The Hockey playoffs are coming to a screen near you

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BBY_Hockey.jpgIt may not be very Canadian of me, but I don’t watch much hockey during the regular season, eh! There are just too many games where one or both teams don’t really show up to play, plus there are a lot of Bobby Clobbers that take away from the game. But the playoffs are a different story! Each game really counts so everyone usually comes with a totally different sense of urgency, and Cinderella stories happen all the time. I hate missing any playoff action, but fortunately there are lots of different ways to catch playoff games no matter where you are. Here are the best options to make sure you get your fix.


Samsung’s Smart TV Platform is now Tizen

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Tizen TV.jpg





Despite the problems Samsung has had launching Tizen in its Smartphones and other devices, they have decided to use Tizen as the operating system in all its Smart TVs. Likely in the next month or two you will see Tizen as the only platform available in any new Samsung Smart TVs. Why are they so determined to replace the Android platform that they have been so successful with?


What is Quantum Dot technology and why should we care?

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Quantum dot.pngQuantum Dot was the latest buzzed about TV technology at CES 2015, but what is it and what makes it great?


What’s great about Google Play Music?

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googleplay.jpgIf you were to have asked me a week ago what “Google” means to me, I would have said that it serves one purpose and one purpose only – to satisfy my insatiable need for information and celebrity gossip day and night. As for the rest of Google’s suite of products, I could have done without. Google Docs? Not a fan. Gmail? I never use it. But then Google Play Music was brought to my attention and I have to admit, my singular attitude towards Google changed. Will I embrace Google Docs tomorrow and forward all my email to my Gmail account? Likely not. But as far as music is concerned, in seven short days I have become a giant fan of Google Play Music. Why is it so great? Well … let me tell you!


LG’s NEW Lineup of LED TVs

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LG UF9500 4KTV.jpg





I love checking out the latest technology, and recently had a chance to get a preliminary view of new line of TVs that LG is releasing in the next few weeks. Because the big brands like LG already have extremely good TVs, the improvements with each new generation are pretty subtle. Here’s a sneak peak of their newest TVs yet to hit the streets.


Protect your family: wall mount your TV

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Kids Watching Mounted TV.jpegFlat screen TVs keep getting bigger, skinnier and lighter, which is awesome. Except for one thing! They can fall over without a lot of effort. The old CRT TVs (remember those?) would never fall over because they were the shape of a box, and they weighed a ton. They were a pain to move around at the best of times, but the new flat screens have a high center of gravity and are pretty tippy, so a little nudge or bump of your entertainment system could spell disaster. I want to suggest a solution before you experience a disaster in your home.


Now is the time to plan your hockey playoff party

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As far as hockey is concerned, the next four weeks of the NHL season are crucial. Between now and April 11, all 30 teams will be checking, shooting, and skating their way to a coveted spot and prime position in the 2014/2015 Stanley Cup playoffs. Whether you’re a playoff bandwagon jumper like me, a die-hard fan all season long, or just like an excuse to play the role of host, this means one thing—its time to start planning those playoff hockey parties! Like any good party, you’ll need a few key elements to make yours the best of the season: a fantastic TV, a media streaming device, an assortment of dishes, and of course, all the team spirit you can muster.


How to stream music to every room in your home.

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Multi Room Sound.jpg 






The best way to wire up your entire home with music is not to use wires. Unless you are about to build a new house, cleanly wiring up an existing home for sound is not a simple proposition. Fortunately there are a variety of wireless solutions that are excellent options and they will give you a lot more flexibility than any wired solution will any way.


Pick the TV wall mount that’s perfect for you!

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Tv Mount 3.jpgWith so many types, how do you choose? Let us help!


Mounted-TV.jpgSo, you’ve just purchased a brand spanking new, top of the line 65” 3D HDTV. You can’t contain your excitement. All you want is to get this new addition to your family out of the box and plugged into the wall so you can get started on your House of Cards marathon. I don’t blame you. In fact, I’m a little jealous. Now comes the question – to mount or not to mount? The ideal situation is to mount your TV on the wall above a TV stand that holds all your home entertainment components, but you can also go the TV-stand-only route. Here are the pros of mounting your TV on the wall, and some mount and TV stand options.


