Great gifts for your tech loving dad

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dad giftMost of us Dads (and even our dads) are closet tech nuts, excited over tech, pretty much any tech. 10 years ago, I could've cared less about controlling the temperature of my house through my phone, but 2 months ago as I was having a smart thermostat installed, I couldn't wait. With little things like this in mind, here's my take on some gadgets that interest me as a first time dad, and might provide you some inspiration for yours less than one week away from Christmas day.


The Crew - Open-world Driving across the Continental USA

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TheCrewCoverTop.jpgYes, you read that right.  Developers Ivory Tower and Ubisoft have crafted themselves a map that includes all of Continental America.  A driving game that wants you to tag along with friends, fancy a road trip across country?  Pack your bags (get your snacks really, no actual packing required) and grab some friends.  It's time for a rip down the road with The Crew.


Review: Nintendo takes a trip down memory lane with the NES Remix games

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RemixLogos.jpgWith every passing Nintendo gaming generation, it's not unusual to see original NES titles up for sale in the respective console's eShop. Usually, however, all you get is the old game itself with no bells and whistles.  The recently released NES Remix disc version (the WiiU games were originally available in the eShop) change things up a bit. You get bits and pieces of these NES games put into objective/challenge form, and a few new twists and turns too. 


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX - Disney Meets Final Fantasy with an HD Re-master

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kingdom-hearts-2-5-HD-Remix.jpgA pairing of two already massive media producers with extensive catalogues of characters and stories, Square Enix and Disney Interactive got it in their heads to do a collaboration, Kingdom Hearts was born, and a legion of rabid fans created. An action-adventure RPG, Kingdom Hearts titles have been spread across a lot of different hardware.  Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix packages and remasters 2 fan favorite Kingdom Hearts games , with an included cinematic experience of a third.


Review: The CronusMax lets you use cross controllers to different consoles!

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CronusMaxHiRes.jpgIt's a neat concept - Using your Xbox One controller on your PS4, or maybe using your 360 controllers on your Xbox One. As one of the few people out there that still prefer the feel of the Xbox 360 controller to the Xbox One, I was a big fan of this idea as one of the few that prefer the feel of the 360 controller.  The CronusMax is just the device that lets you do that. Come take a look at this powerful little device that's no bigger than a flash drive.


Why are the "Toys to Life" video games so popular?

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FrozenInfinity.jpegYou might never have heard the term "Toys to Life" but it's the sub-category of the games your kids are asking you for: The Skylanders, the amiibo and the Disney Infinitys of the world. These games have taken flight over the last 3 years and have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, the Skylanders franchise has moved so many games and figures over that period that it's now one of the most profitable video gaming franchises in history.  What's behind the appeal of these for not just kids, but adults too? Let's take a look at some of the possibilities.


Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker pays respect to a forgotten genre

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CaptainToad.jpgI'm a puzzle game nerd from a young age. I used to rent all the puzzle games I could get my hands on as a kid, and would spend hours in the summer borrowing my neighbour's Game Boy puzzle carts. In the last decade or so, there haven't been a lot of games out there that have interested in me, but Braid gave me hope that there was still good left in the puzzle-adventure genre. Nintendo's Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is another title hoping to do that too.  Let's take a look.


Lego_Batman_3_-_Beyond_Gotham_cover.jpgLEGO Batman 2 was an interesting game to me.  It wasn't the most polished title, but featured some of my favorite things in the series yet.  The first LEGO Batman was the first of the line of games I 100%'d, and I definitely remember the summer I spent (having recently been laid off from my job) disposing of baddies in between my job search.  The third game is here now, and I was hoping for a lot of the same.  Does it deliver?  Let's take a look.


Assassin's Creed: Unity, Revolution Under a Parisian Sky (and Co-op!)

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AsscreedUnityCover.JPGThanks to Ubisoft, Desmond Miles, and the Animus we've gotten to stab a lot of Templars over the years. Putting down evil schemes, righting wrongs, chatting with historical figures. It's been pretty good.  Climbing as high as it was able on the last generation of hardware, the Assassin's are 'making the leap' to the big boys, and brining more of everything with them. So grab some friends and lets go change the world (with Co-op), with Assassin's Creed: Unity


It's time to go Rogue - Assassin's Creed: Rogue

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ASSCREED_Rogue.JPGA lot of us have taken part in an ages long struggle between two feuding powers, the Assassins and the Templars. Until now, its been all Assassin, with the Templars wearing the black hat, pulling the strings behind sinister acts through the ages, but is it really that cut and dried?  Time to find out. As a young Assassin with potential begins to wonder how altruistic the motives of his clan.  After being left for dead, shot in the back by his best friend, there's not much else to do but cross the lines and go rogue, Assassin's Creed: Rogue


Review: Tons of fun and portable too, Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Edition goes where you go

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With any game franchise you’re going to want your game play to get bigger, better, brighter, and more fun with each go around. Skylanders Trap Team – Tablet edition delivers all that and more, and after giving it a good run though using my iPad and the Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack, I’d say this is the most engaging Skylanders game yet.


