The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4!

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boxart.jpgIt may arguably have been the best game to come out on the PlayStation 3, getting praise like it being the "Citizen Kane" of video games. It's high praise, but the Last of Us was a very different and very special game at a time where we were craving something new, and something unique. Few games have made me think and react on the immediate consequences of my actions like this one did.  On July 29th, you'll get the chance to re-live those memories on the PlayStation 4, when the Last of Us: Remastered debuts in glorious 1080p.  Come check out more and leave us some of your memories of this amazing game.


WWE 2K15: Introducing your Pre-order bonus.... Sting!

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wwe2k15Cov.jpgA wild man in black and white, fighting for what's right, Sting was to the WCW what guys like Brett Heart were to the WWE. How many imaginary matches have friends young and not so young pitted their WCW legend against a friend's WWE Superstar in an imaginary clash of the titans, back and forth across the ring, the highs, the lows!  The two counts! Well the time has come wrestling fans. With WWE 2K15.


Pre-Order Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for Collectibles and in-game content!

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Persona4_UltimaxPS3Cover.jpgPersona 4 Arena Ultimax releases for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the end of September, but a great limited Pre-Order bonus from Atlus means you should think about Pre-Ordering as soon as possible! In addition to free access to one of the side story (Adachi) episodes, you'll also get some collectibles packaged in too!  Read on to find out more.


Review - ASTRO Gaming headsets (a trio of awesome!)

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ASTRO header.JPGChances are, you spend some time with some device or another plugged into your ear. Some of us (me included) don't pay much attention to what that is, just so long as we can hear stuff.  I got the chance to spend some time with a trio of gaming headsets by ASTRO that completely changed my opinion on that front.  I found out that, when done properly, especially for the serious multiplayer gamer, the right set of headphones can really add a level of depth and immersion I've been missing out on all this time.


Pre-Order Sacred 3 for access to an exclusive in-game Class!

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Sacred3SplashArt.jpgNearly 6 years after Sacred 2 blasted onto the scene, the third chapter in this action based RPG series is ready to debut later this summer! Sacred 3 takes you into saving the Heart of Arcania from falling into the hands of the Ashen Empire. With numerous classes, explosive gameplay and multiple class choices, Sacred 3 is already shaping up to be a worthy sequel. However, it's worth it even more to get the jump by Pre-Ordering. You'll get access to a newly announced class that you won't be able to access anywhere else right at release.  Read on to find out more!


Pre-Order Civilization: Beyond Earth for a huge galactic bonus!

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CivBeyondEarthBoxart.jpgThis October, a brand new Civilization experience takes shape in space!  Civilization: Beyond Earth takes many of the traditional things you experienced with the series and gives you something completely new. The game takes place in the future, meaning that you set and start your colonies from the beginning and forge your own legacy.  To help you do this on some different terrains, a special bonus of extra Exoplanets is available if you Pre-Order the game.  Click on to find out just what you receive by Pre-Ordering the game.


Pre-Order NBA Live 15 for an Ultimate Pre-Order Bonus!

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Live 15 Logos_LUT.jpgThis fall, a fully revamped and re-energized NBA Live Experience hits your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles!  Jump in on the action early by Pre-Ordering the game for a slam dunk of a Live Ultimate Team Bonus.  Read on to find out more.


The Order: 1886 - Pre-order Bonus (hint, there's a lightning cannon)

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TheOrder1886.jpgThere are few better excuses to run around a Steampunk Victorian England than a plague of monsters, seriously, just try and think of one. Ok, fine, 'political intrigue/ assassination' isn't bad, but I don't think it tops wolfmen (and whatever creatures we haven't seen yet). This is the world of The Order:1886, and alternate earth where monsters slink in the dark places, King Arthur has returned, and an order of superpowered knights (aided by an explosion of technical advancement) stand to stem the tide. Basically it goes like this 'monsters, monster, steampunk, monsters monsters, really cool weapons'.  Heard enough?


Battlefield: Hardline - Pre-order Bonus

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battlefield-hardline-leaked-trailer-reveals-multiplayer-modes-new-gadgets-bank-heists-more.jpgCops and Robbers anybody?  Oh, come now, I know you remember that feeling of running free, murdering your friends in an endless and (mostly) harmless series of battles.  No, I'm not talking about your last round of COD, I'm talking that earliest form of multiplayer... childhood.  Its probably why these FPS games are so enticing really... the kids grew up with the ability to reproduce that feeling into a digital realm, and so, we have Battlefield: Hardline.  The ultimate good guys vs bad guys, its time do 'draw the line'.... 'hard'.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Pre-order Bonus

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call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-soldier-wallpaper.jpgThe first name in shooting family, friends, and strangers in an online multiplayer setting, Call of Duty has been filling headsets with profanity and living rooms with gunfire for most of this century. Redefining the genre, Modern Warfare changed the game, a generation on and the series aims to do so again. Making a statement about the Multi-shooter FPS in the new generation of hardware, its Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (with pre-order bonus!).


