Review: Insignia 11.6-inch Flex Windows Tablet

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The very form factor of a 2-in-1 convertible tablet lends the impression that it can do everything a laptop can do. It looks like one, after all, so it’s an easy correlation to make, but not all convertibles are made equal. The Insignia 11.6-inch Flex Windows Tablet is less of an outright replacement, and more a device that can step in for certain tasks. Keeping things in perspective is probably the best way to look at a unit like this.


Review: Insignia 8-inch Flex Windows Tablet

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It’s not as easy to find a smaller tablet that runs Windows 10, but Insignia has one in its new 8-inch Flex tablet. The device isn’t outfitted with the latest and greatest specs, and as such, is not going to be able to perform everything one might expect out of a mobile device running a full version of Windows. Keeping your expectations measured may let you stretch more out of it.


Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 review: budget-friendly prosumer 2-in-1

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Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 review .jpg

Got your eyes on a Surface Pro 4, but still have a summer vacation to pay for? With the Best Buy exclusive Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12, you can have it both ways. It’s a budget-friendly prosumer 2-in-1, offering the full Windows 10 convertible laptop experience without breaking the bank.


Acer Switch One 10 review: an affordable, compact 2-in-1 hybrid running Windows 10

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Acer Switch One 10 review.jpg

One of the hottest laptop categories these days are 2-in-1 hybrids, a category started by (and still led by) the Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro. What if you want something less expensive? That’s where the Acer Switch One 10 fills a void, providing an affordable, compact Windows 10 2-in-1 option at Chromebook prices.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review: Still the Best Professional Tablet

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Microsoft Durface Pro 4 review.jpg

It’s hard to believe, but Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is in its fourth generation. I spent a week test driving the Surface Pro 4 and despite being an iPad guy, this is the tablet I’d buy if I wanted a 2-in-1 device to replace my laptop.


Lenovo Miix 700 review

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Looking for a convertible 2-in-1 device that will cover off both your tablet and Windows laptop needs? Microsoft kickstarted this growing segment with the Surface tablets, but competition is heating up. Lenovo’s Miix 700 is one of the newest entries and I just wrapped up a week with it. Here’s what you need to know.


Prepare for a great Canadian winter: getting the maximum battery life from your laptop and tablet

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Laptops and tablets are fast, powerful and thinner and lighter than ever. The one feature that seems to limit these devices is battery life. Here's how you can extend your device's battery life during our Great Canadian Winter.


Windows 10: Making the most of virtual desktops

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Virtual desktops are a wonderful way of helping you keep all of your open windows organized so your desktop environment is nice and tidy at all times, while helping you be efficient and orderly. Taking advantage of them is now easier than ever with Windows 10 having native support for virtual desktops and making them exceedingly intuitive and easy to use.


Windows 10: The new Xbox app in action

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If you’re big into gaming like me, whether you’re a PC gamer or prefer your Xbox One, the Windows 10 Xbox app is here to make gaming even better in so many great ways that since launching, it has become indispensable to me as a hub for my gaming life.


Windows 10: Everything you need to know about Cortana

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One of the biggest features in Windows 10 is the inclusion of the Cortana digital assistant. A first for a desktop operating system, Cortana first came to life as a feature in Windows Phone 8.1 and was seen as an answer to Apple’s Siri or Google Now. How is it on the desktop?


Windows 10: Continuum in action

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Windows 10 introduces a new era of continuity for your user experience between all of your devices with its new ‘Continuum’ functionality. Whether you’re using a desktop, notebook, tablet or hybrid device, Continuum helps you get the most out of your experience across all sorts of device types and interfaces all with a familiar, powerful and dynamic personal interface designed to help you do great things.


Windows 10: how to install Microsoft's new operating system

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The tech world is buzzing these days with Windows 10 excitement. The highly anticipated operating system is full of exciting new features and technology. The new OS manages to be familiar yet fresh and powerful, giving you the flexibility to have it work the way you want it to. Many users have already taken steps to upgrade for free, and are loving the changes. You can upgrade today too, and install Windows 10 on your machine. Don’t worry if you’ve never upgraded an operating system before either. I’ll help you along with this handy guide.


Windows 10: new security features make PCs safer for users and businesses

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Windows 10 doesn't only deliver various visual and functional updates.


The latest and most advanced OS from Microsoft has an abundance of new security features under the hood which ensure safer computing for consumers and businesses. 


Insignia 8-inch Windows 8 tablet review: proof inexpensive tablets keep getting better

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A few years ago, you couldn’t have paid me to switch to a tablet that cost less than $150. However, one of the great things about technology is the trickle down effect and that has changed the tablet game. Just like you can now buy an entry level car with tech that used to be exclusive to premium vehicles–like anti-lock brakes or a Bluetooth capable sound system—many entry level tablets now offer features that used to set the more expensive models apart. I just wrapped up a few days using the Insignia 8-inch Windows 8 tablet and came away impressed. This device is proof that an entry level tablet is more than capable of filling many peoples’ casual tablet needs without spending a fortune.


