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Disappointed With Purchasing Large Home Appliance & Services from BestBuy

Happy BestBuy Customer – Until This Past Week.

Things don’t always work out like you hope with purchasing products / services – and I accepted that as just a part of life and actually have never took the time to write a negative review about any disappointing buying experience.  But buying a Dishwasher from BestBuy has been one surprisingly continuous disappointment (and a big time waster) – that it has motivated me to finally have to write something... somewhere.

I shop at Bestbuy regularly, and both my in-store and online-experiences having been very good. I’ve also used services such as having them install my TV-wall mount -  which was some the best money I’ve ever spent. But based on my experience with purchasing large home appliances, I'm not likely to buy a large home appliance from them again.


Buying the Dishwasher.

First, I came across the Dishwasher at around 11pm on the night of April 2nd,  online at,  which had an additional 10% sale. Added it to the cart, and but waited till the morning to confirm purchase as I needed to run it by my wife. Go to purchase around 9am on April 3rd, get message that the sale is over. Call BestBuy Customer service curious if they can still honor the sale price. Sadly, their answer is no, nothing they can do. Disappointed, but I get it, that’s how sales sometimes work – so I just bought it anyway without that discount. Also bought the additional installation package (remove old dishwasher / install new one) – which I would soon regret.


Home Delivery.
Sat. April 8th – Dishwasher delivered. Delivery guys were quick & friendly enough. However, they then passed me the form and said please sign here & here. The form is as, you expect, that the delivery company delivered the product and it wasn’t damage. Well, obviously, I then need to unbox it to find out if its undamaged. Delivery guy wasn’t too thrilled, and told me that they don’t open boxes and if there is any damage, that I should just call BestBuy and they’ll send a new one. Well maybe…but I’m not signing a form that says that I confirmed the product is not damaged until I know it’s not damaged. I imagine BestBuy wants me to confirm products are undamaged before accepting delivery?


Anyway, I made them wait until I took away the packing material and confirmed no exterior damage (an extra 3 minutes of their time). I should add this hasn’t been unique to BestBuy. A lot of 3rd party delivery companies appear to be very quick to just drop off the appliance / furniture and then pressure you to sign their forms agreeing that its undamaged prior to letting you actually inspect it yourself.


Installation: Tuesday – April 11.
Confirmed with installer he would arrived to remove existing dishwasher and install new one btw 9am-11am.  Adjusted my schedule so I could be home for the installation. (Installer is a 3rd party contracted out by BestBuy).

9:20am. – get a call from installer to confirm address as it seems he went to the wrong address. Turns out he was given my previous address. How did he get my old address? The dishwasher arrived at my current address? And I’m pretty sure when I spoke with the installer, we confirmed my current address, and I had provided my address as well when purchasing the installation service. Anyway, he advises he doesn’t work where I now currently live, so will need to find someone else.


At 9:30, get a call from 1-800-920-1747 ( advising it appeared to be issue with BestBuy giving my old address to the contractor. They say they will immediately work at finding a new contractor in my area.
At this point, a bit annoyed, but hopeful they’ll get someone still for today, since I reorganized my day around this. But I’m expecting it will likely be next the day.


Bestbuy Customer Service - Wed. April 12
No further contact from anyone in 24hrs (Bestbuy / Quickcontractors).

Approx 9:00am call Bestbuy customer service looking for help (turned out to be a mistake / and complete waste of my time). I speak with a person at customer service who advises she will transfer me to “In Home” dept. After waiting 5 or so minutes on hold, I use the call back feature offered rather than wait on hold.

Approx 10 min later, I get a call back from Geek Squad. Surprised (pretty sure it’s the wrong dept) and I advise it’s about my dishwasher installation. The guy says he’ll transfer me to Home Delivery, but apparently in error (?),  he transfers me to another Geek Squad member. She is apparently having a bad day and immediately lets me know in a very annoyed voice that I’ve called the wrong number and need to call the store I purchased the service at.  Now I'm getting a bit annoyed, and when I try to explain that I didn’t call her and I was transferred to her by another Geek Squad member – she says she’ll transfer to me to Customer Service. And so after about 30 minutes of my time wasted, the cycle is complete.  I’ve gone from Customer Service -> Geek Squad -> Geek Squad -> Customer Service. And achieved nothing for my time.

Rather than go through the automated voice prompts of customer service yet again, and continue in this cycle, I decide to hang-up and realize maybe it’s more efficient to just deal directly with


So I call 1-880-920-1747 (
- Speak with a service rep, and explain looking for an update on my dishwasher installation.
- He said he will look into it (and while very briefly putting me on hold) comes backs and tell me he has just contacted the original installer, and the installer advised he had been given the wrong address and doesn’t work in my area. I explain I already know all of that (I had this exact conversation yesterday) and explain that I was told they were working on finding a different contractor in my area.

- Service rep explained that actually nothing had been done yet to find someone else.
- Up until now, I was fine, I understand mistakes /errors happen. Even dealing with rude Geek Squad staff on the phone doesn't really bother me. But it was at this point I felt I needed to write some sort of review on the service I’ve received (or actually not received).
- However, service rep was very good and said he would immediately try to find someone and would call me back in 15minutes. He called back as promised and said he that unfortunately the earliest he could get someone was next week Tuesday (after the long-weekend). As much as I’ve enjoyed having the new dishwasher sitting in my livingroom, I wasn’t willing to wait another week for someone to finally show-up.
- Instead searched the internet and quickly found a highly-reviewed service person in my area, who advised he would be here the next day (April.13) to take care of it.
- Then called Bestbuy and cancelled the home installation service.


I actually would’ve even liked to have returned the whole dishwasher to BestBuy and got a refund to show my displeasure…but then it would consume even more of my time (plus I don’t think they do refunds on these items). So I guess BestBuy wins in the end.


The whole point of buying online and getting the installation service was to save me time / money. Now it’s actually cost me a lot more of both. (And wasted even more of my time writing this lengthy review).


In conclusion: Very disappointed.

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Re: Disappointed With Purchasing Large Home Appliance & Services from BestBuy



I'm sorry to read about your disappointment. Customer service does not monitor or participate on the forum, as this is a peer-to-peer discussion forum. However, if you would like, I would be happy to forward your order number and email over to one of the teams in customer service to escalate the issue, in addition to the interactions you've already had with customer service. If you would like me to do so, please click on my name and send me a private message with your order number and email address.





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