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What are some dishwasher features to consider?

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What are some dishwasher features to consider?



Tall Tub dishwashers:


What tall tub means is that the wash arm is attached to the upper rack. The lower rack of your dishwasher is usable space. Big items like pots, cookie sheets, platters can fit in.



Adjustable, folding racks, and third racks:


Some dishwasher models offer a third rack option. Folding and adjustable racks mean that the arms that hold your plates and cups in place will fold down to accommodate different items. 



Energy Star Dishwashers:


An Energy Star dishwasher can save an average of 1,300 gallons of water over its lifetime. Since it uses less energy to heat your water, you save money on your electric bill.




Click through for the full dishwasher buying guide >



If you have any dishwasher advice, leave your comments below.




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