3Doodler 2.0 3D Printing Pen Review

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Introducing the 3Doodler 2.0 3D Printing Pen! If you're an early adopter of exciting new technologies, you won't want to miss today's review. This pen actually does the unimaginable. It doodles in three dimensions! While this device is best suited to a very specific type of person, it's certainly got a lot of potential for big fun if you're the artistic type. Click through and read on to learn all of the pertinent details of the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. 


How to Customize Your Drone

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When it comes to the world of drones, there's no shortage of available replacement parts to repair the various kinds of damage your model might receive, whether through an epic crash or ordinary wear and tear. But did you also know that there are numerous parts and accessories available which allow you to customize your drone and truly make it one-of-a-kind? Here are some cool drone accessories currently available at Best Buy, and some useful suggestions for customizing your own favourite drone.


Earlier this week I reviewed two fun board games that were designed for kids. Today I give teens and adults a few fun options for their own game night adventure! Join me inside as I consider four fun games (mostly involving their own special cards) that are sure to entertain. Among the games I cover are Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Monty Python Fluxx, Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game, and Citadels (also a card game). So click through and read on to learn what these games are all about!


Today I review two fun and inventive board games for kids. If your child enjoys the magical realm of fantasy and fairytale, then he or she is very likely to enjoy one or both of these games, which also stimulate the imagination & exercise the memory. So, if you're curious, join me inside to learn all about how these games work. I've taken a few original photos as well, so you'll also get to see them in action. Just click on through! 


Teaser.jpegThe New Year is fast approaching, and resolutions are being made left, right, and centre. If you break your resolutions more often than you make them, then maybe it's time for a motivational push this year. Whether you want to eat healthier, trim down, or spend more time with the kids, you can achieve your goals with a plan and some extra effort.


Review of Machi Koro and other new board games

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IMG_5624 (350x233).jpg

Pull up a chair, get comfortable and fill a bowl with your favourite snack, because just in time for the holiday season it’s family game night at the Best Buy Plug-In Blog, and you get to be a part of the fun as we play and review seven games from award-winning comics and tabletop game publisher IDW Games.


Enter to win the best Star Wars contest in the galaxy

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BestStarWarsContest_690x388_2.jpgEveryone knows what the biggest movie of 2015 is! To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Best Buy is offering an amazing Star Wars prize package. Believe me, this IS the contest you are looking for!  Read on for more details.


STEM toys blend fun, creativity and learning for all ages

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If you have kids, then you may already know about STEM toys. If you don't know about them, you're going to want to find out. And that's what I'm here to do today. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math, and STEM toys blend fun, creativity, and various forms of learning for children of all ages. Join me inside as I feature several amazing STEM toys that you and your kids are sure to love. Just click on through to begin your learning journey!


Traveling with kids this Christmas? These toys are perfect for on the go

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xmas gifts-Optimized.jpgChristmas can be a busy time of year for many, especially if you have any travelling plans. Taking the right toys along can keep your kids entertained for the duration of your travels and help you keep your sanity.


Read on for some great gift ideas perfect for traveling.


Protocol Galileo Quadcopter Drone with Camera Review

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If you love to fly, then today is your lucky day, because today we take a look at the Protocol Galileo Quadcopter Drone with Camera! This drone is sleek, feature-filled, & super easy to fly. Ok, make that mostly easy to fly. It's also one of the best toys of 2015! To learn all about it, click on through and see how the Galileo measures up to some of this year's other great toys.


Educational and scientific toy gifts for the inquisitive mind

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learning.jpgToys themed around education and science can be some of the most fun out there because they capture a great sense of discovery and adventure, as well as rewarding you with some accomplishment. I have always been a big fan of that sort of toy whether it was a puzzle, a building toy set, or even a camera so I could take a look at the world through fresh eyes. Let’s look at some gift ideas with that in mind.


Traxxas Slash Fox 4WD 1/10 Scale RC Short Course Truck Review

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We've witnessed the stability of the Traxxas Stampede. We've experienced the power of the Traxxas Summit. Now we prepare to feel the speed of the Traxxas Slash Fox! This 4WD 1/10 Scale RC Short Course Truck can go so fast you'll need to wear a seat-belt just to operate it! And speed is just one of the Fox's many impressive features. So, step on through the portal and see for yourself the incredible monster truck / race car combination that is the Traxxas Slash Fox. There's no other Traxxas RC vehicle quite like it!


