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On-Stage 6 lb. Counterweight (CW6)

On-Stage 6 lb. Counterweight (CW6)


I've been looking for this counterweight ever since I've imagine such a thing. The problem was that my cheap mic stand wouldn't stand up, at full boomed position, with my mic attached. 


I was searching all over the internet for this counterweight and I even thought of using a bunch of washers from a home *competitor* depot company to balance a microphone on one side and a bunch of heavy weighted washers on the other side; sand bag, a lb of sugar?


Then I found the On-stage 6 lb. counterweight on a *competitor* website. The problem was always that "what if it doesn't work?", the shipping charges for 6 lbs is $20, half the retail price.


I always check Best Buy for all my electronic needs and there it was.... all I needed to do was "add to cart" and "checkout"; and within days it arrived.


It didn't work as expected as my boom arm was too narrow for the counterweight screw. I was ready to pack it up and head for the nearest best Buy to return it, when a thought dawned on me to place the counterweight at the base of the mic stand.


No idea whether this might be the intended position but it does work. It keeps my mic stand upright and that is all that is needed.