Binoculars and telescopes that bring the heavens to your doorstep

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Get some celestial tech help to witness the show in the heavens. Find out what to look for in binoculars and telescopes that can bring the heavenly bodies to your doorstep.


Get ready to kick off the NFL Season with Oyo Sportstoys!

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OyoLogo.pngOyo Sportstoys are one of the neatest new sports collectible in the block: Brick form!  Drawing off the previous and too short success of many of the LEGO Sports lines, Oyo brings licensed football, hockey and baseball products to you, and they're all at Best Buy! With NFL Season right around the corner, come take a look at the Oyo NFL GameTime field. Click below to check out this huge 200+ piece set.


Review - LeTrax Teton, The Little Truck That Could (and does!)

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traxxas-latrax-teton-actiontitle.jpgI've had quite a time with my grubby little mitts behind the (RC) wheel of some very impressive machines. Previously the big boys, E-Maxx and E-Revo got some love and as incredible as those behemoths are, they have themselves a cool kid brother, LaTrax Teton.  A boss little 4WD monster truck, with a lotta gumption for a little guy, LeTrax Teton takes the conventional RC vehicle and leaps over it dramatically, spraying it with dirt and gravel as it leaves it in its dust.


Traxxas E-Maxx / E-Revo Brushless Edition - Review

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Traxxas_Einstieg410.jpgEver watch someone unveil their very serious and impressive RC vehicle - be it boat, plane, or four wheeled - and think, "man that looks so fun, those people are super cool?" Ok, so, maybe not that last part, but the first one is absolutely true. I was recently given a chance to play with some of these ultimate "Big Kid" toys. Powerful, awesome looking, wonderfully designed: I'm talking about the E-Maxx and E-Revo by Traxxas. Come on, let's take a spin.


The coolest toy tech for father's day fun

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Preview.jpgOne of my favourite things about Father’s Day is how it lets me be a kid again. When my kids were younger, this often meant building a LEGO kit together. Now that they’re older and into high tech toys like drones, robotic kits and R/C vehicles, Father’s Day means I get to relive being a kid while playing with gear I find genuinely fascinating —all while bonding with my own kids. If there’s a dad in your life who’s just waiting to unleash his inner child, I’ve put together some high tech toy suggestions from Best Buy’s extensive selection of gear that will have dad (and his kids) pretty happy on Father’s Day.


Review: Meet MIP, the balancing robot that's a kid's best friend

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mip-robot-review.jpgIt's nice to see some toys hit the market that are such clear winners, you’ll be excited to play them yourself. Case in point? MIP, Wowwee’s Balancing Robot. He might only hit your ankles height-wise, but he’s a little powerhouse of high-tech, kid-savvy fun.  And best of all? This is one little robot that can actually bring you a sandwich too.


May the fourth be with you

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 Fathead Star Wars_Yoda Wall Decal.jpg

May 4th  commemorates a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. On Earth it is when fans around the world celebrate all thing Star Wars.


This is your time to connect with your inner Jedi and conquer the evil dark side. You’ll need a few things to help you "use the Force."


May the fourth be with you.




Top 10 Wilderness Products for Back Country Camping

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tent.jpgIf you read the NY Times Bestseller Wild by Cheryl Strayed, then you will learn how not to pack as she did for her hike on the Pacific Coast Trail. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend this true story of her over 1,000 miles hike by herself to escape the loss of her mother and a broken marriage, all with no wilderness experience whatsoever. I don’t profess to be a wilderness expert although I have done a fair number of wilderness trips of at least one night, and usually more. The trick with overnight backcountry camping is not to take too much while making sure you have what you will need so you don’t get in trouble.


The NEW Lego Legends of Chima: Foes unite for a greater good

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Legends_Of_Chima_Boxsets.jpgWith the newest season of Lego: Legends of Chima underway, Best Buy has brought in the new line of building sets to match. This season, previous foes have now united as friends to save Mount Cavora and its Chi from the Scorpion Tribe. New sets reflect the challenges ahead, as well as bring unique builds to the Lego Universe and add-ons previously unseen.  Come check out some of these new sets.


Review - Anki Drive

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screen568x568.jpegIf you are into toys, tech, gadgets, software, or any and all of the above, you might just want to lean in a little closer. Touted as 'The first video game in the real world' Anki Drive may just blow your mind. Real cars with really intellegent AI, play against friends, or the smartest little cars you ever met in a head to head battle around a large race track that actually takes up space in your house. Score points, level up, upgrade your machines, its all there, and all with the added bonus of having a cool toy to show off.  It's Anki Drive folks, and its a heck of a lotta fun.


