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Speaker types and brands for a big space

Hey everyone!


To all those who know a little bit about audio and audio setup, a series of questions was brought forth to me, and I figured I would present it to the forum to get some of your insights. This inquiry was about setting up a sound system in a large space.



Do you guys have any thoughts on what brands of speakers would be great for a large, commercial space? In this particular case, it would be a 12,000 sq ft restaurant. So the space would be furnished, possibly crowded with high foot traffic, and a lot of ambient noise. 



What types of speakers do you think would work best? It's not like this place is a night club, but they expect to throw big parties at this location as well as operating like a typical restaurant.



What are some main considerations to keep in mind when doing this type of setup?



Leave your opinions and comments below! Thanks!



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Re: Speaker types and brands for a big space

One piece of advice for the restaurant..... consider getting a sound level meter.

  • I like the sound to be evenly distributed around the room.  I refuse to sit next to a loud speaker.
  • are customers eating alone?  Not likely.... customers want to have conversations.... there are some places I don't go because it's too difficult to have a conversation
  • use the sound meter to assess sound levels at various points around the room