Traxxas Summit 4WD 1/10 Scale RC Truck Review

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Today we go for the ride of our lives! Come with me as I test & review the Traxxas Summit 4WD 1/10 Scale Remote Control Monster Truck. If you enjoy RC vehicles with size and power, then you'll love this high end monster truck that refuses to back down from any challenge. Feel the power! Wield the power! This truck is is wild, and you're gonna love it. Click through and read on to see what I mean. 


Review: Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX and Action Cam are hot holiday toys this year

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vtech teaser-Optimized-Optimized.jpgVtech has been a popular brand for toys as far back as I can remember. Both my sons had Vtech toys growing up, and we still have the old yellow car with shape sorter kicking around for the little ones to play with. Vtech has done a great job at keeping their toys current and that's easy to see when you try out the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX and the Action Cam. Read on to see why your kids will be adding these two to their Christmas lists.


Review: Dash and Dot from Wonder Workshop

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dash and dot.jpgIf you haven't heard of Wonder Workshop and their creation Dash and Dot, don't worry, I'll fill you in. This robot team is fun to play with, interactive and educational. What more could you want from a kids toy? Just be prepared: your kids will be adding this smart and adorable robot duo to their Christmas list.


Star Wars Special Forces Tie Fighter Review

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Tie Fighter Main.jpgIf you're as excited about the upcoming Star Wars film as the rest of the galaxy is, then you're probably already well aware of the vast collection of amazing Star Wars toys that have recently landed on this planet. One of these items is the First Order, Special Forces, Tie Fighter―a toy with no fancy electronics, that doesn't actually fly, and yet has something going for it that makes it truly wonderful: It requires imagination! Join me inside as I review this very cool play-set that returns play to its old-school form, where using one's imagination was what made play fun!


Find the best toys at Best Buy contest

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1106_ToysContest_Blog.jpgToys are an essential part of the holidays, and this is a great year for new toys. There are new motorized vehicles, new robots, and many new smart toys you control with an app on a smartphone or tablet. This is also the year we get to play with a whole new selection of Star Wars toys to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars movie. Best Buy is going to give four lucky people a chance to win a huge selection of these awesome toys. The prizes for this contest are absolutely incredible. Learn how to enter to win the most amazing toy contest you can imagine.


Top toys for 2015 at Best Buy

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best-toys.jpgThis year is the best in a long time for new toys.  Many amazing toys have been announced this year, so it’s likely that you aren’t even aware of all that is now available.  Bestbuy.ca is always a great destination for toys, with a huge selection and amazingly fast shipping.  Also, we have been reviewing many of these toys on the blog, so you can learn what they can do and make a more informed decision this holiday season.  Here is a summary of some of the top toys of 2015:


Traxxas Stampede 2WD 1/10 Scale RC Monster Truck Review

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Stampede 1.jpg

Today I consider the first of 3 awesome Traxxas RC vehicles that are each a part of our Top 25 Toys of 2015 list. This one is the Traxxas Stampede 2WD 1/10 Scale RC Monster Truck, and it's been tearing up the road during testing! The Stampede may not be the biggest, the fastest, or the most powerful Traxxas RC truck on our list, but it rates second to none when it comes to performance! I've been seriously impressed with this monster machine so far. Click on through to find out why!


Review and Video: Parrot’s MiniDrones are becoming an army

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Parrot-Marshall.jpgDrones can come in all sizes, as Parrot likes to demonstrate with its MiniDrones line of more diminutive gizmos. And now, it seems there’s a small army of them—on land, air and sea. Previous designs have been augmented in various ways to make this new batch of mini robots smarter, sleeker and more precise. I took a few for some testing and found them to be fun for as long as the battery could last.


Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid Review

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BB-8 Main.jpg

Step right up and meet the new Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droidthis is the Droid you're looking for! And I think that once you've read this review, you'll agree that you've finally found him. This little guy does everything short of saving the galaxy single-handed, and once you've seen him in action, you're almost guaranteed to want one. Click through and read on for full details of this amazing little robot. He's waiting to meet you.


