Choose the right digital piano for the beginner, intermediate or advanced student in your family!

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Piano is one of the great instruments for your family. Anyone can play! First, you'll need to decide which piano is right for your home. You could choose something more expensive, but you may not need to. There are different models of instruments for different levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. I'll try to help you decide which type is right for you and your family.



The Yamaha MG06X is an incredibly compact 6-channel mixer

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If you are in the market for a stereo mixer that won’t colonize a lot of space then the Yamaha MG06X may be what you are looking for. Compact but with incredible power and features, small-scale live performers, DJs, or home studio producers can all benefit from this compact, portable, and well built mixer.


Review: Yamaha P-115 digital piano delivers quality and confidence

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Yamaha's P-115 digital piano has a lot to offer for beginner, internmediate and professional pianist alike. I take a closer look at this instrument, detail it's features and offer my opinion ...


Review: Yamaha Piaggero NP-32B is lightweight and sounds great!

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The Yamaha Piaggero NP-32BThe Yamaha Piaggero NP-32B

The Yamaha NP-32B is a digital piano that gives you everything you need, with great sound and a very portable size and weight. I take a closer look at the unit and detail some of its features


The Yamaha FG720S dreadnaught style acoustic guitar and the APX500III electric acoustic feel, play, and sound like guitars well above their price points. In this blog I look at and play both of these guitars that prove cheap pricing doesn't mean cheap craftsmanship or cheap sound.


Yamaha AG Mixers

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Yamaha introduces a new category of mixers with their AG line. The AG03 and AG06 are hybrid mixing consoles and USB audio interfaces for web/podcasting, gaming audio, and music production. This new approach to mixers eliminates the need for software by putting all the control at your fingertips. 


Basic Types of Surround Sound Systems - 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1

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Surround sound systems can be very confusing, with all the different channel configurations and associated technologies. If you are in the market for a surround sound system you need to break through some of the clutter here is a basic primer on surround that I hope will help.


Surround sound is one of the best ways to improve the entertainment value of your big screen TV.


Best Buy is about to release a new Canadian exclusive electronic drumkit : The Yamaha DTX-430K.

The launch will occur this weekend at the Montreal Drum Fest! Come and visit us at the Yamaha booth!


Review: Yamaha 630-Watt 7.2 Ch. Receiver (RXV675B) - Great sound, great features!

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Yamaha is an excellent manufacturer of audio receivers, and the RXV675B is one of their best!


Most importantly, it delivers fantastic sound because of it’s power and advanced digital processing. What also makes it a great receiver for your home entertainment system are the features that they have included in its’ design. It will definitely add a whole new dimension to your entertainment experience, whether it watching movies or sports, playing video games, or listening to music.


Review: Yamaha 400 Watt 5.1 Channel Receiver (RXV475B) - Awesome Sound!

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Yamaha is known for producing great sounding AV receivers and the 400 Watt 5.1 Channel RXV475B receiver is no exception. The sound from this well-priced unit will make your ears feel great. It has all the basic features that you will likely need in an AV receiver, plus it has some extras like Airplay, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Internet Radio capabilities. This unit is definitely worth a look.


Meet Your New Home Theatre System - by Yamaha

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I don’t know about you, but when fall hits my interests turn to strictly indoor pursuits. It’s not that I don’t like the cold and constant rain, it’s that…well, it actually is that I don’t like the cold and rain.


Part of fall for me is lining up my collection of Blu-rays and revisiting my favourite fall and winter movies. Titles like Elf, Wedding Crashers, and animated releases like Cinderella are all on my must-watch list, and having a home theatre set up and ready to pair with my HDTV so I can have the best picture and the perfect sound is important.


New Year’s Resolution: Learn to Play Guitar

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New Year’s resolutions – we make them every year...but will this be the year you actually start keeping some of them? This year, learning how to play the guitar is at the top of my resolution list...unfortunately it has been at the top of my list for two years now.


Gadgets for the Music Lover

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For those of you that have a budding musician at home, this blog post is for you.  Once you buy the initial instrument, it can be a daunting task to find the right accessories and gadgets to accompany them.  With the world gone digital, the sky is the limit with many great new products in the market that bring those future Lady Gaga’s, Nickleback’s and Justin Beiber’s to life.


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