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Can Your Portable Speakers Withstand Water?



Do you like to bring your music with you? You might want to remove those headphones and play your music for all your friends around you to enjoy as well. Some types of speakers hold up better against certain conditions than others.



In @ErinLYYC 's new article, she goes over how to determine just how water resistant your portable speakers are. Below is a list of the different ratings used to indicate just how well a speaker will fair against water. Be sure to read her full article for a more detailed explanation of the ratings used.


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Here are the different levels of water resistance and waterproof protection:


IPX1-IPX6 are basically water resistant, meaning they resist water intrusion. Anything above that can be considered waterPROOF.


IPX0 – No water resistance


IPX1 – Protected against vertical water falling from above.


IPX2 – Protection against vertical water dripping, even when the device is angled up to 15°.


IPX3 – Water falling on your device won’t harm it, even when it hits from an angle of up to 60°


IPX4 – Splashed liquid from any direction likely won’t get inside


IPX5 – Protection from water jets from any direction, projected from a nozzle up to 6.3mm.


IPX6 – Protects from more powerful water jets from a nozzle of up to 12.5mm, coming in from any direction.


IPX7 – Your device can be fully immersed in water and withstand pressure up to 3 feet or 1 meter.


IPX8 – Your device won’t be harmed by ending up in water over 3 feet.



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