The Lego Movie: More than just a Cinematic Experience

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LEGO-Movie.jpgOn February 7th, the Lego Movie debuts in theatres featuring an all-star comedic cast of voices.  In addition to the movie, a full line of Lego Toys has launched with exclusive minifigs and scenes from the movie!  In addition, a video game based on the movie will be out a couple days before the film launches.  Click below to take a look at the Lego Movie toy line and video game, both of which you'll be able to get your hands on through Best Buy.


Cool gifts for kids and for kids who don’t want to grow up

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Christmas-Gifting-Ideas.jpgGrowing older is inevitable. Growing up? Now that’s optional as far as I’m concerned. I’m not alone with this one either. There are a lot of people out there who believe that, although the years pass and you have a birthday or two, it doesn’t have to mean you give up on all of the things you liked once-upon-a-time when you were younger.



Sports Fan Shopping Made Easy

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canucks.jpgDie-hard sports fans are truly a breed of their own. Trust me, I know. There is someone on my list who lives and breathes a particular football team. If it were up to him, and considered acceptable behavior, he would commute to and from work in a custom decaled Seahawks SUV, wear a different Seahawks jersey and cap every day, and have his entire home decorated in Seahawks memorabilia. Thankfully there is someone in his life to put the breaks on his Seahawks obsession – thank you mom. But what do you get the sports fan for Christmas without blowing the bank, your sense of style, or décor? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 


Holiday baby gifts

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ExerSaucer_Baby_Xmas.jpg Playtime is the best way to help baby grow and master new skills with each exciting phase. 


Babies change at an astonishing pace so you want toys that will grown with them. This holiday season pick up an interactive toy that is going to nurture your favourite baby in a fun way. This collection of baby gifts may even get Mom and Dad playing along. 


You'll hear Christmas morning cheers with these gifts for your children

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Being dragged out of bed on Christmas morning by your excited kids isn't so bad when you see their happy faces around the tree. Which toys do your kids have on their wish list? Are you looking forward to filling your home with the sound of cheers when they tear open their gifts? 


Archery sets make a great gift for "Catching Fire" fans

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hunger_games_catching_fire.jpgWith another installment of the Hunger Games in theaters now, it puts archery as a fun hobby back to the forefront.  In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen learned archery as a young girl, and her expertise helped in feeding her mother and sister.  Luckily, your children will be able to treat it as more of a hobby.  Bear Archery sets are now available at Best Buy, and make an out of the box, yet enjoyable gift idea.


Gifts for teens that make you wish you were back in high school

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AirHockeyTable.jpgWith the holidays fast approaching, gift giving can be really easy, or really hard depending on whom you're buying for.  Then there are the gifts with dual purpose - Maybe you want to give it to your teen, or maybe you want something you can all enjoy as a family.  Maybe it's even something that might flash you back to when you were their age?  Here's a list of some of those fun products that might do just that.


Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

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It is amazing how my two girls are so different: their temperaments, eating habits as well as the toys they like.  When I had asked my two girls whether they would like a new kitchen or train set, my older daughter replied “I want a new kitchen” while my younger daughter replied “I want a train set”, so I was desperately looking for space in our home to house these two new KidKraft toys that I was asked to review.  In this article, I will discuss the KidKraft kitchen. Overall, I am very impressed with Kidkraft creations: in my opinion there’s no comparison to the Kidkraft kitchens sets.  


Leap Pads, the best tablets for young kids?

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Are the Leap Pad Ultra & Leap Pad 2 the ipads for younger kids?



I was given a few Leap Pad products to test and try out. I wasn’t sure if my kids would actually use them or not since we already have 2 ipads & an ipad mini at home which both my girls use daily.  So going from an ipad to a leap pad ... I thought it would be a bit of a stretch to get the girls to try something new.  But surprise, surprise, leap pad does have a way to lure the kids to try their educational toys.  Read more about my adventures testing the Leap Pad Ultra, Leap Pad Power and the Leap Pad Monster Bundle.


Gifts your boyfriend secretly wants

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mindstorms.jpgAs one of the self-admitted hardest people on the planet to buy a gift for, it's sometimes helpful to have a list of some of the things we secretly want or think would be great to receive.  Some of us have simple tastes.  Some of us have expensive tastes.  Either way, this list might provide insight into some of those bits and pieces of technology we're secretly interested in, but might not let on as much as we should.