Pre-Order Assassin's Creed: Unity for an extra mission and more!

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ACUnity_Packout.pngThis fall, Assassin's Creed: Unity looks to make a huge splash on your end of year gaming. Set in the French Revolution, Unity features the biggest and most expansive world yet, along with a different way of character development and so much more.  Pre-Order Assassin's Creed: Unity Now in advance of release on October 28th and get access to an extra mission (when you order in-store or online) and an extra weapon (online only.)  Click on to find out more


Pre-Order Madden NFL 15 and get free Ultimate Team Content!

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MaddenRichardSherman.jpgThe longest running EA Sports franchise is back for edition #26! Madden Football is the first to officially kick off EA Sports Game season in August, and this year's edition plans to give you a much more stabilized defensive system, recreated environments (on the next gen consoles) and more!  When you Pre-Order Madden 15, you'll also get access to some free Ultimate Team content!  Read on to find out more.


Pre-Order NHL 15 Standard Edition Online to get yourself bonus Hockey Ultimate Team Content!

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NHL151280x720_nhl15-msg-enviro1_resize_wm.jpgThis year's going to be a big one for the NHL series.  It finally debuts on the next gen consoles utilizing the new IGNITE engine. Not just that, but you'll enjoy a huge boost to in-game physics with some help from one of the engineers involved with the Large Hadron Collider, and a great Ultimate Team Bonus Boost if you Pre-Order the game. Curious about the bonus, or how the Large Hadron Collider ties into the NHL game this year?  Read on to find out.


Pre-Order FIFA 15 to get bonus Ultimate Team content!

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fifa15_xboxone_ps4_authenticplayervisual_higuain_wm.jpgWhat does EA Sports have in store for those pre-ordering their most popular sports gaming franchise this year?  FIFA is back for another year with numerous gaming enhancements bringing you closer to the real game itself. What better time to announce a pre-order bonus than during the World Cup?  Click on to see what EA has in store for this year's Pre-Order for both standard and Ultimate Team editions.


Far Cry 4 - Pre-Order Bonus

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farcry4.jpgDo you like causing chaos and havok amongst pirates and corrupt military organizations? I know you do! After an allstar showing with Far Cry 3, Ubisoft have brought us another 'dude against some evil regime in a small country' bonanza that promises to be full of weapons, exotic animals, and lots of untamed wilderness. Easily one of the heavy weights when it comes to dollars vs content, Far Cry has come again.


Review: EA Sports UFC [PS4 / Xbox One]

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XboxOneUFCBoxArt.jpgIt's been a long couple of years since the release of UFC Undisputed 3. For UFC fans, this has basically been an eternity. In the last two years, the Flyweight division was announced, as was women's bantamweight. These are two of the many new things you'll see in EA's first UFC title. Was it worth the wait?  Let's check it out.


Review: Watch Dogs - Fear the Smartphone

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WatchDOgs Logo.jpgIt was probably the most anticipated game of E3 2012, and then the most anticipated game of E3 2013. Finally, Watch Dogs is out for pretty well every major console (WiiU coming soon) and promises to be one of the most tense, nail biting thrill ride games in years, stepping you in the shoes of an anti-hero hacker. But was it worth the wait? Click below and find out for yourself.


Review - Tomodachi Life

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TomodachiLife_040914_1280.jpgA game about a small world of Miis who actually have personality. In fact, that personality is the driving force behind their Tomodachi Life. The sort of thing Animal Crossing fans will understand immediately, Tomodachi Life pits you against the daily needs of your own personal island and the Miis that inhabit it, and manages to win your heart in the process. 


E3 2014: 10 Reasons Why the Nintendo WiiU is your next Console after E3

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WiiUDeluxeConsole.jpgEverybody came out guns blazing at E3 last week, and now that the dust has settled, I'm going to discuss why the Nintendo WiiU is your next gaming console.


This is the last of a three part series spanning all three consoles.  Reasons why the PS4 and Xbox One should be your next console are in the articles below this one.


E3 2014 - Top 10 Reasons Why the PlayStation 4 is your next Console after E3

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PlayStation-4-Logo.jpgIn the wake E3, as gamers we got a big dose of information on our favorite things. I made a list in favor of the Xbox One, now its the PS4's turn. With no less interesting content, and perhaps more, depending on your taste, Sony and the PlayStation 4 aren't lacking for good reasons to head in their direction for your console needs. Have a look.


E3 2014 - Top 10 Reasons Why Xbox One is your next Console after E3

by Blogger on ‎06-14-2014 09:14 PM - last edited on ‎06-23-2014 09:51 AM by Editor in Chief

xbox-logo-579x300.pngStunned by the sheer amount of content and information you've been bombarded by based on this years E3? I don't blame you, I'm there too, but not to worry folks, I'm a professional! Having had my eyes and mind invaded by more gaming goodness than I would have anticipated (and I anticipated a big year), I'm here to boil it all down.  If you've been wondering what console to go with, click on the following for 10 very good reasons why you might want to choose the Xbox One.


