock guitarist, there’s a pretty good chance that they have played or do play a Gibson guitar. Gibson has a long history as an instrument maker and is celebrating their 120th anniversary this year.


To mark the 120th year milestone, Gibson has released their 2014 models with features that help with playability and look great too. 


Roland CUBE Amplifiers bring your music to life

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Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 11.19.12 AM.png

In June of 2013, Roland announced a revamp of their popular CUBE line of guitar amplifiers. The CUBE line has been around since 1978 and has been the bread and butter of many practice and recording sessions. Randy Rhoads, Joe Walsh and Ritchie Kotzen are some of the artists who have used the amplifiers in the studio and on stage.


Roland has been a solid brand in the music industry for decades. The CUBE line of amplifiers has a great history and has served many guitarists well. Of all the smaller practice amps out there, I have to admit that the offerings from the CUBE line sure look cool. From what I heard from them at NAMM, they also SOUND great too.


NAMM 2014: ESP Guitars - Works of Art

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ESP Guitars - or are they?From what I understand, Best Buy and ESP are negotiating an exclusive model of their guitars that you can only get through Best Buy. Unfortunately, I can't share any details about that deal at this point in time.


However, I took a spin through the ESP booth today and was left speechless by what I saw. There are some beautifully crafted guitars hanging on the walls throughout the booth. The folks at ESP obviously like building guitars and are very creative .... to the extreme! To placate your interest, take a look at the photos of the models we found there...


NAMM 2014: Gibson Les Paul Guitars

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Wall of Gibson GuitarsGibson showed us some truly beautiful guitars in the Melody Maker and SG lines. They are celebrating their 120th anniversary this year and have added some really tasteful extras to their lines to celebrate.


What I really found exciting was the Min-ETune feature hardware that Gibson demonstrated to us. Will this be the end of manual tuning?


NAMM 2014: IK Multimedia

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IK Multimedia iRingIK Multimedia makes a number of well-respected products for the pro-audio market, but has struck a chord, in a big way, by creating simple devices and apps for the iOS platform. 


Their "i" line of hardware products allow musicians and music lovers to create, record and produce music on their iOS device in a way that is not intimidating, but also gives access to deep features.


They've come out with two new iOS products this year: the iRig Mic HD and the iRing.


NAMM 2014: Artist Sightings

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PaparazziWhile we've been at NAMM, we've been hearing about the dreaded Saturday crush from the vendors and NAMM ventrans we've talked to. Up until today, it's been fairly easy to navigate the aisles between the booths. You might get the odd small crowd gathering around a performance, but nothing that would put you out.


Today, the artists showed up for their endorsement deals obligations and the crowds followed.


NAMM 2014: Fender Strats

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Fender Strats from the Custom ShopThe Fender booth was a treat for us. Why wouldn't anyone like strolling through a large room full of iconic guitars, basses and amps. 


There are some new things from Fender that will please both their established clientelle as well as their new ones. We got treated to a look at a few of the treats that Fender has in store for Strat lovers.



NAMM 2014: Fender Amps

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Fender_F_logo.gifThe Fender booth was a treat for us. Why wouldn't anyone like strolling through a large room full of iconic guitars, basses and amps. 


There are some new things from Fender that will please both their established clientelle as well as their new ones. We got treated to a look at a couple of the Fender Amps that will be carried by Best Buy.


NAMM 2014: Casio

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Casio-keyboards.jpgWe had the opportunity to take a look at some of the keyboards from Casio that will be appearing in Best Buy. We even got some killer video of two of their products being played ever so skillfully.


NAMM 2014: Day 2 Odds and Ends

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20140124_121724.JPGYou never know what you'll see at NAMM. Here's a rag-tag collection of memories from Day 2 at NAMM.


NAMM 2014: Tanglewood Guitars

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20140124_134524.JPGIn the midst of all the blinking lights and touch-screens, I've been pleasantly surprised to find some really beautiful workmanship. Not just injection molded plastic and brushed metal, but wood and other natural materials crafted into instruments that I'd be extremely pleased to handle and play.


A stop by the Tanglewood booth prooved to be one of those times.


NAMM 2014: Shure

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pg_microphone_line.jpgShure Microphones are dependable and solid. They make arguably the most popular dynamic mics. Model Numbers like the SM7B, SM57 and SM58 are the bread and butter of any major studios' microphone closet.


Shure has some great new offerings for not only the professional musician and studio owner, but the home studio owner and weekend warrior.


NAMM 2014: More Yamaha - a potpourri.

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Yamaha App OfferingsYamaha's got a lot to offer! In the last post, I talked about seeing the THR series of guitar amplifiers in action. I'll cover off the rest of our stay at the Yamaha booth - digital pianos, analog mixers, studio monitors, bass guitars and electronic drums. Not too much to cover...


NAMM 2014: Yamaha Guitar Stuff

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Yamaha_violet[1].pngYamaha has a LOT of instruments and gear in its catalog. I mean a LOT. When you take into consideration all the acoustic band, orchestral AND contemporary instruments and gear, it's no wonder they book the entire ballroom at the Anaheim Marriott for themselves. We got a peak at some of the offerings that Yamaha has - we had a lot of fun doing it too.


