My top 10 travel apps for your spring break vacation

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Going away for spring break? Whether you're heading down south for some beach bumming, taking the kids to Disneyland, or going on a backpacking adventure through Southeast Asia, a variety of apps can help make your travels easier and more exciting. From currency exchange to preventing jetlag, be sure to check out my top 10 travel apps you can't leave home without.


Help improve your golf game with the Arccos Golf GPS and Stat Tracker!

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ArccosSensor.jpgGolfers are always interested in tightening up their games and making them that much better. Fortunately, for your budding PGA Tour Pro (or yourself,) there's the Arccos Golf GPS and Stat Tracker, now available at Best Buy. Use the Arccos to monitor your golfing progress (so you don't have to) and have it measure your distances, greens in regulation and so many other things that you never thought you'd need to know.  Come take a look!


Great tips so you are prepared for your next road trip

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Summertime and the travelling is easy – as long as you pick up a few useful gadgets to keep you safe and organized along the way. Our collection of helpful road trip gadgets will keep you connected, relaxed and stress free so you can enjoy your vacation. Get prepared for your next road trip!


Havoc Pro Scooters available now at Best Buy

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HavocProStorm.jpgCanadian Pro Scooter manufacturer, Havoc, have brought their line of versatile scooters to Best Buy!  Havoc Pro Scooters can support riders from ages 8 to 88 (up to 100kg) and cater to all different skills and experience levels.  Whether the rider in your family just wants a scooter to take around the block, or to the skate park to show off the latest tricks, Havoc has something for them. Havoc scooter are also customizable!  lRead on to learn more about Havoc's scooters.


The Best eReader for Summertime Reading

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Kobo Aura HD Outdoors Pre.jpgThere’s nothing like sitting around a pool or relaxing on a chair in the back yard with a cool drink and a good book. Today, the “book” is increasingly a digital one and that means using a device to read with. But which one? There’s a decent chance that you carry a smartphone or even a tablet with you pretty much every where you go but trust me on this, you do not want to be reading outdoors on one of these. Reflections, washed out display, poor battery life, weight —and then there’s the fact that you’re sitting by the pool holding what may well be a $400 or $500 device. The best eReader is not a tablet, phablet or smartphone, it’s an E Ink eReader, a device that absolutely excels in the outdoors. There are many good choices at Best Buy, including Kobo’s Mini, Touch, Glo and Aura HD, or Sony’s T2, ensuring there’s an eReader that fits every preference or budget.


How To Keep Your Electronics Powered Up When You’re Off-The-Grid

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Solar Generator.jpgSummer is here and for many of us that means being outdoors: camping, hitting the trails or lying by the beach. Situations where power outlets are often in short supply. In many parts of Canada, summer is also thunderstorm season and bigs storms can result in power outages. Your smartphone might be good for six hours of talk time and you may get eight hours of movie viewing out of a tablet before needing to recharge, but summer is full of situations where you need power when none is readily available. This How-To explains what you need to keep your gear charged when you’re off-the-grid, whether it’s just for a day, or a week at a time.


Eco-friendly products for Earth Day

by Blogger on ‎04-08-2013 09:00 AM

zoom built.jpgCelebrate Earth Day on April 22 with these eco-friendly products!


Pack up for Spring Break with Samsonite luggage

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SamsoniteSpinnertravelluggage.jpgEven though there’s still a bite in the air and it might not feel like it, Spring Break is right around the corner. And with Spring Break comes the opportunity to take the entire family on vacation!


With any trip, even if it’s only a quick weekend away, having a great set of luggage is a necessity. So, what do you look for when shopping for travel luggage or carry on luggage?


Review: Bugatti Polyester Carry-On Luggage

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bugatti.jpgLadies, looking for a new carry-on? This stylish bag by Bugatti is perfect for any business trip or weekend getaway.


Nike Sportswatch GPS powered by TomTom - Review

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nike-sportwatch-gps (1).jpgRunning, good for the heart, but not always easy to love.  Teaming up with TomTom, Nike aims to help keep you and your running relationship happy with their Nike + Sportswatch GPS. 


Are you hosting the hockey game this weekend?

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popcorn.jpgAt some point, even if you're rotating hosting every weekend with your friends, they're probably going to end up coming over to your place to watch the hockey game, whether it's the regular season or the Playoffs.  Are you ready to host everybody when they head over?  Looking to make some additions to your living room or man cave?  Check out some of options in our expanded assortment to add to the comfortable viewing experience of your home.


The NHL is back! Get ready for the NHL season with Best Buy's Expanded Assortment!

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ovechkin.jpgThe puck drops on an abbreviated NHL season this weekend, and over the last few months, Best Buy's Expanded Assortment team has been hard at work to bring some of the best products to help you decorate the place you sit and watch your favorite team.  From autographed jerseys to McFarlanes and even Monopoly, we've got you covered.  Come check out our expanded assortment of licensed NHL products and memorabilia.


150px-2013_IIHF_U-20_Championship_logo.pngThere are always two reasons to be excited when Boxing Day arrives: Boxing Day shopping and the IIHF World Junior Hockey Tournament. Before you line up at your local Best Buy on Boxing Day to buy a new HDTV and maybe a new surround sound system, you’ll most likely be up early to cheer on Team Canada.


Modrec's Gino Ferrari Garment Bags: Light and Easy Travel Options

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ginologo.jpgModrec's Gino Ferrari Line of garment bags provides light weight and sturdy options for your business trips, and short trips away from home.


