Best accessories for drones

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drone accessories1.jpgDrones are quickly becoming one of the best all-purpose gadgets out there. Whether you've got a little thing to fly around your neighbourhood or park or something more serious for your business or filming needs, drones can be just as helpful as they are fun. Be sure to take good care of your drones by outfitting them with some great additions. Please read on to find out about more of some of the best accessories for your drones.


Which drone is right for you: hobbyist

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If you enjoy flying remote controlled drones and pursue this activity purely for the pleasure and relaxation it brings you, then you probably won't object to being called a drone hobbyist. And why not?? After all, drones can be a great deal of fun, and they also provide an optimal level of challenge to master, making them all the more enjoyable. So, if the term drone hobbyist describes you, then come along for a brief overview of 3 drones that are perfectly suited to your interest level. These drones are fun, affordable, and they pose enough of a challenge to hold the attention of even the most hard core of drone enthusiasts!


Which drone is right for you: Professional photographer or videographer

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inspire.jpgThe world of photography has exploded upwards, into the air, with the advent of high-quality drones built to shoot premium pictures and pristine video. As a professional photographer there are a few key features you’re going to look for. Here’s a breakdown of a few that may help you make the choice on which drone is right for you.


Which drone is right for you: Tool to help your career

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storage.canoe.jpgHave you ever thought about how a drone could help you with your career? If you haven’t then maybe it is about time you did. They are pretty powerful now and gaining popularity on all sorts of workplaces in surprising ways. Today’s drones can be valuable tools to professionals in a variety of fields. Now is your opportunity to take a look at what a drone can do for you and your career, so maybe you can get ahead of the curve and excel in the workplace.


Which drone is right for you: Sports enthusiast

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Action cameras, like the GoPro and Sony Action Cam, have allowed sports enthusiasts and extreme athletes to capture and share their point of view in high definition video. The results are nothing short of spectacular. Now drones are taking this enthusiasm to a whole new level.


Review: Tap into your inner child with Crayola Colour Alive

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crayola dragon-Optimized.jpgMy boys and I have always loved colouring and crafting, so when I was asked to review Crayola's newest creation, Colour Alive, I was excited. I was also seriously impressed when we really got into it. This colouring book with app takes your basic colouring book to a whole new level. Read on to see what I'm talking about.



Best Remote Control Fun Part 2: In the Air

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maxresdefault.jpgHave you ever thought about what it might be like to fly? Well we don’t quite have jetpacks yet like we’re all hoping for but we do have quadcopters and drones these days. They are getting less expensive and more versatile very rapidly, and so there has never been a better time to try one out. They are easy to use, and there is so much variety so that pilots of any budgets or skill level can find something to make use of. Whether you just want to play around with controlling something in the air, or want to take professional grade aerial video, we’ve got you covered.


Sphero Darkside Ollie App-Controlled Robot Review

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Meet Ollie! He's the small, fun, app controlled robot that goes wherever you do. I've been testing him all week and have quite a bit to say. If you enjoy RC toys—particularly unconventional ones like Ollie—then pop on in and see what you, and I, think of him!


Best Remote Control Fun Part 1: On Land

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Today I consider some of the coolest remote control toys that are available for use on land. If you've been thinking of getting into the RC hobby and would like something that's fast, fun, and drives on 4 wheels, then read on for a few cool suggestions. There's something for every budget here, so don't feel intimidated by some of the more expensive models. If you're just starting out in the RC hobby, going with an inexpensive model is a great way to guage just how much you're going to enjoy it. You can always opt for something a bit higher end later on.


Little Disney Princess Fun With Melissa & Doug

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md-disney.jpgEvery little girl loves princesses. And with a number of neat Melissa & Doug toys, kids can build their imagination by doing everything from dressing up magnetic princess figures, to stamping princess imagery onto pictures, and creating reusable sticker scenes that tell a full fairy tale story.