Review: Traxxas LaTrax Rally 4WD RC Car

by Blogger on ‎10-27-2013 11:20 PM - last edited on ‎11-06-2013 09:53 AM by Best Buy Best Buy

Latrax-Rally-Blue-rear-3qtr_med.pngA more serious line of RC Vehicles catering to older racers, Traxxas blends sophistication with toughness and puts forth the LaTrax Rally car.  With waterproof elements and full 4 Wheel Drive, this vehicle (done in the spirit of real rally cars) is capable of powering through the rain, leaves, sand and even snow.  How does it hold up to some of these tests?  Read on for more.


Havoc Pro Scooters available now at Best Buy

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HavocProStorm.jpgCanadian Pro Scooter manufacturer, Havoc, have brought their line of versatile scooters to Best Buy!  Havoc Pro Scooters can support riders from ages 8 to 88 (up to 100kg) and cater to all different skills and experience levels.  Whether the rider in your family just wants a scooter to take around the block, or to the skate park to show off the latest tricks, Havoc has something for them. Havoc scooter are also customizable!  lRead on to learn more about Havoc's scooters.


LeapFrog Learning Toys for Toddlers

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Almost every parent out there has purchased at least one LeapFrog Learning product.  I mean, who doesn't like LeapFrog?  I found that my two girls were always drawn to all the colorful designs on the toys and the sounds that each of the LeapFrog toy makes.  Below I will talk about the Musical Rainbow Tea Party Set and the Read With Me Violet Book Set.



BIG HUGS ELMO: Your preschooler's newest friend

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PLAYSKOOL/HASBRO have just launched the newest ELMO must-have in time for the holiday season.

Could this be the gift your little one will be putting on their wish list?


Hot holiday toy alert - Get ready for the all new Furby Boom

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toys-furby-boom.jpgIt’s safe to say that 1998 was the Year of the Furby. The cute little electronic robots hit the market like a firestorm and were one of the must-have toys of the holidays that year. Not only were they cute, resembling a hamster or an owl, but they were smart too. When you unpacked your Furby from the box, it started out talking nothing but Furbish. As you spent more time with it, your toy was able to slowly learn your language.


Flash forward to 2012 – after years on hiatus, the Furby became available again. This time around, Furby had LED eyes, a lot of cool new phrases, and seriously fun ways to interact. 


But the 2012 Furby was just the tip of the kid-tech iceberg, because an all-new Furby is hitting the market again and this time he’s taking your iPad or Android tablet for a wild ride too.


Ghost Up Some Grown Up Halloween Fun!

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Eat.jpgIf you’ve ever looked longingly at pillowcases full of candy being toted around by little ones on October 31, or waxed nostalgic over teenage weeknights spent lighting fire crackers, I have good news for you – Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. In fact, this annual celebration of ghosts and goblins is becoming increasingly popular among adults – and the statistics prove it.









Review: VTech's latest fun, educational tablets were created with kids, and moms, in mind

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VTech-innotab-3S.jpgI’ve had tablet computers since they arrived on the scene in 2010, and like anyone, I truly covet those handy little gadgets. Not only do they give me a way to watch, text, and play wherever I go, it keeps me organized in ways I could never have imagined.


But when you have such great dependence on a gadget, it also comes with a great responsibility to keep it safe. From my kids that is. I can’t count how many friends I’ve had who have watched helplessly as their kids fractured the screen of their tablets, chipped the case, or tossed it into a bathtub they decided it needed to go for a swim.

Yes, these are amazing educational tools, but when kids use them, they have to be wrapped in a suit of armor or monitored closely.


Introducing the Litehawk Blast and Brute

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brute and blast2.jpgThe Ontario based Litehawk company is attempting to do what they can to make radio controlled vehicles a bit more affordable for the masses.  For a fraction of what you can expect to pay for more advanced models, you can take a step into a Litehawk, and get the same chance to tinker and customize.  The Blast and Brute are two such vehicles, carrying top speeds of up to 35 km/h with little more to do out of the box than charge batteries and power on.  Click below to get acquainted with both models after they were taken for a test drive.


Scoop up those cool Halloween costumes for kids early

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halloween-pumpkins.jpgWhen it comes to Halloween costumes for kids, I’ve learnt my lesson about getting in there early. Last year a Minecraft head my son wanted was sold out all over the entire country before I could pick one up, and the crisis was only averted when I managed to find a different costume that he liked almost as much.


As Halloween draws closer, I’ve been hearing from my kids a lot about the ‘tragedy of the Minecraft head” and how I better get my hands on those must-have Halloween costumes before they’re sold out.


Review: Zoomer Robotic Dog by Spin Master

by Blogger on ‎09-30-2013 05:05 PM - last edited on ‎01-02-2014 02:32 PM by Editor in Chief

SpinMasterZoomer_002.pngLooking for the joys of a dog without the mess? This robot dog will play dead and roll-over…but also turn off when you need it to.


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