Review: Sony SRS-X9 Wireless Speaker - Elegance with Great Sound

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Sony SRS-X9.jpg
The wireless speaker market has taken off in the last few years, with more new wireless speakers all the time in every price range. Not to be outdone, Sony launched their SRS line of wireless speakers within the last year. At the top of this line is their SRS-X9 premium speaker. I was able to test one out and was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. It is much more attractive than most wireless speakers I’ve seen, has plenty of power, and is full of excellent features. A nice combination!


Why not take your home theatre experience to the next level

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Various studies have shown how much time we watch TV, and it is more than I thought—about 4 ½ hours per day! North Americans are quite the couch potatoes (US and Canadian studies are similar). That’s over 1,600 hours a year. If you are spending that much time watching TV, why not seriously upgrade your viewing experience? I will tell you the three things to consider in taking your TV experience to the next level.


Create the best home theatre room like a pro using Sony

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Sony-Theater.jpgEvery year an organization called Harris Interactive measures and rates the reputations of 100 of the world’s most visible companies. In the 2015 report, Sony was ranked as #13, which is pretty impressive considering how many big brands there are out there these days. So it makes sense that if you are looking at setting up a new home theatre system that you put Sony products at the top of your list. Here are two options for you to consider – one for bigger budgets and one for more modest budgets.


Explore what you can do with a television in 2015

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I am going to date myself: my first TV was a black & white cathode ray tube with vacuum tubes that needed to be replaced every now and then. It had rabbit ears that could pick up 4 stations if I was lucky. Needless to say, I didn’t watch it very much except for Ed Sullivan and the Twilight Zone. It is a big understatement to say that TVs have come a long way from those distant memories. TVs of 2015 are no longer just for watching television; they can be used in so many more ways. Are you taking advantage of all its capabilities? Here are some things to think about.


Receiver 1.jpgGet the most out of your receiver - use it to spread music throughout your entire home!


Google Chromecast Teams up with CTV

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 CTV GO App on Chromecast.jpg



Well, maybe “teams up” is too strong a comment as they are not literally on the same team, which sounds more like a merger. What is newsworthy is that CTV is the first Canadian broadcaster to make their content available through Google’s Chromecast device. This is great news for all you prospective cable cutters and for you non-cutters that have trouble with your PVR missing past episodes of your favorite shows.


Create the Best home Theatre room like a pro using LG

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LG Home Entertainment System.jpg 


LG has some of the best value TV and home theatre components you will find because their brand perception isn’t as strong as their competitors, but the quality of their equipment is. Because of this, they have to price a bit more aggressively even though their products are as good or better. So if you are looking at a new home theatre system picking all LG components is a great way to go – good quality, lots of features, and good value.


The best home theatre experience can only happen through a better receiver

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Onkyo TX-NR1030.jpg 


 A lot of people underestimate the impact that sound has on the Home Theatre experience. A decent sound bar can be a big step up from TV sound, while a surround sound system can take it up yet another level. In fact, once you have a good surround system, I can guarantee you will never turn back—it is noticeably that much better. At the heart of any surround sound system is the receiver, and the better the receiver the more impact your entertainment system will create.


How to stream content like a pro – without a Smart TV

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Roku.jpgStream the content you want without upgrading your television with one of these great media streaming devices!


Review: Polk Omni S2 Wireless Rechargeable Speaker

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polk2.pngLet’s be honest. Wires suck. They’re ugly, intrusive, binding, and seemingly everywhere you look. We’re right smack dab in the middle of an era where we all have so many personal electronic devices and gadgets that it seems as though every electric outlet in our homes needs an adapter to accommodate many more inputs than the two for which it was designed. That’s why I was happy to review the new Polk Omni S2 Rechargeable Wireless Speaker. I’ve been looking for a new wireless speaker for my home office for some time now … and the Polk Omni was given the honour of being my first guinea pig.


