Explore what you can do with a television in 2015

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I am going to date myself: my first TV was a black & white cathode ray tube with vacuum tubes that needed to be replaced every now and then. It had rabbit ears that could pick up 4 stations if I was lucky. Needless to say, I didn’t watch it very much except for Ed Sullivan and the Twilight Zone. It is a big understatement to say that TVs have come a long way from those distant memories. TVs of 2015 are no longer just for watching television; they can be used in so many more ways. Are you taking advantage of all its capabilities? Here are some things to think about.



Samsung UNH6350 LED Smart TV.jpg



If you are in the market for a new TV, you can kill a lot of brain cells trying to figure out all the available models.  It is perfectly acceptable to kill a few more afterward with a few celebratory libations, basking in the glory of a new HDTV. You will especially want to celebrate if you selected one of Samsung’s UNH6350 LED sets, as this new line has some of the best mid-range TVs on the market. If you want a great performing HDTV with an excellent Smart platform you will not go wrong with the H6350’s from Samsung.


Highest Rated TVs for 2014 (so far!)

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Best Customer Reviewed HDTVs.jpg






As a person who regularly reviews products, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am a big fan of reviews. And I don’t mean my reviews, but from consumers that have bought the product, used it for a while and discovered the nuances about it, both good and bad. I would never buy a product unless I read quite a number of reviews about it as nothing can replace that user experience and associated perspective. So what I thought I would do is provide you a summary of what I found to the be top 5 best rated TVs, purely based on customer ratings and share some of their reviews.


New Samsung Curved H8000 LED TVs Compared to their Proven 6000 LED Lineup

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Samsung H8000 Curved LED HDTV.jpg



Samsung is the de-facto leader in LED TVs and have produced some of the best TVs in the market. Their 6000 series over the last couple of years has been extremely popular, and for good reason. But how does the sexy new H8000 curved LED TV compare to the tried-and-true and continuously improving 6000 series? The H8000 is undoubtedly the future of home entertainment while the 6000’s are the proven technologies and quality products that are in so many living rooms. It is hard to go wrong with Samsung, but what gives with the new H8000 vs. the not so new?


New Curved Samsung H8000 and HU9000 LED TV’s – How to Set Up Curved TVs

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Samsung H8000 Curved Smart LED TV.jpg



Samsung has just launched their most exciting new TV’s for 2014 – their curved series of LED and Ultra HD LED TVs. The Samsung H8000 and HU9000 sets are fantastic displays with a lot of excellent extra features in addition to the curved profile. For a more detailed description, check out my previous post outlining everything they have to offer. The curved profile gives them a striking look that makes them very unique. But does the curved design mean you have to confine this beautiful TV to a stand on a shelf or table? Or can you mount this beauty on the wall? What is the best option?


Samsung H8000 and HU9000 Curved HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs!

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Samsung UN55H8000AFXZC.jpeg




Until now, if you wanted a large-screen curved TV you had to buy an OLED set at a premium price. Samsung has just launched their line of LED HDTVs and UHD TVs with curved screens and a ton of other features. Samsung’s H8000 series are their high-definition curved TVs, and their HU9000 series are their 4K UltraHD curved screen TVs. Samsung is always striving to stay ahead of the curve, no pun intended, and these fantastic TV’s will do just that.


Overview – Samsung 37” LED TV - A Reason to Go Small

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samsung 37 inch tv.jpg


There are many instances in which a smaller TV makes sense. For a room where TV viewing isn’t the primary activity, like the den, basement, or kid’s room; for a college dorm or space-challenged apartment; or for someone who’s just on a very tight budget, and might find the tradeoff in size for price sufficient to meet his TV viewing needs.


Big TV, Big Sound, Big Game: Be Ready with a Samsung HDTV and Sound bar!

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Samsung-Smart-3D-TV.jpgRegardless of which team you’re cheering for, make this one to remember by upgrading to a bigger screen and a sound bar.


