Samsung’s 4K Blu-ray player is coming – announcement

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Had that 4K TV for what seems like ages now, just itching for some more great content to fully enjoy its capabilities and picture quality? Samsung's UHD Blu-ray player is almost here, which will allow you to play back a ton of UHD Blu-ray discs when available, and plenty of other content. 


Review: The Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player (BD-H6500) with 4K Upscaling and so much more!

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Blu-Ray players used to be just that, able to only play Blu-Ray discs. Blu-Ray players today come with a myriad of additional capabilities and Samsung’s BD-H6500 is no exception. It is fully loaded and is 4K Ultra HD ready so if you have a 4K TV or plan to get one in the future this is the ideal Blu-Ray media player. One of the great things about this player is that it will upconvert HD content to be much closer to UHD resolution. It is loaded with other features too. Although it costs a little bit more than most other Blu-Ray players, I got my hands on one and given all its features and capabilities it is a great buy.



New Samsung Curved H8000 LED TVs Compared to their Proven 6000 LED Lineup

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Samsung is the de-facto leader in LED TVs and have produced some of the best TVs in the market. Their 6000 series over the last couple of years has been extremely popular, and for good reason. But how does the sexy new H8000 curved LED TV compare to the tried-and-true and continuously improving 6000 series? The H8000 is undoubtedly the future of home entertainment while the 6000’s are the proven technologies and quality products that are in so many living rooms. It is hard to go wrong with Samsung, but what gives with the new H8000 vs. the not so new?


New Curved Samsung H8000 and HU9000 LED TV’s – How to Set Up Curved TVs

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Samsung has just launched their most exciting new TV’s for 2014 – their curved series of LED and Ultra HD LED TVs. The Samsung H8000 and HU9000 sets are fantastic displays with a lot of excellent extra features in addition to the curved profile. For a more detailed description, check out my previous post outlining everything they have to offer. The curved profile gives them a striking look that makes them very unique. But does the curved design mean you have to confine this beautiful TV to a stand on a shelf or table? Or can you mount this beauty on the wall? What is the best option?


Big TV, Big Sound, Big Game: Be Ready with a Samsung HDTV and Sound bar!

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Regardless of which team you’re cheering for, make this one to remember by upgrading to a bigger screen and a sound bar.


CES 2014: Wireless Speakers Coming in New Shapes, Sizes, and with GoPro Mounts.

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Last year we saw a lot of great new wireless sound systems come into the market. Sonos, the undisputed leader in wireless sound, introduced their Play series of excellent speakers. A few competitors ready to take on Sonos is Bose with their SoundTouch system, and Polk with their Woodbourne. There are also quite a variety of other excellent Bluetooth wireless speakers from iHomeSonyEdifier, Samsung, and others. So it was hard to know what to expect, but this year’s CES was not a disappointment. Samsung, ClearView, Fugoo, Creative Technology, and a few other new players brought yet more new and innovative wireless sound systems to the show.


CES 2014: Bendable OLED's and Curved Ultra HD TV’s and More!

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The two South Korean TV manufacturers, LG and Samsung, continue to battle it out for a dominant position in the Home Entertainment TV market. And they are both coming out with guns blazing at CES 2014. LG is launching an enormous 18 new TV product lines in 2014 with some emphasis on OLED and 4K Ultra HDTV. Not to be outdone, Samsung has always brought a large variety of TV’s but revealed today an 85” OLED ‘bendable’ screen that can be flat or curved whenever you want.


Overview – Samsung 85" S9 4k Smart TV

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Is it art, or is it entertainment? With the Samsung 4K (or Ultra High Definition – UHD) S9 TV, it’s hard to tell. With an 85” screen and crystal clear resolution, it would certainly look stellar on any wall large enough to house it. Making the art versus entertainment distinction even harder is the fact that the Samsung UHD S9 is a floor-standing TV mounted on what looks like an artist’s easel. Art meets entertainment in an 85” high definition package – sounds amazing right? Well, at a staggering $39,999 it should! So, the question is: What makes the Samsung UHD S9 worth a cool forty grand? Let me tell you …  


With only two weeks until the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, is your home theatre system ready? Is that income tax refund looking for a home? With all the continual improvements in the features and technologies of HDTV’s, the pictures are becoming more stunning. The timing may be just right to upgrade for watching all the action, and hearing it in stunning surround sound. It’s the next best thing to being at the game, and it will make those playoff parties come alive with energy.


Samsung Bluetooth Speakers – Aesthetically Pleasing and Easy on the Ears

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About two years ago I discovered the magic of Bluetooth. After an hour long drive to my parent’s house for a visit, I pulled my car into the driveway, disconnected the AUX cable I had attached to my iPhone, and miraculously, iTunes continued to play through my car speakers. I was in awe. It was pretty epic. I immediately looked to social media to share my miraculous discovery with others, only to very quickly be told, “um, Stace? That’s called Bluetooth. You know, that thing you paid extra for to have installed in your car?” Riiiight. But still, the whole Bluetooth thing is pretty cool. As is Wi-Fi. Especially when it comes to listening to music. 


Home for the holidays - entertaining with style and ease!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to ditch the bag of Halloween mini-chocolate bars and scary ghosts and goblins littering the walls and windows of my house in favour of the more refined things in life. The fact that Christmas and holiday entertaining are just around the corner have me ripping down the pumpkins, hanging up some white lights, and getting my recipe box ready for another season of baking, cooking, and eating.


Soon we’ll be decking the halls with boughs of holly, family, and the scents of Christmas trees, and if that seems stressful to you, don’t you worry - Here’s a few things you can pick up right now to take the stress out of holiday entertaining. This is the year you’ll really enjoy it, I promise:


Great Ideas for Father’s Day

by Blogger on ‎06-12-2012 01:31 AM - last edited on ‎02-19-2013 04:00 PM by Epic Genius

Father’s Day is a time to thank your Pops for all the awesome things they’ve done for you and helped you with over the years, and we’ve got great gift ideas for every Dad out there!


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