Samsung-TV.jpgWhen it comes to creating a home theatre room, there are really no set rules. What might work for one person, one space, and one budget, may not work for you, your space, or your budget, and that’s ok. A home theatre doesn’t need to be created in a 1,000 square foot dedicated space. It can be created in your basement, living room, or even a dorm room. All you need are a few key components to get the most immersive viewing experience possible.


How to configure a surround audio system like a pro

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surround 3.jpgBuying a fancy surround audio system doesn’t mean anything if it’s not set up correctly!


group_tv_en.jpgOn a scale of one to ten, ten being Geek Squad Agent technologically savvy, and one being “I’ve-been-stranded-on-a-deserted-island-since-1960-jeepers-VCRs-are-nifty-gadgets” technologically savvy, I consider myself to be a solid seven. However, there is something about home entertainment systems that have always terrified me. In fact, I’ve typically left the dismantling and set up of my own system to my father, even though I am well aware that he is about a two on my very scientific scale. But with the XLIX Super Bowl and the 87th Academy Awards right around the corner, I decided it was time to do a little digging into how I can make both viewing experiences the best ever, and what I discovered was shocking – setting up a home entertainment system like a pro isn’t rocket science at all! Here are the five “S’s” to keep in mind to help you make the most out of your viewing, gaming, or listening experience.


How to Cut Your Cable Like a Pro

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You don’t have to be a pro to get rid of your cable subscription—all you have to do is call your cable provider. But what you need to figure out is how will I get great entertainment to watch. The good news is that there are more options every day for finding excellent content. But quitting your cable subscription cold-turkey can be pretty intimidating, especially if you tend to watch a fair bit of cable. I am going to try to make it easier.


Get Ready to Throw an Awesome Super Bowl Party

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BBY_01162015_HT_Superbowl.jpgAre you planning to throw a Super Bowl party this coming year? If so, check out some great tips and ideas for making sure it's a great party for everyone involved.


CES 2015: Summary of what's new in TV technology this year

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Sharp beyond 4k.jpg

Now that CES 2015 is wrapping up, it is worthwhile taking a step back and see where the various TV makers are headed in 2015. Although 4K Ultra HD is the main theme, each manufacturer seems to have taken quite a different spin on how they are delivering 4K. And there are many more new buzzwords and new technologies to figure out. Here is a summary of what happened at CES with TVs.


Supersize the Superbowl: Today’s televisions are bigger and better for watching the big game

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I have always said the best feature you can buy in any TV is size, and the Super Bowl is a perfect reason why. Even after all the hype, the big game is a lot of fun to watch; on a giant screen the home experience is so much better. Add some food and friends and you can’t help but have a fantastic time.


Sharp Aquos.jpg 






What has been clear at CES 2015 is that 4K Ultra High Definition is going mainstream with all the brands. Everyone seems to be introducing more 4K sets than 1080p HD and are making 4K that much more affordable. Everyone always tries to out-do each other at CES, and Sharp’s one-upmanship is not based on another unique approach to 4K technology. Instead they want to leap-frog everyone else by bringing in 8K technology.


CES 2015: Sony announces an Android Powered 4K Lineup

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Sony 4K HDTV.jpg






LG brought 7 new 4K OLED TVs to CES, and not to be outdone Sony is bringing 10 new 4K TVs to the show. Sony has always been a big proponent of 4K Ultra- High Definition TV, and with a lot more 4K models they are making it their mainstream product. What is obvious out from CES is that Sony is taking a different approach than their competitors.



CES 2015: LG Announces 4K OLED in a Flexible Screen

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LG 77" 4K OLED TV.jpg


CES 2015 started today and LG made some big announcements about where they are going with their TV lineup. CES always provides an excellent preview of what the upcoming year will bring. It looks like 4K is going mainstream, which isn’t a big surprise. But where LG is going with 4K is a bit of a surprise, and a nice one at that!


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