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Car Stereo with Song & Artust

Hi.  I'm in the market for a car stereo.  I would like it to have at least a 2 line display - 1 line for the song and the 2nd line for the artist.  I would like this feature to be available whether using HD radio, my ipod, my iphone via bluetooth, and Pandora if the stereo is Pandora capable.  A possible solution may be your Kenwood Model: KDC-BT952HD which from the pictures appears to have that capability, but your salesperson I talked to wasn't sure.  I've tried to find the answers online, but no one seems to think display is very important.  Can anyone please advise me if the Kenwood unit has these capabilites, or if another unit from any other brand may be better?  If possible, I'd like the unit to be less than $300.  I don't need a DVD player or a GPS device as I have my iphone for that.  It will go into a 2007 Ford Escape if that narrows down the possibilities.  Thanks for any assistance you can provide.  Regards, Mike5256

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Re: Car Stereo with Song & Artust

Best bet would to bring in a sample of all the audio you want to play. That way you can confirm right in the store if its he way you want it to be played.

Does Canada have HD radio yet? Have to check into this.
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