Review: Samsung SD590C Curved LED Monitor

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You might be surprised just how much difference the right monitor can make but the combination of a curved screen, thin bezel and integrated speakers makes the Samsung SD590C curved 27" monitor one you'll definitely want to take a look at.


Comparison of 34” Widescreen Monitors – Dell, LG, and Samsung

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If you are like me, you probably never thought of getting a large widescreen monitor, but having tried a couple out my entire perspective has changed. A widescreen monitor is like having two monitors in one, with the added benefit of being able to watch movies or play games with an entirely different experience. Sure, they are pricier than those standard format monitors that most of us have, but these widescreen monitors are a joy to use and can really improve your productivity. If you are in the market for one, here is a comparison of three very good candidates; and if you are not in the market for one you should be soon.


CES 2014: Samsung ATIV Book 9 Boasts 14 Hour Battery Life

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Our CES 2014 coverage continues, this time with a stunning Windows 8 laptop from Samsung that combines the looks that made last year’s version so popular with a bigger display and an incredible 14 hours of battery life. The ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition is a premium metal-bodied notebook with a full sized 15.6-inch display, solid specs (including power provided by a Core i5/i7 ULV processor), a UL-certified ergonomic keyboard, lossless audio (an exclusive in a device like this) and the ability to go all day without ever having to plug in to a power outlet. 


Get creative with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a tablet that strikes a great balance between portability and function. It has the same great Samsung design and is one of the only 8-inch tablets on the market offering some exclusive features and apps that help you get organized but also get creative.


An Overview of All-in-one Computers

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While we can all appreciate the power and flexibility offered when you build a system component by component, there’s something about all-in-one options that’s very appealing. This applies to home theatre, where a single soundbar with one connection to the TV and a power cord can replace five or more individual speakers, a receiver and a mess of wires, and the same concept holds true with PCs. An all-in-one PC from the likes of Sony, Acer, HP or Samsung packs all the components —monitor, CPU and storage— in a single, space-saving and stylish package. Say good-bye to clutter, cords and desktop sprawl without going to a laptop and giving up the big screen or compromising on performance.


Comparison: When a Chromebook Makes a Better Choice

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There’s been considerable excitement over Google’s move to bring its popular Chromebooks to Canada, including the announcement that Best Buy Canada will be carrying the Samsung Chromebook XE303C12. However, with the product line being so new to this country and Chromebooks in general just starting to take off in the market, there is some confusion about why someone would choose a Chromebook over other options like a regular PC laptop. This comparison between three of the primary classes of portable computers is intended to help you understand when a Chromebook might make a better choice than buying another laptop or an Ultrabook.


Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 Review

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Chances are, you’ve been hearing a lot about a newer class of devices lately: the Chromebook. This class of ultra-portable alternatives to a traditional laptop run Google’s ChromeOS instead of Windows or OSX and provide an inexpensive option for anyone who wants the capabilities of a computer while staying within a budget. This lightweight Samsung Chromebook has such a reasonable price tag that it’s also able to compete against tablets — while offering such niceties as a bigger display and built-in keyboard. Best Buy is now carrying the Samsung Chromebook XE303C12. Read on to find out how it performed in our review.


Back to School Printers

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Summer is almost half way done (ouch!), which means that many of you are starting to think about school again.  Very soon - afternoons and evenings will shift from sun, fun and relaxation to reading, studying and homework.  Is your dorm, home office or family computer ready for some hard-core learning?


Green your screen

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One easy way to go green and save money at the same time is to take the LCD plunge. Trade in your large, clunky CRT monitor for a sleek, slime energy-efficient, flat-panel monitor.


With the SyncMaster monitor, Samsung is offering some of the most eco-friendly LED monitors on the market. Using cutting edge technology. Samsung has engineered its SyncMaster monitors to be 100% halogen-free while consuming 40% less energy.



The Samsung Smart Evolution

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Check out the second part of our Samsung coverage with the unveiling of the 2nd generation Samsung Series 9 Notebook, the Samsung Galaxy Note and a few other cool products on the way. Interaction between devices is going to be big in 2012.


What’s the best way to share or transfer content from my smartphone to other devices?

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This is exactly what everyone wants to be doing! Why should your content only be in once place? You should be able to watch it where ever you want whenever you want! However, moving your data between devices can be tricky, especially if they are not all made by the same manufacturer. If you happen to have all Apple Products (iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV) no problem! You’re first step should be to upgrade to iOS 5.0 and turn on iCloud on all your mobile devices.  Then you’ll want to turn on home sharing on all of your devices on your network and barring any unforeseen problems you’re good to share.  If you download something for your phone (say the latest song from your favorite artist) it will show up on your iPad and computer.  And if you want to watch it on your TV you can push it there using AirPlay and your AppleTV.


Don’t forget about the desktop!

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Though desktop computers still seem to be popular with the older crowd, I rarely hear about a student purchasing a new desktop computer. But with a new school year picking up, you may want to give desktops a second thought!


The Slim, Sexy Samsung 9 Series

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When it comes to laptops, size does matter. Usually when we're picking out a new one, we'll often compromise size for functionality. And by this, I mean that if we want a hot new little side-dish like a netbook, we'll go in knowing that it will have a less powerful processor, less battery life, and less storage. In plain English, it means that the computer may start to slow down when we run too many programs, we may have to buy a second battery for longer road trips, and we won't be able to store as much of our multi-media as we'd like. It's a sacrifice many are willing to make in order to avoid lugging around a 5lb+ mammoth in between business lunches, parent meetings, or school projects.


Share Content Seamlessly With Samsung AllShare

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Wirelessly connecting your home just got so much simpler. Samsung AllShare makes sharing content between your home electronics extremely easy. By syncing your Samsung netbook and HDTV, can you stream movies, music, photos, and games from your computer to your television wirelessly. If you're ready to say goodbye to cords and cables and sync your content seamlessly, you'll want to check out this post.


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