Pioneer X-CM32BT Micro System Review

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X-CM32BTThe Pioneer X-CM32BT Micro System is a relatively compact little unit that can be deceiving. If asked to describe where it lands in the crowded arena of audio playback systems, I’d have to say it lies somewhere between massive amplifier/receiver systems and compact all-in-one mobile device docking stations. It reminded me of hi-fi systems of a couple of decades ago, but in a much smaller package.

The system will play many audio formats and media. Radio, CD’s and digital audio files (MP3/WMA) are all supported.


Look forward to summer road trips thanks to car audio technology like CarPlay

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CarPLay preview.jpgChances are you’re too young to remember this, but there was a time when car audio was limited to AM radio or even 8-track tapes. Even today, many new cars ship with a standard entertainment system that doesn’t get much fancier than an in-dash CD player. Fortunately, Best Buy has an entire department dedicated to upgrading your ride with the latest in audio and other high tech gear, including emerging new platforms like Apple’s CarPlay. Whether you want a subwoofer powerful enough to rattle your entire block, Bluetooth handsfree capability, a navigation system, video playback or the ability to use Siri to find a favourite tune, Best Buy has you covered.


Pioneer Announces AppRadio 2

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Pioneer_AppRadio_2.jpgMobile devices have become a big part of our connected world - a popular theme among the press events today. But before launching into any announcements, Pioneer kicked things off with a trip back in time. In the beginning of radio we wanted 2 things while driving our car - music and information. We only had access to radio signals in our immediate proximity, so for me, having grow up in small town BC, my family and I had access to only one - our local station. 


Apple's AirPlay Sings a Sweet Song

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airplay.jpgWith AirPlay you can stream whatever you are listening to or watching with an AirPlay enabled receiver, speaker system or your Apple TV (connected to your home theatre system). At the touch of a button, you re-route your music, audiobooks, podcasts or videos from your iPod to your built-in system.


Spice Up Your iPod!

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armband.jpgLooking to add more functionality to your iPod? Check out this post for some cool accessories to give your Pod some punch!



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