NAMM 2014: Emerging Themes, small and portable from Roland, iRig and more

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ve-5-rd_top_gal.jpgIt's only been one day at the NAMM show in Anaheim California, but I've been seeing a couple of themes recurring as I walk among the booths. Continued integration of or integration with touch-screen devices and miniaturization & portability seem to be features that a lot of vendors are including in their product lines this year. Day 2 will be a test to see if my hunches here are correct and to see if there are any other trends emerging.


NAMM 2014: The Weird and Wonderful - Day 1 Wrap-up

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beautiful-microphones.jpgNAMM is BIG and LOUD. Along the way to giving you a sneak-peak at some gear that Best Buy is going to offer you, my francophone co-hort and I came across a few things that gave us pause, made us stop and look or were just ... plain weird.


NAMM 2014: Samson GoMic Microphone - A Dark Horse

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20140123_163120.JPGA tour through the Samson booth proved to be a treasure trove of good ideas and why-hasn't-anyone-else-thought-of-this discoveries. Not only were there things that make you go "hmmm", but the yet-to-be-confirmed forecasted price points seemed to be more than reasonable. After a long day walking the Anaheim Convention Center, the Samson booth turned out to be an energizing stop with many Easter eggs.


NAMM 2014: Roland – Can’t forget about Drums and Keys

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20140123_093637.JPGRoland has some cool toys for drummers to help add or enhance your sound. More things to hit and make noise with - what could be better? Digital pianos can now be had for under four figures???!!! Yes they can - and they're pretty darn nice to boot.


NAMM 2014: Roland Has Something to Offer Every Musician

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Roland has a lot to offer the musician - whether you're an amateur or pro. For the guitarist, there are a number of exciting treats that Roland and BOSS have come up with that you can find at Best Buy.


New Year's Resolution - Challenges & Tips for learning guitar

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beginner-guitar-package.jpgLearning to play an instrument is a lifelong endeavour but you have to start somewhere.  Many people pledge to begin to learn a new instrument – guitar or keyboard for example - but stop before they get very far.  Most often we simply give up on our goal, thinking “this is just too difficult."  


In this article we highlight some of the early common challenges experienced by beginner or aspiring guitar musicians and share some tips for getting started on learning guitar, with the basics for success in the early stages of the learning curve.   Many of these challenges and tips will apply to the early stages of learning any instrument.  


NAMM 2014: Best Buy will share all the latest news on Musical Instruments

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namm-2014.jpgJanuary is a big month for new product announcements. In early January there was CES – the largest trade show for consumer electronics. Many companies keep their new products a secret so they can excite and surprise consumers with their announcements during the conference.  Late January has the NAMM show – the largest trade show in the world for musical instruments. Just like at CES, attendees at NAMM often keep the products they will present under wraps, until the show. What will be the biggest news in musical instruments for 2014. Best Buy will be at the conference to find out for you.


Sennheisser HD 280 PRO - Headphones for Critical Listening

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sennheiser hd280.jpg


There is very little to find wrong with this pair of headphones. Released over 10 years ago, they continue to be touted as the “best bang for the buck” in their price-range. The HD 280 PRO’s are very comfortable to wear – even for long periods – and did not disappoint when put through casual and critical listening tests.


All About Amplifiers

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Teaser.jpgThe 101 and 411 on Amps


Amplifiers (or amps for short) are essentially devices that boost a small musical signal into a much larger signal – one big enough to drive a speaker so your playing can be heard. Amps can be used for many types of instruments. Read on to learn a lot more about this essential piece of musical equipment.


This article will focus on amps for guitars, but if you have a questions about amplifying another instrument, leave me a comment at the end and I’ll be happy to help you out.


Gibson Les Paul ’70s Tribute Electric Guitar

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gibson-les-paul.jpgThis Les Paul ’70s Tribute electric guitar captures the look, feel, and rock tone  of this legendary single-cutaway solid body, from the great Les Paul electric guitar era of the 1970s.  


If you're looking for a distinctive modern edge, a gripping sustain “dirty guitar” sound with crispness and high quality design components – reminiscent of the '70s -  this guitar will deliver for you. We had a chance to review this instrument. Read on to learn why we really liked this guitar!


What guitar will help me sound like my favourite guitarist? Part 2: Electric Guitars

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Last week we discussed the gear that you would need to sound like some of your (and our) favourite acoustic players.  This week, in Part 2: electric guitars, we are discussing how to sound like some of the top electric guitarists over the past half-century.   Read on and discover how to sound like electric guitar masters - Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Keith Richards.


 Paul McCartney.jpg

We'd all love to play guitar like our favourite pros. Even better, we’d love to sound just like them. Getting the right gear can really help.  This article is the first of a two part series where we will look at some of our favourite guitarists, discuss some of their gear and give some tips to sound just like them. This week, we are discussing the acoustic sounds of:  Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow and Mumford & Sons.


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