CES 2014: Bendable OLED's and Curved Ultra HD TV’s and More!

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CES #11.jpeg

The two South Korean TV manufacturers, LG and Samsung, continue to battle it out for a dominant position in the Home Entertainment TV market. And they are both coming out with guns blazing at CES 2014. LG is launching an enormous 18 new TV product lines in 2014 with some emphasis on OLED and 4K Ultra HDTV. Not to be outdone, Samsung has always brought a large variety of TV’s but revealed today an 85” OLED ‘bendable’ screen that can be flat or curved whenever you want.


CES 2014: Samsung Wants to Take Over Your House With Smart Home

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Samsung-Smart-home.jpgThe connected home and home automation are already proving to be major themes of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show—CES 2014. One of the pre-announcements released on Sunday was Belkin’s expanded line-up of WeMo connection options. Samsung is taking the connected home a big step further with its new Smart Home initiative, announced as part of CES 2014. The consumer electronics giant is already a major presence in many of the components involved in home automation, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Smart TVs, wearable technology, LED lighting and air conditioning. The company has also been working on health and lifestyle apps for its mobile devices. With Smart Home, Samsung is using all of its expertise to build a platform —a single method for connecting, communicating and controlling home services, with support being extended to third party partners.


Samsung Canada’s Top 10 2013 Products as Chosen by You!

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samsung TV.jpgSamsung Canada wants to thank fans for their support of its products throughout the year. 2013 saw the launch of not only a great lineup of new devices and products but also the launch of some new and exciting talent through Samsung’s Infinite Possibilities campaign.  


If you want to spoil your loved ones with something from Samsung but aren’t quite sure what, check out some of the top-rated Samsung products from 2013 by Samsung fans. These ratings are based on website user reviews of Samsung products and can be found online at www.Samsung.com/ca.


Samsung wishes everyone a happy and merry season where you and your families Play More, Do More, and Share More.


Overview – Samsung 85" S9 4k Smart TV

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Samsung2.jpgIs it art, or is it entertainment? With the Samsung 4K (or Ultra High Definition – UHD) S9 TV, it’s hard to tell. With an 85” screen and crystal clear resolution, it would certainly look stellar on any wall large enough to house it. Making the art versus entertainment distinction even harder is the fact that the Samsung UHD S9 is a floor-standing TV mounted on what looks like an artist’s easel. Art meets entertainment in an 85” high definition package – sounds amazing right? Well, at a staggering $39,999 it should! So, the question is: What makes the Samsung UHD S9 worth a cool forty grand? Let me tell you …  


A New Experience from Samsung now at Best Buy!

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Samsung_Experience_Front_Splash.jpgThe Samsung Experience is a new integration in many Best Buy locations nationwide.  From the large TVs that adorn the massive lit wall to the ability to pick out and test out a new cell phone, laptop or tablet, this store-within-a-store makes identifying, and shopping for your favourite Samsung products that much easier.  Come take a look at the new Samsung Experience, now available in almost 20 different locations across Canada.


Samsung is launching OLED HDTV in Canada - The next generation of viewing!

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Samsung OLED #2.jpg

Samsung hosted an event in Toronto last night to celebrate the launch of their OLED HDTV’s in Canada.


Pre-orders have already begun at Best Buy. OLED is an impressive technology and Samsung has made it even more impressive with the feature set that they have included. OLED will be the new standard for videophile-quality displays, and we are now a lot closer to the reality of placing it your living room.


Review: Samsung 60" Plasma HDTV (PN60F5300AFXZC) - Great Value in a Really Big TV

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Samsung 60 #1.jpg

If you are looking for a big screen HDTV with a great picture at a very reasonable price, the Samsung 60” Plasma (PN60F5300AFXZC) is an excellent choice. The reason it is a good price, is because it is no-frills. It is not a Smart TV, nor does it do 3D but the most important attributes, being big with a clear picture, it is excellent at!