Microsoft will soon turn your Windows Phone into a mini PC

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There are various signs that smartphones are becoming viable PC replacements. 

Intel is now making powerful mobile processors, smartphones are starting to run desktop-level apps, and Microsoft is putting the power of desktop Windows on their smartphones.



ASUS Transformer Book T100 Review

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When it comes to tablets that convert to a laptop and back, ASUS was early to the game with its Transformer Book series. They combine a standalone tablet with a dock-able keyboard cover offering the best of both worlds. The first Transformer Books were Android only, but with the T100, the Transformer Book joined the Windows 8.1 camp. I recently spend a few weeks with one and came away convinced it’s not a bad little device for the price.


HP Envy x2 13.3 review: a BIG Windows 2-in-1 Laptop

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Most consumer tablets have displays in the 8-inch to 10-inch size range. Microsoft tapped the prosumer and professional market when it released the big-screen Surface Pro line of tablets that convert to a PC laptop form factor. HP—one of the world's largest PC manufacturers—offers its own take on that the 2-in-1 convertible laptop form factor. The Envy x2 13.3, a very big Windows tablet with features Surface fans will find familiar, namely a kickstand, digital pen support and a magnetically attached keyboard cover. The approach is familiar, but the Envy x2 is a different beast from the Surface Pro (and new Surface), as I found out during my review period.


Smartphone, tablet or laptop? The case for choosing a tablet as your sole device

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We live at a time when many people are carrying around multiple devices, often including a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop. If you had to choose just one of those three as your only device, which would it be? I’m going to make the case for choosing a tablet, something I wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago, but increasingly find myself doing these days.


Microsoft set the standard for convertible laptop PCs when it released the Surface Pro 3. But the success of the latest Surface also opened the door for competition from other PC makers. The HP Envy x2 is a great example of how this class of ultra-portables just keeps getting better. With features like an even bigger 13.3-inch display, dual BeatsAudio speakers and a backlit keyboard, the HP Envy X2 is worth a look for anyone considering a Windows 8.1 convertible PC.



Hands on With the Surface Pro 3 at the Surface Café

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I recently took the time to visit Microsoft’s first ever Surface Café on Toronto’s Queen Street West. You can read about the session I attended where DC comic book artist (and the guy who currently draws Batman) Francis Manapul showed how Microsoft’s new tablet has become an integral part of his digital workflow. But I wasn’t just at the Surface Café for demonstrations and to see how the Surface Pro 3 went over with an audience largely comprised of creative professionals. This was my chance to get my hands on a Surface Pro 3 to see if it lives up to Microsoft’s claims of being the tablet that can replace your laptop. Here’s what I thought of it.



Microsoft Surface Café in Toronto: The Tablet the Guy Who Draws Batman Uses

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Last weekend I spent a few hours at the first-ever Microsoft Surface Café. Held at a hip pop-up venue on Toronto’s trendy Queen Street West, the tagline for the event was: “Where creativity comes together.” The workshop I attended on Saturday was headlined by Francis Manapul —the guy who’s currently drawing Batman. He was onstage drawing Batman … and the Joker … using nothing but a Surface Pro 3. If you happen to be in the Montreal area next weekend, Microsoft is opening a Surface Café in that city starting on June 26 and is currently taking applications to attend the creative seminars. If the Toronto version was any indication, there will be some fascinating sessions (along with free coffee and Surface cookies).




Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Aims to Be “The Tablet That Can Replace Your Laptop”

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Microsoft held a press event in New York today and while all the buzz was around the possibility of a smaller Surface tablet, Microsoft went the opposite direction. The Surface Pro 3 was unveiled and instead of shrinking, Microsoft’s latest professional tablet got bigger. At 12-inches, it rivals the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, but uses a fourth generation Intel Haswell processor to run Windows 8.1 Pro. Despite the massive display, it’s thin, lightweight and Microsoft is positioning it as not just a tablet, but a full-fledged laptop replacement.


CES 2014: Asus Transformer Book Duet TD300, a Dual Platform Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

by Blogger on ‎01-07-2014 02:15 PM - last edited on ‎01-07-2014 04:10 PM by Editor in Chief

Dual Platform Laptop/Tablet Hybrid. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? The Consumer Electronics show is the place where companies bring out some of their most unique and interesting products and CES 2014 has been no exception. We had super-sized tablets from Samsung and now the latest hybrid device from Asus. The Transformer Book Duet covers a lot of ground, offering the ability to transform between a laptop and a tablet form factor. That’s nothing new (the Transformer Book pulls off a similar trick), but the new Transformer Book Duet runs Windows 8.1 as a laptop and offers the ability to run as a tablet using Windows 8.1 or Android —which you can switch between on the fly. If you can’t make up your mind between a Windows tablet, an Android tablet or a new laptop, looks like Asus has you covered.