E3 2014 Highlights - Games We Didn't See at the Press Events

by Blogger on ‎06-13-2014 09:26 AM - last edited on ‎06-16-2014 01:23 PM by Editor in Chief

E3-2014.jpgA bevvy of beauties that missed the Big Stage, there have been so many things to be excited about that some just don't get the attention they deserve.  It's time to fix that.  Many standout titles, intreguing games, and subtle hints of things to come have been shown since this whole thing kicked off, and it's very easy for worth games to get lost in the shuffle.  So, here we have a collection of E3 2014s Best of Games not in the press conferences (or that we simply havent been able to talk about yet).


E3 2014: Are Long Gameplay Videos taking the place of trailers?

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E3_Logo.jpgIt might just be one of the best things the Social Media and Youtube age have brought to us. Thanks to live streaming tools like Twitch, gamers can sit and watch other gamers play for hours on end to help them decide upon whether or not to buy the games themselves. Developers and Publishers have listened, and they now put out these longer videos too, either by themselves or through the help of other gaming websites. 


What are some of these good reveals thus far at E3?  Read on to find out.


E3 2014 - Ubisoft Press Conference

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ubisoft-at-e3-2014-live-blogging.jpgThere can be no denying that Ubisoft is one of the big boys now. From the Triple A to more unique and indie spirited, there seems to be no stopping them.  Whether you like to drop from roofs with hidden blades up your sleeves, drive cars really fast over an immense game world, tactical shootering, or perhaps something a little less flashy with a little more depth, Ubi brought it this year.  Compiling an impressive list to bring on stage, here's the highlights of Ubi's press event.


E3 2014: Nintendo Dazzles and Charms during their digital event

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Nintendo_Digital_Event.jpgDuring their huge digital event away from some of the glitz and glamour of E3, Nintendo came out swinging against its competitors, confirming some major new editions of titles like Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox and even Mario vs. Donkey Kong!  They also shed some more light on previously announced titles like the new Smash Bros, and Hyrule Warriors!  Read on to find out more.


E3: 2014 - Microsoft Press Conference Highlights

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DSC_1593.0_standard_540.0.jpgThe other one, the other big ole name in gaming. They had something to prove, quite literally. People were waiting to see what they had to say for themselves, a misstep would have been disastrous; It seems they figured that out. I don't doubt the wave of social media bile and hate following their last E3 showing had something to do with it. Angry nerds in numbers are pretty good at making themselves heard. At any rate, they had a killer show with a lot of great things to tell you about.


E3 2014: Electronic Arts gets ready to take sports to the next level

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FIFA15Screenshot.jpgEA Sports UFC releases for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next week, marking their first major sports title this year.  This should be a huge year for next gen sports gamers.  NHL will make its next gen debut, NBA has been completely re-envisioned, and the PGA Tour is back, along with presentation enhancements for FIFA and a new playcalling experience with Madden.  Want to find out more about what EA is doing this year?  Read on to find out.


Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Pre-order bonus!

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2KGMKT_BL_THEPRESEQUEl.jpgDo you like shooting lots of horrible monsters, in style, with the promise of great riches, untold numbers of weapons, and amusing quips (or annoying, if its a claptrap) from the colorful characters around you? Then you've been to Pandora, and no, not the one filled with huge blue cat people. We're going back... well back-ish, with a new Borderlands adventure (and some shiny new bonus content for the Pre-Order inclined).


E3: 2014 - Sony Press Conference Highlights

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The two big consoles have been circling each other since last year, a year that found PS4 as the clear victor in the fight. This year, and at opposite ends of a very long day of a whole lot of great gaming news, Sony and Microsoft once again made their cases and drew their swords, but what was the result?  We'll start at the end. Presenting last, the Sony Presser capped of what might have been one of the most interesting days of gaming information I've been a part of. How'd they do? Read on friend!  Read on.


E3 2014 - This Years Big Players

by Blogger on ‎06-06-2014 09:43 PM - last edited on ‎06-09-2014 09:15 AM by Editor in Chief


You ready? I certainly am. E3 time is fast approaching and its shaping up to be a good year. Fresh on the heels of the latest hardware generation there are a lot of folks clambering to make their case this year. Sony seems to have pulled ahead of Microsoft who have to make a big splash if they hope to make up the ground, and let's not forget about Nintendo. While these two 'Titans' have clashed in the past, Nintendo have quietly switched things up before and changed gaming as they did. Regardless, there's a lot of reasons to expect interesting things. Without further adieu, here is a list of some of the big players this year, and some of the cool stuff on display.


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