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Re: KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

Toaster oven all the way!


You can make a sandwich and taost the entire thing, not just the bread...Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Small Appliances for the Home

The most useful small appliance in my home is my Cuisinart coffee maker followed by this little Bodum electric kettle:


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Re: KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl

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Chels30 wrote:

@xl wow! I never even thought of half these uses for hot kettle water! I'll have to pull mine out next time I'm dealing with greasy dishes or using drano! thanks!


  • I don't like to set my hot water tank to the maximum setting.  In addition to scalding dangers and wasting energy, it shortens the life of a water tank.  The kettles provides higher temperatures when I need it.
  • to minimize clogs.... you are discouraged to pour grease down the drain.  I wipe and poor the grease into a compost bag for municipal collection.  It's the last greasy film that is hard to get off that I put into my sink for the kettle water.
    you don't want a "fat berg" in your pipes....
  • once the sink is loaded.... I empty the kettles into the sink.  15 to 30 minutes later, I hand wash my dishes where the grease has a much easier time to detach from the dishes.
  • if drano says to add hot water.... the hotter the better!
  • they say weekly hot water is healthy for drains to minimize build-up so you don't need Drano as often
  • if used as a weed killer.... pay attention to where that hot water goes.  It will kill grass too.  Not recommend as a weed killer in water.  Once the water cools.... it will freeze.  Slippery on the surface and the ice damages concrete underneath during expansion.
  • My first kettle was Boxing Day 2014.  I use it twice a day... but the 1.7 litres was too limiting and I did not want to burn it out.  So additional kettles would extend individual kettle life and provide me additional hot water.
  • the convenient auto shut off allows me to do other thanks away from the kitchen.
  • Yes, I can achieve similar results with a large pot of water.  But the kettles auto shut off and more efficient boiling is my preferred choice.
  • love the Black Friday/Boxing Week prices.  I noticed stores had a real tough time keeping them in stock when they were nearly half off.