HDR and 4K: The best new TV technology all in one

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There’s a new big gun in town when it comes to television technology, and its name is High Dynamic Range (HDR). You’ll be hearing that buzzword a lot this year, because HDR is actually getting a lot of people excited for a dramatic improvement in how good our TV picture quality can get. So, if you’re in the market for a new TV, let me fill you in on how HDR and 4K is the best new TV tech all in one.


New Bose SoundTouch 300 audio system arrives

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Bose is well known for its superior audio quality. Now, there's a new suite of products just announced for the popular and compact Bose 'SoundTouch' line. Bose has just released a soundbar, a wireless bass module, a special adapter, and wireless rear speakers, all designed to create a wireless, seamless, and scaleable home theatre system.


Get all-in-one control for your home theatre (or your house!) with a single remote

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Universal - Title Harmony.png

It’s not uncommon to spend thousands of dollars on a modern home theatre, and when you consider the multiple components required to pull it all together it’s easy to understand and -- for most us of-- justify. One piece that many of us neglect is the universal remote, and with its ability to give you the ultimate in control,it can be a critical component to maximizing your investment. Let’s look at some of the industry leaders and help you take back control.


Why does my TV keep losing its connection to Wi-Fi and Netflix?

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Few things are more frustrating than settling down for a relaxing night of streaming your favourite movies or TV and experiencing a spotty internet connection. Every few minutes, your connection cuts in and out, causing things to skip more than a champion jump roper. You may be tempted to assume it is your internet provider's fault. However, often the solution is something you can control. In this blog, we'll take a look at some of those things that may be causing your TV and streaming to lose their Wi-fi connections and how you can fix them.


VMedia TV brings you local channels, right on your Roku

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streaming-stick-in-the-box-87762bfed3dec2aa2d63659520348380.jpgI attended a private event for Roku this past week, and after seeing what Roku can deliver and finding out about how the VMedia TV channel gives you local channels right on your Roku, I'm even more excited to bring this media streamer home.


Tips for getting the most from your mini projector

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10453019.jpgUp until I reviewed Insignia's Pocket Projector in April, I had no idea what a mini projector was. Well, I should rephrase; I knew what a mini projector was; I just didn't know that they actually existed in real life before that moment.  I had a chance to get hands on with one and I learned a lot.  Check out my tips for getting the most from your pint-sized projector.




Imagine watching all of the great fall television options on a new 4K curved Samsung TV, professionally mounted on your wall with a matching Samsung curved soundbar mounted right beneath the TV for optimal listening pleasure.  Enter this contest and that image may be your reality. Read on for all the details.


What is Lossless Audio?

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Lossless - iTunes image.jpeg

There is a lot of buzz around lossless audio these days, but what does it really mean? Understanding the basics can help you decide if you’ll need it, use it, or if it should matter to you at all.


Top 5 Under $50: Best headphones as rated by Best Buy customers

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Sony Over-Ear Headphones (MDRZX110B).jpg

It’s not many electronic devices that get as close to us as headphones. Whether your preference is for in-ear buds or noise isolating over-ear models, there are a huge amount of choices out there and many price points. Starting your shopping with recommendations is a great way to narrow the field, so check out our budget picks; the 5 best headphones as rated by Best Buy shoppers that will set you back $50 or less.


Bose SoundTouch 10 will be available as a 2-pack

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Bose soundtouch_10_bl_lg.jpg

Bose has announced it is now doubling its power when it comes to one of its most popular wireless speakers. The Bose Soundtouch 10 will soon be offered as a duo (in black or white), for a reduced price, making it easier (and more cost effective) than ever to create your own in-house multi-room audio experience.


Noise Isolating vs Noise Cancelling in headphones: what’s the difference?

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Two terms you'll see a lot when shopping for new headphones are "noise isolating" and "noise cancelling," but what's the difference, and what do they mean to you? Does one of those terms mean the headphones do more for you than the other? We'll de-mystify the lingo to help you pick the right headphones.


Samsung IconX wireless Bluetooth earbuds review

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Truly wireless earbuds are here! With the launch of Samsung Gear IconX Bluetooth wireless earbuds, there are absolutely no wires to get in the way of your listening experience. 


Putting together a fantastic home theatre in 3 easy steps

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Three Things - Title.jpg

Tired of watching movies and TV on your old gear? Want to upgrade to a genuine home theatre in three easy steps? I’ll show you how it’s done on a budget with some optional upgrades along the way.


Cord-cutting 101: How to live without cable TV in 2016

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Getting rid of my cable package is one of the best things that I've done in the last five years, and since cutting the cord, I haven't regretted it even once. Living without cable TV is easy and efficient, and it usually translates into seeing even more of the content that you want to watch, not less.



How to use multiple bluetooth speakers for amazing sound

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Ultimate ears boom speaker.jpgBluetooth portable speakers are becoming very popular. There are several reasons to look at pairing portable Bluetooth speakers; among them, the desire for a small portable stereo system, or to create stereo sound. Check out more reasons to pick a pair, and which manufacturers make pairable speakers.



Are you tired of paying through the nose to your cable company? Do you long to be free from the shackles of those monthly bills? Do you only watch about three out of the 250 channels in your absurdly expensive and restrictive cable package? Well, I was in that same frame of mind about a year ago, and I decided to cut the cord of my cable dependence. However, despite the choices available through online streaming services, I do still miss my live TV and news. So, let me show you how I now get my regular live TV fix, and how you can use a digital antenna and PVR to get TV channels for free!!


