How to stream music to every room in your home.

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The best way to wire up your entire home with music is not to use wires. Unless you are about to build a new house, cleanly wiring up an existing home for sound is not a simple proposition. Fortunately there are a variety of wireless solutions that are excellent options and they will give you a lot more flexibility than any wired solution will any way.


De-Stress With Tech: 8 of My Favourite Ways to Wind Down

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As important as technology is in helping us do our jobs, complete school assignments, and communicate with others, we all need to take a step back and relax once in a while. And yes, you can still use technology to do this. Here, you'll find some of my favourite ways to do so.


Music Streaming Just Got Better- Sonos Reinvents its App!

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Sonos has been a leader in wireless modular home speaker systems that can deliver music throughout your home.  They have been the leader in this market because it is their singular focus. They have excellent products like the Sonos Play 1 and the Sonos PlayBar, which we reviewed earlier. But there are other excellent wireless systems, like Bose Soundtouch, that have entered this market. Sonos has recognized they need to continue innovating if they want to maintain its lead position, so they overhauled their app that controls their home wireless systems, making some major improvements that you can't get anywhere else. 


Review: New Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker

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Sonos has just launched a series of wireless speakers that connects to your home Wi-Fi network with the ability to play a wide variety of content throughout your home. I had a chance to test out the Sonos Play:1 (there is also a Play:3 and a Play:5) and could not help but like everything about this speaker and the entire Sonos system that it is part of. The Play:1 looks great, is extremely well made, sounds great, and has lots of flexibility in what you can play and how you can configure it – all at a pretty reasonable price.


Sonos Announces the PLAYBAR Sound Bar

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playbar.jpgSonos announced the PLAYBAR yesterday, a new sound bar system designed for use with your TV and home theatre setup. The Sonos PLAYBAR totes a unique nine-speaker design that delivers HiFi audio in a sleek and compact package. The PLAYBAR is flexible and can either rest above/below the TV or be wall mounted. The PLAYBAR is also smart, it can wirelessly connect to any existing SonosNet system (or connect using a wired Ethernet port) so that you can stream music from the web or any of your favourite music services (such as Rdio, Songza, iTunes library, and more). Finally, it’s also expandable should you need an even more immersive audio experience, add the Sonos SUB or a pair of Sonos PLAY:3 speakers to build a full 5.1 surround system.


Sonos Adds the Ability to Play Music Directly From an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

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Sonos preview.jpgIf you own a Sonos wireless music streaming system and wish you could use your iPhone for more than just a controller (cool as that is), head to the iTunes store and download the latest Sonos Controller app. You'll gain the ability to play music directly from your iOS device —no iTunes library on a computer required!


Sonos: A Leader in Expandable, Streaming Audio Technology

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SonosPreview.jpgSonos wireless streaming speakers are all-in-one HiFi systems that are easily expandable. Use one as a standalone music player, add a wireless subwoofer, or have music playing in every room of your home —and control it all with your iPhone, iPad or Android device.



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