MajoraMaskSplash.jpg15 years have passed now since The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask shocked traditionalists and long time series fans. Following a much darker pathway than previous games, Majora's Mask was welcomed by some and shunned by others.  Now, with the New Nintendo 3DS making its debut, Majora's Mask is back in a revamped 3D form to help take advantage of the new controls and button spread.  I admit I wasn't a fan 15 years ago, but I'm older and much more open to change nowadays.  My thoughts on the game are available by clicking below.


The Order: 1886 - Steampunk Weapons, Werewolves, and the Dark Streets of London

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The_Order_1886Cover.jpgA game that captrued imaginations when it was announced at E3 2013, The Order: 1886 is a Victorian era romp with a few twists.  Stunning to look at, the dark streets of London hold more than a few terrors, one of them being beastial half breeds lurking in the night.  Fighting these monsters are the Knights of the Round, aided by the early onset of the Industrial Revolution, and that means it's epic guns vs. werewolves, and if that doesnt get you excited, you might want to check your pulse.


How to transfer data from your Nintendo 3DS to your new Nintendo 3DS XL

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datatransfer.jpgWhether you've upgraded to one of the standard new Nintendo 3DS XL systems or bought one of the special edition ones, there's one problem you'll have to solve before you can ease into it fully - Transferring the data from the previous system to the new one. 


Evolve is Monster Hunting in an Alien Landscape

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A little taste of something old and something new, the squad based co-op doesn't see a ton of releases, and nothing quite like this short of Monster Hunter itself.  Armed to the teeth with sci-fi tools and weapons, take a team of four and face the biggest darn monster this side of Godzilla.  Asymmetrical, first-person shooting, if you don't fancy being the humans, be the monster instead.  Hunt and be hunted, with Evolve.


Get ready for the biggest hunts yet in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

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Monster_Hunter_4_Ultimate_Splash.pngAfter the success of Monster Hunter 3, it was a little surprising not to see the sequel released in North America right away.  But wait no more!  The latest iteration - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came out alongside the New Nintendo 3DS, and this powered up version will help you forget that you had to wait all of that extra time to get your hands on it!


Review: Logitech's Orion Spark Keyboard is a fun and easy way to ignite your PC Gaming

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OrionSparkG910.jpgThanks to Plug In, I've had the opportunity to test drive a lot of mechanical gaming keyboards.  As a result, I loyally use the Logitech G710+, but I was curious to see just what the Orion Spark (G910) brought to the table.  How about more macro keys, palm rests and up to 16.8 million key color possibilities with billions of coordinating options?  That's just the beginning of the Orion Spark.


RussellMartinBoxArt.jpgIt's less than 2 months away from the first official swing of the Major League Baseball season, but the gaming equivalent starts a week earlier with MLB 15: The Show! This year, Sony and Skinit team up to bring you this year's Pre-Order bonus.  Read on to find out what it is, and learn why you see Russell Martin on the cover now instead of the previously announced Yasiel Puig.


Dying Light - Open-world, Free-running, Zombie Apocalypse

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DyingLightScreen.jpgA game from a studio with a Zombie survival pedigree, Dying Light stands on the experience of developer Techland's last game, Dead Island.  A melee focused tropical get away filled with the walking dead, it was well received, selling well enough to earn a sequel.  Stepping away from the franchise, the team has turned that experience into the Undead Apocalypse they always wanted.  Free running your way over rooftops, scouring for supplies, and helping your fellow survivors, it's a zombie fans dream come true.


[FINAL]RZGC_TwitterContest_twitter2_880x440_EN.JPGReward Zone is Best Buy’s very popular loyalty points program. Earn points with every purchase, and then convert those points in to reward certificates that can be applied to future purchases.  The Reward Zone Gamers Club has additional benefits like exclusive offers and contests: this is one of those. Gamers Club members who also follow BBYC_GamersClub on Twitter will be eligible to win great prizes once we exceed 10,000 followers, which should be this week.  Join now and help us “level up” to 10,000 followers and you could be entered in a draw to win some awesome prizes. Read on for more details:


Saints Row: IV Re-Elected / Gat Out of Hell - Open-world Content, Next Gen Re-release

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saintsRowIV-GatOutOfHell.JPGIf it's content you're looking for, The Saints, Violition, and Deep Silver, have you covered. Brought up to the big leagues with the standard up-rez, you don't go to Steelport for the beautiful scenery, you go for the endless chaos and good times. To help get you through the cold months, it comes pre-packaged with more DLC than you can imagine, including stand-alone adventure Gat out of hell. Get Re-elected with Saints Row IV: Re-elected.