100th Grey Cup – Celebrate in Style!

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Grey-Cup.jpgThis coming Sunday, November 25, marks a very exciting day in Canadian sporting history – the 100th Grey Cup Game! While we Canadians have often been criticized for our fickle ways when it comes to supporting our local sports teams through thick and thin, this weekend is sure to bring both sides of the continent together in patriotic unity – complete with chili, touques, and beer – when the Calgary Stampeders take on the host Toronto Argonauts; the third meeting between the two teams for the Grey Cup championship, and the first since the 79th Grey Cup in 1991. 


15 Things You Didn't Know Best Buy Sells

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Best BuyWhen we think of Best Buy, we typically think of beautiful big flat screen televisions, the latest in tablets, laptops, mobile devices, cameras, home audio and a host of other electronic eye candy.  But there’s lots more to the Best Buy website, and store, than what first comes to mind.  


Here are 15 great products that you probably didn’t know are just a point and click away from becoming another person crossed off your holiday shopping list. 


Tools for the Outdoorsmen

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article-new_ds-photo_getty_article_88_45_87828492_XS.jpgThe outdoors, we can't avoid it, we can simply prepair, and Best Buy's expanded assortment aims to arm you with the gear you need.


Your Ultimate Guide to the Man Cave

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DMCFS10_Man-Caves-NFL-Sofa_s4x3_lg.jpegThat sacred space of manliness, filled with all your dude things (if they haven't been relegated to the garage that is).  A Man Cave is an important place, and assembling it correctly is no simple task, but, rest easy friends, Best Buy is here to help.


Decrease your vacation stress with the perfect suitcase!

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swiss gear.jpgIf you’re the type that's always planning your next trip, think of upgrading your luggage!


Obusforme: Off Your Lap and On Your Back

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Obusforme BackpackThere’s nothing better than living in a world of mobile technology. Having the power to go almost anywhere with your technology and keep connected with the world is a gift I’m thankful for every day.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t leave the house without either my mobile phone, tablet or laptop; to be honest most days it’s all three!  But I never forget the importance of protecting these devices with the proper gear.


Camping Necessities for Geeks

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camping.jpegLast weekend I went camping for the first time since, well, since Brownies if I’m being honest. And this was no RV camping adventure. We roughed it. I’m talking “bring-your-own-toilet-paper-and-find-a-nice-spot-in-the-woods-to-relieve-yourself-and-remember-there-is-no-water-so-you-have-to-brush-your-teeth-with-lake-water” kind of roughing it. Now, considering the fact that I’m typically a five-start hotel kind of girl, this wasn’t quiet my usual getaway.


I was able to get over the no toilets, no showers, and no electricity for my straightening iron relatively quickly, but as soon as we arrived at our campsite, I realized with horror that we had no cell service. To some, this may have been a safety concern – “how can we call for help if we are attacked by a family of bears?!” To me, it was disturbing on an entirely different level – “how can I check in on Facebook while Instagramming a bunch of pictures of me floating carefree in the lake?”


Travel Smart This Summer

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luggage.jpgWhether you’re going on a European vacation or camping for the weekend, we have the perfect luggage for you!


Have the perfect Canada Day party

by Regular  Advocator ShelaghM on ‎06-28-2012 09:59 AM - last edited on ‎02-19-2013 04:26 PM by Regular Member

canadian-flag-heart.jpgAh Canada Day! Our favourite time to celebrate Canada everything we love about our great country. Wherever you are, plan the perfect Canada Day party with some help from Best Buy. Check out these cool products that will help your party rock.


Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Community Manager (Retired) on ‎06-13-2012 08:34 PM - last edited on ‎02-19-2013 03:59 PM by Regular Member

KoboWith Dad Day only 4 days away, have you picked out the perfect gift yet? Don’t do as I, and make a mad dash to your local Best Buy last minute. Check out this gift guide, broken down into categories that cater to any kind of Dad. Whether he’s outdoorsy, sporty, executive or a true techie, I’ve got a few cool suggestions for you to consider.


The Ultimate in Outdoor Relaxation: Hammocks

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hammock.jpgI would say there are three key components to a relaxing summer day. A good book, a calm breeze and a perfectly hung hammock. Growing up, we had a double wide hammock hanging under our weeping willow tree in the back yard, which is where you could usually find me on a hot summers day. Now that I live in the city, it’s a bit trickier to rig a hammock up in my little condo, but for those of you with an outdoor space, this is one summer staple you should consider.


Tech Necessities for Any Tourist

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sambor luggage.jpgTravelling always has its’ ups and downs, but Best Buy is the one stop shop to ease your stress and help your trip go off without a hitch!


Have Suitcase - Will Travel

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travel-luggage-clipart-graphicsfairy004.jpgAs a frequent traveler for both work and pleasure, I have some very specific criteria when it comes to luggage. When I’m hopping on a commuter jet for work, I need a suitcase that is light, small, has lots of compartments. Ideally, it will also have a zippered pocket on the front for my laptop so I don’t need to carry my computer bag, purse AND carry on at the same time. Since I don’t check luggage when I travel for work, I am very cognizant of NOT being one of those people that tries to pass off a full-size suitcase as carry on. There is nothing worse than standing behind those people during boarding while they fumble and fight with the overhead bin only to be told that “sorry sir, you will have to check your luggage.” If you’re carrying on your luggage you should be able to pick it up and whisk it into the overhead in one swift movement and then get your behind in your seat.


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