GTA V - The Next Gen Release - New Gear, New Goodies, New Gameplay and More

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GTAV-cover.jpgThe newest member of the GTA family, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a crazy smash hit.  So much to see and do, compelling characters, an online experience that, after some initial bumps, has critics praising its virtues... What's left?  New hardware, that's what!  Now for the PC, PS4, and XBox One, it's no mere port, there's a lot of new content, exclusive to the new release.


Review: Why Super Smash Bros for Nintendo WiiU is the best one yet

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SmashBroWiiUopen.jpgEvery Nintendo generation since the Nintendo 64 has had a Smash Bros game, and they've all been fan favourites so far. I didn't play the Wii version, but really enjoyed the N64 and Gamecube games, and of course, the Nintendo 3DS one when it came out last month.  But, through all those, the Nintendo WiiU is the best one yet, and has to be right there for WiiU Game of the Year consideration.  Check it out.


LBP3Opener.jpgSackboy is back with a few new friends in LittleBigPlanet 3 for Sony PlayStation 3 and 4.  For PS4 users, this is Sackboy's first foray into 1080p, and what a huge foray this is.  In addition to the regular story mode and gameplay features, how is it that LBP 3 has over 9 million playable levels already?  Read on to find out more and learn about the game.


WWE 2K15 brings a huge selection of new features to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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wwe2k15logo.jpgNew console owners had to wait an extra year, but it sounds like it was worth the wait!  WWE 2K15 is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Booker T would be proud to hear that there's now FIVE TIMES (FIVE TIMES! FIVE TIMES!) the character animations and commentary dialogue, along with a new career mode and wrestling engine.  Get in here before Sting hits you with the Stinger Splash!


NintendoDay.jpgNovember 21st signals the arrival of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo WiiU as well as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, reboots of the popular Game Boy Advance games. On November 20th, Toronto residents have the chance to get in on a day (and night) of fun downtown, and the next day, the rest of the nation will get to help celebrate Nintendo Day.  Come check out, and look back on Nintendo's 2014 offerings.


Review: The NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Controller make tablet PC gaming easier than ever

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It's not a branch of gaming tech we're too accustomed to as tablet gaming is still by and large a fairly new thing. While the Razer Edge Pro blew things out of the water with its debut last year, it just wasn't affordable for most of us. The NVIDIA Shield, however, and its optional controller are different. They feature the robust and powerful specs needed for you to play and even share your gaming experiences.  Come check out the Nvidia Shield.


Review - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, The MIlitary Sim Steps Forward

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Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare.jpgIt's Call of Duty, not like I'm talking about some unknown quantity... but that started working against this juggernaut of a franchise by the time the heralds of a new hardware generation started sounding.  We were done with Modern Warfare, and we'd had our share of Black Ops, what's next?  Well Activision and Sledgehammer Games had an answer, it was 'advanced' warfare, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Review - Halo: The Master Chief Collection, all this Halo all in One Place

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halo-master-chief-collection-wallpaper-1920x1080_visid-151b0cff3a3c444e819e40fec97d4d06.jpgThe stalwart, quiet protagonist of videogames as we understood them in the new millenium, since 2001 Master Chief has been taking the fight to alien powers that threaten the lives of mankind.  Across 4 main titles, the lone Spartan and his AI companion Cortana entered the modern psyche, instantly recognizable all around the world.  That is a lot of campaigning, and a LOT of multiplayer in that amount of time, and now they've compacted it even further, fitting it all in one neat little package, with Halo:The Master Chief Collection.


A Guide to Gaming Console Backwards compatibility

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AllCOnsoles.pngI'll never forget that time in Grade 4 when my friend asked his grandparents for a specific game for his Super Nintendo, and his grandma bought him the Nintendo version of the game instead. He was then told that he had to keep it so not to hurt his grandma's feelings. The story sticks with me because I'll often get asked questions from parents or grandparents about whether they can buy, say, NHL (current year) for PlayStation when the gamer has an Xbox. Or even whether that year's NHL for the Xbox 360 would just play on the Xbox One since it's cheaper to buy that one.  This is a pretty quick and easy guide to understanding backwards (and even cross-platform) compatibility between gaming consoles to hopefully help you decide which versions are the right ones, and which ones should be avoided when you're out buying for your gamer.


