4k TV is the ultimate Christmas gift

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Family Christmas gifts are great, but this year, think about getting a gift everyone in the family can enjoy each and every day of the year.  A new TV is the ultimate gift for Christmas morning, and upgrading your older set to a new 4K or "Ultra HD" model will wow the entire family. Plus, you won't need to shop for matching PJ's again this year!

Find out what 4K TV is all about, and why a new 4K TV is the gift you need to get.


What are the differences between the old and the new Chromecast?

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rsz_old_versus_new_chromecast.jpgIt's a common question with the release of Google's new Chromecast streaming device; what's the difference between the old version and the new? Aside from the obvious physical differences, there are a few surprises hidden under the hood. Read on to see which device is right for you.


How to set up and use the new Apple TV 4

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how to set up new Apple TV 4.jpgOne of the appeals of Apple TV has always been its ease of use, from the minimalist black box hardware to the remote that lacks the typical confusing array of buttons. The new Apple TV offers a new remote, a new user interface and new capabilities: here’s how to set up and use a fourth generation Apple TV.


What are the differences between the Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio?

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rsz_chromecast_duo_square.jpgThere are two devices newly available from Google: Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio. A question we're seeing often is, "What's the difference between the two?"


While they have different and distinct purposes (primarily Audio vs Video), there is some overlap and crossover. 


How to set up your Google Chromecast Audio

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rsz_new_rsz_chromecast_audio_in_box.jpgThe new Google Chromecast Audio has received plenty of press since its anouncement, but you may be wondering exactly what is does, how it works, or why you'd even need one (click through for these answers). Perhaps if you've already decided the device is for you, you're wondering how to get started quickly and easily. Fortunately the device is as easy to use as it is versatile.


Apple TV: What are the differences between the 3rd and new 4th generation?

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What's the difference between appletv 4 and 3.jpgWith the release of the new, 4th generation Apple TV, Apple now has two different media streamers in the series (three if you count the two different storage options on the new model). What is the difference between the Apple TV 4 and the 3rd generation model?


Google Chromecast: How to set up your new streaming TV device

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new google chromecast.jpgIf you've recently purchased a Google Chromecast, and you're new to streaming TV, we've got the basics for your new tech journey. While Chromecast is an easy device to use, we've got some pointers and tips for getting set up, how to watch TV, and even how to stream TV directly from your computer's web browser, to the TV.


What is Apple TV and how does it work?

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What is Apple TV?.jpgWith the recent release of the 4th generation Apple TV and the buzz surrounding it, it’s worth a deeper dive on the topic. What is Apple TV and how does it work?


rsz_chromecast_duo.jpgIf you're new to the streaming TV game, there's never been a better time to take the plunge. There are all kinds of streaming options for your TV, particularly now with the launch of Google's new Chromecast TV device. The company has also added Chromecast Audio, which promises to make older, "dumber" speakers smart. Check out what each of these devices can do, how they work and what they can add to your home theatre.


Review: BenQ HT3050 1080P Rec. 709 Home Theatre Projector

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benq.jpgFor those looking for big picture, getting past 75” can get quite costly; you’re stepping up into panels that are larger, heavier, and eat up a lot of power. I should know, I recently upgraded to a VIZIO M70-C3 and I’m loving it. But my heart has always been with home theatre projector. In the right environment, a projector can give you a picture that is bright and beautiful, at screen sizes that are metaphorically bank-breaking when you try to spec them out with a panel. Best Buy sent over the BenQ HT3050 for me to review. I did; read on to see how it performed.



You told us! Top TVs this holiday season, as rated by Best Buy customers

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rsz_vizio.jpgReviews are a great way to get an accurate picture of how well the electronics device you’re interested in buying will perform and whether you’ll be happy with it too. Feedback and opinion from other TV owners with experience with the exact TV you’re considering can give you a great idea about whether you're about to make a great investment or a poor one.


We’ve done some research for you and picked out some of the best rated TVs by Best Buy customers, along with why they like their choice. See what's on the top of the list in each TV category.


Apple TV 4 gets a release date

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Apple TV 4 is now available.jpgI for one am pretty pumped that the 4th generation Apple TV now has a release date. My favourite media streamer is now an app-running, game-playing, video and music streaming powerhouse with Siri baked in. The Apple TV 4 is now available on shelves and online at Best Buy.


Choose the perfect audio solution for your home

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BBY_10302015_HA.jpgSelecting audio for your home theatre can be intimidating. There are many different setups, and components galore; so how do you know what to choose? I've broken the process down into three different configurations from easy to elite to help you find just the right audio solution for your home.


Bose Soundtouch series: Reviewing the Soundtouch 10, 20 and 30

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rsz_bose_trio.jpgPortable wireless speakers are taking over home entertainment. It's just too easy to move them around and play your favourite music, podcasts, or web streaming services anywhere.  One of the big complaints about this kind of speaker has been audio quality, but thanks to audio giant Bose, there's now an entire line of high end portable Wi-Fi speakers available to choose from.  What's the difference in the different speakers in their line, and how well do they work? Read the review.


