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Washing Machine leaking

Good afternoon. 

- Purchased a whirlpool in nov/jan. 

- Washing machine was leaking

- Called BB and they switched it with another one

- Washing machine leaking again (instantly)

- Called BB and ask for a technician rather than an exchange. 

- BB sent a team that had no intention of checking the machine, just the wires (wich was fine...)

- Called BB again to understand my options

- BB transferred me to 4 departments and the last lady told me to write in here Smiley Wink


I was wondering what are my options?

What I would appreciate is that BB sends a tech to check if indead my machine is broken so I don't change it for the second time for no reason (seems like a waste to me for everyone)





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Re: Washing Machine leaking

Typically you would deal with the manufacture and not Best Buy. Best Buy would only be responsible for the first 30 days, after that you need to deal with the manufacture for warranty issues


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Re: Washing Machine leaking



I'm sorry to read that you were transferred to multiple departments and then eventually told to post on the forum. However, the person who told you to post on the forum might have been mistaken as to the nature of the forum because this is a peer-to-peer discussion forum and not a customer service portal. Customer service does not monitor or participate on the forum. Ultimately, customer service would have to handle issues like the one you described. We do have a great community of users on the forum like @Drax86 who give great peer-to-peer advice, but for customer service issues to be addressed, they would have to be dealt with by the customer service department.


I can forward your inquiry to one of the departments in customer service and bring this to their attention, if you wish. I'm sure they would love to work with you to advise you on your best options.


Please send me a private message and provide me with your name, email, and order number. Don't post that info on here publically for privacy reasons. I can then forward your inquiry along. 








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