Gamer_BBY.jpgWe video gamers can sometimes be a tricky breed to buy gifts for.  Many of us hit stores at launch to buy our games, or make sure that we've always got the latest technology. However, with a limited source of funds, it's guaranteed that there's something we haven't thought of or is missing.  For that frustrating gamer in your life, here's some ideas to get your holiday shopping jumpstarted for them.


Wayne Technologies and Harley Quinn come your way by Pre-Ordering Batman: Arkham Knight!

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BatmanPCBoxArt.jpgThe grand finale of the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight will release in June of 2015. Featuring a cast of many of Batman's greatest foes (along with the debuting mysterious Arkham Knight,) you're going to need all the help you can get.  Find out how Waynetech will help you save Gotham City by clicking through to learn more about the Pre-Order Bonus.


Pre-Order Bloodborne to dress your messengers up in style!

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BloodborneBoxArtSmall.jpgOne of E3's most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives won't be available until February, but it's time to get an early jump!  Bloodborne is a gory open world action RPG which features you as a hunter investigating and trying to retrieve a panacea from the town of Yharnam. Long the target of other hunters, something keeps them from succeeding. Find out, and find out what the Pre-Order bonus is by clicking on to read.


Nintendo's Super Smash Club unites gamers for a battle of the best!

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SmashClubRules.JPGIt's been one of the most anticipated Nintendo titles this year, and we're halfway to having the Super Smash Bros games in our hands!  The incredibly massive Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS launched last month, and we're just a few weeks away from seeing it for the WiiU as well.  In celebration. Nintendo has been holding Super Smash Club events nationwide, and I had the opportunity to attend one of the stops.  Come check out all of the happenings, and what Super Smash Club is all about.


Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (it's really all there in the name folks)

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Civilization-Beyond-Earth-Cover.jpgIf you've ever had a computer in your house, you probably had a copy of Sid Meier's Civilization on it. The Turn-Based Strategy that brought the genre into our homes and lives, chances are you've experienced epic campaigns of Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, or some other dynasty of your choice. Spanning the globe on a campaign for a unified world, or getting smashed to pieces by some other power that takes exception. Hopelessly addictive, undeniably well crafted, and hugely successful, it seems Civilization has achieved all it can on this lonesome blue rock. Good thing there's more out there somewhere, just waiting to be subjugated, I mean... civilized, with Civilization: Beyond Earth.


Review: Sunset Overdrive might just be the best Xbox One game yet

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Sunset_Overdrive_coverart.jpgIt's been a little while now since Sunset Overdrive was initially announced, and it's been on the minds of gamers (especially Xbox One owners) for well over a year now. The game, looking reminiscent of some famous titles of old like Jet Grind Radio, throws you into a modern open world full of mayhem, terror and a lot of laughs.  It should get some consideration for game of the year, and is a must for Xbox One owners.  Find out more by clicking to read.


Review - The Evil Within, Survival Horror at its Best

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TheEvilWithinReleaseDate-610.jpgIt's that time of year when things take a turn for the spooky. Whether you find yourself in the mood for some shivers, love the genre, or just well made games, this covers all the bases. Survival Horror the way it was intended (by the guy who started the whole thing in the first place) as a game it's everything good about the genre. Tension, atmosphere and never enough health or bullets, I guess it's a good thing there are closets and lockers in which to cower fearfully.  Inhabited by monsters straight out of a modern horror buffs handbook, prepare to run and hide from, The Evil Within.


Review: Unleash your inner composer in Fantasia: Music Evolved

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FantasiaMusicEvolved.jpgWhen I was a child, the first two Disney movies my mom bought were The Rescuers Down Under and Fantasia.  Music aside, I hated Fantasia.  Absolutely hated it. As I grew older, I learned to appreciate that it wasn't a prototypical Disney movie, and learned to appreciate what it was.  It gave me a better appreciation of Fantasia 2000, and now the fact that I've been looking forward to Fantasia: Music Evolved ever since it was announced. It's here, and it's quite the workout.  Come check it out!


Review - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor_wp-one.jpgIt's Lord of the Rings meets Assassin's Creed with a healthy dose of Arkham Asylum, and if that sounds like it might be a winning combination, you'd be right.  A huge step in video game technology, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor brings to the table enemy programming unlike anything we've seen to date.  Oh, and there's like, an unlimited amount of Uruk warriors that need to be taken care of (and it never, ever get's boring)


Review: PlayStation TV - Great out of the box with room to grow

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PlayStation TV logo.pngThe PlayStation TV has finally arrived in North America, and brings with a solid lineup of features, including video streaming, an extender option from the PlayStation 4, and the arrival of the new PlayStation Now service, offering full versions of games via digital stream rental. It's small, lightweight and packs a lot of power, and it's just getting started.


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