Review - Dragon Age: Inquisition, move over Skyrim the Inquisition has arrived

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DAI-Box-art.jpgClassic RPG meets the best technology the game industry has ever had, in the best example of a pure Fantasy RPG since the Elder Scrolls introduced us to the Dragonborn.  A sprawling title filled to the brim with content and unbelievable scenery, not to mention monsters great and small, Dragon Age: Inquisition delivers an experience that will earn it Game of the Year consideration, without a doubt.  If you like questing in majestic settings, smashing horrors with arrows, blades, magic, and the strength of your will, reaping the rewards of adventure, well, I think I've got your next few months sewn up for you.


Get in on the Halo 5: Guardians Beta ONLY through the Master Chief Collection!

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Halo_Guardians.jpgIf you passed on Halo: The Master Chief Collection because you were Halo'd out, or you didn't want to rebuy the titles you'd bought on the old consoles, you may want to think again. The collection is the gift that keeps giving, and today, one of those gifts was opened up in the form of the Halo 5: Guardians Beta. From now until January 18th, you'll gradually get access to maps, gameplay styles and weapons you won't see again until the game comes out later next year. Read on to find out more.


Review - The Crew, Open-world Driving meets Next Gen Consoles

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The Crew cover.jpgDo you like criminal underworlds? How about infiltrating said underworlds to get a bit of old fashioned revenge? Ok, how about driving cool cars driving really fast? Alright, now, how about an entire continental USA to drive them in? Have your attention? Fun and fast (and maybe just a little bit furious, wink wink) The Crew is open world, with co-op in mind. So, grab a controller and get yourself a race.


Editor's Choice: Matt's Top 10 Video Games of 2014

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slide_character_one.jpgAs a gaming reviewer, I get to play a lot of different types of games. Sports, Puzzle, Adventure, you name it.  This year was viewed as a fairly weak one amongst a lot of my peers, but I didn't see it that way.  Despite the fact that, yes, there was a lot of disappointment, there were still a few diamonds in the rough, and some absolute gems too.  Here's my personal top 10 for the year 2014, starting with Bravely Default (Pictured) and going from there.


The PlayStation Experience - Sony has a LOT of gaming you should be excited about

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playstation-experience-2014-638x316.jpgA game bonanza in the desert, the Sony PlayStation Experience celebrated 20 years of the consoles history, by talking about what they have coming out next year.  Tacky?  Maybe, but it's their party, and they can self promote if they want to.  Frankly, for PlayStation owners, there is a lot to be excited about.  Dialed into the community in a way I havent seen on this scale in gaming, the PlayStation Experience was a big success, and packed to the gills with gaming.


The Crew - Open-world Driving across the Continental USA

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TheCrewCoverTop.jpgYes, you read that right.  Developers Ivory Tower and Ubisoft have crafted themselves a map that includes all of Continental America.  A driving game that wants you to tag along with friends, fancy a road trip across country?  Pack your bags (get your snacks really, no actual packing required) and grab some friends.  It's time for a rip down the road with The Crew.


Review: Nintendo takes a trip down memory lane with the NES Remix games

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RemixLogos.jpgWith every passing Nintendo gaming generation, it's not unusual to see original NES titles up for sale in the respective console's eShop. Usually, however, all you get is the old game itself with no bells and whistles.  The recently released NES Remix disc version (the WiiU games were originally available in the eShop) change things up a bit. You get bits and pieces of these NES games put into objective/challenge form, and a few new twists and turns too. 


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX - Disney Meets Final Fantasy with an HD Re-master

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kingdom-hearts-2-5-HD-Remix.jpgA pairing of two already massive media producers with extensive catalogues of characters and stories, Square Enix and Disney Interactive got it in their heads to do a collaboration, Kingdom Hearts was born, and a legion of rabid fans created. An action-adventure RPG, Kingdom Hearts titles have been spread across a lot of different hardware.  Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix packages and remasters 2 fan favorite Kingdom Hearts games , with an included cinematic experience of a third.


Review: The CronusMax lets you use cross controllers to different consoles!

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CronusMaxHiRes.jpgIt's a neat concept - Using your Xbox One controller on your PS4, or maybe using your 360 controllers on your Xbox One. As one of the few people out there that still prefer the feel of the Xbox 360 controller to the Xbox One, I was a big fan of this idea as one of the few that prefer the feel of the 360 controller.  The CronusMax is just the device that lets you do that. Come take a look at this powerful little device that's no bigger than a flash drive.


Why are the "Toys to Life" video games so popular?

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FrozenInfinity.jpegYou might never have heard the term "Toys to Life" but it's the sub-category of the games your kids are asking you for: The Skylanders, the amiibo and the Disney Infinitys of the world. These games have taken flight over the last 3 years and have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, the Skylanders franchise has moved so many games and figures over that period that it's now one of the most profitable video gaming franchises in history.  What's behind the appeal of these for not just kids, but adults too? Let's take a look at some of the possibilities.


Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker pays respect to a forgotten genre

by Blogger ‎12-03-2014 11:01 PM - edited ‎02-02-2015 02:53 PM

CaptainToad.jpgI'm a puzzle game nerd from a young age. I used to rent all the puzzle games I could get my hands on as a kid, and would spend hours in the summer borrowing my neighbour's Game Boy puzzle carts. In the last decade or so, there haven't been a lot of games out there that have interested in me, but Braid gave me hope that there was still good left in the puzzle-adventure genre. Nintendo's Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is another title hoping to do that too.  Let's take a look.


Lego_Batman_3_-_Beyond_Gotham_cover.jpgLEGO Batman 2 was an interesting game to me.  It wasn't the most polished title, but featured some of my favorite things in the series yet.  The first LEGO Batman was the first of the line of games I 100%'d, and I definitely remember the summer I spent (having recently been laid off from my job) disposing of baddies in between my job search.  The third game is here now, and I was hoping for a lot of the same.  Does it deliver?  Let's take a look.


Assassin's Creed: Unity, Revolution Under a Parisian Sky (and Co-op!)

by Blogger ‎11-30-2014 09:07 PM - edited ‎12-01-2014 06:04 AM

AsscreedUnityCover.JPGThanks to Ubisoft, Desmond Miles, and the Animus we've gotten to stab a lot of Templars over the years. Putting down evil schemes, righting wrongs, chatting with historical figures. It's been pretty good.  Climbing as high as it was able on the last generation of hardware, the Assassin's are 'making the leap' to the big boys, and brining more of everything with them. So grab some friends and lets go change the world (with Co-op), with Assassin's Creed: Unity


It's time to go Rogue - Assassin's Creed: Rogue

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ASSCREED_Rogue.JPGA lot of us have taken part in an ages long struggle between two feuding powers, the Assassins and the Templars. Until now, its been all Assassin, with the Templars wearing the black hat, pulling the strings behind sinister acts through the ages, but is it really that cut and dried?  Time to find out. As a young Assassin with potential begins to wonder how altruistic the motives of his clan.  After being left for dead, shot in the back by his best friend, there's not much else to do but cross the lines and go rogue, Assassin's Creed: Rogue


Review: Tons of fun and portable too, Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Edition goes where you go

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With any game franchise you’re going to want your game play to get bigger, better, brighter, and more fun with each go around. Skylanders Trap Team – Tablet edition delivers all that and more, and after giving it a good run though using my iPad and the Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack, I’d say this is the most engaging Skylanders game yet.


GTA V - The Next Gen Release - New Gear, New Goodies, New Gameplay and More

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GTAV-cover.jpgThe newest member of the GTA family, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a crazy smash hit.  So much to see and do, compelling characters, an online experience that, after some initial bumps, has critics praising its virtues... What's left?  New hardware, that's what!  Now for the PC, PS4, and XBox One, it's no mere port, there's a lot of new content, exclusive to the new release.


Review: Why Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Wii U is the best one yet

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SmashBroWiiUopen.jpgEvery Nintendo generation since the Nintendo 64 has had a Smash Bros game, and they've all been fan favourites so far. I didn't play the Wii version, but really enjoyed the N64 and Gamecube games, and of course, the Nintendo 3DS one when it came out last month.  But, through all those, the Nintendo Wii U is the best one yet, and has to be right there for Wii U Game of the Year consideration.  Check it out.


Sackboy returns with new friends and new surprises in LittleBigPlanet 3!

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LBP3Opener.jpgSackboy is back with a few new friends in LittleBigPlanet 3 for Sony PlayStation 3 and 4.  For PS4 users, this is Sackboy's first foray into 1080p, and what a huge foray this is.  In addition to the regular story mode and gameplay features, how is it that LBP 3 has over 9 million playable levels already?  Read on to find out more and learn about the game.


WWE 2K15 brings a huge selection of new features to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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wwe2k15logo.jpgNew console owners had to wait an extra year, but it sounds like it was worth the wait!  WWE 2K15 is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Booker T would be proud to hear that there's now FIVE TIMES (FIVE TIMES! FIVE TIMES!) the character animations and commentary dialogue, along with a new career mode and wrestling engine.  Get in here before Sting hits you with the Stinger Splash!


NintendoDay.jpgNovember 21st signals the arrival of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo WiiU as well as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, reboots of the popular Game Boy Advance games. On November 20th, Toronto residents have the chance to get in on a day (and night) of fun downtown, and the next day, the rest of the nation will get to help celebrate Nintendo Day.  Come check out, and look back on Nintendo's 2014 offerings.


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