Accessories to help you get the most from your 4K TV

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10274254.jpgSeptember is home theatre month at Best Buy, and 4K TVs are on everyone's must-have list for upgrades.


While you're shopping for a 4K TV, there are also some must-have accessories you'll want to take a look at to help you enjoy the best 4K ultra high definition video possible.





rsz_1home_theatre_bose_lifestyle.jpgSeptember signals the start of a new school year for many, and even if you're too old to worry about school supplies, fall is still a great time to reassess your priorities.


With sports playoffs like MLB and CFL starting, NHL and NFL about to launch, not to mention the new fall lineup of TV shows getting underway, it's never been a better time to think about upgrading your home theater!


3 of the best rated noise cancelling headphones

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bose qc20.jpg

Sometimes you need to focus and block out distractions; whether you're studying, working or just want to concentrate on music, or podcasts, noise cancelling headphones can help you. From in-ear, to over ear, there are dozens of noise cancelling headphones out there, but before you begin your search, why not start with the top picks, as rated by Best Buy customers?


Review: 808 Audio NRGGLO Wireless Speaker

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I’ve wanted to purchase a portable Bluetooth speaker for some time now. An iPhone’s speaker just isn’t good enough for when you want to blast some favourite tunes at the beach, or backyard barbecue. And there is seemingly no end to the options available for portable wireless speakers (and at varying price points), which does make choosing something feel a bit daunting. So I was stoked when I was asked to test out and review the affordably priced 808 Audio NRGGLO Wireless Speaker, to see if something so modestly priced can deliver the kind of sound I need.


Jam Lithium Ion Bluetooth Speaker Review: Heavy Metal, Alloy and Trance Plus

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Jam Bluetooth - Title.jpg

Jam Audio has released three new Bluetooth speakers, the Heavy Metal, the Alloy, and the Trance Plus, all with Lithium Ion batteries boasting upwards of 10 hours of listening per charge. They look great and are small enough to integrate into any room. Let’s dig a little deeper and see how they perform.


bose QC 25 square.jpg

Over ear headphones are great for a variety of activities. Whether you’re watching TV, travelling on a plane, commuting on public transit or just trying to block out noise at the office, they can be super helpful. But where do you start when you're shopping for a new pair?  There are so many brands, styles and features, so why not let other customers' favourite purchases guide you?


TV safety tips: power & surge protection

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monster platnium 800.jpg

Would you drive your car without insurance? Would you take a pass on insuring your home's valuables in the event of a break in or fire? If you wouldn't do that, why would you run your valuable electronics without protection?  Sensitive tech gadgets are vulnerable to surges that we have no control over. All we can do is pick up some insurance against damage.  Here's how...


Getting the 4K experience: Samsung 4K UHD Blu-ray review

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4K TVs are becoming more popular and more well known but did you know that in order to enjoy true 4K content, you'll likely need more than just the TV? To watch the newest Hollywood movies in sharp, detailled 4K resolution, you'll also need a 4K ready disc player, like Samsung's new 4K UHD Blu-ray player. This one does more than just play discs; it's a whole home entertainment centre in one sleek and curvy package. Find out what's great about it and what needs improvement.


Insignia Roku 4K UHD TV is a joy to watch and easy to use

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For some, upgrading from a 1080p TV to the newest 4K version may feel intimidating.  But with the new Insignia Roku 4K UHD TV, it's easy to set up and to use the TV's built in smart streaming functions. Plus with gorgeous 4K resolution you'll be able to enjoy all the newest movies and TV shows which are now being shot in 4K.


Home theatre for a dorm or apartment in 3 easy steps

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When space is tight in student living quarters, it can be hard to dream of having a great home theatre. But with a few simple steps, you can free up space and start enjoying your content. Start by getting your gear off the furniture and onto the wall.


Insignia pocket projector review

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DSC02930 copy.jpgProjectors have been around for decades, but as technology progresses, they just keep getting cooler and cooler. Gone are the days of the old classroom slide projectors (remember those things?) and stop-motion reels, and here to stay are digital projectors... Which just keep getting smaller and smaller!



skull candy  hesh 2.jpg

Unless you were born with the powers of concentration of a monk or a life-long meditatation expert, you likely could use some help focusing at study time. Distractions are common; from cell phones beeping, to neighbours arguing, to planes using the airspace over your apartment as a new flight path, there's always something that can break your concentration when it's time to hit the books.


But there are some things you can do to stop distractions, starting with a good pair of noise cancelling or sound isolating headphones, and just the right sound inside them.


LG MusicFLOW H3 Review

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rsz_lg_music_flow_h3.jpgWireless portable speakers are popular because they can be placed in any room, they sound great, and often they’re easy to set up and use, integrating seamlessly into your life.  If only that were the case with the LG Musicflow H3 Smart Hi-Fi Audio speaker. While I loved the idea and the size of this speaker, you won't believe the time I had testing and reviewing it.



What's new at Best Buy for August?

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July is over, August is here, and that means it's time for a What's new at Best Buy for August. Here's a look at what's hot for back to school, what's new for appliances, and some great smart devices for your home.


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