Choose some great smartphone accessories for your summer

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iPhoneleadin.jpgWith spring in the rear view and summer straight ahead, it's time for barbeques, late nights under the stars and trips to the pool and the park. The summer, as you head out the door, considering picking up some accessories for your smartphone to add to the experience. Whether it's new ways to enjoy music, or unleashing your inner photographer, there's definitely something out there for you. Here are a few ideas.


Review and Video: DJI Phantom 3 is an elite drone

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DJI-Phantom-3-main.jpgOne of the things about flying a drone is that each flight seems to elicit something new. As drones become more sophisticated, they offer more each time in the air, adding to the payoff of learning and improving as a pilot. The DJI Phantom 3 is built to last, outfitted with some of the latest features any consumer drone can offer. I took it for a test drive for over a week, and shot a short video to go with it.


A Closer Look at Melissa & Doug's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys

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melissa and doug mickey mouse clubhouse wooden clock.jpgCombine the quality of Melissa & Doug products and the love of Mickey Mouse and all of his friends, and you have a stellar new lineup of cool learning toys for kids aged 2, 3, and above. Check out my take of these 6 new options after taking them for a test drive with my 3.5-year-old son.


Overview: DJI Phantom Series 3 Drones with 1080p and 4K Cameras

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phantom.jpgWhat’s cooler than having your own eye in the sky? For a lot of consumers and professionals out there, not much! The DJI Phantom was one of the first truly user-friendly drones on the market, and the family has grown over the past few years to includes some awesome new features. The beautifully designed Phantom 3 brings more range, more clarity, and more power to the field with two new models.


Overview: 3DR Solo Smart Drone

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solo-drone.jpgToday we take a look at the 3DR Solo Smart Drone—a feature packed flyer that's built to impress! Whether you're a flying enthusiast, an RC hobbyist, a serious fan of drone technology, or merely someone that enjoys being "in the know" when it comes to all varieties of newfangled gadgetry, you're going to want to learn all about this very cool quadcopter! So if any of these labels apply to you, step inside and we'll learn together! 


Dual RC Review: LiteHawk APEX Motorcycle & High Roller Mini Quadcopter

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sids by side.jpg



Today I have the privilege of reporting on 2 cool, little LiteHawk RC vehicles—one a rider-clad motorcycle, and the other a cage enclosed mini quadcopter that's capable of flying, crawling on the ceiling, and bouncing off the walls! These little machines might be small in stature, but they're definitely big on fun! Read along to see the results of my testing and to see if either of these tiny beasts might be right for you.


Review and Video: Parrot Bebop drone flies high

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Parrot-Bebop-main.jpgFlying a drone is fun. Ask anyone who has done it, even for a fleeting moment or two, and they will likely refer to the exhilarating feeling in controlling a device that can see from various angles and heights. Considering how popular drones are becoming, Parrot’s Bebop comes at a time where the act of flying itself needs to be handled with greater precision, while offering an easier point of entry for those getting into it for the first time. Here is my experience with it, including a short video.


Lego and Lego Duplo Sets at Best Buy

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Lego DUPLO.jpgMy husband and I wanted to get our little builder some LEGO to play with. Thank goodness we found DUPLO at Best Buy! It’s age appropriate and my daughter loves it!


Lego: a toy that grows with your children

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play lego-Optimized.jpg

Lego has to be one of the best toys available for kids, and it's a toy that grows with your child and lasts a lifetime. Both my sons have always played with some form of Lego, and now at 9 and 14 they enjoy a lot of the older Lego themed sets like Technic and Mindstorms. I had a chance to try the new LEGO Pirates so I thought it would be great to look at some of our favourite sets, old and new.



Review: Tiggly Geoshapes, Counting iPad Toys

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Kids loving playing with tablets like the iPad. And some of the latest toys, like the Tiggly Geoshapes and Counting toys, interact with apps to make the experience fun and interactive. I, and my 3-year-old son, spent some time with both sets to give our take on them.