Sphero SPRK Edition App-Controlled Robot (Clear) Review

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SPRK Main.jpgMeet the Sphero SPRK Edition App-Controlled Robotthe unique, interactive toy ball with the motto, "PLAY IS A POWERFUL TEACHER." It may not look like it, but there's actually a whole lot going on with this seemingly simple sphere, and it's all unleashed by the special SPRK App. Join me inside as I unlock the secrets of how learning meets fun with the Sphero SPRK Edition. I think you'll be impressed!


Meccano Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot Review

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Mec2 Box.jpg


Say hello to the mini robotic marvel who's loyal, friendly, and a whole lot of fun! He's the new Meccano Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot, and he wants to be your friend. If you're ready for a robotic companion that will tell you jokes, keep you company, and obey your every command (or at least several pre-programmed ones), then click on through and read all about the Meccanoid G15.


WowWee REV Robotic Enhanced RC Vehicle Starter Pack Review

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rev.jpgWelcome to the wonderful world of REVRobotic Enhanced Vehicles! This cool new RC racing set from WowWee Canada gives you the option to play against a "computer" (much like a video game system) or to go one-on-one with a real human opponent. It's almost like having a race car themed video game come to life! If you'd like to learn all about the WowWee REV Robotic Enhanced RC Vehicle Starter Pack, then click on through for the full report. I'm sure you'll be as impressed with these innovative RC race cars as I am!




Star Wars 16" Legendary Yoda Interactive Robotic Toy Review

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yoda1.jpgDo you wish to be trained in the power of  the Force? If you think you've got what it takes to become a true Jedi Master and train with the legendary Yoda himself, then your first step is to read this review of the Star Wars 16" Legendary Yoda Interactive Robotic Toy. Contained herein is all the knowledge you'll need. So, if you're ready to unlock the Force within you, then read this blog you must!


Zoomer Kitty Interactive Robot Cat Review

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If your child is lobbying you for their very first pet, you may have concerns about the general welfare of the beast, such as whether or not your child will remember to feed or clean up after it. If this is a worrisome issue for you, you can always opt instead to get them a robotic pet. Take, for example, the very lifelike Zoomer Kitty Interactive Robotic Cat. There are no messes to clean up, and there's no need to feed her, yet she behaves much like a real live cat. She plays, she purrs, and she's your child's fine feline friend. Read on to learn more about what this kool kitty can do! 


Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers Review: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, & Kylo Ren

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Ren Saber.jpgIf you're a fan of Star Wars, then you can't help but love the awesome new Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers. Today I review 4 of them: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, & Kylo Ren. Past and future collide in this amazing new set. So grab the keys to the Falcon and step on through the portal, where advanture awaits! This is role playing fun on a whole other level!


Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot Review

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Introducing the Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot—the only toy I've seen to date that has more moving parts than me! Ok, maybe not, but this is one complicated (in a good way ... mostly) robot! Half puzzle, half human (no, not really), this guy is sure to provide hours of fun, or at least take a good many of them up. So step on through the portal and take a look at this truly amazing machine. One way or another, he's sure to impress ...




Zoomer Dino Jester Interactive Dinosaur Robot Review

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Jester Official Box.jpg

Today I review the Zoomer Dino Jester Interactive Dinosaur Robot & consider the ways in which he is, and is not, similar to the Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex. If you enjoy smart / robot toys and would like to know just how well Jester measures up, click on through and consider the evidence. He's definitely not a scary dino. Jester is more of a clown. Read on to see what I mean. 


Jurassic World Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex Review

by Blogger on ‎09-12-2015 11:59 PM - last edited on ‎11-05-2015 03:35 PM by Editor in Chief

Rex Main.jpgToday I examine the first of 2 Zoomer Dino robots that I've recently been testing. This one is the Jurassic World Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex, and although it's very similar to its counterpart, the Zoomer Dino Jester Interactive Dinosaur Robot, the 2 dinos actually feature very different designs, personalities, and even some technical differences with their respective remote controls. So, click on through and read my review if you'd like to learn all about this very scary Jurassic World Indominus Rex. I dare you!



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