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High Five!

High Five of the Week!


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This time, a high-five goes out to @Elico47. It's been a busy week on the forum with tons of inquiries surrounding Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch accessories, Nintendo Switch games, other video game accessories, and steelbooks. However, there were quite a few technical questions in other business categories that were posted, and  @Elico47 helped out a great deal answering a handful of technical questions from other categories. Thanks for your contribution! High-five to you!


Thank you to everyone else for commenting, posting, and sharing your knowledge. As this is a peer-to-peer forum, the more participation the better!



A reminder that we have an active contest running on our blog right now:


Enter to win Vega Sports Nutrition from Best Buy




Have a great week!



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Re: High Five!

high five @Elico47

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Re: High Five!

Thank you for the kind mention and the High 5 :-)

Always glad to help out where I can ;-)