Upgrade the fun on your iPad with Osmo

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osmo.jpgIn the last couple of years, iPads have become such a popular tool and toy for kids, and there are so many apps now available for fun, learning and gaming. For even more fun, there are interactive apps with gaming accessories like Osmo.


Movie Themed LEGO Sets Available at Best Buy!

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Have you ever noticed how versatile the popular LEGO toy brand has become over the years? With numerous themed building block sets currently available, I'd say that LEGO is pretty much tied in with everything these days! With this in mind, I thought that today I'd take a look at several LEGO sets that specifically have movie related themes. There are some really cool sets available, so click on through to see LEGO sets related to Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The LEGO Movie itself, and more. After all, it's all about having fun!


Review: National Geographic Laser Pegs sets are fun for everyone

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As a big sister to two brothers, then an Auntie to a nephew, then a mom to two boys, I have my fair share of experience with building blocks and sets. I am a huge National Geographic fan as well, from their magazine to their shows on t.v. So when I was given the chance to review National Geographic Laser Pegs I was pretty excited.




Let your kids' imagination soar with LEGO Elves, Friends and more!

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elves.jpgA few toy lines out there have kept the same basics for the last half century. LEGO's one of them, and LEGO has been encouraging people of all ages (especially kids) to build whatever they could imagine creating. With new lines like Elves and Friends, the characters may look different, but the stories and the fun are still all yours. 


Get Moving With LEGO Vehicle Sets

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What kid doesn't love LEGO? Add vehicles to the mix, and there's plenty of opportunity for after-build fun. And with the abundance of LEGO sets available also comes tons of selection of vehicles of all kinds.


Review: Flying through the sky with the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus

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Phantomontherocks.JPGWith winter almost officially over, it's time to think about those spring and summertime activities, and might I recommend flying a drone?  They're portable, compact and can turn a few heads.  In fact, I drew a crowd one afternoon while I doing nothing but minding my own business and flying the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus for this review.  Let's take a look at it.


Traxxas batteries 101: keep your toys powered and ready for fun

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2970-EZ-Peak-Plus-Connected-2872X-LiPo.jpgThe world of RC vehicles is a very fun place to be.  Powerful scale model versions of your favorite real world racers, fully equipped to handle serious terrain, they're a lot of fun. That is, they're a lot of fun when they're full of power and ready to go, without the fully charged powercells, well, they're just an exceptionally well designed, aggressive looking model car. Taking the confusion out of keeping your Traxxas vehicles full of juice and ready to go is the new Traxxas iD system. Streamlined and full proof, with their new power cells (batteries) and EZ-Peak Plus Charger, they've taken the challenge out of charging.


The Traxxas Slash racer is ready to race and a ton of fun

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traxxas_slash top.jpgPacked with all the power and durability of a Traxxas brand RC vehicle, the Slash is an Off-Road Short-Course Stadium Truck that comes in a variety of configurations and really likes to fly. Whether around corners with insane drifting, or when actually flying. Launching off anything resembling a ramp, the independent suspension makes sure it lands like a dream and keeps going. Now with on-board audio, the Slash sounds every bit as tough as it looks, with real throttle and idle sounds that will make even the biggest kid grin from ear to ear. Let's go for a rip!


A Beginner's Guide to Drones

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ParrotBebop.jpgHave you ever wanted to get into model drones, but weren't sure about some of the ins and outs, including what you could fly in Canada (or what qualifies as a drone) and where you can fly it?  Look no further.  Click below to find out some of the basics about drones, including flight restrictions, qualifications and even what drones can do for us now and in the future.


Traxxas SST Latrax brings big fun in a small fast package

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TraxxasLatraxSST.JPGYou might be surprised how much they can pack into an RC vehicle these days, especially when you're dealing with a Traxxas Latrax. The SST is a 1/18th scale model 4 x 4, all terrain beast of a truck. With independent suspension and a sturdy construction, all terrain means water resistant and tough.  You might be surprised where you can go, and how fast you can get there.  Priced for the everyday sort of RC fan, it might just be your gateway into a wider world of RC enthusiasm. 


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