How to set up your dorm room - what electronics you need to consider!

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Dorm #7.jpg


Dorm rooms are very tight spaces so it is important to not only figure out the essentials of what to bring, but also find space-saving versions of those essentials. I am not qualified to talk about linens, clothes, furniture and the like, but I can give you some ideas on what electronics to be considering, and some pretty good choices.


Announcement: Samsung 9000 Series Ultra HD TVs

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samsung ultra hd tv.jpg


It seems like not too long ago, we were looking over the best 1080p LCD and LED TVs to put in our living room to enjoy all of our movies and TV in High Definition.  Then came 3D TVs. 


Now, get ready for the growth of Ultra HD. Samsung has announced 2 new 4k televisions.


These sleek TVs come packed with some of the best picture quality and smartest features ever seen on a TV for your home.  Check out some more information on these powerful TVs, available now at Best Buy and Bestbuy.ca


Review: Samsung 75” 1080p 240Hz 3D LED Smart TV

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Samsung 75 #1.jpgIf you are looking for a very big high quality flat screen TV that has lots of features without paying a huge price, then the Samsung UN75F7100 may be right for you. This Samsung LED HDTV has a 75" screen, which is over 6 feet, and despite the large screen provides a very amazingly clear and vibrant picture. It is loaded with features like Wi-Fi, Smart Hub, and voice recognition and it will even recommend what you should watch based on what you like to watch.


The Best 32 inch Flat Screen TVs

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Best 32 #2.jpgIt is hard to say exactly what is the best 32 inch flat screen TV because it depends on what your needs are and what features you are looking for. But I did a comparison of three different brand-name high-definition (all 1080p) TVs so you could make a better decision yourself. The three I picked as the better HDTV’s are the Samsung UN32EH5300FXZC, the Panasonic TC32LEW56, and the LG 32LN5700. All those codes don’t mean that much so let me tell you why these are great TVs and what the differences are.


Samsung's EH5300 is the perfect second screen choice

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10198335.jpgYou know how you have a certain set of expectations when it comes to picking up a new TV or home entertainment system? You might want at least a 55 inch display or larger. Maybe you want 3D so your family can watch 3D Blu-rays.


Odds are, these big screen expectations are pretty different than the list of requirements you’d have for a second TV. Second TVs, like second cars or second houses (we should all be so lucky), can be less about how big you can go and more about the simple fun of watching.


Samsung’s Latest LED TV (UN46ES6003FXZC) – high quality, inexpensive, and SLIM!

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Samsung LED TV #5.jpgIf you are looking for a no-frills high-definition TV, whose main features are for providing great picture quality then this new Samsung LED HDTV is definitely worth looking at – over and over again. It is one of the least expensive extremely slim TV’s that you will find, with a high quality picture that you will enjoy.


Touchscreens vs. Buttons: Which is better?

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Zenith Space Command ControllerI was with a friend last weekend that has a summer hobby of searching out yard and garage sales and searching for hidden treasures.  I love seeing the look on her face when she comes across tableware she’s collecting, a piece of furniture she can re-purpose or even a good book to be rescued.  It’s the same look when I discover the latest WiFi enabled gadget, a fun new App for my smartphone, or the latest accessories for my tablet; different strokes for different folks.


Great Ideas for Father’s Day

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ipad2.jpgFather’s Day is a time to thank your Pops for all the awesome things they’ve done for you and helped you with over the years, and we’ve got great gift ideas for every Dad out there!


The Holidays in 3D: Am I Ready for a 3D TV?

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3D TVs3D televisions have been on the market for a few years now; however it’s just in the past 12 months that they’ve really started to catch on. Much of this is likely due to the fact that the prices have come down significantly. And so more people are able to enjoy the fully immersive 3D experience from the comfort of their living rooms.  Short of hosting a live theatre show in your home, 3D TV’s are the most effective way to make you and your guests feel like you’re inside the story.


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