HDR TV technology explained

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rsz_lg_9500_tv_hdr.jpgUHD. HDR. You might be wondering WTH is going on with all the acronyms in home theatre these days. HDR is a pretty exciting new developement in TV technology that will make video look even more realistic.So if you're not up to speed on HDR, NP, we've got the 411 on what HDR is and what it can do for you.


beats-by-dre-solo2-wireless-headphones-01-1.jpgWires are a pain when it comes to most technology, but with headphones, they're even more annoying. They get tangled in everything from your arms, to the arm of a seat on the bus or plane, and they're always getting in the way of your smartphone screen. If you're still using the uncomfortable hard plastic wired headphones that came with your phone, or you need an upgrade, check out the top picks (both in-ear and over-ear) from Best Buy customers, who've tested these wireless headphones and love them.


Review: Samsung J5500 50" HD Smart TV

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rsz_samsung_j5500_wide_nice_new_.jpgWith fall in full swing, and winter imminent, it's a great time of year to consider a new TV.  Since Canadians like to hibernate in winter, picking out a gorgeous new flat screen set with smart streaming functions will go a long way to keeping you entertained theough the coming season.


Top 3 accessories to take your home theatre from sad to stately

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rsz_sony_living_room.jpgIt's fun shopping for accessories for your home theatre.  The ideas and cool gadgets are seemingly endless.  But there are three must-have items your home theatre can't be without.  Find out what they are, and see if you agree or disagree.


Samsung-lifestyle-room.jpgWhile a TV is a super gift for the whole family, if you're not in the market for one, there are still some great ways to upgrade your home theatre. Small and inexpensive accessories, like a universal remote, or a streaming device can add great features to any home theatre with ease.


New SONOS PLAY:5 smart speaker anounced

by Blogger on ‎10-01-2015 02:53 PM

rsz_sonos.jpgSONOS has been making quality speakers since 2002, and they're well known for their ability to work together seamlessly and wirelessly. Now, there's a new speaker in the SONOS PLAY group, and it's a major facelift for a member of the family you may already be familiar with.


Google Chromecast TV and Chromecast Audio announcement

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chromecast.jpgGoogle made a big splash today, announcing a whole suite of new devices.  Home theatre or even just TV-watching junkies are going to love the upgraded Chromecast TV streaming device, which has gotten a major makeover. New to the Chromecast team is a seperate Audio streaming device.  Why split the stick? Read on.


Budget hacks for home theatre technology

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Home.jpgTechnology changes so quickly these days, it can sometimes feel like your electronics are obsolete the second you walk out of the store. But buying the latest and greatest tech as soon as it becomes available simply isn’t feasible–or a priority–for the majority of us. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to jury-rig your existing home theatre system so it’s functioning like the latest and greatest. All you need are a few budget hacks and you can put off upgrading your home theatre system until it suits your fancy.


theaterlgithing1.jpgLighting in your home theatre is about more than just having an overhead fixture that will keep you from tripping over the dog in the dark. There are both health reasons and fun reasons to make some changes to the lighting in your home theatre, TV room, or media centre. Plus, with new technology, you have more options than ever in many price ranges to upgrade your lighting.


Three ClearStream HD antennas compared: free over the air content for your HDTV

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Clearstream HD antennas reviewed.jpgWho wouldn’t want to get HD TV content for free? That’s the promise of three HD antennas from Antennas Direct, the ClearStream C1, ClearStream C4 and ClearStream Amplified Indoor Digital TV antenna. Hook one of these up to your TV and you can cut the cord, getting uncompressed high definition TV channels without paying cable or satellite fees. Here’s how I made out on my quest for free (and legal) HD television.



How to get the most from your home theatre

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BBY_09252015_HT.jpgHome theatre has evolved to be so much more than just a big TV on a stand in a dark room; companies like Dolby Labs and IMAX have been working with standards bodies and alliances such as the Blu-Ray group to help deliver an experience that meets and in some cases even exceeds what you can see, hear, and feel in the theatre. This article acts as a guide for the baseline of what you need and how to get the most out of that equipment for the best home theatre experience.



Smart TV vs Regular TV + Streaming Device: what to pick?

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10375637_2.jpgIf you're in the market for a new TV you've undoubably encountered the dilemma of whether to go for a Smart TV, or just a regular TV with a seperate streaming device. Each option has it's pros and cons. Today we'll take a look at each to help you decide which is best for your needs.


Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote review

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harmony-elite.jpgUniversal remotes can be the saving grace of your home theatre. They eliminate clutter and confusion and make all your devices work together seamlessly. Check out the new universal remote control Logitech calls, "the most powerful and intuitive remote for home entertainment and home control."


Home Theatre Month: Audio Systems

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iso-bruf-setup.jpgAudio systems have had to catch up with technology trends and so we now have speakers and receivers that are compatible with traditional inputs but can also accept wireless streaming audio from smartphones, tablets and PCs. Lets take a look at some notable audio systems that can really intensify our listening experience no matter what's playing.



slingbox m2.jpgIncreasingly, its more common to watch TV and movies from somewhere not inside the home.  We watch on the go; on the bus or train or at the airport, or even at the office on a  break.  That’s where Slingbox can help you enjoy your downtime. It allows you to watch shows from your home’s cable or satellite box, from anywhere at any time.


Home Theatre Month: How to tidy up your home theatre

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home theatre.jpgIs your home theatre a mess? Do you avoid inviting friends over for movie night or to watch the game because you’re embarrassed that your entertainment area looks more like a mad scientist’s evil lair? Never fear. As part of Home Theatre Month, we’ll show you how to tidy up your home theatre like a real superhero.


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