Begin the new year saving money with these great apps

by Blogger on ‎12-31-2013 08:19 AM - last edited on ‎01-02-2014 09:47 AM by Editor in Chief

Your smartphone and tablet aren’t just for playing games, surfing the web, watching movies or updating Facebook —although the mobile devices are pretty awesome at any of these tasks. You can also put your favourite gadget to work saving you money. Here’s an overview of five apps that will make you feel even better about your smartphone or tablet in 2014 because that slab of glass, plastic and metal is putting money back in your pocket.


Dell Venue 8 Pro: Finally, a powerful Windows 8.1 tablet in a small package

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I’ve recently reviewed several Windows 8 tablets, both the RT variety (Microsoft’s own Surface 2) and a Windows 8.1 version in the form of Sony’s VAIO Tap 11. While Windows 8 and its touch-friendly tile interface shines on a tablet, one of my primary complaints about Windows tablets has been their size and weight. Because of their focus on productivity, Windows tablets embrace the larger form factor —makes sense. Still, I think the platform suffered for not having a smaller option to compete with 7-inch Android tablets in terms of cost and portability. Dell has stepped up to fill that need and with a full Windows 8 (as opposed to RT) tablet no less, The Dell Venue 8 Pro. If you’ve been holding off until you could get a tablet running Windows 8.1 you can hold in one hand, with an HD display, 32GB of built-in storage, all-day battery life —along with Microsoft Office pre-installed— look no further than Best Buy, where you can try out the compact yet powerful Dell Venue 8 Pro.



Not everyone loves Microsoft’s touch-centric, tablet-friendly Windows 8 operating system, but regardless of how you feel about the new Windows, you have to admit that it’s led to some very interesting new products from PC manufacturers. Convertible laptops, tablets running Windows and various hybrids abound these days. The new Sony VAIO Tap 11 Tablet PC is one of those interesting devices made possible by Windows 8. The machine is basically Sony’s take on Microsoft’s own Surface Pro 2. It’s a tablet powered by an Intel Core i5-4210Y CPU, with a big and bright 11.6-inch display that wouldn’t look out of place on an Ultrabook. It runs Windows 8, it’s compatible with standard Windows PC software like Microsoft Office and packs a fast 128 GB SSD for storage. It has a keyboard —one that’s wireless instead of attached and doubles as a protective cover. In short, in the VAIO Tap 11 Sony has released a Windows 8 device that packs the power of a PC in a tablet form factor, that’s less than 1 cm thick. Read on to find out if it fulfills the promise of covering off both your tablet and portable PC needs.


Tablet gift buying guide

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All signs are pointing to tablets being the hottest gift this holiday season. Chances are, there’s someone on your list who has a tablet on their wish list. But which one to choose? Android is the dominant tablet platform (it now represents 65 percent of all tablets sold and Google’s app store is officially the world’s biggest), while Microsoft’s Windows has made big gains —especially for those who want a tablet for productivity. Here are four picks to cover off some of the most common tablet user types: the gamer, the worker, the casual user and the bargain shopper.


Overview: Lenovo Flex 15 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop

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When it comes to innovative and flexible computing solutions, few companies do it better than Lenovo. The latest in its line of convertible touchscreen laptops is the aptly named Flex 15 —a device that combines a traditional notebook with the flexibility of a multitouch display that can pivot up to 300 degrees. The adjustable form factor takes full advantage of Windows 8’s multitouch interface and makes the Flex 15 a capable machine that handles a wide range of tasks from typical computing uses to presentations or viewing movies. This flexibility, its powerful 4th generation (Haswell) Core i5 processor, long battery life and big 15.6-inch display make the Flex 15 a solid choice for small business use, a home PC or for students. With its affordable price and ability to combine the functions of several devices into one, it makes an ideal gift too. 


Microsoft and Best Buy want to party with our social media & community fans in the GTA!

by Blogger on ‎10-17-2013 09:45 AM - last edited on ‎10-18-2013 01:52 PM by Community Manager

To celebrate the launch of our Windows stores in Best Buy locations across Canada we’re throwing a VIP launch party and we want our GTA social media and community fans to join us! All you have to do is email us at with subject line Windows VIP and you will receive an exclusive invite for you and a guest!



What to expect from Windows 8.1

by ShelaghM on ‎10-11-2013 01:11 PM - last edited on ‎07-17-2014 03:57 PM by Editor in Chief


Windows 8.1 has been out for awhile and it is proving to be a major update from previous versions of Windows.


There are plenty of new settings, apps and enhancements along with the return of a favourite button.


Microsoft is promising that the overall experience of the modern Windows will satisfy everyone.


Here are some of highlights you can expect from the Windows 8.1.


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